a place to come home to


PICKLE: Luke, thank goodness you’re back! i got home, went for a run and then found your wife hanging out at my place arguing with the landlord and Raj from next door! think you could, um, come… collect her?

LUKE: i can try? if there’s one thing i know about Ocean, it’s that she’s the one who makes the rules, not me or anyone else!

PICKLE: right. you fill me with such confidence!

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1 ! I am curious about the working space of anyone who do art :3

Lmaooooooooo you could not be more disappointed with mine 

At the moment ☝ that’s what it looks like. I don’t have a workspace. Just give me somewhere to sit and my samsung tablet fully charged and i’m good haha 

I just got home from college (summer vacation yay!) so my current workspace is my bed??

General update

Hey guys, I’ve been pretty silent on here for a while, so here’s an update of what I’ve been up to:

I’ve been out of work for several months. My project ended and there were no other grants around at the time. Annoyingly, my daughter’s daycare/kindergarten mutated into the place from hell around the same time, and I had to pull my kid out before her psyche suffered permanent damage.

Between taking care of her at home, looking for a new kindergarten (impossible to get in the middle of the kindergarten year) and applying for jobs, I made zero progress on my dissertation. My husband worked 80 hour weeks until very recently – he’s switching careers, so he’s working a full time job and he’s started studying chemistry at the same time. His grades have just come in and they’re excellent, but he’s exhausted, and I am too.

Anyway, things got better towards the end of February. We got into the kindergarten of our choice (we count ourselves lucky – 2000 kids in our city didn’t get in), which opens in August. Also, my husband’s cousin agreed to watch our daughter until she starts kindergarten in summer. She’s wonderful, and my daughter is extremely happy.

Finally, I started a new job two weeks ago – full time uni work again, and it’s even better paid than my previous one, so yay!

But, I’m still exhausted. I have that dissertation hanging over my head like the proverbial sword of Damocles, and I really, really want to finish an original novel this year. I also need to get on some kind of exercise schedule again. I’ve put on some weight over the last two years and coupled with the fact that I didn’t lose all of the pregnancy weight, it’s making me feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Anyway, given how full my schedule is, I doubt that I’ll be writing more fanfic in the next few months. Never say never, but right now, all my creative energy (and it’s not much) goes into that novel.

That’s it for the update, I guess. Thanks for reading! xoxo

A Place Between Heaven and Earth

Summary: Dean Winchester was an actor, a good one by most standards. He’d done his time though, and he was tired. Beneath the lights, before the cameras, he’d done what he was told. He’d played his part. Fresh starts come in all shapes and sizes. The Cubs called Avalon on Catalina Island their home one month a year just before each new season began. So, Dean Winchester thought that maybe it might be a good place for his own brand of new beginnings. It was 1951 after all. He was due. 

Rating: M for sexual content

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 30k

Read it on Ao3 Here

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No Place to Call Home (Ardyn Fanfic Part I)

Synopsis: Ardyn heads to Lestallum to await Noctis and co’s arrival prior to the Disc of Cauthess. Lots of character development / character study into what kind of a man I believe Ardyn to be and what I imagine his life is and has been like. This is just the beginning, and it’s not quite finished. More to come! 

Inspiration: “Creep” by Radiohead 

They were staring.

Ardyn was used to people staring; it amused him. Normally the attention was due to his wine-red hair, attire, or that he seemed foreign. Today it was definitely due to his attire, which seemed strange in hot, stinking Lestallum. While others might not notice it, the wretched scent of mingled body odor and street foods permeated the city and churned his stomach.

He kept his usual meandering pace, however. If there was one thing he’d learned over the eons, it was how to bear the myriad unpleasantries of existence.

Soon he exited the main square and found the side street which lead towards the top of Lestallum, where most of the homes were— and where tourists rarely ventured.

Ahead on his right, a woman leaning against the building flashed him a lewd smile, arching her body forward ever so slightly to give him a better— but still teasing— view of her ample cleavage beneath the deep V of her dress. He could see beads of perspiration there, a tiny river between her breasts. Half of her face and torso was deliciously hidden in shadow.  

The faint, familiar urge to devour suddenly pulsed within, the daemons demanding he act. While he’d learned to control these urges and mostly managed to silence the voices, it sometimes felt like something was pressing against the inside of his skin, an inner itch and pull that threatened to overtake him completely. The longer he ignored it, the worse it became. Daemons, after all, wanted what they wanted. And what they wanted more than anything was to destroy— one way or another.

