a place somewhere

The best part of Rogue One is going to be watching it with the full knowledge that while all this action and turmoil is taking place, somewhere in the galaxy Luke Skywalker is kicking rocks on his Uncle’s moisture farm, whining and playing with his toy plane. 

‘I would get up at one or two a.m. and I would call every gay bar I had the number to from the 1940s. I wouldn’t say anything. I would just stay on the phone and listen to the sounds in the background. I would stay on until they hung up, and then I would call another one of my numbers, until I had called all the numbers I had … That phone. Those numbers. That was my lifeline … It meant there was a place somewhere — even if I couldn’t go there — that place was out there. I could hear it. Freedom.’ She called the bars two to three times a week like this — for fourteen years.
—  From an interview with Myrna Kurland in Baby, You Are My Religion: Women, Gay Bars, and Theology Before Stonewall, by Marie Cartier (2013). Myrna passed away in 2014, at age 86. A video of an additional part of her interview may be viewed here.

Bronx & Saint,

I believe that the world at its core is a good place. It is somewhere you should explore. Wander. Don’t cave into fear. Speak out when you see injustice. Judge people by their actions not their race, creed or gender. Be brave for those who can’t be. Know that some wounds heal by hiking in the woods or laughing with a good friend. Some wounds however will only heal with time. There will be obstacles on your journey. How you respond to them will define who you are–whether you crumble to them or are carved into greatness. Listen to people who are different than you. Be silly. Find peace between the moments. Let your heart guide you when nothing else will…

Above all don’t be afraid of the dark. Know that it is only dark until you cast your light on it. Remember the world is you and you are the world. It is your job to find the good in it.

Love always, 



when you dream about kissing her your hands shake. if she saw inside of you - if she knew. there are voices that tell you to leave her side so she can be happy. you are no longer sure if they’re right and it’s their story. there’s a place somewhere inside of you that smells of rotting meat. and she glows. she’s a meadow. when you look at her things shift. get simple and stay delicate. things become worth it. 

what if it means nothing. what if she never kisses first. what if in the morning sun she regrets admitting her heart. what if this is mortal, and you, your heart, could never have forever. 


otayuri stress reliever

no this isn’t going to be a doujin or sth but if y’all are looking forward to it i’ll consider about that SADJASDHSAKK!! this au sets in Cold War where beka is a soviet soldier and yuri is a soviet citizen. Beka has to go to somewhere place for his duty but yurio doesn’t want him to die in a war so he joined the army and searched for beka’s troops. 

Mermaid’s Breath Spell  💋

a spell for the ability to survive in emotional or situational circumstances a bit out of your depth or comfort zone, like a fish out of water.

💋  gather: sea water, stormwater, aventurine, a seashell, and a blue candle

💋  embed the candle with the aventurine and light it. 

💋  mix the sea and storm water, and fill the seashell with it

💋  blow the candle out and pass the seashell through the smoke. chant:

“ Aquea pulmonem there:
Come winds of the Caspian Sea
Demersi sunt in aere,
tenere spiritum, La spiritus to me.”

💋  place the seashell somewhere safe to hold the water until the spell is over.


You have to pay attention to the moments when you’ve felt on top on the world. I remember the first time I was on stage, I was doing West Side Story, I was 17 and this woman was crying because she liked what I was doing so much. I know I’m 28 now and I know the stakes are higher, but looking back on an experience like that reminds me that I do have a place somewhere. Sometimes it’s okay to give yourself a pat on the back and say, “That was cool. That made me feel good.” 

Want to improve your Concentration?

1. Cut out the noise. Noise is a distraction and interrupts our thinking. It makes it harder for us to focus, to process, retrieve and then use information.

2. Structure your environment. Try and set aside a specific place to study - somewhere that is quiet, and free from normal, everyday distractions.

3. Know what you’re aiming for. You won’t achieve much without clear objectives. You need to have a concrete and specific goal. That is, something you can measure and can work towards.

4. Plan your studying for the day. Tick off your achievements as you work through your list. That will help to keep you focused, so you’re less inclined to daydream - or to waste time doing futile, pointless things.

5. Know what the guidelines and the standards are. Then, adhere closely to those when doing you’re doing practice tests, or writing an assignment, or thinking through your answers.

6. Expect to meet roadblocks. That way, obstacles won’t throw you off your course. You’ll get up and work around them – so they don’t destroy your plans.

7. Become a hermit and isolate yourself. It’s just for a short time, and it’s worth it in the end.

8. Be patient, and hang in there, when you feel unmotivated. If you can just push through this, you will find that you learn something.

So you’ve made a spell jar….now what?

I was recently asked what to do with a spell jar once it’s made. I thought my answer would be simple, but the more I wrote, the more I realized it wasn’t. So here’s a guide for those that need it showing what to do with different bottles depending on your intent.

