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Hey, serious post time.

Today I woke up to find out that I’d been banned from the US military (though, apparently the rest of the gov is finding out through Trump’s tweets, though I digress)

Today, I’ve been having something akin to an extended panic attack since I woke up and read the news. One hell of a wake up call, right? Anyway. In light of that I want to remind people that this blog will always and forever be a safe place for trans people. Of all flavors.

If you think this is only a fluke, though, and that banning people from the military isn’t just the beginning…you gotta realize, they will keep taking our rights away by inches. And if you’re cis, please, for the love of God, don’t be apathetic about this. We cannot rise above this alone.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Please go out there and be kind and be supportive and keep an extra eye out on your non-cis friends today. It’s what Rockdad would want.

JSYK: this is a safe blog.

In light of the disgusting things going on in the fandom and the world at large, lately, I just wanted to make a short post to make it abundantly clear to every single one of you lovely people out there - not only to my followers, but to anyone who would like to seek refuge somewhere away from all the vitriol for a while - that my blog is a safe place.

People of all ages, races, gender identities, sexualities, shapes, sizes, walks of life, fandoms, etc. are welcome here, and you are safe.  I will never hate on you, I will never post or reblog hateful content with a pro-hate message, and I will never, ever think any less of you for anything.

If you need someone to talk to about anything at all, if you need somewhere to hang out and have fun, if you need someone on your side for anything at all, I’m here.

Don’t be shy about reaching out.

No matter what else is going on, I will always be here for you, and I will have your back.

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I just learned that a lot of people in prison pass their time by playing D&D, and now I wonder if Len and Mick did too

motherFUCKING DnD getting introduced on the Waverider of all places don’t even get me STARTED

  • Ray, who has lovely nostalgic memories of DnD from college, volunteers to DM. Len almost fights him for the position, but then he realizes it’s going to be infinitely more entertaining to screw with and derail Ray’s storytelling.
  • Len and Mick play as a rogue and a barbarian, respectively. their characters already know each other and this is not debatable. they’ve been playing together for, like, three decades and know each others character sheets inside and out.
  • You know that story about the guy who somehow got away with playing as a bear that was elaborately disguised as a human? That’s the kind of shit Len pulls. Constantly. And somehow it’s always technically allowed within the rules if you actually check.
  • Mick is That Guy who very purposefully seeks out situations that the DM is strongly hinting are super dangerous and inadvisable.
  • Sara plays a fighter, because of course she does. She has only a vague understanding of how the fighting system actually works and has to be continually reminded that she’s not actually allowed to move right now. But she rolled an insanely high charisma advantage and now her answer to every problem is “I seduce it.”
    • Which gets Ray terribly flustered, of course.
      • “The witch isn’t interested in women.”
      • “Oh, so now you’re being homophobic.”
      • “NO!”
  • Rip definitely plays a healer because, as we all know, healing is bottoming for gamers. The other members of the team give him a lot of shit about it and then he refuses to heal them until they’re on the verge of death but they never learn.
  • Kendra’s a druid, probably some kind of obscure Fey that everyone thought she was making up. She turns out to have more DnD experience than anyone expected, and she doesn’t love the fighting parts but is really into the magic and lore. She’s the one you go to if you need help on your character sheet and are too embarrassed to ask.
  • Jax definitely plays a dragonborn, probably either a ranger or a fighter. He’s actually pretty into it and tries to stick to Ray’s story more than anyone else, but he’s also always derailing the group by trying to incorporate modern things into the story.
  • Martin plays a human wizard and he’s basically playing himself. he also spends way too much time trying to talk about how the magic in the game could actually just be insufficiently analyzed magic and then he drags Ray in with him and then everyone else wanders off for snacks and next thing you know the game’s been derailed for 45 minutes.
  • Eventually they get Gideon involved. She plays a bard and she’s cutthroat.

au where jimin and jeongguk have just gotten married and are on their honeymoon. they’re in a city they’ve never visited before, so it’s not surprising that they do get lost when trying to find places. but they’re young and they’re in love, they don’t mind getting lost as long as they’ve got each other.

“come on, this way. let’s go, baby.”
“are you sure it’s this way?”
“yes i’m sure! 100% sure!”

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How about this - draw the strangest crossover with Undertale you can imagine?

I took this opportunity to do both what I think would be one of the strangest crossovers but also one of the BEST ones… Undertale crossed with Kirby!!

I had a little too much fun with this doodle.

I was originally going to cast Asgore as Dedede and someone else as Bandana Waddle Dee, but Dedede is only the self-proclaimed king of Dreamland, so I picked someone more likely to proclaim himself as a ruler of a place. And then Sans is Bandana Dee because counterparts.