Ardyn looked greedily at the proffered view, met the woman’s gaze, smirked, and continued on.

Lestallum might have been the most civilized place in the kingdom of Lucis, outside of Insomnia, anyways, but like any city it had its dark underbelly. And Ardyn never had difficulty finding these dark underbellies. He’d accepted long ago that like attracts like, and the most depraved, twisted, lost, and desperate souls were drawn to him like moths to a flame. When it suited him or his daemons, he used them, burned them…left them blackened husks. He rarely killed, but those who came into direct contact with him rarely remained the same after the encounter.

He turned down another street, heading northwest. This was the beginning of the incline, and soon he’d reach the steep stairs that lead to the top of Lestallum, which overlooked the city and the Duscae region.

He knew the would-be king and his friends would soon arrive. The Regalia was nowhere in the city, but he’d be able to spot the white car with its black racing stripes miles away. Foolish on Noctis’ part, but the boy (for surely he was not yet a man, by Ardyn’s standards), seemed to feel invincible with his three companions and the few glaives he’d acquired.

Even without a kingdom to return to, and without his father, Noctis appeared to be enjoying his pre-wedding road trip. He still had no idea what destiny awaited him. He knew so very little about the world, about the history of his family or kingdom, or even about the gods. It was due to Regis’ sheltering of the young prince that Ardyn now had to do so much.

If Noctis wasn’t already having headaches, he suspected the Archaean would reach out to him soon. The Oracle had already completed the Covenant, and as Ardyn knew full well, the Astrals were not a patient or forgiving lot.

He was here to ensure that Noctis would seek the Astral out, either way.

At last he reached the stairs to the city overlook. He’d never counted, but there had to be nearly five hundred stairs. While he wasn’t getting any older, he wasn’t getting any younger, either.

On the bright side, this may be the last time you have to climb these. A smile tugged at his lips and he began the ascent.

 When he reached the top, he found that he was alone except for a young couple on one of the benches, admiring the view beyond the railing before them. The girl’s blond hair caught and reflected the waning daylight, shining like white fire. He sauntered towards them and leaned over the railing, putting at least four feet between him and the young couple.

“Beautiful view, isn’t it?” he asked without facing them.

“It is,” the man replied.

 Ardyn could sense their discomfort, and didn’t say anything more.

 It was only moments before the couple stood up and started down the stairs.

 He gazed out at Duscae, watching the tendrils of energy twist about the meteor. He looked too at the steam rising from Ravatogh, followed the scar that was Taelpar from Lestallum towards the sea and horizon.

How many sunsets had he seen, and from how many places in the world?

How many of them had he witnessed alone, like now?

Countless. Yet for all the days he’d been forced to spend in Eos, and despite all the horrors of those days, it never ceased to be beautiful and stir something deep within him, something he felt fading further with every day’s close.

Will I miss you, once I plunge the world into darkness? Will I miss your warmth upon my skin? Will I even notice its absence?

A gleam of white caught his eye to the north. It appeared to be a car traveling on the highway towards Lestallum. There weren’t many cars in Lucis these days, and white ones were even rarer. Even without knowing if it was Noctis, he knew…whether due to their shared blood or the daemons, Ardyn didn’t know, and didn’t care to know. It was time.

He made his way down the stairs much faster than he’d climbed them, or at least it seemed that way.

As the smell of the heart of Lestallum grew closer, Ardyn looked to his left. The woman who’d been leaning against the building was gone.

A pity. There was something truly wicked about her.

If Noctis and his friends were staying at the Leville…. Well, he could stay there too, couldn’t he? After all, it was the only proper hotel in the city. And he was used to making himself scarce and being discreet.

He made his way to the Leville, first checking to see how many gil he had left. It was amazing how quickly it went these days. Of course, he had expensive tastes. What was the point of living for thousands of years and not being able to enjoy the best of what each era had to offer? Fortunately he was afforded a rather generous sum for his role as Chancellor, and Aldercapt rarely asked questions about his frequent excursions and absences.

As he entered the hotel, he scanned the lobby lazily before heading to the counter.

“Good evening, sir,” said the well-groomed young man cheerily. “Are you in need of a room?”

