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Voltron “Reunion” thoughts

So I was thinking a lot about Matt’s grave and why it exists, from a writing perspective. Pidge would realize moments later that Matt was alive. Heck, most of the fan base knew Matt was ok thanks to the promo stuff. So why would the writer’s include this fake grave scene when they could’ve easily placed the code somewhere else. Was it for shock value? I think not.

That episode seemed to focus on more than Matt. Think back Te-osh. She dies in the same episode. Yes, that had a sad tone, but we all moved on pretty quickly. But later, we see Matt’s grave. And it’s not that we beleive Matt is dead. We knew nearly nothing about him, and didn’t value him as a character very much. What was so heart wrenching about that scene was Pidge’s screams of sheer agony. We felt her pain vicariously, knowing that she had been searching since the begining.

I think that episode was not just an episode to find Matt and resolve that plotline. It was also an episode to remind us that people are dying. This is a war effort, and not all the deceased’s loved ones will be as lucky as Pidge. Over two thousand graves surrounded Matt’s. We shouldn’t forget that.

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Hi 😊 Do these sigils work? I really need to know, thanks 😊

Once have a sigil, you choose where to draw/carve/paint/or otherwise place it. It can just be on a piece of paper. That’s easy and you can place the paper pretty much wherever you want. Then you choose a Charging method. There are lots of ways to charge a sigil but finding one that suits the intent of the sigil can make it more effective. Some charging methods destroy the sigil and if that’s the case you’re done. If it doesn’t then you do whatever you want with the sigil. You can place it somewhere that makes sense, like in your textbook if it’s for studying, or by your bed if it’s for sleeping. Or you could just tear it up and throw away the pieces. Some people try to forget their sigil and its meaning so that their subconscious can work unhindered to bring about the sigil’s goal. For me though, they work better when I remember them. So you can decide what’s best for you there. That’s about it. Check out my FAQ About Sigils for more info on sigils.

Challenges For Writers

You guys wanted some prompts and I thought this might give you some fun ideas. Some of these challenges can apply to every kind of writer, so I suggest skimming them all :)


  • Produce an album with each song touching on a different social issue
  • compose a movie score
  • write 1 song a month about the events in that time and visit those songs in a year
  • write a song about wherever you are right now
  • rewrite the lyrics of your favorite song
  • compose a new melody for your favorite song
  • write a song where the lyrics contradict the melody
  • make a mashup of completely different songs


  • write a story from the point of view of a character you hate
  • write a story based off a song
  • write a story from a deity’s point of view
  • write a story that takes place somewhere you’ve never been
  • write a story with no dialogue
  • write a story from the point of view of a piece of technology
  • turn a poem into a story
  • write a story with only 140 characters


  • write a positive poem about something you hate
  • condense your favorite song/movie into a haiku
  • write a poem about what you wish you knew when you were younger
  • write a poem completely out of YouTube comments
  • write a poem with song lyrics only
  • write a poem about a photo from over 50 years ago
  • write a poem about your favorite love story
  • write about an experience you’ve never had


  • write an article from a perspective that is the opposite of yours
  • write an article based on a picture from the 1900′s
  • write about an interview with a dead person
  • report a story based on a poem or song
  • report the events in your favorite book
  • report a murder that nobody knows you committed
  • you’re a travel columnist. Write about where you are now.
  • write a fake news article about a world leader
Saying that I will always love you is something real. It’s saying that you will always have a place somewhere in my heart. It’s saying that you will always be a happy memory. It’s saying that my mind will somehow be always thinking of you. That you, will always be my true love.

P.G.G ; jxd


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Hi! Would you mind if i'd ask you.. have you got some kind of tips about how a watermark should be to look pretty but still visible enough? I'm so afraid to put it on my drawings because it kinda ruins them xD but still is necessary... I haven't ant idea how i should "design" it.. a font, handwriting, with opacity down, place it in corners or on the lineart,, ecc(sorry for my bad english).

