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Grounding is a set of simple strategies to  detach from emotional pain for example (cravings, self harm urges, emotional eating behaviour etc.) Grounding can also be a way of returning your attention to the outside world and away from yourself. In the case of dissociation.


When you are overwhelmed with emotional pain, you need a way to detach so that you can gain control over your feelings and stay safe. As long as you are grounding, you are more likely to be able to overcome urges. Grounding ‘anchors’ you to reality.

Many people with PTSD and dissociative disorders struggle with either feeling too much (overwhelming emotions and memories) or too little (numbing and dissociation). In grounding, you attain balance between the two—conscious of reality and ability to tolerate it.


§ Grounding can be done any time, anywhere and no one has to know.

·       §  Use grounding when you are: faced with a trigger, having a flashback or dissociating.

·       §  Keep your eyes open, look around the room, and make sure the light is good to stay in touch with the present.

·       §  Rate your mood before and after to test whether it worked. Before grounding, rate your level of

·       §  emotional pain, or your level of dissociation. Then re-rate it afterwards. Has it gone down?

·       Try not to make judgements or think negatively. The idea is to distract from the negatives.

·       §  Stay neutral—no judgments of good or bad.

·       §  Focus on the present, not the past or future.

·       §  Grounding is much more active than relaxation exercises and focuses your attention.

Grounding is deemed to be a better way of coping with PTSD and dissociative disorders than relaxation practice. As during relaxation the focus is too much within the body, which at the worst may bring on flashbacks.



o    Describe to yourself in detail your surroundings: For example “The walls are white, there are three pink chairs and a blue sofa. There is a picture of a brown border collie on the wall with a gold frame around it.” You can do this out loud if appropriate, or in your head if you are in public.

o    Play a game like “Scattergories” in your head or with a friend or family member. Choose a letter of the alphabet and try and come up with as many examples of a category you choose as you can. For example C … Boys names: Christopher, Curtis, Carl, Charles etc.

o    Do an age progression. IThis can be particularly useful if you have dissociated or regressed to a younger alter or state. For example in my experiences I have an alter who is three. So I might say… Now I am four, I am at home with Mummy and Daddy and I can do (an example of an age appropriate activity) alone. Work your way up until you are back to your current age. This may not always work for little alters, but can help.

o    Describe an everyday activity in great detail. For example if you like gardening “I open the shed door and pull out the lawn mower, I connect it to a power supply and climb on. I turn the key and put it into drive….”

o    Imagine. For example make up a nice little story in your head, or out loud. “I am putting some roller skates on, and I am slowly gliding away from all my emotional suffering down a beautiful smooth lane, having fun listening to my favourite music LOUD!”

o    Say a safety statement. ‘My name is _________; I am safe right now. I am in the present, not the past. I am in _____________ the date is _____________.

·        Read something, saying each word to yourself. Or read each letter backwards so that you focus or the letters and not on the meaning of words.

·        Use humour: For example have a “Funny Memory Bank” where you store up your favourite witty moments for those detached, rainy days.  

·        Count to 100 or say the alphabet very slowly or very fast.

·        Repeat something meaningful to yourself, such as a prayer or quote. For example you could use the Serenity Prayer.


û Run cool or warm water over your hands.

û  Grab tightly onto your chair as hard as you can.

·       û  Touch various objects around you: a pen. keys, your clothing, the table, the walls. Pay close attention to colours, weights, textures etc.

·       û  Firmly stamp your feet on the floor, literally grounding yourself. Feel the tension of your feet against the pressure of the floor.

·       û  Carry a ground object in your pocket—a small object such as a rock, stone, crystal, bead, piece of string or cloth, or a stress ball that you can touch whenever you feel triggered.

·       û  Jump up and down.

·       û  Stretch reach upwards and pull yourself tall. Extend your arms, legs, fingers and toes.

·       û  Walk slowly, noticing each footstep.

·       û  Eat something yummy. Notice the flavours, textures and feelings that come up for you.


·        Use Cheerleading statements, as if you were talking to a small child. For example “You are having a difficult time adjusting to these chanes, but you are doing so well. You should be proud of yourself.”

·        Think of favorites. Think of your favorite color, animal, season, food, time of day, TV show.

·        Picture people you care about. Even get a photobook made of positive pictures or pictures of people you love! Such a simple nice way to ground, and you can get A4 photo books at the moment from GroupOn for under £7!! (I in no way endorse them I just thought it was a good offer!)

·        Remember the words to an inspiring song, quotation or poem that you like or feel positively about. Maybe write out the words and decorate it for your wall.

·        Remember a safe place. Describe a place that you find very soothing it could be when you went on holiday to the beach, or walking in the woods. Or just a time you felt safe and peaceful at home in your living room or in bed.

·        Plan out a safe treat for yourself, such as a trip to a coffee shop with a friend, making a nice dinner or a bath with some nice toiletries or candles if you feel safe to use them

·        Think of things you are looking forward to in the next week. Perhaps schedule your time so you build some structure for chores and pleasurable activities. It can help to know what you are doing and also not just sit at home with nothing to do. This can cause difficulties.


Practice as often as possible. Even when you don’t feel overwhelmed or dissociative. This way it will come more naturally to you when you are struggling.

