a pile of bread

I Knead You, I Loaf You (M)

Genre: Bread smut 

Length: 1,462 words

Characters: Jaehyun + You (ft. Johnny)

Warning: bread smut | grammar and spelling that will kill your brain cells

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sorry jaehyun please forgive me for my sins but you deserve it cause you still dab and lied about living in america for 5 years when it was 4 u stupid bread whore

you fucking loves bread like to the point where you’ll fucking rip off both of your legs to have a life supply of bread. The commitment. Wish my ex-boyfriend had that.


you were craving some of those scrumptious grain products and head into a bakery down the street and you fcuking destroyed the entrance of the bakery and u stomp towards all the bread and grabbed as many of those delicacies as you could with your stubby arms. U drop all the bread in front of the baker that you didn’t pay much attention to cuz you were too busy picking out ur bread. When u did actually look at the baker, your panties dropped and ur heartbeat dropped like a sick beat

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Sleeping With the Enemy

A/N:  Ok, so what had happened was, @archangel-with-a-shotgun shared a story about being invited to a ball by Crowley, and then the most recent installment of @icecream-and-gadreel’s smutacular series involved a Crowley scene, and I really should not be held accountable for my actions, after that.

Summary: The reader and the Winchesters infiltrate Crowley’s Halloween masquerade ball, in order to steal a powerful talisman.  Crowley offers the reader a deal.

Word Count: 5,080ish.  Sorry, not sorry.  I, much like my beloved sinnamon roll, enjoy a little torture before the grand finale. 

Menu I mean Warnings:  THE MOST BLAZINGLY FILTHY SMUTTY SMUT I HAVE EVER WRITTEN!  YE WERE WARNED!  Power struggle, demon power!kink, oral sex (female receiving), semi-public sex, Crowley’s magical thundercock, ALL the dirty talk, Dom!Crowley, unprotected sex (do it right or pay the price, kids).

Soundtrack: http://8tracks.com/forestspirit/harbingers-of-the-dead

“I can’t believe you made me wear this thing.” You tugged lightly at the crimson velvet of your gown, trying to hike the neckline up.

“Shut up, you look awesome.” Dean teased.  “Besides, it’s a costume party.  Not like you could show up in your usual duds.”

The colonial-style gown was undeniably beautiful.  (Dean had looked so proud of himself when he brought it home from the costume shop.)  It was the kind of thing any princess wannabe would give her left arm to wear.  The problem was you.  You didn’t belong in a getup like this- you were a hunter for fuck’s sake.  The tight, low cut bodice restricted your movements, and while the wide skirts were perfect for concealing weaponry, they were heavy and swished around when you moved, getting caught on doorways and furniture.  It made you feel confined and clumsy.  Not like yourself at all. 

Then again, that was the point of a masquerade, wasn’t it?  You huffed and yanked on your neckline, again.

“Screw you, Winchester.  I look like a Hamilton reject.   How come you’re not in costume, huh?”

“Believe me, sweetheart.  This monkey suit is plenty.”  He adjusted the jacket of his tux, as if the black wool were strangling him.  “Plus, we’ve got the whole mask thing going on.”  He indicated the black velvet domino mask covering half his face.  “Now that’s above and beyond.”

“You look beautiful, Y/N.”  Sam chimed in from behind his golden sun mask.  “If anything, Dean and I are underdressed.”

Sighing, you turned to take in the sight before you.

When Crowley hosted a Halloween masquerade, he didn’t half-ass it.  The huge black marble ballroom was swirling with intricate costumes.  There was a man (demon, you corrected yourself) in a top hat and tails covered with feathers, giving him the look of a rather stately raven.  A giggling woman passed by wearing a tight gown covered in red and yellow sequins (or were they embers?), with what looked like real flames dancing through her hair.

Sam was right.  Even in your tight, swishing velvet, you were so plainly out of place.  So very human. You tightened the strap on your red fox mask, trying to disappear.

“Ok, let’s get what we came for and go.  I don’t want to be here a second longer than we have to.” You grumbled.

“10-4.” Replied Dean.

“We’ll split up, meet back here in an hour?” Said Sam.

You all nodded and went your separate ways.  The boys headed in opposite directions, toward twin hallways on either side of the ballroom.  That meant you got to weave through the crowd.  Joy.

You passed by a buffet table, piled high with fruit, bread, cheese, and what you chose to believe was beef.  You didn’t take anything.  You did, however, take a flute of champagne from a silver tray as it passed, carried by a hunched form in a goblin mask.  Wait, was that a mask?  By the time you looked again, the server was gone.  

