a place i've been so many times

My adventures playing Skyrim have basically been

“I’m lost I’m so lost oh hey I found the place I have no idea how”

“I mean, maybe I can actually kill the troll this time I need to go past where he is”

-drops heavy armor- “oh look! Armor to be picked up!”

-googles how to do everything-

-murders town chickens and people- “whY ARE THERE SO MANY BOUNTY HUNTERS ON HIS ROAD”

sarahthefluff  asked:

What's George doing sitting next to John? That's Paul's place. Like dude go stay by Ringo

i assume you’re talking about some photo? well, john has secured his place by paul so many times over george that i can forgive him a short moment with his buddy & pal ;D

I’ve been called a loner so many times I barely register it anymore. It’s always said with a negative connotation and I don't necessarily understand why that is. Yes, I prefer being by myself. I’m happy with who I am. I like reading and I like quiet places. Why is that seen as unhealthy? Just because you’re an extrovert doesn’t mean you’re better than me.

Growing up so many girls are teased and mocked for keeping diaries but you go into any history museum anywhere and they have like at least two journals written by women or even girls on display. althere will be a board or plaque that says how the only reason historians know so much about this time period and how people lived is because of this journal. Journals and diaries have served to give women a voice, a place where they wont be interrupted in a world where they were never allowed to speak, a diary is so incredibly important for a young girl in the present just as much as it was decades or centuries ago. This is also how any women’s voices have made their way into history, quietly but so incredibly important and undercelebrated by historians because they have provided so much context and commentary, these women just living their lives, whether directly involved in a historical event or just cohabiting the same time period. Their thoughts and observations are incredible, women can see and know so much. The diaries of women and girls have been so incredibly influential to our understanding of history, that to tease a girl for keeping one is to also tease any girl who has given us a deeper understanding of the past, to disregard the huge contributions hundreds of women and girls have made to the field of history today.

Do you think Anne Frank would have ever been teased for keeping a diary?