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Hey dudes, here are some updated qr paths for the Feb and April grass change!  I know I have older one out there for this time of year, but I didn’t like the way I used to design rocks and I don’t quite remember when I started doing paths for all grass patterns.

Right now, my circle pattern has two design options and square and triangle has only one.  I’ll work on different rock design options and/or other things later.  I’m a little tired of staring at all those pixels  @_@  

As always, these tend to match the best on a sunny late afternoon!

If you use them, please tag me in a picture!  :3

Low Poly Guide

A brief and badly written tutorial on how I do low poly work as promised Ow<)/

//I’m very sorry to those just learning 3D, as half of this probably won’t make any sense. But if 3D was easy we’d see a hell of a lot more of it than we do, so never give up! It’s a tough area but you can make amazing things once you get your head round it, and there’s a huge array of tutorials already out there that can help you get started.//

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how to make matching backgrounds for character aesthetics

I have had a lot of requests lately about how I make my character aesthetics. So here is a brief explanation of my process. To do this type of edit all you need is just basic editing skills and an original image that already has an light/white-ish background.This is my first tutorial so sorry if things aren’t super clear. Please message me if you have any questions! 

Here is my process to turn 

     THIS                                                into                                         THIS 

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We are happy that more than 3000 backers supported the game and now we can announce that the first stretch goal, Mystic Links, is unlocked!

It means that, in addition to the main plot, every playable character is going to shed light upon its own little story, which, in fact, better depicts its nature. The Heralds will explore the unknown places and encounter a real danger they haven’t seen before.

Kickstarter update -https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/laughingmachines/undungeon-pixelart-action-rpg-with-roguelike-eleme/posts/1794629 

anonymous asked:

I have a request for a tutorail if you can do one that is,uhmm Could you teach use how to make custom bodies/poses??

Of course.

An introduction: I use Paint Tool SAI. If you do not use Paint Tool SAI,  your method of editing sprites may be different, but the idea is the same. If you have any questions(on the method or Paint Tool SAI), feel free to inbox/message me, but not on anonymous; that way, I can help you personally.

I am no means an expert, nor am I a good teacher, but hopefully this will help.

Custom bodies and poses can be done in two ways; by making your own resources completely or pulling from others to have different arms and poses depending on what you choose.

What that means is draw out your own pose, whether by scratch or using a pose already made, completely covering it:

Don’t ask why they all have capes; it ended up being coincidental and dumb.

Or taking various parts to make one(hint: the arm) while keeping the rest:

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The hype for Kingdom Hearts III is way too strong with me. It’s my most anticipated game of all time. #imakingdomheartstrash
Here’s a little pixel Sora in his KHIII outfit ;D

Tell It Slant (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Tell It Slant

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: PG-13/T

Author’s Note: So many people asked for linstead + baby, but I’m not really known for fluff and I’m still very much so in the post-2x23 mindset that I ended up with linstead + baby + Voight. The title of this fic comes from an Emily Dickenson poem entitled “Tell all the truth but tell it slant”.

Normally, he’d pound on the door with such fervor and harshness that it would begin to sound as though the door – wood or not – might splinter under the weight of his force. Punctuate the slam of his fist against the door with a gruff voice calling out for them to open up because he means business and, truth be told, because he likes to see the panicked look on Halstead’s face when he opens the door. Enjoys knowing that he still holds some sway over the guy who definitely did not listen when Voight told him that Erin was off limits.

Except, tonight, when his soft knocks against the metal door identified as 310 go unanswered, he merely pulls out his  cellphone with his right hand and furrows his brows. Erin’s text clearly said he should come over after shift tonight, and Hank glances back up from the phone to the door as he considers whether or not he should call her.

Her car was out front. Halstead’s, too. And it’s not like them to sneak out on him. Sneak around, yes, but not up and leave when Erin, at least, knows he’s coming over. So Hank slides the phone back into his coat pocket, tightens his grip on the casserole dish in his left hand, and lightly knocks against the door once again.

One knock. Two.

“Hey, Sarge,” a voice punctuates the second knock drawing Hank’s attention away from the closed door to the man making his way down the hallway towards him. A white, plastic laundry basket is tucked under one arm and a slightly blank look has settled across Halstead’s face as he fishes his keys out of his pocket, as a yawn acts as a conjunction between his greeting and the next words out of his mouth.

“Erin’s asleep,” Jay explains as he slides the key into the lock. Throws the deadbolt with a quick twist of his wrist; pushes open the door by dropping the laundry basket down on the handle and bumping his shoulder against the solid, metal door. “But, uh, we can watch the game or something until she’s up.”