You looked more closely at the figures around you.  They weren’t all demons.  There was a faerie queen in a dress of autumn leaves, a crown of willow branches on her head.  She was attended by a knight in orange mail armor, and -yes!- the knight did have a fluffy tail that swished in and out of view as she pivoted, guarding her queen.  In an alcove, sitting on leather couches and sipping blood from crystal stemware, were some vampires who apparently never got the memo about goth fashion being cliche for their kind.  

The more you looked, the more variation you saw in the guests.  Witches, werewolves, faeires, vampires, djin… This wasn’t just a Halloween party for Crowley’s court, it was a fucking state sumit.  

“Now, what is a beautiful creature like you doing hanging about in the shadows?” said a smooth cockney voice in your ear.  You whirled around to face the speaker, praying your disguise was good enough.  

Crowley was dressed in an impeccable black suit and blood red tie, as usual.  His “costume”, it seemed, was a long burgundy cape with a high collar and a matching leather mask shaped like a skull.  Four demonic horns protruded from the top of his mask, giving the appearance of a crown.  Subtle.  With a flourish of his cape, he bowed and offered his hand, looking through his lashes as he said with a grin, “What do you say, love?  Care to dance with the devil?”

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hogwarts house autumn aesthetics
  • gryffindor: hot cider, bobbing for apples, hearty soup, trick-or-treating, ginger bread, jumping into a pile of leaves, burnt marshmallows, the smoky smell of a crackling campfire
  • hufflepuff: smiley jack-o-lanterns, turtlenecks, candy corn, fields of sunflowers, fresh pumpkin pie, hay rides, collecting acorns, caramel apples, stepping on crunchy leaves, warm sunshine in the cold air
  • ravenclaw: the smell of the first chill, drizzling rain, leaves slowly drifting down, the smell of orange and cinnamon, pumpkin ice cream, cranberries, the wind rustling in the trees
  • slytherin: wet leaves, hot tea, scary movies, corn mazes, sweet potatoes, smooth white pumpkins, the snap of a twig, the crisp first bite of an apple
Daenerys ignored Jon Snow's advice, and it could mean a popular fan theory is about to come true
The "Mother of Dragons," Daenerys Targaryen, might be your favorite character, but she may not be a force of good on the HBO series.
By Megan Willet & Kim Renfro, INSIDER

Here is a really well written article about both Daenerys good and bad qualities.  The authors of the article make a lot of great points about Daenerys as well as Jon.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Game of Thrones.”

Daenerys Targaryen is, in many ways, one of the most appealing characters in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” She’s powerful and determined, and she inspires people to follow her again and again.

Now she’s close to forming an alliance with Jon Snow, the other main hero of our tale. Together, they’ll be a dragon-riding, direwolf-wielding duo who will slaughter the White Walkers and save Westeros. They could both perhaps be “The Prince That Was Promised,” Azor Ahai reborn.

But would a writer like George R.R. Martin really let his series end so simply?

Some fans don’t think so and point to a few troubling characteristics of Daenerys both on the show and in the books that could lead to her eventual turn toward a darker path.

Let’s explore just why some people think Daenerys could become a villain.

Daenerys is a vengeance-seeker.

Throughout the series, Daenerys is convinced of her own moral compass. If she ever witnesses something she views as wrong — such as rape or slavery — she immediately attempts to put a stop to it and punish the wrongdoer.

This a noble trait, but seeing the world in black and white and believing she is the sole bringer of justice is one of Daenerys’ downfalls.

We saw this early in the series when she saved a healer and maegi named Mirri Maz Duur, one of the Lhazareen women raped by the Dothraki, who had conquered their village. To Daenerys, saving Duur was an honorable thing to do, and she enlisted Duur to help heal Khal Drogo after he was injured.

Instead, Duur made Drogo’s condition worse and killed Daenerys’ son, Rhaego, when he was still in the womb using blood magic.

Daenerys doesn’t understand why the woman turned on her when Daenerys had saved her. But Duur viewed it quite differently:

“Saved me? Three of those riders had already raped me before you saved me, girl. I saw my god’s house burn, there where I had healed men and women beyond counting. In the streets I saw piles of heads: the head of the baker who makes my bread, the head a young boy that I had cured of fever just three moons past. So tell me again: Exactly what it was that you saved?”

Duur herself was seeking vengeance for the death of her people. In retaliation, Daenerys murdered Duur in Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre and emerged with her three dragons.

Was the scene epic? Of course. But this wouldn’t be the last time Daenerys murdered or harmed people who disagreed with her perception of what is right and wrong.

Another moment of Daenerys’ vengeance gone awry is when the Great Masters crucify 163 slave children as mile markers on her way to Meereen as a way to intimidate her. When she sacks the city, Daenerys crucifies 163 Great Masters as a punishment.

