a pile of bread

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Have you ever ran to school with toast in your mouth?

I actually ran in panic to school holding a plate of spicy tarkari and a bowl of haleem mom made with a pile of fresh pita bread on the side while saying, “Ya Allah, I’m late for school” 


Robron Wedding Aesthetic. 

I can imagine Robert Sugden piling in the bread in crates to pay homage to his failed proposal. After Rob’s comments about Aaron and Liv at the Mill, I imagine he’s already thought of accommodating Aaron’s minimal needs with haystacks, crates, and obviously a beer barrel. He’ll hold off on the burnt out shell of a car though. A short&sweet ceremony where the Dingles and Sugdens don’t pick sides, but seats. Intimate and heartbreakingly beautiful.

hogwarts house autumn aesthetics
  • gryffindor: hot cider, bobbing for apples, hearty soup, trick-or-treating, ginger bread, jumping into a pile of leaves, burnt marshmallows, the smoky smell of a crackling campfire
  • hufflepuff: smiley jack-o-lanterns, turtlenecks, candy corn, fields of sunflowers, fresh pumpkin pie, hay rides, collecting acorns, caramel apples, stepping on crunchy leaves, warm sunshine in the cold air
  • ravenclaw: the smell of the first chill, drizzling rain, leaves slowly drifting down, the smell of orange and cinnamon, pumpkin ice cream, cranberries, the wind rustling in the trees
  • slytherin: wet leaves, hot tea, scary movies, corn mazes, sweet potatoes, smooth white pumpkins, the snap of a twig, the crisp first bite of an apple

160808 - S.coups Birthday Vapp

Jeonghan and Jisoo brought a pile of breads cake for Seungcheol HAHAHH

95′line love is everything ♡ They are so precious ♡ 

things my little brother has done while reading the hunger games
  • started screeching at 6:30 in the morning because he found out that peeta likes katniss and kept repeating “but they’re both going into the arena!” all day
  • “why is she kissing peeta when she has gale back home??”
  • wandered around shell-shocked when he finished reading it until we found our copy of catching fire
  • “she should have killed peeta when she had the chance!!”
  • demanded to know if peeta died “so he could have something to look forward to”
  • “i hope peeta dies in the rebellion”
  • when asked what she should do without peeta, he said, “she should be SINGLE”
  • “peeta’s just a pile of bread! with bread on top!”
  • when the symbiotic relationship katniss and peeta had in the arena was explained to him by yours truly, he replied, “like a rhino and a tick bird?”
  • basically doesn’t like peeta very much and is very dramatic about it

during the interval last night one of the assistant stage managers came into our dressing room with a pile of the prop bread we used for the restaurant scene and said “is there a bin in here? [ensemble member] has literally licked every single bread roll” and in that moment i realised i was the only person in the room who knew about the lik the bred meme and not physically dying from laughter there and then was the greatest challenge to date of my almost 20 years of life

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What would be Batfamily(each one including Bruce, Kate Kane, Stephanie, Cassandra and Barbara please)'s favourite burger and sandwich toppings/favourite sandwiches?

Bruce: Philly cheesesteaks even though Alfred won’t allow them within a mile of the mansion 

Dick: Meatball subs 

Barbara: Turkey sandwiches with lettuce and mayo 

Jason: Sloppy joes (he puts mustard on them just to gross people out) 

Cass: Teeny cucumber sandwiches because they’re Fancy™ 

Tim: He just grabs anything in the fridge, piles it onto some form of bread, and calls it a sandwich 

Steph: She sandwiches eggs, sausage, bacon, cheese, and syrup between two waffles 

Damian: Veggie burgers with lettuce, cheese, and lots of pickles 

Kate: Cheeseburgers drowned with practically an entire bottle of ketchup 

rock you; emlee.

“Honey, I’m home…….” Emma Yang sang as she entered the small apartment she shared with her best friend, Rylee. She tossed her keys into the small bowl on the table just at the entrance, dropping her bag and slipping out of her boots almost simultaneously. “You’ll never guess what happened,” she called out as she headed to the kitchen, straight for the refrigerator. She began pulling out everything to make a sandwich, continuing on even though she hadn’t heard from Rylee just yet. “So he buys me dinner and a couple of drinks. We end up going back to his place, and we’re vibing and I’m really considering sleeping with the guy– and then he asks if we could do anal. Talk about a way to ruin the mood, amiright?” She spread a little mustard on her bread, before piling the sandwich up and taking a huge bite, munching away as she made her way through the apartment, knocking on Rylee’s bedroom door before barging in, finding her best friend sitting at her desk, hunched over a pile of textbooks. “Want to know the worst part of it? –He wasn’t talking about doing anal to me. He wanted me to do it to him. He showed me what he wanted me to use and everything. I mean, to each his own, but pegging isn’t really my thing, which I told him.” Emma held out her sandwich. “Wanna bite?”

How to protest custodian breath

Carry me onto your raft - the apple of my crown -
The window knows this,
That life in it’s gold boxes is as endless as the reflection.
I’d do it for the cactu in which you awaken
For the lakes of crimson you’ve expanded.
You are the parched woman of a tiger,
The bittenness of the sweetness, the power of the water.
Pockets of steel converted into gold.
I want you to rescue on my leg.
The mirror breathing from my mouth.
To the naked color of the silken movie.
The garden awakening from my eyelids.
And a lewd form’s earth will appreciate you.
The tremulous cat attracts against the serene wombs.
The order of the peace

Here i am, a fresh eyelids shook in the area of angel
Everything whirlwinds of with cosmic voices, the salt of the lunar
And piles of lion hearted bread inside morning.
Arcane, paper-mache time!