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I love staring at my bookshelves. Not because of the aesthetic, but because there’s so many stories, worlds, characters, and places that are full of love, heartbreak, and real emotions and at any moment I can take the dive into any one and immerse myself in the words.

These guys are killing me, I swear.

  • Sebastian: *gets struck by an enemy*
  • Sebastian: Agh- fuck me!
  • Stefano: *appears out of nowhere*
  • Stefano: I mean, this doesn't really seem like the proper place but hey if you really wan-
  • Sebastian: Oh, SHUT UP!

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Is there any way for your followers to donate to you and Martin? I'm not good with comforting words but I've been watching your struggle and I can only imagine the financial burden it's placing on you and I wish I could contribute. Neither of you deserve whats happening and the fact that the institutions in your area are turning their backs on you is absolutely gut wrenching. I can't donate much but I'm sure many others would be happy to pitch in as well if you opened an avenue to do so <3

Thank-you for taking the time to write and express your concern. I’m broke as fuck but feel indifferent about the (crippling) debt I’ll be in when this is over.

If followers want to help then perhaps they’ll consider contacting their local cancer society and offer to drive a rural person to a chemo appointment. I can’t describe how stressful it is trying to figure out how to get Martin to chemo and how depressing the complete lack of support is. “Well Karen, I guess you are just going to die at home because you are outside our service area.”. It would mean a lot to us if even one follower took time out of his/her/their busy life to do this. The Tumblr flip expression, “Save a life.”, would actually be true.

Symphony No. 7 Movement No. 2
Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 7 Movement No. 2

Symphony No. 7 Movement No. 2, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Reviving an old but still beloved otp for N7 Day in a quick warmup doodle :D

 I came to the Mass Effect series very late, but I’m so happy I gave it a try. I should replay the trilogy sometimes soon and then also finally get to Andromeda!! It’s been an epic journey with some of the most intense and emotional moments I’ve ever experienced in a game, and not many games have managed so far to make me laugh and cry so much at the same time xD Also it was Mass Effect that got me back into digital art again and made me realize some things about myself so yeah… The trilogy will always have a special place in my life.

But yes, have two old soldiers ♥

Buddy I've been here 3 years.

So, tex mex place person here again.

I’ve had a good streak going for a few months of perfect nights with no complaints or issues I couldn’t personally fix.

However, I’ve had an anxiety attack for 3 days straight and last night at work I wasn’t feeling too hot and was running a section on my own (Not a fuck management thing, I’m perfectly capable of taking care of that many customers at once. That’s why they have me do it)

Anyway so this one table comes in, and I’m already pissed with them because they waste my fucking time. They’re one of those tables where they say “we’re ready to order” and then ask a million and one questions. So like, they’re clearly not ready to order? They just can’t wait five fucking minutes for me to serve a few other customers, or run some drinks, or clear some tables, which I can guarantee I could do quicker than them making up their fucking minds.

So anyway, finally I get to leave and think I’ve made a successful upsale to them which I’m glad of. It took a lot of questions answering but it was worth it.

This next bit doesn’t work without the context of the sales and why I made the decisions I made, so, right now we have a special on, it involves getting ribs, you don’t get a choice on sides or the type of ribs, it’s all laid out in the special. It’s a smaller portion than our normal servings but also hecka cheap.

There are, however, several other options for ribs always sold at our restaurant not included in this sale. One of which is an option where you get a fucking HUGE plate of ribs and a choice on your sides, and instead of getting one type of ribs, you get both (beef and pork).

So this couple each ordered a special and I was really trying hard to counter the sharing on this table we have a no shares on specials policy and they had less meals than people and were clearly going to share when I wasn’t watching.

Anyway so while I was upsaling I noted (and the customers noted) you get both pork and beef. I told them about the difference between picking one over the other, differences in prices, benefits and etc, just so they were fully informed on what they were getting and happy they made the right choice.

So, no complaints during their meal, when I checked on them, nothing until the minute I clocked off. Then they complained. Coz I hadn’t taken off my apron or got my bag out yet, or even signed off I felt obliged to go over and chat with them. Figured they wanted a takeaway container and that it’d be quick. 

The guy points at his plate and goes “What are these?” I answer “um, beef ribs?” not really sure what the point of his question was just yet but then the guy is like “I told you we can’t have beef, that’s why we wanted pork” immediately my mind launches into a tirade of oh shit oh shit oh shit what do I do this is really bad. In case anyone doesn’t realise, I’m afraid I was accidentally culturally insensitive and fucked up super bad. 

So I immediately apologise and say to him that I must have misunderstood but I’ll go catch him a manager since I’m not capable of giving discounts or making that call.

Now I know what I said and did, I know they’re almost 99.9% likely to be lying to me based on our conversation when they ordered. 0.1% telling the truth due to a miscommunication because my hearing has crapped itself lately. But I talk pretty loud so unless everyone on that table, including both the people I talk to, has shit hearing, then they should know what I said to them and that it wasn’t the right choice for them.

I try to find a manager, but end up getting the boss. He took me to the table and we both talked to the table (this is, again, in no way a fuck management story. What my boss does here is actually pretty cool).

The boss explains to the guy, “look it says on the menu what the rib platter is.” and the guy trys to say he didn’t read the menu (I know he and his wife did) tells my boss that he told me he can only have pork and I apparently said it was ok. my boss said we don’t do all pork rib plates for no extra cost, that costs an extra $10-15, my boss knows I know this because I’ve sold several all pork rib plates in the last few weeks and always talked to him about it to recheck the price and always put it through correctly.