In “A Storm of Swords,” however, Daenerys begins to regret her actions, despite her initial sense of righteousness:

“She had them nailed to wooden posts around the plaza, each man pointing at the next. The anger was fierce and hot inside her when she gave the command; it made her feel like an avenging dragon. But later, when she passed the men dying on the posts, when she heard their moans and smelled their bowels and blood …

"It was just. It was. I did it for the children.”

Daenerys, though she suppresses the thought, realizes some of the masters may not have been guilty of the death of these children. She tries to convince herself that she was right to take their lives.

And in season six, episode five, show watchers saw Daenerys murder the powerful khals in their straw hut. These weren’t nice men — they spent a significant chunk of time insulting Daenerys and talking about how they intended to rape and kill her — but watching her burn them alive was still an unnerving moment for some viewers, especially because it looked like she took pleasure in watching them die.

Daenerys’ rationalizations for all these events should give her fans pause. Murdering evil people may seem like the right thing to do, but what would happen if Daenerys’ moral compass were ever skewed?

It wouldn’t be the first time she burned people who disagreed with her, after all.

Dragons as nuclear weapons.

In “A Dance With Dragons,” Daenerys compares her dragons to monsters:

“Mother of dragons, Daenerys thought. Mother of monsters. What have I unleashed upon the world? A queen I am, but my throne is made of burned bones, and it rests on quicksand. Without dragons, how could she hope to hold Meereen, much less win back Westeros? I am the blood of the dragon, she thought. If they are monsters, so am I.”

This wild and changeable nature of dragons is directly tied to Daenerys. When she equates herself to a dragon, she means it: She can be just as destructive and changeable as her dragon children.

What’s more, Martin has talked about ties between the dragons and nuclear weapons. Both are powerful to have but can easily lead to utter destruction.

“Dragons are the nuclear deterrent, and only Dany has them, which in some ways makes her the most powerful person in the world,” Martin told Vulture in a 2014 interview. “But is that sufficient? These are the kind of issues I’m trying to explore. The United States right now has the ability to destroy the world with our nuclear arsenal, but that doesn’t mean we can achieve specific geopolitical goals. Power is more subtle than that. You can have the power to destroy, but it doesn’t give you the power to reform, or improve, or build.”

We saw the full force of this when Daenerys attacked the Lannister army with Drogon. Director Matt Shakman chose to show the battle from Jaime and Bronn’s perspective to bring the horrors of dragonfire into sharp relief.

“I wanted to tell the story of what it was like … when war changes forever and a truly horrific weapon like napalm or an atom bomb is suddenly unleashed and what that does to the men on the ground,” Shakman told Insider.

Daenerys is sitting with her finger on a red button that could take out all of Westeros. She may not want to destroy the kingdom, especially before she ever has the chance to rule there. But by virtue of wanting to conquer Westeros, she could be bringing more death and destruction into a country still ravaged by war.

There’s a chance Daenerys could be viewed as a villain instead of the returning hero of House Targaryen.

Daenerys and the Mad King.

While Daenerys has remained fairly sane so far, the Targaryen dynasty has a history of mental illness, mainly because of intermarriage. Daenerys’ father, King Aerys II, was called the Mad King because he became paranoid and started killing people and hiding wildfire around King’s Landing.

Daenerys starts to worry about this possible “taint” in her blood, as do many other characters throughout the series. But it’s not so much that Daenerys could go crazy — though that’s certainly a possibility — as that she could follow in her father’s footsteps by punishing those who disagree with her or whom she views as her enemies.

Tyrion warned her against this tactic at the end of season six, and the two reached a compromise where Daenerys instead burned just one of the slaver’s ships and had Grey Worm execute two of the three slave masters.

Once she arrived in Westeros, Tyrion once again counseled Daenerys against immediately using the dragons to burn King’s Landing or other cities, telling her she didn’t want to be the “queen of the ashes.”

But their alternate plans failed because of Tyrion’s miscalculations of what Jaime and Cersei would do, and Daenerys got tired of sitting around and doing nothing. She rode Drogon into battle against the Lannister army and laid waste to their soldiers and loot. She didn’t choose a select few leaders to punish — she went for everything in sight.

Granted, it was better than her flying to the Red Keep and attacking civilians, but it was still hard to 100% root for her in this moment.

Daenerys also had a tense conversation with Varys earlier in the seventh season. She made him promise to be straightforward with her about her potential failings as a leader, but she then vowed to burn him alive if he ever betrayed her.

