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Have you seen the news abt the bullseye zine? I'm so sorry this happened to u D:

I am so sorry to hear of all the consequences others had to suffer because of one’s actions.

Thank you for your message, Anon, but I was not part of the zine. I was rejected from the start, along with @moodyspoodys and other artists known to community not only as McHanzo shippers and artists, but as Overwatch enthusiasts overall. As the post regarding this whole issue said, the artists and writers have not been judged entirely right.

Again, I am sorry to hear of the situation.

I was always transparent with the things I sold when they were directed to a certain purpose (like the funds I gathered for my Axolotl’s tank for example). You guys always saw the progress in everything I made, and the commisioners, those who paid to support me when I needed it, had it always transparent, with update pictures and all. I am thankful once again to everyone, including the Ko-fi donations I receive once in a while. Your support means a lot to me and I appreciate from the heart.


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Master post with all four chocobros!
This was such a fun series to work on and all the feedback I got from them were lovely as heck! The shop is going to have all four available for prints and such if anyone is interested! Thanks again for such a fun trip!


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Concept: Keith during his first night with the Marmora after saying goodbye to the team, staring up at the ceiling and just. feeling lonely. He doesn’t really get why– he’s been alone for years, he should be used to this by now. And he’s laying there trying to convince himself of that when suddenly the room lights up and he glances over to find his communicator (”space cellphone,” Lance had said helpfully behind Coran’s back) blinking with incoming messages. "I’m proud of you,” says Shiro. "Be safe,” says Allura. "Good luck,” says Pidge. "I miss you!!” says Hunk. "Come back soon,” says Lance. And it just really hits Keith that. Wow. For the first time in a long time, he has a home to go back to and people who miss having him there.