Positive influence on yourself or in your life:
-Place somewhere you will see it very often, like a sunny window, bedside table, desk, or altar. Seeing it every day will help strengthen your intent and remind yourself why you made it.
-Place somewhere that you meditate. If you meditate regularly you can take a few moments during that time to hold the jar and focus on the spell, the result that you want, and how to help make that happen.
-Keep it on your person throughout the day. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. It will act as a conductor for the positivity that you want.

-Place on vanity or in bathroom. Placing it at the central point of your daily beauty routine will maximize the use of the spell bottle.
-Keep in makeup bag/kit. Keeping it in a container with all of your beauty supplies will infuse it’s intent with everything inside.
-Stash inside your dresser or closet with the clothes that correspond to your spell (date clothes, party/club clothes, formal wear, lingerie).
-Bury in a pot of flowers and keep by a mirror you use for your daily beauty routine. Flowers are a universal symbol of beauty and having something living channel your spell makes it much stronger.
-Keep it on your person throughout the day. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. Keeping the jar close to you will help influence the beauty spell/glamour longer and stronger.

Weight Loss/Gain and Exercise:
-Stash inside your gym bag/locker. It will serve as a boost right before you work out.
-Keep with your food. If you are using it to control eating habits, keep it in your pantry/fridge IN FRONT of all of your food. It will be a barrier between you and your food. You’ll have to get past the jar before you touch anything else.
-Keep it on you’re kitchen table. If you are using it to battle eating disorders and/or increase your eating habits, place it where you eat all of your meals.
-Take it with you while you move. If you like to ride your bike for exercise, use an unbreakable/break resistant bottle and tie it to your bike. If you like to walk/run with your kids in a running stroller, put it on the stroller where your child can’t reach it.
-Store it with your work out clothes. The spell will bleed over into the clothes so that you have it whenever you put them on.
-Keep it on your person. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. It will influence you as well as remind you of our goals all day.

Influence Relationships:
-Place in the heart of your home. If you are trying to influence your family or the relationships within, keep it where you’re family spends time together the most (kitchen, livingroom mantle, game room, dining room). If you can’t practice openly at home, use a container that is pretty and not see through, fill it completely so it doesn’t rattle, and glue it shut. That way, to everyone else, it will just be pretty decoration.
-Give it as a gift. Decorate the bottle and give it as a gift to the person whose relationship with you, you want to influence.
-Keep next to their photo. Keep it next to a photo of the person you wish to change your relationship with.
-Keep it on your person. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. The bottle will work it’s magic whenever you are around the specified person.

-Stash in the bedroom. Placing the jar on your nightstand, under your pillow, or under your bed will allow health spells to work while you sleep, especially if you are bedridden.
-Store with your medicine. If you have to take medication regularly, store it with your meds.
-Keep next to your drinking water. If you use drinking water that isn’t from a tap, store the jar where you store your water. The spell will bleed into your drinking water to influence your health.
-Keep it on your person. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. If it is on your person, it can influence your health all day, healing you or protecting you from an illness that is spreading.

-Stash in the bedroom. Placing it on your nightstand, under your pillow, or under your bed will keep it close while you sleep so it can influence your dreams.
-Store with your pajamas. Storing it with the clothes that you sleep in will infuse them with the spell’s energy (unless you sleep naked of course, but I don’t need to know about that). 

-Keep it on your person. If the jar is small enough, it can be kept on you inside a purse/bag, coat pocket, or as a necklace. It will act as a shield to keep away whatever you want.
-Bury it in your yard. If you are just trying to banish something/someone from your life or ward them away from your home and family, bury it in your yard. It will act as a shield.
-If you are trying to banish something/someone and send them far away from you, bury next to train tracks.
-If you are trying to banish thoughts or habits or trying to forget something, bury it in a cemetery. If you can’t bury it in a cemetery, bury it somewhere in the woods and forget it’s location.

If anyone wants to add something that I missed, please feel free!

Finding Things/Memory Spell🌿

a spell for when many things go missing, to help things reappear

🌿 gather: a compass, a sprig of rosemary, and white thread. 

🌿 attach the rosemary to the compass using white thread

🌿 hold level, and turn three times clockwise with the compass

🌿 place it in the center of the room. 

🌿 wait a few days for it to begin to draw out the things lost

🌿 for memory, each time there is something important to remember, touch the compass and place it somewhere else. 

In Sherlocks tab reimagining of asip John says “I need a place to live. Somewhere decent at an affordable price, it’s not easy.” when the actual line was “who’d want me for a flatmate”. Sherlock doesn’t realize just how isolated and miserable John was before he met him, he thinks it was just about boredom and the fact that John was broke.