If Daenerys goes too far in the “fire and blood” direction, she could end up repeating her father’s mistakes — something that would end up costing her the throne, just like it ended up costing King Aerys both his kingdom and his life.

Jon Snow is the true hero.

A penchant for vengeance, a crazy father, and dragons do not together make Daenerys a villain. But let’s compare Daenerys with another heroic character in the “Song of Ice and Fire” series: Jon Snow.

In the books and show, Jon is similar to Ned Stark. He’s honorable, justice-minded, and takes no pleasure in killing. When he’s forced to take a life, Jon makes sure he’s the one to swing the sword, and he views it as a burden, not a pleasure.

For example, when he punished the brothers of the Night’s Watch who stabbed him in season six, Jon took no joy in it. He listened to every man’s last words before cutting the rope and watching them die. He did not look pleased by their deaths — unlike Daenerys, who smiled right before she watched the khals burn.

Jon also never asks for the responsibility heaped on his shoulders time and time again. Jon is forced to become the lord commander after Samwell Tarly submitted his name. He doesn’t want to be the one to take care of the Wildlings, but he feels morally obligated to help them and therefore becomes their savior. He doesn’t want to be the one to punish his brothers, even though they betrayed and murdered him, and yet he knows the responsibility falls to him.

And now, he’s king in the north after rallying the Northern houses around him. But he didn’t even want to do that — not until Sansa Stark convinced him it was the right thing to do.

Jon follows the traditional “reluctant hero” journey in many ways. He questions himself, he sometimes falls, and he picks himself back up.

It’s not unlike what Dumbledore tells Harry in the “Harry Potter” film series: “It is a curious thing, Harry, but perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it. Those who, like you, have leadership thrust upon them, and take up the mantle because they must, and find to their own surprise that they wear it well.”

Jon never asks to be a leader; he’s just the best man for the job. It’s something Daenerys — with her Targaryen dynasty and ambitions — would never understand. When Jon and Daenerys meet for the first time, Daenerys tells him that all people enjoy what they’re good at.

“I don’t,” Jon said.

He was likely referring to leading and killing, the two things he’s been forced into since leaving Winterfell as a young man. Jon never sought out a royal title, but he’s good at owning it. That factor might make him the one person best suited for the job.

What does this mean for the series?

There’s also substantial evidence throughout the series that Daenerys will be a good ruler. She’s intelligent, she tries to listen to her advisers, and she genuinely wants the people she rules to be happy. People like Missandei and Grey Worm follow Daenerys because they believe in her ability to change lives for the better.

And even with her possible flaws, Daenerys would ultimately be a much better ruler than Cersei or Joffrey Lannister, or even King Robert.

Still, there could be a complicated friction as Daenerys tries to claim the Iron Throne. Instead of being the hero she assumes she will be, Daenerys is likely to face opposition and bring destruction and death to the kingdom.

On the other hand, she possesses weapons that, while volatile, could be the key to defeating the White Walkers (at least on the show). We know that Valyrian steel and dragonglass — two things believed to be made with dragon fire — can kill the White Walkers, so it stands to reason that actua fire from actual dragons would do the trick, too.

So while she may not be greeted in Westeros as a hero, she and her dragons could fast become their only hope. Plus, a Jon and Daenerys romance might be brewing — even though their shared bloodline grosses some fans out. Perhaps his “ice” will temper her “fire,” if you catch our drift.

In the end, only Martin knows what will happen, but Daenerys fans should buckle up. It could be a bumpy ride on her way to the Iron Throne.

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I need isak or even doing something silly like eating three too many serves of pasta for dinner "i am a growing boy you know, i haven't eaten since lunch time" and then the other being all "oh my love. what are we going to do with you?" cue cuddles and belly rubs and silly boys in love !