“I am indeed. Just for the night, I think.”

“Would you like a standard room, or a suite?”

“Oh, a standard room will do just fine.”

“Alright, then. The standard rate is 1000 gil.”

Ardyn pulled the coin purse from inside his jacket pocket, pinched out a few gold coins, and handed them to the man.

“Do you need a receipt?”

“No, thank you.”  

“Very well. May we take your luggage up for you?”

Ardyn smiled. “I don’t have any. But you’re welcome to try and carry me to my room.”

The man laughed. Ardyn smiled his most charming smile. “There is one thing you can do for me. I’m waiting for my nephew and his friends to arrive. He doesn’t like to use his real name when he travels, but there will be four of them. Can you call my room when they arrive? I have a surprise planned for them. They don’t know that I’m here.”

“Yes, I can do that. Is there anything else?”

“No. Thank you ever so much.”

The young man held out a room key. “Here you are. You’re in room seven— the first room on the right.”

Ardyn took the small silver key and turned towards the stairs.

He had no intention of retiring for the evening, but he needed to see exactly where his room was and wait for Noctis and company.

At the top of the stairs, he paused to take in the layout. It was a small, enclosed landing area with a couch, table, and ice machine. The hallway ran left and right, with six rooms on each wing— three on each side. Signs signified that rooms 1–6 were on the left, while rooms 7–12 were on the right. The end rooms seemed larger, and Ardyn assumed those were the suites. He bet that Noctis and their group would be staying in one of those, if available (and likely his associates already in the city had rented one in preparation for their arrival).

He unlocked his room and entered. It was decently sized, and certainly one of the nicer rooms he’d stayed at in Lucis over the years. Pulling the door shut, he then shrugged off his coat and laid it on the chair near the bed. Feeling tired suddenly, he lay on the bed with his hands behind his head.  

It wasn’t often that he slept. He didn’t feel the need to; couldn’t remember what that need felt like, although he knew he’d been normal once. And even when he did feel like sleeping, he rarely wanted to due to the recurring nightmare. In this nightmare, a thick, liquescent darkness forced its way into his ears, nose, eyes, mouth…choking him and filling him until he was the darkness and had no distinguishable features.

But what truly terrified him was the knowledge that this was the fate that awaited him if he ever lost control. The darkness was already in him, ever ready and wanting to devour him from the inside. Whenever he felt intense anger, lust, hatred, or any of the more primal emotions, he felt himself slip under ever so slightly. It was like bobbing beneath a wave momentarily only to pop up for breath.

So he kept his eyes open and tried to stay awake. He didn’t feel uncomfortable, but he didn’t feel at home, either, despite being back in Lucis. He had never truly had a place to call home after being exiled from Lucis so very long ago. He was always on the move, and though he’d traveled the world countless times, nowhere had ever come close to feeling like home. He truly felt an outcast, out of time and out of place in Eos.  

He had nothing but his car, the clothes he wore, a few spare articles of clothing, a pillow and blanket, and a few odd trinkets from throughout the eons. He didn’t have a cellphone or any of the modern technologies that people today seemed so dependent on and fascinated by. He never watched television, nor did he use the Internet. Everything he needed to know, he already knew, or would discover by natural (or supernatural) means.


“Come meet me here tomorrow night, around midnight. I’m having a party at my place since my parents are out and I want you to be there. As my… girlfriend?”

“I want to but… my mum probably wouldn’t want me out that late… but…” she said, biting her lip. It was a very tempting offer, though… 

“Please?” he asked, poking out his lip and making a puppy face. He took her hands, and she smiled.

“okaaay, but I have to be home by three, alright??”  


Winston: Good morning Carlyle! :) You’re up early!

Carlyle: Oh! Winston! Good morning! Hehe.. I’m always up early.

Winston: Did you start a garden back here!? Look at you Mr. green thumbb!

Carlyle: Haha, sure did.

Winston: Oh, I forgot to say s-sorry for falling asleep during the movie the other day… 

Carlyle: It’s no biggie. We were all exhausted from moving in. I’m just glad that everything is unpacked and things are starting to settle down.

Winston: Haha, me too! Ohh! And guess what!?

Carlyle: What is it?

Winston: The Bakery re-opens soon! I got a call from the renovators. They’re done re-modeling the place! :)

Carlyle: Oh nice! I was starting to miss coming home covered in cake batter.