*cough* and I may have dressed my favorite character as my favorite character.

So hey apparently the literal turd white people put in office in the USA has released some shitty statement again and overall fucking over transgender folk

Everytime one of these statements is released trans people are subjected to exhausting bullshit and treated like hypothetical things whose right to exist is debatable and I can only imagine how fucking emotionally draining and painful that must be.

So here’s your reminder that I want this blog to be safe for all trans peeps, that I respect the shit out of you and am 300% dtf for your right to exist without harassment and to have the healthcare and safety that you deserve. You are valid, you are real, you are loved and even though I can’t be as arrogant as to pretend I understand what you go through I am always willing to listen and help in any way I can

And yes that includes you calling me out when I speak out of place or step out of my lane or accidentally say something transphobic. That is literally the least I can do.

Just saying medium Jungkook dating scaredy cat Jimin would be fiction gold! Jungkook isn’t scared of ghost cause he has seen then all his life while Jimin jumps at any noise during the dark! I laugh thinking about how Jungkook does a sweep of the apartment for ghost, telling them to leave before Jimin comes home. Or even Jungkook going haunted places to help spirits move on while Jimin demands to come along to “keep Jungkook safe” but is terrified and no help.

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May I have Kirishima, Kaminari, Bakugo, and Todoroki with a s/o who loves travel?? They're obsessed with different cultures and languages, and they just ooze wanderlust and joy talking about it. Thanks!!! 😄

I very much hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it!


- He just loves the excitement and passion his partner has. Whenever they start to talk about traveling and their whole face lights up, he finds himself grinning along with them, his heart feeling light and filling with affection.

- Kirishima often goes through flyers and websites with them, looking at different attractions in different countries or talks about all the places they could travel to when they’re older and have free time for it.

- He catches himself thinking he could just kiss them or hug them close, whenever his partner is smiling or humming with joy as they look through language books for beginner’s. Often enough, he does, pressing gentle kisses along their temple or shoulder.


- His partner’s love and joy often leaves him a little speechless in the most positive sense and he smiles happily whenever they get passionate about traveling or cultures. He loves how bright they are in these moments, how alive, and he hopes they never lose this fire in them.

- Kaminari does get a little cautious about some things, though it’s mostly when it comes to things where he sees concerns for his partner’s safety. He doesn’t want to dissuade them from traveling; he only wants them to promise him that they’ll be careful.

- If his partner asks him if the wants to come along, he feels incredibly honored and kisses them before he says that yes, he would love to go with them.


- Seeing his partner’s passion and excitement always makes him grin too and a part of him feels secretly very happy at the way they bright up and let him know and partake in their passion. And while he doesn’t know too much about other countries, he lets his partner know that he thinks they definitely should go for it.

- He doesn’t look into the subject himself too much, unless something big catches his notice, like if his partner could win a trip to the other side of japan, he drops a flyer for the contest beside his partner. He knows it’s not a trip around the world, but it is a start in their dream.

- Bakugou would like to accompany them, not every country, but he does like the thought of visiting other places with his love, even if it’s just because he wants to see some of the heroes there.


- He often finds a soft smile spreading over his face whenever he sees his partner getting excited or happy about the prospect of traveling, or when they show what new words they learned in a different language.

- Todoroki loves his partner’s enthusiasm and he hopes they will never lose it. Whenever his partner asks him if he wants to accompany them on travels, he nods seriously and tells them that yes, when they’re adults and he takes time off from work, they can go anywhere they want.

- Whenever he sees something that he thinks his partner would appreciate, like a book on the most interesting or popular tourist traveling spots or a nice looking world map, he gets it for them or mentions it to them so they know about it.

Day 26 of @journaling-junkie’s July challenge. I love getting and sending snail mail, though I’m honestly a pretty terrible pen pal. However, whenever I go somewhere, I make it a point to send postcards to people who want them, and then also stock up on cards and stuff from that place so I can send letters on different stationery. This one is from when I went on vacation with my boyfriend to visit his family in the Bay Area. It’s going to an old high school friend who lives in Chicago!


I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, because it’s important - Trans friends, you are welcome, valued, and important in this community. You will always have a place here and I will always be here to support you and your fight. You are never a burden or a bother.

No matter what anyone in the administration has to say, know that I love you, I’m honoured that you’re here, and for everything you do, everything you fight for, everything you do, everything you are, I am proud of you.


Going from the mindset of: “I’m not good enough” to: “I’m better than them” or “I’ll bet they see me now”, doesn’t help at all. These are just two different rooms in the same home. You have to switch home, to the one that says:“I am perfect just the way I am” and “I love myself.” on the door. Now, this will make a difference, and society would be another place to live.
This theory post is part of the problem

Just a theory, not an OMG THIS WILL DEFFO HAPPEN. Cos it won’t. I just had an idea of what COULD happen that I wanted to share cos I’m a fucking sadist and I love you guys :D

So I’ve been thinking.   Instead of ya know… going to FUCKING SLEEP!