  • it would be so much easier if Even actually had some sense of portion control when he cooks. Isak takes no responsibility for eating so much food when Even is the one who made so much
    • Even’s all “I’m making enough to we can put some in the freezer and take some to school for lunch” but they’re two teenage lads so it almost always ends with them having a second plateful and lying spread out on the bed afterwards groaning and wondering why they made the mistake of a second helping
    • they usually go for a slow walk around the block on those nights they’ve both eaten too much to help the food go down, fingers tightly woven together and shoulders bumping
  • Isak’s eating habits are awful. if he’s working on something he’ll forget to eat for ten hours straight and when Even comes home he finds Isak surrounded by empty drink bottles and forces him to stop working and then Isak eats enough food for fifty people in less than an hour and promptly goes into a food coma
    • he makes these small pitiful noises though (probably because his stomach full of fizzy drinks is now trying to make room for more food than any single human should consume) that Even just can’t ignore
    • he’ll get onto the bed with Isak and brushes his hair out of his face and then rubs slow clockwise circles on Isak’s stuffed tummy to help him digest all the food and shake his head and remind Isak that it all could have been avoided if he’d just eaten like a normal human being during the day
      • Isak almost always tells Even to fuck off when he says such things
      • Isak has lived alone before and he is more than capable of feeding himself, he just gets distracted alright
  • Even, the one who lived at home with his parents before moving in with his boyfriend, is the one who can usually stay on top of an eating routine but if he’s had a long shift at work that’s when it falls apart and he’ll eat whatever he can find at home and then pass the fuck out
    • Isak wants to be cute and look after Even but he’s usually so tuckered out from work that he’s asleep the second his head hits the pillow so Isak just makes sure Even is comfy (read: takes his jeans off him and makes sure he’s covered with duvet)
  • they don’t really rib each other about their eating habits at home, but around the boy squad everything has the potential for banter
    • that’s when Isak will tease Even about his mountain of food and Even will reply with “maybe if you ate like this you wouldn’t be so short, Isak” and the whole squad goes OHHHHHHHHHHH
    • Isak stress eats at school, he’ll pick his food apart before he eats it if he’s got a lot of work to do, and Even will poke fun at Isak’s huge pile of shredded bread and Isak tells him that “you wouldn’t understand seeing as you don’t really care about getting top grades you’re just going to be my artist boyfriend who bums off my doctor salary forever”
      • everyone laughs except Magnus who squeals about how Isak can’t even rib Even without mentioning their future together
  • what happens most is that the boy squad mock Isak and Even because they both eat so much and then they become one unit and defend themselves
    • Isak will spout off science, about how boys their height and age need a certain number of calories a day and BMI charts and how a balanced diet helps the brain and that’s why he’s the one pulling 6s in every class and the rest of them aren’t
    • Even just says totally deadpan that they have to gain back all the calories they burn during their sex marathons somehow and that always shuts everyone up (including Even because Isak will slap his hand over Even’s mouth so fast)

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Have you ever ran to school with toast in your mouth?

I actually ran in panic to school holding a plate of spicy tarkari and a bowl of haleem mom made with a pile of fresh pita bread on the side while saying, “Ya Allah, I’m late for school” 

Noble Reign

Ch.1 Mytic Messenger Middle Ages AU

|Ch. 2| |Ch. 3|

Author’s Note: It finally happened. I’m so sorry it took me such a long time to finish it, but I’m so proud to present you the Mystic Messenger Middle Ages AU! ^^ I have absolutely no idea if anyone will read this but I had so much fun writing it and I will definitely continue updating it. Keep in mind that English is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes. Nevertheless, I hope y’all enjoy it. Please feel free to leave any sort of comments or message me; I would love to write some headcanons for this AU and I like to integrate your ideas as well.

I also want to give special thanks to @promiscuous-jalapeno for giving me advice and encouraging me in my writing. If you should ever read this, I hope you’ll enjoy it as well. <3

Wordcount: 3,247

“A long time ago, there existed a great kingdom that was ruled by two brothers. Their names were Jaehyun and Jaekwang.

The brothers were loved by their people and everyone lived together in harmony. But one day, Jaekwang desired the sole control over the kingdom and rebelled against his brother.

With soldiers at his command, he imprisoned his brother and spread misery across the kingdom. For a long time the kingdom was ruled by bitterness and people were living in fear.

But then, when all hope had died and the hour of doom seemed at hand, a girl appeared as if from nowhere. With fire burning in her soul and magic running through her veins, she defeated Jaekwang and freed his brother.

In anger, she divided the kingdom in half by forcing water and earth between the villages. A grand river and high mountains were now separating Jaekwang and Jaehyun.

Pleased with her work, the girl vanished and was never seen again. Over time, the two brothers created different kingdoms, one ruled by fear and one ruled by strength.

Generations passed and so did the girl’s tale. The kingdoms became enemies and the tale became legend. They say that someday, the girl will come back to reunite the kingdoms in peace and harmony again but until then the kingdoms remain in discord.”

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Slavic Ritual Bread

Bread is a very important object in Slavic tradition. It has been used for celebrations, feasts, weddings and funerals since the pagan times. It was given as a sacrifice to gods and used as a method of asking for a fertile year, for example on Svetovid’s day priest would hide behind a pile of breads, and ask if people can see him, if they say no, he would say: “Hopefully next year will also be just as fertile as this one”, meaning the pile of breads would be just as big, enough to hide him. This custom is still present in a similar form in Christmas celebration in Herzegovina. In Russia and Poland wedding guests are greeted with bread and salt. 
In celebration of Slava, Serbs ritually break bread* and everyone should eat a piece of it. These breads are not ordinary, they are made with special recipes and often richly decorated. They are also used as food served on funerals and zadušnice**

*I will make a post about this some time later
**translation would be (day)for the souls(of the dead), I will make a post about this as well.