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Custom Villager Tutorial

Since alot of people asked me how I make my villagers, I decided to make a guide about the little techniques I use . But before we start just remember you don’t start with this guide. No no, this is like a advance course for those who have mastered the art of texture hacking. If you are a newbie you start here, then go here, and finally here. After you have read and understand and practice all those guides then you come here.

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dooptown  asked:

TMI ever have "sexy" dreams involveing Steve Minecraft

I let him smash me hard in my tight little hole with his rock hard square pixelated dick and it ripped my asshole so open I could even walk when I woke up.  He pulled out and came hard on my tits and i licked off all that pixelated jizz

god that was such a hot wet dream ever since i’ve had a minecraft fetish.

This is going to be the next dress I’m making. I’m going to turn this dress into a cute Stardew Valley one.

My plan is to figure out a way to remove the color from the dress so it’s just white. Then take a stamp that’s in the shape of a grid and stamp that all over the dress. Then I’ll just paint color inside the square lines so it’ll be just cute little pixel graphics just like the game.

So I’m hype for this dress. It’s gonna turn out cute af!

dripplings  asked:

What was your usual mapping process?

Hello !!!
Kira here ! I’ll try to explain it shortly since the process may vary from map to map but usually it follows these steps!

First! I start by setting the grid ( this is a really important step) , every little square in that grid is but a tile in rpg maker vx ace ( 32x32 pixels) this way i can get an idea of the size I’m going for as well as it helps me with the limits of the composition of the said map! 

TIP: It’s best if you keep a sprite in the map while constructing your maps so you have a better idea how the scale between objects/map and the player will be !

In this step I add the floor and the walls !! Really simple ~
TIP: If you are going for a pattern floor i would reconmend you to use 1x1 tile patterns or 4x4 tiles patterns so to keep a square ,which is the shape of a tile!

Then I select the decoration I want for the room ! this part is tons of fun and one of my personal favorites! 

TIP: when selecting different tile sets try to make sure they are not too different color wise or contrasts wise , Unless that very object is the interest point of the room

Color correction is a must in a map’s process this will assemble the whole map and make everything more coherent color wise , which is really important when you want to achieve a certain atmosphere for your map! Here we are going for a dim sunset ( the dim part is yet to come ahahah )

TIP: The overlay function in Photoshop or any other image editing software usually comes really in handy in this step , Other adjustment layers can be used as well!

Next Step is the shading! This step is crucial since it makes the room more realistic and once again helps the overall atmosphere of the map!!

TIP: Usually using complementary colors for the shading is a good option! Since the overall pallet of this map is orange/red I’m using a violet/blue hue for the shading !

FInally the lighting comes in !! This is my favorite step ! Lighting really completes the final visual of a map , you can highlight some interest points and define a nice light source, may it be more or less realistic! Playing around with soft and sharp lights is a good way to give off a better spacial perception for the player! 
I hope this gives you a cozy yet melancholic feel of painting in a room bathed by the sunset~

We have already released a map that hasn’t been used in game for those interested in surfing through the different layers here you go ! http://pocketmirror-project.tumblr.com/post/125034531369/unused-map


Random Study - Tamagotchi Babies

The sprites for the baby characters on the Tamagotchi toys have a constraint, where they need to fit into an 8x8 pixel square (a total of 64 pixels). It’s not a whole lot of space at all. That they were able to make so many unique, expressive characters with such little work room is really impressive. c:

So here’s a quick compilation of nearly all of the baby characters, with their idle and happy animations.

anonymous asked:

Hey, still love your themes! XD May I ask how you made these uh, separators? Like the moth with lines attached and the ones on the family page on your new theme. They're kinda awesome and I'd like to try make my own. Thanks for all your codes!

- —reposting the answer to this on anon in case it can help out anyone else…

first - thank you for the kind words :3 

second - certainly; here’s a little tutorial for borders…

there’s a growing trend on tumblr to make either signature lines or borders to use both on themes and in posts — this tutorial uses PS5 — but any image editor where you have the capacity to use layers should work too…

…the trick is to make a border which will be visible on any blog background, without sitting in a big chunk of white, or disappearing completely — - 
this is how i make mine…

start off with a standard canvas - i usually go for 500px wide by about 100px high, you can always resize if you need to as you go…

then you need your image - most of the time i will look for stock images on deviantart - type your search into the box - then make sure to click on the ‘resources and stock images’ link.

so now i have my stock image, i save it, open it and drag it onto my blank document — a little bit of resizing, and voila… 

before i add any other effects i need to make sure that i have only the snake and no white in the background, so — turn off your background layer, and then remove the rest of the background around your image.  there are a couple of ways to do this…