Some of us are reaching ‘Anti hype burnout’ and he simply doesn’t care.  He keeps dropping those fucking bombs.  As soon as there’s a “but I’m tired now” post in the tags, BAM another bomb.

What if…

What if he wants this. Exactly this. Wearing us down.  Battle fatigue. 

We turned on him at just a strangled hint that he’d hurt Chase. We turned on him.  On Anti. We called an army and threatened war.

He’s bringing it to us.  All of us.  Whether we turned on him or not.  Hint after hint, until we spot a pattern (like the titles) and it’ll change to make our heads spin. Threat after threat, until we see a pattern (like Zalgo) and it’ll change to make our heads spin. Something’s coming, but we don’t know when.  Soon. Patience. We can’t relax, we’re stressed, we’re burning out.  Bomb after bomb until we’re so battle fatigued and shell-shocked that all our excitement is reduced to dust. We’ll be sick of his very name, even those of us who love him dearly. We’ll be done.  We’ll be over it. 

We’ll be tired.
Worn out.


That’s when he’ll reappear.  When we’re exhausted to the point of resignation. When we hate his very name, he’s going to give us a reason to.  That very thing we fear.  The destruction of EVERYTHING we love.  Every ego. And it will happen largely on camera. He’ll force us to watch, clip by clip, piece by piece, their bodies and their sanity slowly and carefully picked apart, sinew by sinew, thread by thread, bomb by bomb. 

Schneeplestein is the most useful, he’ll fall first, he’s already corrupt, but Anti will let him keep enough of himself to ensure that the tiny, far off, voice of reason in his battered mind understands that what he’s being forced to do to the others is so very, egregiously wrong that it’s bending the very fabric of his screaming sanity past breaking point. 

Jack will hold out the longest. Left sufficiently intact as a useful host. 

Everything we love. 

He’ll give us a reason to fear and loathe him and we won’t save them. We’ll simply watch it happen because we’ll be resigned to it.

He may even set us little challenges to try to save them. Just to see how much fight we have left.  To see how long it takes us to realise that by completing his challenges, by allowing ourselves to be puppets we’re simply drawing out the inevitable. We’re forcing them them suffer longer.  In the end we’ll beg him to end their suffering. We’ll know what that means. We’ll be resigned to it.

He’ll make us kill the ones we love.
Because he’s Anti.  
And we can’t do shit.

per rachel @ sdcc, i am 100% here for chloe going to dr linda about her feelings for/about lucifer. they go back to his penthouse and get shitfaced. and i just love that? bc that’s so not chloe (ok bear with me here we all know shes a lightweight drunk)  but i’m just so emotional thinking that chloe is trying to work through some stuff when it comes to lucifer and ends up at his place raiding his liquor cabinet?? and then she just tosses off her clothes??? and she’s in one of his iconic button shirts and her underwear dancing around !!!!!!

 and then this beautiful miracle bitch PASSES OUT in lucifer’s BED. all the while lucifer probably comes home to seeing his little miracle all knocked out snuggled in one of his shirts, a messy bun, SNORING LIKE A FIELD WENCH. his surprise, his soft laugh and he sits down next to her wanting to wake her but not wanting to disturb what he’s ACTUALLY SEEING. chloe decker in his bed, in his shirt, on her birthday.

then she’s looking at him probably with an embarrassed-drunk-birthday-girl face. and he pulls out a surprise – because NO, he hasn’t forgotten her birthday. how could he forget the day his lil miracle was born? and he presents her with a little black box 


justmeandmytechs  asked:

So I hope this isn't a duplicate but I would love some Toshinori and Aizawa with their s/os and first kisses?


Aizawa Shouta

  • It happens randomly, in a unromantic spot on a summer night! 
  • They’re going back to Aizawa’s place after visiting the convenience store to pick up a late night snack, s/o loosely holding Aizawa’s index and middle finger, swing his arm slightly as he leads them
  • Aizawa is listening to s/o talk about different things and he gets quite sleepy, but s/o suddenly has to go pee real bad and he complains that they didn’t use the bathroom before they left the store
  • They’re walking past a park and there’s a public bathroom and he stands outside while s/o does their business, and uses his time to reflect on him and s/o’s relationship
  • He realizes they haven’t actually kissed and they’re well into their relationships
  • Overthinks it and when s/o comes stepping out of the bathroom, with a paper towel stuck to their foot he kisses them suddenly
  • He gingerly cups s/o’s face and press his lips against theirs; the kiss is short and sweet and Aizawa just stares into s/o’s eyes as they’re shocked and unresponsive, he snorts at their reaction and just grabs their hand and takes them home