Winston: Was that sarcasm?

Carlyle: :)


“If… By the chance of his intuition, you are indeed a Camda. You should know them. That does not devalue our relationship. It does not take away your home here. This is your home. Your home can be more than one place. Because family… Well, you make your family in this life. The people you love,” Keldorin explained to quell the growing anxiety he suspected to lurk within her mind.

Phi seemed to consider his words for a long while. Slowly, as if coming to terms with a new concept, she started, “Have not felt like Phi Atsuho in some time. A lifetime feels like to have passed since last the name felt telling to my heart and soul… Does that make any sense?”

“Yes. Yes it does.”

“Was thinking. How Keepers of the Moon name the sons after the mother. I, I am not a son. But—If, the Camda are correct. If I am one of their blood. I would not be opposed to taking on a new name.” The tentative lit lingered in her voice still.

Keldorin quieted for a moment. “A Camda name?”

“Seya is a pretty name,” she admitted, “and it would be keeping in part to tradition. Taking the mother’s name just… not as a son." 

"I think it would mean the world to their clan. Their Matron is not an unknown entity to me. A Hearer of some repute. More wild than many of the more public hearers, Matron Bijna Camda. If they think you are of their blood, I can think of not more suitable gesture.” His reassurance brought peace of mind, and inspiration.

Phi folded her hands together slowly nodding. “—Braisaux is also a pretty name,” she commented and watched his reaction closely.

His head canted at the name drop. “Well thank you… But I sense you are after something. Not… Seya Camda, then?”

Phi shook her head. “Mayhap not Seya Camda… mayhap Seya Braisaux?”

Keldorin’s left eyebrow slowly ascended his brow. “You would take my name?”

“If redleaf one would bestow it. Would be wrong to steal,” she quickly added.

A rare, gentle smile grew upon Keldorin’s face. “It is yours, if you would have it.”



Post 4x07 speculation fic featuring the bed of sex. “Her heart beats thunderously beneath her chest, and she begins to trace the length of his hair, his nose, the curvature of his lips, and the hollow spot on his chin with her curious eyes. His Adam’s apple bobs and Clarke wonders if he’s feeling this too, this strange, exhilarating sensation she’s feeling now. A mix of excitement, nervousness, and familiarity coils at the pit of her stomach, winding and unwinding with each breath she takes.”

Bellarke’s first kiss and first time together. Sometimes it really is about coming home.

Read on Ao3 or below

Her hands move in practiced motions, her right reaching over to grab the tape while the other holds the gauze in place. She zeroes in on the wound, quieting the part of her that won’t stop worrying over him. He needs to be more careful.

After putting tape on the edges, Clarke inspects her handiwork to make sure it’ll heal properly. She’s still worried but mainly annoyed – he genuinely can’t go a single day without hurting himself.

“It’s just a scratch.”

She knows he’s grinning lopsidedly without her even looking, and sure enough, the corner of his mouth is lifted in what can be seen as Bellamy’s first smile in weeks. It baffles her how he can take getting hurt so lightly, but there’s a part of Clarke that knows he’s just as exhausted and angry as she is. It hurts, having to carry the weight of the world. It will never get easier, but Clarke takes comfort in knowing Bellamy will be there, just as he always has.

“Yeah, well, it’s a scratch you could’ve avoided.”

He huffs under his breath but makes no move to leave. He sticks out like a sore thumb in this bedroom. Both of them do – all grimy, angry, and touched by evil. It’s too pristine for them. Even back on the Ark, she slept on a cot with basic bedding. This bed – the entire house, in fact – is too luxurious.

There’s a part of her that feels she doesn’t deserve to stay here, even if it’s to simply sleep. She’s already experienced a lifetime of luxury. She grew on the right side of the Ark, didn’t have to worry about food, or working when she was fourteen just to provide for her family. She doesn’t need it, not anymore.

Taking a deep breath, Clarke steps away from Bellamy and points to the bathroom. “You can shower in there. Murphy probably left food in the fridge, so I’ll warm it up for us.”

He nods solemnly. “Thanks.” Bellamy scans the entire room with a slight scowl on his lips. “I’m scared I’ll make this place dirty.”

Laughing, Clarke shakes her head before crossing her arms. “Feels weird, doesn’t it?”