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What is the level of techology in Amestris? Did anyone ever wrote a compendium? They certainly have telephones, radios, and at one point I'm fairly certain they mentioned movies (although there are no televisions yet). Also, it looks like they have colored photographs.

A good question! This was actually discussed in the first guidebook, believe it or not. It’s not the most in-depth list, but it is fairly specific about what’s what, so I’ll share an excerpt from the book itself. The “lecture” is given by Winry.

Excerpt from Winry’s lecture on Amestrian culture and technology in Fullmetal Alchemist Profiles (Perfect Guidebook 1), pages 94 - 95

Food and Common Items

You want to know what kind of things we eat? The same as everyone else really. Meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and bread. We eat as much bread as we want from the pile of bread that is placed in the middle of the table. Rice? That’s the staple food from the island country in the east, right? We don’t really eat that. Now that I think about it, even though Ed hates milk, he loves stew, which has milk in it. What a weirdo huh?


This is a speaker. You can amplify your own voice through a microphone. It seems like a lot of fun. I bet it would feel great to use it to sing a song.


The radio is one form of entertainment. But there still aren’t very many stations yet. It’s used mainly for listening to special announcements.


This is our house phone. Isn’t it nice? Rotary phones are standard. In the city they even have payphones.

Means of Transportation

The main modes of transportation in this country are trains, cars, and horse drawn carriages. Trains are basically for long distance trips. I’ve ridden on one a few times myself, but it’s not a very comfortable way to travel. It made my butt hurt so much that I could hardly stand it. Cars are used mainly for getting around in the city, and in the countryside carriages are the most common. By the way, vehicles for air travel haven’t been invented yet. But I think they’re conducting tests of the technology.
Not very many people own automobiles yet. You hardly ever see any in the countryside. It’s too bad, because they look so cool.

Winry’s Update on Trends

I’ve seen that movie about the guy that turns into a fly. Resembool is in the countryside, so a theater owner brings a movie projector to our town. So I haven’t seen too many movies yet. Next time I’d like to see one with a lot of scenes involving automail.

After that, Winry goes on for two more pages to talk about automail. As for technology not mentioned by Winry… Electricity seems to be commonplace even in the countryside (we even see power lines running through Resembool), and we know the military has tanks and flamethrowers. I can’t recall specific examples of seeing them at the moment, but I’m fairly certain typewriters and telegraphs exist as well. Other than that, I think the guidebook just about covered everything we’ve seen.

If you’re ever writing a fic and find yourself asking, “Would they have this technology in Amestris?”, the general rule of thumb I go by is that it’s equivalent to what would have existed in Europe or America in 1914. Be sure to check not only when a technology was invented, but when it became commonplace! For example, a quick google search will tell you that refrigerators were invented in 1913, but that doesn’t mean you should just give the Rockbells your average Kenmore in every fic. Automatic refrigeration technology (aka the kind where you don’t have to keep buying blocks of ice) didn’t really hit the public market until the mid-20s, and even then, the refrigerator as we know it today didn’t become commonplace until the 50s. So if you’re not sure if a technology exists in Amestris and you want your fic to be period accurate, I’d recommend doing a little research first to see what point that technology was at during the mid-1910s.

(Of course, this is all just my two cents on how I would write a period accurate FMA fic. You don’t have to follow my rules, and FMA is a fantasy series where people walk around with robot arms like it’s no big deal, so there’s a little bit of leeway in terms of technology. But now this ask has gotten off-topic anyway…)

Not Letting Go - Part 7

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

A/N: This one turned out longer than expected (which is partially why it took so long, I’m sorry!) so there’s going to be a small epilogue coming up in a few days. But technically, this is the last chapter. I’ve really enjoyed writing this series, and I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. Thank you for all of the feedback I’ve gotten on this, I appreciate it more than I can even say. So here you go! I hope you like it (even despite my dialogue skills)!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 8

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“There’s something I need to tell you,”

For a reason you couldn’t yet fathom your heartrate picked up at his words, and you struggled to push down the sudden nervousness taking root in the pit of your stomach.
“What is it?” Your voice sounded small even to your own ears. Jason must have picked up on it because he visibly cringed, and reached to entwine his fingers with yours on top of the blankets, stroking soothing circles into your skin with his thumb.