Method 1. - use the quick selection tool - 

make sure not to lose any parts of your image, you may need to use a layer mask and zoom to remove the fine details.  i also tend to use the ‘refine edge’ option when i’ve made my selection so the ‘cut’ image doesn’t look pixelated around the edges - just play with the radius and feather options ( on something this small, a radius and feather setting of 0.2 was fine )

then remove any parts you’ve missed - just add a layer mask to your image layer ( click on the little square with a round circle in it to add one ) then make sure you use have the layer mask highlighted and use a small black brush to remove any areas your quick selection missed - sometimes it helps to add a temporary background so you can see more easily ( — layer > new fill layer > solid colour — and make sure it sits below your image so you can see! )

paint over the extra areas to remove any excess background.

however, if your image is detailed, this might be difficult to do - or there might be areas within the images where you can see through to the background, so try…

Method 2. - use colour range

click on select > colour range

then use the ‘eyedropper tool’ to click on the colour you would like to remove from your image ( in this case white ) - play with the ‘fuzziness slider’ until you have the areas you would like to remove selected - remember, the lower the fuzziness, the less colour will be removed - the higher it is, the more will be removed ( including all areas colours from within your image that match ).  you can also click ‘shift’ while making your selections if the background isn’t one solid colour.

then just click ‘delete’ to remove the selection

it really depends on what your image is, as to which method you use…

if you turn off your background and any assistance layers, you should have a nice image on a transparent background…

now it’s time to add in anything else you would like, lines, effects, colours, etc.  i tend to make sure any lines or text are in a medium grey colour, just so it’s more likely to look nice and be visible on black, white, or coloured backgrounds on peoples blogs ( remember, people might be reblogging your post if it’s a signature and if it’s for a theme, then you don’t want to have to change your border colours every time you fancy a change in background! )

once you have your border as you like it with any other edits - make sure that you have all background layers off and the ‘checkerboard’ ( as seen in the below image ) is the background - it’s time to save, and this is the important bit!

make sure to save your image as a PNG file.  if you save as a JPEG or a GIF your editing program will usually substitute transparency with white!

here’s the finished border with a gradient map applied and a little bit of text… in this post on the dash you can see it on a white background - if you look at the post on my blog, it will be against my blog’s black background, but because the background of the border is transparent, it won’t matter!

i hope this was helpful! 
love from…

the lovely bones (m)

⏩ request; “vmin vmin vmin!!!! angsty vmin because i’m a sucker for vmin hehe :~) - s”   

⏩ summary; kim taehyung just wants to remember everything, and yet, when a certain dancer trips him up, he forgets about remembering and focuses more on living

⏩ word count; 10,585

⏩ genre; angst, fluff, smut

⏩ warnings; depression, mentions of self harm, mentions of suicide, death

⏩ pairing; kim taehyung x park jimin

⏩ a/n; tagging some lovelies!! (that somehow want to read my trash writing :’)) @jinthedreamer @inktae (also this is a different format than before, tell me what u think :’))

⏩ read on ao3

Kim Taehyung is sure his slightly stalkerish obsession with the man at the park started way earlier than he’d like to admit. Truthfully, Taehyung remembers the exact moment he laid eyes on the beautiful man that danced with generic white headphones plugged in his ears and a tenacity in his eyes.

If there is anything Kim Taehyung is good at, it’s remembering, it’s somewhat of a curse, and the flashback become more vivid as long as he has something that triggers the memory. So he takes pictures with the very old, but still functioning, camera always slung around his neck. His colleagues at work always complain that Taehyung constantly gets distracted, wandering around and taking ‘random pictures’ but honestly, it’s the only way he keeps himself grounded. With each sharp click of the shutter, each card stock thick photo that pops out of the front, Taehyung finds himself one step closer to being okay.

So when Taehyung spotted this mysterious, beautiful man in the middle of the large park, ignoring the glances he got from passersby, including Taehyung’s, he couldn’t help himself. His smile shone through the thick white flakes that fell around them. The moment was too perfect, the lighting shining down on the light sheen of perspiration that glided over the man’s perfect features, his black hair that seemed to shimmer blue under the morning sun. Years of snapping photos and analyzing places for the ideal circumstances, and this man seemed to find it perfectly, the perfect situation.

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Finally finished it! This took way longer than I expected, but it was totally worth it! I’m incredibly pleased with how this turned out.

This is for the Tolkien Readalong Bingo, and is for the Fëanor square of Fëanorian bingo card B. And that makes bingo for me!

I used this

External image
pixel version as a pattern, so thankyou to whoever made it!

Originally I was a little worried about the brightness of the colours, but they look really good now that it is finished.