An odd look crosses over Bellamy’s face, and his eyes flicker up to hers, searching for something. Her stomach flips and flops for a moment, and she doesn’t know what to make of the new sensation. She’s not terribly close to him, but she can spot the freckles on his face, sprinkled out in imperfect harmony. And if Clarke leaned in a little further, she could see the tiny mole on his left collarbone, peeking through his war torn shirt.

She’s spent a lot of time studying Bellamy – back at the dropship, she would study whether his facial expressions revealed his ulterior motives. Then after, she would look to see if his eyes flickered anywhere that might pose danger and follow his line of sight, trusting his instincts. And now, Clarke checks to see if he’s forgiven himself, if he no longer views himself as a monster.

Clarke hasn’t been able to determine if he has.

But she’s a grown woman, and she can admit he will always be her favorite subject. She is able to study herself through him. If Bellamy is worried, then so should she. And if he is happy, she realizes she should be as well, because life is too fickle to never smile for days on end.

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Hey I recently came out to my family as bisexual, it didn't go well at all and they have been telling me that I am confused.. I don't know what to do next because it's hard to be happy and feel comfortable in my own home and around family when I know that they don't accept me and stuff.. do you have any advice? I just really don't know what to do.. thanks

Ugh, that’s such a pain! I’m so sorry, nonnie. I had a similar experience when I tried to tell my mom I was asexual. It took awhile, but I had to learn that being comfortable with my own identity was what was most important. It’s not easy, but hopefully you can come to a place where their opinion in that regard matters less and you can be happy just being you. If they start to antagonize you, that’s a different story, but for now, just hang in there and remind yourself that the opinion that matters most in your own.

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Leon if a girl was flirting with Isaiah what would you do?

Leon: I-

Juliet: *reads a notebook that says “Leon’s Diary”* “Today I saw a girl flirting with Isaiah. I was heading to our meeting place and that chick had the nerve to flirt with someone that was mine! So then I walked up and kiss Isaiah in front of her. If I’m his, then he’s mine. You think I’m going to sit around and let some bitch flirt with MY man? Hell no! I’ll even resort to tongue and hickeys if I have to! Luckily she got the message and left us alone. Serves her right.” Hmm.. So that’s why you ended up coming home the next day with hickeys.

Leon: WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?!!!! O////////A////////O

Juliet: I’m just trying to do these Anons a favor by giving them honest answers. It’s no fun if you dodge it.


Juliet: You wouldn’t, Leon; Besides, You know everything I do is my business. So you say a word, I’ll bite back and mention even your most darkest secrets.

Leon: You wouldn’t…

Juliet: I never claim myself to be a good person.


When Harry gets his first place after Hogwarts that actually has more than one floor, he comes home after getting a load of boxes to find Hermione using a sledgehammer on the drywall beneath the stairs. And Ron’s like, “Look, mate, I borrowed this stuff from my dad, I’ve got a DRILL and a - what’s it called again, Hermione?” “A stud finder.” “Right, one of those, and we’re going to fix your stairs.” Harry’s like, “But there’s nothing wrong with them.” “Yes, Harry, there is.” Harry’s just sort of standing there in total bewilderment while Hermione totally demolishes the wall. “We couldn’t have done that with magic?” “No, Harry, this is personal. You two take this mess out to the skip.” And then Harry stands around a while longer and Hermione puts in support beams in the appropriate places so the stairs don’t fall in, and Ron’s very excited about using the stud finder even though Hermione won’t let him use the drill. When they’re finished, Harry has this set of shelves. So he says, still completely confused, “I thought we picked this place because it had loads of storage.” And Hermione says, “Go get some of my books. I know it’s just shelves, but it’s not a bloody cupboard.”

And every time Harry moves for the rest of his life, Ron and Hermione are there on moving day and they knock out anything under the stairs, even if it’s just a wall. Hermione reads a lot of books. Ron learns to use a miter saw and a carpenter’s square and practices the nail hammering spell until he can do it perfectly on the first try. And sometimes it isn’t very practical but it looks nice…

And sometimes, when they all get older and have children, it’s cozy and has a purpose…

And eventually Hermione gets the trick of there being nothing under the stairs at all

Which is the story of how Harry Potter never lived in a house with a cupboard under the stairs again for the entire rest of his life.

Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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supergirl headcanon that at some point in the future after alex and maggie get married and when they decide to try and have a kid, they choose not to tell anyone until they know it worked bc knowing their friends (family, really), those weirdos will be be way more excited than even they are 

so ya know they go to their doctor, pick a donor etc etc (alex is gonna be the one having the lil babe) and some time later (i’m not a fertility expert, i dont know how long these things take), there’s a super squad game night at kara’s place and everyone’s there (winn, james, mon el [i’m assuming he stays], lena, j’onn, m’gann, alex and maggie) and kara comes home a little late after having to deal with a mix up of stories w snapper and kinda discards her stuff and looks a little fondly at her fam who are all goofing around by the tv but then something is weird abt like, the background noise in her super hearing and she focuses and something just isn’t right 

and alex notices the expression on her face as kara comes a little closer trying to figure out what it is and says “hey kara, you okay?” and kara’s like “i dunno … i thought i heard … i mean, i do hear … but that’s … there’s only eight people here - i must just be rlly tired or something, don’t worry.” and winn teases her about it a little and james jokes “supergirl’s having an off day, huh?” but alex suddenly realises what it could be and as kara moves to sit beside lena, alex grabs her arm and goes “wait, kara, what did you hear?” and kara sees the look on her face and says very slowly “what do you think i heard?” and alex is like “you tell me first” and kara says “you tell me first” and winn just stares at them with raised eyebrows and goes “you both maybe wanna tell the rest of us what’s going on?” and kara’s eyes flicker between maggie and alex before she says, still super slowly bc she doesn’t know if she and alex are on the same page “there’s only eight people in this room … but -” and alex finishes for her going “but kara hears nine heartbeats.” and nobody picks up on anything for a second, like j’onn and m’gann and mon el try focusing their hearing and the others just looks around sorta confused and then suddenly maggie chokes on her beer and her gaze snaps over to alex and goes “wait a second - does that mean …?” and alex breaks into the biggest grin and kara lets out the hugest shriek and goes “oh my god you’re pregnant!” and chaos just erupts in the apartment

I washed my broken heart
with beach waves and sunsets.
I stitched my battle scars
with threads of leftover love.
I stood in a sea of strangers,
without hangover, whatsoever.

I am every invisible painting on your skin.
You wish they were from my lips and my fingertips.
I am the silence in your living room
You wish we could dance together
on thirty-second floor without music on.
I am those deep conversations
you wish you could have
from a stormy evening until sunny morning.

But you didn’t get it, did you?
Women like me don’t take weak men
Men who couldn’t handle their chaos
wouldn’t be able to handle ours.
Men who come back would
always be unwelcome.

I was the decision you didn’t make.
I was the war you didn’t fight for.
I am a place you can’t come home to.
There’s no point crawling back to me.

I’m over you.

—  Shaine Salcedo, The City Doesn’t Hum Your Name Anymore

I can’t believe no one is talking about that Galra planet

You know, Zarkon’s HOME PLANET???!!




Idk guys, it seems like some pretty important backstory that maybe hopefully will be explained more in season 3 or something. Im not smart enough to think about these things too seriously beyond half baked theories, so someone smarter should come up with something.

Okay, so the first song of the musical is actually very sad once you listen to the lyrics? Like the music is upbeat and fun but the lyrics are absolutely heartbreaking. Just with this song you get to know Percy’s character in a way no movie could ever do. All he wants is someone, he wants to be loved, he wants to be accepted but no matter what he does, ‘you’re always to blame’ he spends the whole song telling you he is a good kid and a good son but no one believes, to the point he doesn’t believe it either ‘I swear I’m a good kid, yes I’m good for nothing at all.’ 

This is Percy telling you all his insecurities, his fears, he’s a 12 years old who thought he finally found a safe place but now everybody is blaming him ‘no one will ever take my side’ he doesn’t have friends, he doesn’t have anyone because his mom is no longer there and he doesn’t have a home and then it comes the more heartbreaking part, when you can feel the sadness in his voice while he sings  ‘I swear I never stole anything, I never meant to hurt anyone. I swear, I swear that I’m a good kid, a good kid.’ and the you have the final blow to you heart that leaves you crying  ‘All I need is one last chance to prove I’m good enough for someone.’

Excuse me I gotta go and cry