You would be less on edge about the whole situation if you could actually remember what had happened. All you had for now was the hazy pain dulling your mind and your boyfriend’s account of what had happened. And you trusted Jason. You really did, even despite everything in your very nature telling you that to do so was a bad idea. But something about this situation just screamed ’wrong’ at you, as though some great and terrible knowledge loomed just outside the edges of your consciousness and you were terrified of what that might mean. Terrified that maybe you had fallen too fast and too hard, lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that Jason was your soulmate, and whatever explanation he had for what was going on here might just change everything between you.

But for now you decided to take the comfort he offered to you, and squeezed his fingers back. Somewhere along the way the gesture had become important to you. Both of you had been hurt before, and expressing emotions in words wasn’t exactly a strong point for either of you. Taking your soulmate’s hand and just holding on was a quiet reassurance that settled you unlike words ever had. It said ‘I’m with you in this’ and ‘I’m not letting go’ and so much more all at once. And right now it was just what you needed.

Jason ran his fingers through his hair, fixing you with a conflicted gaze. Eventually he seemed to come to some kind of decision because he dropped his hand back to the blankets, sighing tiredly. “Look, it’s not…” He struggled for a second, then blurted, “Remember what I told you when we met?”
You quirked a small smile at that, teasing, “Before or after you followed me home?” “After you ran away,” he corrected automatically, matching your smile with his own, and for a moment the tension between you evaporated.

“I told you I wasn’t exactly the best guy. I don’t think you understood what I-I’m,” he blew out a frustrated breath, abruptly releasing your hand and standing, pacing over to the door before turning back to face you. “Doll I can’t - Let me show you,” His hands were tangled in his hair again, and the haunted look in his eyes twisted your stomach into knots. “Okay,” Suddenly whatever it was didn’t matter anymore, you just wanted more than anything to ease the pain marring his handsome features. “Jay, take your time. It’s okay. I trust you. I’m with you,” The last part was barely above a whisper, but Jason heard it. He visibly relaxed, giving you your favourite crooked smile, albeit a little wobbly.

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Musketeers x Reader: Proving Them Wrong

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“Ugh,” One of the cadets muttered to his friends as he rubbed his sore arm.

 “The musketeers are too hard.”

“I know,” One of the others replied.  “Why can’t we fight someone easier?” They looked over to where you were sparring with d’Artagnan.  It was obvious neither of you were taking it seriously, because he was cracking jokes and you were all smiles.  

“What about Y/N?” A third asked.  “She’d be easy to take down!”  A hand clamped down on his shoulder and the smile slipped off his face.

Athos was standing behind him.

“Five laps around the garrison.  All of you.”  He said softly.



“It was just a jo—”



“Twenty for talking back.  Now get going.”  The cadets grumbled, but took off nonetheless.  You looked over, having heard the commotion.

“You should’ve let them take me on.  They would’ve learned their lesson.” You chastised Athos.  Porthos slung an arm around your shoulder.

“Yes, but then they’d gang up on you.”  He said.  “They just want to defeat you, fair fighting regardless.”  

“You don’t know that.” You said.  ‘I could probably take them out together too.”

“Well let’s not give them a reason to fight,” d’Artagnan said.”  At that moment, Aramis rode up.

“Time to go.” He said.  The other three mounted their horses, and you went to do the same.  “…What are you doing?” Aramis looked at you.

“You said it’s time to go.” You said, confused.  “I’m just getting ready.”  Aramis looked at you and sighed.

“I meant it’s time for us to go.” He said softly.

“What do you mean? Why am I not going?”

“Well,” Porthos cut in.  “We…decided it would be best if you stayed behind.”  Your put your hands on your hips.

“Really?  On what grounds?” You ground out.  The musketeers looked between each other awkwardly.  Finally d’Artagnan spoke up.

“We think it’s too dangerous.”

“Too dangerous?” You repeated in astonishment.  “I’m a musketeer!  My whole job is dangerous!”  

“Look, we’re leaving now, and Treville knows you’re to stay here.”  Athos said.

“You can’t do this!” You protested.   “I’m not a child!”

“Goodbye Y/N.” They rode out of the garrison, leaving you standing in the centre, seething.

It had been a week and a half since they left, and you were still bitter.  You were furiously hacking at a training dummy when a cloaked stranger rode in, slumped over his saddle.  You wiped the sweat from your forehead as you turned to the commotion.

Aramis fell out of his saddle, dressed as a Spanish guard.  You lunged and managed to catch his head just before it hit the ground.  He groaned in pain.

 “What the hell happened?”  He tried to sit up, and you carefully assisted him.

“Went undercover…” He forced out.  “Found out…I’m the only one.”

“Aramis.  Where are the others?” You asked softly.