Toshinori Yagi

  • Happens on the second date when he walks them home in the winter time!
  • S/o’s shivering as they chat walking down the road to s/o’s place and he puts his arm around s/o and tries to warm them up, but he says something funny and s/o laughs
  • Enamoured with their rosy cheeks and before he knows his he’s leaning forward to kiss s/o, but he misses as they turn their head to look at him and he ends up poking them in the eye with his nose
  • Immediately shuts down, flushed face and ears he apologizes 10 times over, asking for forgiveness for hurting them and for the unwarranted advance
  • S/o probably laughs at him and he just spurts out blood, feeling feverish under his thick winter coat, but everything seems to stop as s/o takes a handkerchief and wipes away the blood gently
  • His s/o looks up and him and the words fumble from his lips “May I try that kiss again?” 
  • Snow falls as they share their first kiss; it’s a tender and lengthy kiss, and they press their foreheads together, smiling and laughing when they pull away

The Deep South [S2 E16] (dir. Bret Haaland)

“Ocean madness. Yeah, right. It’s always something, ain’t it? It’s her! Bender, wake up! She’s here! Wake up!” - Philip J. Fry

Future Writings

I was tagged quite a while ago by @canumoveyourseatup-no and @abovethesmokestacks who are both wonderful and amazing. I’m just never on time for anything, sorry about me. :) 

So here we go! Fics I’m currently working on or hope to get to soon, but no timeline or promises my life is still a mess. ha. 

Leave This Town Series (Mechanic!Bucky AU) (continuing)

- To be finished in the next few weeks. No idea when cause I keep adding parts! Whoops. :D

The Lucky One Series  (continuing)

-Yes, I will be finishing this series! Hopefully after LTT. I love it too, I just haven’t had time. Oy. 

Into the Fire (Chef!Bucky Drabble Series)

- “They say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but in the restaurant industry, it’s a man’s world. Being the only woman in the kitchen at a new pastry chef job wouldn’t be so bad, except the Sous Chef, Bucky, seems to have it out for you. After your last disastrous job, can you make this one work? And what does Bucky have against you? It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire!” [Enemies to Lovers. Based on my life experience. Again. heh.]

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Flour Girl (Bucky AU Drabble Series)

-”Discovering the cute guy you just flirted with was the heir of a rival bakery, you suddenly find yourself running into him all over the city. Can your small boutique bakery compete? And how do you deal with the guy whose guts you happen to hate? Luckily you’re distracted by a secret admirer…But who is he?” [Loosely based on “You’ve Got Mail” and I’m excited y’all :D ]

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Untitled Jefferson (OUAT) Fic - Enhanced!Reader x Jefferson

- “You had seen him around the village and knew some of his story, but after seeing the man in the market with his daughter, you felt compelled to help him. However, he may not want anything to do with you. Will your powers help or hurt your chances of making him see a different path?[This will be my first fic outside the MCU and I’m excited :D ]

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So there’s a little taste of future fics! Once again, I can’t promise when most of these will happen but I’m pretty jazzed about them so I really hope life will settle down soon so I can write more often. Love you guys!

Tagging for the heck of it, no pressure: @buckyywiththegoodhair @hellomissmabel @ilovebeingjoyful @imaginingbucky @just-some-drabbles @serzhantkris @rogersxbarnesx @sebseyesandbuckysthighs

“I used to steal so many clothes from my sisters and wear them but now I buy the same thing all the time: white and black button up shirts from The Row. I’m in head to toe in The Row right now. Where the pockets are placed, where seams are stitched, it’s all so meticulous for them so I appreciate their talent. I love going to their offices to learn.”

Fake Love (part nine)

Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky comes to reader for dating tips and doesn’t know reader has feelings for him, reader starts a fake relationship with Sam in order to show Bucky what he’s missing out on

Chapter Summary: Sam and reader make a decision

Warnings: not much really

Author’s Note: Okay, I’m in love with Sam and reader’s friendship and how they’re really close and actually talk to each other about stuff that they know need to be discussed and their teasing is cute too. I love them. Also love all of you who have sticked with this fic (Tag list is open and so are requests)

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“Hey, where are we going?” As Sam and I made our way along the Tower I realized that he wasn’t directing us towards the roof.

“Some place far from here.” Sam noticed my wary glance. “So you can get your mind off of things.”

I laughed softly. “Not somewhere too far, right?”

“Right.” Sam squeezed my hand reassuringly. 

I calmed down, noting that he was right. I needed a break. A break from the same surroundings. From heartache. From Bucky. 

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