My boss then turns to me and asked me what happened and I said “I’m sorry but I think perhaps we have had a miscommunication, I’ve been working here for three years so there’s no way I would have told you that the rib plate was all pork” my boss was prettymuch like “you see” and the guy is like “well I don’t know why she’s denying it but we’re not coming back here again”.

At this point my boss sighs and tells him he’ll go grab him some more pork and has me take away the beef and chuck it, then I sign off and grab my bags and go chat to the boss because I  had to show him something on my phone to receive a voucher. When we went to the office to get my voucher I thanked him for having my back and said “you know I wouldn’t make that kind of mistake right?” and he said “yeah that guys just lying. I know he’s having it on, you wouldn’t do something like that" 

So basically fuck that one guy in particular and yay for good employment.

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How do you find a job? I've applied at so many different places but with my lack of experience I don't seem to be going anywhere

I have been secretly hoarding “Job Hunting” related resources for a long time now, and this ask gives me the excuse to roll them out! Behold-

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Good luck!

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Idk maybe it's bc i've been in the same situation as Anxiety so many times, maybe i'm just too empathetic, but i'm really angry with Logan and Roman for being so hurtful towards him

I feel like they just subconsciously do it now which is not cool and I cannot wait for someone to put them in their place

*Whoops, reblogged the Mutt one on the wrong blog. My bad. xD I was wondering why it had so many notes.

By the way, all the posts from the skelelodge are queued. I’m at work, so I’ll queue some more up tonight to post tomorrow. If I have time, I’ll get to an imagine or two as well.

I have another question for you guys though!

If you got the chance to go out on a date with one of the skeles, where would you go? What would you like to do? Staying at home, while nice, is not an option in this case.

happy 20th anniversary of the wizarding world. this universe has been a light to me in dark times, as i know it has been to many others, and it has a special place in my heart that i know it will keep place for another twenty years and more. also, thank you to all the people who have contributed to the fandom over the years and continue to do so; you have enriched what we were already gifted with. 


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Hey! I've been struggling with so many things - mainly mental health, self love, body image, and keeping Christ in my life. What are some good Scripture passages for these topics?

Philippians 4:6-7 is great to remember in times of worry. For mental health, I like to look to the Psalms. I didn’t realize it at first, but many of the psalms are from the perspective of a depressed person looking to God. Praying a psalm a day doesn’t take a long time and it’s comforting.

For self love I thing Proverbs 31 is a great place to look for a good role model of a woman who finds her worth from living a wise life. It’s a very different lifestyle from the one the one our culture promotes.

To walk with Jesus, the very best thing to do is read a from the gospels every day. I like to read one section a day ( not the entire chapter) and reflect on that one episode of Jesus’ life.

Sometimes I have to deliberately make sure that that I am filling myself with good things. If I take the time to read the Bible and to read good books and maybe listen to a little classical type music for awhile instead of popular music, it means I’m filling myself with life giving messages and a little more able to deal with the damaging messages that pop up in social media and music lyrics. My mental health is super susceptible to music lyrics.

I hope these verses help–God bless!

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Hello lovely! I had to ask, does Peyroux have a sort of Witches Guild or Collective where aspiring and skilled witches alike can sit for a spell and discuss their magical and mundane lives? (I've been working on a new spell and to get a second opinion from the esteemed witches of Peyroux in a place of power would be most excellent!). Thank you for your time, Atticus!

There are so many witches practicing so many variants within magic that, for the purposes of a generalized need, requests, and learning, folk usually just ask a neighbor. If said neighbor cannot handle the spell or has other business to tend, the idea gets passed around until someone is available and willing.

If you’re just looking to talk shop, many folk hang out at Donut Be Afraid, the coffee shop, and ask about in a similar fashion to the above. Or if you need something discovered, Second Story Used Books will find your best bet. And if it is plant based, Ground Floor Plants & More (look for the gargoyle).

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As an older fan it cracks me up how this fandom has placed this playboy image onto Jungkook. Slight rash on his neck? Obviously a hickey from one of his many sidechicks (lol). Honestly though I've been around my fair share of "fuckboys" and Jungkook is no where near that. If I'm being real with myself I think his shyness makes him even more attractive lol

I want a scientific explanation as to why so many people think he’s some suave player bc I don’t?????? My baby spends his free time playing overwatch n looking at memes??? Where’s the time for ladies?????

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You hadn’t been feeling particularly well lately. You had gotten up this morning and puked. Eliot blamed it on the old takeout you had had for dinner the previous night and you agreed with him.

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I haven't even played ac3 but as an aboriginal that game means the world to me? It's really the only time I saw an aboriginal person be the main character in a triple A game? I've been meaning to play I swear but it will always have a special place in my heart. Reblog so many ac3 things forever plz

❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ I’M SORRY I CAN ONLY RESPOND IN AGREEING EXCLAMATION EMOJIS ATM but i hope you enjoy ac3 when you get a chance to actually play it!! it’s obviously not perfect but it is a really special game and connor is still in my opinion one of the best vg protagonists in recent years ;3;

i’ve been thinking a lot about writing. a lot about not writing anymore. you always hated when i wrote to your silence and i always hated when you went silent in the first place. so maybe i’ll go away for awhile, and maybe i won’t return. and maybe that’s what you want. maybe it’s what i deserve.