“Spanish fort.  Ten miles south of border.”  You gently laid his head down on the ground, and Constance and Treville took your place.  “Y/N…stop…” Aramis protested weakly, but it was too late.

You were on your horse and riding out of the garrison.

After hours of riding in silence, you found the fort.  You stopped just before the forest ended.  You dismounted, and grabbed your weapons, before inspecting the fort.

Two guards at the door.  Two on each tower.  One pacing along each wall.  And God knows how many more inside.  If you went right at it, you’d be shot before you made it to the front door.  You sighed as you loaded your gun.

“It’s never easy, is it?”  You grumbled as you lined up your sights, and fired.

 One of the tower guards froze, before toppling over the edge.  You quickly reloaded and took out a guard on another tower, so they wouldn’t know exactly where you were shooting from.  After taking out the guards on the towers, you got on your horse and rode along the tree line.  You stopped a fair distance away, and began firing from that angle, disposing of the men who were pacing the fort walls. The men at the doors had ran back inside the fort, and you cautiously approached the fort from behind.  Circling at the base of the fort, you found a servant’s door. Drawing a dagger and hiding it in your skirts, you knocked, and hid around the corner.  Waiting.

The door swung open, and a guard walked out.  He looked around, and when his back was to you, you struck.  Wrapping your hand over his mouth, you plunged your dagger into his chest.  You gently lowered him to the ground as his struggles grew weaker and weaker, before stopping altogether.  You wiped your dagger on the guard’s vest, before slipping it inside and closing the door behind you.  The kitchen was empty, and you found a dirty maid’s uniform.  You slipped it on over your dress, and cut slashes in the sides for easy access to your weapons.  You found a basket of stale bread, and piled it on a dirty tray.  You took a breath, and stepped out of the kitchen.  The guards paid you no mind, and you wandered around the fort, wondering where they were keeping your friends.  You noticed a door off to the side, with four guards stationed in front of it.  

That had to be it.  You approached the door, but you were stopped.  You kept your eyes to the ground.

“Comida para los presos,” You said softly, showing them your tray.   You noticed a ring of keys hanging on a hook next to the door handle.  The guards examined your tray, and after throwing all but one of the pieces of bread on the dirt, waved you through.  One of the guards took the keys and unlocked the door letting you go first before following behind you.  The door closed, and he led the way down the stairs.  You waited until you were far enough from the door before making your move.  Dumping the bread on the ground, you swung the metal tray at the guard’s head.  He crumpled, and you dragged him into an empty cell.  You stuffed a glove in his mouth, tied his hands around his back using his belt, took his keys and locked him inside. You slowly crept along the halls, looking in the cells.  They were all empty, save for the one at the end of the hall.  Athos was standing in the corner, Porthos was spread eagled on the one cot in the cell, and d’Artagnan was sitting against the wall.  They didn’t notice you, and you unlocked the door.  They tensed up as you opened the door.

“Now what do you want?” Athos demanded.  You sighed, and walked back out of the cell.  You grabbed a torch from the wall and came back in.  Their eyes grew to the size of saucers.

“Y/N?” D’Artagnan asked carefully.

“Hello boys!” You said cheerfully.

“How did you—” You held up a hand.

“I proved you wrong.  Now let’s get out of here!”

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The Arrangement

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Summary: Chapter 4 of Trope-Tastic ~ Priestly + 2. Fake Dating turns into real dating

“You want me to do what?” You demanded, incredulous. Priestly stood before you, a determined look in his eye.

“Pretend to be my girlfriend for a little while? Please, Y/N?” He pleaded, giving his very best puppy face.

You crossed your arms defensively, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. “Why?” You asked.

He looked sheepish, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. “Well…you see…”

“Oh my god Priestly we’ve known each other for years there’s nothing you can say that will scare me away.” You said, throwing your hands up in the air.

“You know that my breakup with Tish was mutual and I know it’s over…” He began.

“But?” You prompted, scared that he’d say he wants to get her back.

“But I’m not fine. I will be, but she’s moved on so fast and that hurts. I…want to show her I’m not as hurt as I actually am.”

“Oh…” You said, an ironic sort of sympathy growing in your heart. You’d felt the same way when he had originally started dating Tish. He had no idea you liked him of course, so you’d put on a brave face.

“I promise it won’t be a big thing. We just have to act like a couple when she’s around and we can ‘break up’ in like a week.” He explains.

“Alright, fine, but if I decide I don’t want to do it anymore we stop, ok? Tish is my friend too, I don’t like deceiving her.” You add.

“Deal.” He agrees with one of his mega watt smiles.

With that, you shook hands and one of the weirdest weeks of your life began.

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