That’s a very valid concern.  Unfortunately, the more visible/large/annoying the signature, the more protected your art will be.  I die a little inside whenever I have to cover up something I spent hours (or even days) on.  But I’d rather have it look kind of annoying instead of having someone else take credit for it, or worse, having someone SELLING IT illegally behind my back.

Having experienced (and having watched my fellow artist friends experience) various forms of art theft, I’ve come up with a few tricks to making it difficult for my signature to be removed.  I don’t have a set, “official” watermark; I experiment and play around with different looks depending on what the picture looks like.  You can try any of these ideas and see what works for you.  ^_^


Make it legible.  Fancy fonts are pretty, but can be hard to read.  Your main goal is that EVERYONE can read it, even people whose primary language is not English or those who have a different alphabet/lettering/symbols.

Place it somewhere that cannot be cropped out, such as near the heads or towards the middle of the picture

Place your signature/watermark where will be difficult to erase or cover up, such as an area with shading, or over a pattern

The safest location is on top of a character.  It looks ugly, but at least you can’t really sell merchandise of someone else’s art if there’s a giant signature across the way.

If your picture is black and white, be careful.  Someone might take it and try to color it, then pass it off as their own work.  Put your watermark on top of the lineart to make it more difficult to steal, preferably an area with lots of lines, such as hair or clothing wrinkles.

Be especially careful with pictures that can be easily made into merchandise (pins, mugs, stickers, bags, phone cases, etc), such as the one above.  Make the signature large and have it protect all visible characters, like a big unsightly shield.  XD

DO NOT’s:   (aka, some of my old mistakes)

Do not place it close to the edges/corners where it can be cropped. 

Don’t make it too tiny, and don’t lower the layer opacity too much.

Note:  If you do not want your art reposted/uploaded onto different websites/accounts by other people, I highly recommend adding to your watermark:  “Do not edit or redistribute.”  It’s not always enough to deter some reposters, but at least sometimes fans will call them out on it and say, “Hey, this artist doesn’t allow this picture to be uploaded onto different sites, you should remove it.”

That’s all for now, I hope it helps!!!  Good luck with your artwork and thank you for your message!!!  <3

Langst 101

(shiro hasn’t vanished yet )

-the Voltron team goes on a mission and lance fucks smth up and pidge gets really hurt and has to get into a pod

-lance is crying and can’t stop apologizing but shiro is PI S S E D 

-‘its okay to make mistakes, lance, but there’s a LIMIT’

-‘if you hadn’t missed that shot pidge wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Do you ever think about what you do? Or do you just live in the moment’

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This is a little spell jar I did to promote my own self love and self care! This is not something that I plan to bury, but rather keep in my space as a reminder to continue my journey of loving and caring for myself. It was such a nice uplifting experience to make💕


🌸 A glass jar of your choosing that can be sealed with a cork or lid
🌸 Fire proof container, incense burner, mortar and pestle
🌸 Rose quartz
🌸 Self love sigil
🌸 Rose and frankincense incense for love and peace from insecurity and anxiety
🌸 Cinnamon
🌸 Nutmeg
🌸 Dried rosemary
🌸 Dried rose petals or rosebuds
🌸 Sugar
🌸 Pink Himalayan salt
🌸 Pink candle

💖What to do💖

🌸 Burn the incense and self love sigil
🌸 Combine with mortar and pestle and pour into jar
🌸 Add the following into the jar in this order: cinnamon, nutmeg, rosemary, sugar, pink salt and then top up with rose petals/buds
🌸 Cleanse and charge your rose quartz, hold it in your hands and think loving thoughts about yourself then add into jar
🌸 Create a list of things you love/enjoy about yourself
🌸 Light pink candle, look into the flame and read your list aloud
🌸 Put cork on the jar and seal with the candle wax
🌸 Charge overnight in moonlight and place jar somewhere you will see it often

Let me know if you make this and how it works out for you!! Love, light and blessings my dear friends 💖


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what you gon do now charl