Practice faster. Speeding up the pace gets you focused on the outside world quickly.
Try grounding for a Ioooong time 20 mins at least, and then repeat !!
Try to notice whether you do better with physical or mental or soothing grounding.

Create your own methods of grounding. Any method you make up may be worth much more than those you read here because it is yours.

Start grounding early in a negative mood cycle. Start when you begin to feel the early warning signs of dissociation or when you have just started having a flashback.

I get that some of y'all wanna “spread awareness” by sharing pictures/videos of dead black and brown bodies all over the internet, but that shit is not spreading awareness, its just plain insensitive and horrifying. Those videos and pictures are traumatizing and triggering, and very disrespectful to the family and friends of those victims. So many grieving family members have asked people on the internet to stop sharing pictures and videos of their dead relatives because it’s just wrong and disgusting. So could y'all just please try to stop yourself from doing that in situations like these because it’s not really spreading awareness all it’s spreading is that y'all don’t care for or respect black and brown people enough to not share pictures of their dead corpses on the internet

Sweet Creature

Words: 7,500

Warnings: Smut

Harry sighed as he peered into the kitchen from his spot by the staircase in the living room. He’d like to be next to Y/N and Gemma right now, but his neighbor had whisked him off into a conversation about gardening that he truly had no interest. Nevertheless, Harry was polite, so he stood patiently and nodded and “mhmm”ed at the appropriate moments. He couldn’t help but let out a wistful sigh as he saw his sister and best friend slip out into the backyard.

As much as he appreciated Anne throwing a party in celebration of his first solo concert, he silently wished he had just gotten a private day in his hometown. Harry knew his friends and family were proud of him. But he was nothing if not humble and a little bit selfish. He so rarely got time at home to see Y/N, and he wished he could actually spend a moment with her now instead of playing host to what felt like the whole village. He’d much rather have been relaxing on the couch watching a rom-com with the girl he could never get enough of.

Just then, his mother swooped in to rescue him with a bright smile and gentle hand on his arm. “Sweetie, would you mind bringing the rest of the chicken out to Robin to grill? And maybe bring him a beer?”

He nodded much too fast for someone being asked to do chores. “Sure, mum.” He kissed her cheek and smiled brightly at their slightly disgruntled neighbor. “Sorry, mate. Talk to you later, yeah?”  

Harry wove his way through the crowd in the house to get to the kitchen. After slamming the refrigerator door shut with his hip, two beers clutched in one hand, he snatched up the last tray of chicken from its spot on the stove. He thanked Barbara from the bakery for opening the door to the back garden for him and offered her a cheeky smile she saw more than nearly anyone else.

Robin stood at the grill next to the deck, laughing and listening to the conversation going on in the chairs nearby. He saw Harry exit the door from the house and quickly waved him over.

“Having fun?” he asked, taking the tray of chicken and leaving Harry’s other hand open to start popping caps on the beer bottles.

Harry shook his head a little and snorted.  “You know how it is. Lots of small talk and cheek squishing.”

“And not getting to see Y/N,” Robin replied knowingly. He chuckled as Harry rolled his eyes before taking a pull from his beer.

“How has she been? I haven’t really talked to her much yet.”

“She’s lovely as always. I think her dad is having a bit of a hard time. You know the 15th anniversary of her mum’s passing is next week. She’s stayed with us the last couple of nights.”

Harry couldn’t help but frown. Y/N’s mum had died of cancer when she was only seven. Her father had been a dear friend of his mother’s, so they’d taken Y/N in when it happened. Her father hadn’t wanted her to see her mother like that, nor did he think he could properly care for her. Harry and Y/N had always been friends, but those four months that she lived with them had given them a bond no one could ever replace. They’d been absolutely attached at the hip their whole lives. To this day, the guest room at the Styles/Twist household was mostly considered Y/N’s and held some of her pictures and personal belongings. She’d long been a member of their family.  “She’s coping okay, right?”

“Why don’t you ask her yourself, nosy?”

One of his only regrets about participating in X Factor and leaving home so young was that he felt like he had abandoned Y/N. She had come to visit him in LA and London a few times and had even joined him on tour, but she always felt obligated to return to Holmes Chapel to make sure her father was cared for. Though they were best friends, they often went months without talking because Harry was just too busy. He hated himself for that.

“Harry! Come sit a mo’ and have a chat?”

He turned to see his cousin Charlotte gesturing to the chair next to her. Robin’s clap to his back was taken as a dismissal as he made his way over.

“Hey there, rockstar. How ya doing?”

Harry settled in the chair and grinned. “Good, good. ‘N you?”

“Wonderful! Kyle just started his new job, so we’ve got a good income now. Not that you’d know anything about that,” she joked and leaned over to playfully nudge his shoulder.

Harry was sure his smile looked more like a grimace. While he may not have been hurting for money, there had certainly been a time when he would skip dinner just to save his mum a little money. He knew as much as anyone how hard it could be.

“Robin! Anne wants to know what’s taking so long with those birds!” Harry perked up at the sound of Y/N’s sweet voice washing over him like a lullaby. He quickly turned to see her leaning out the back door with a bright grin.

“Can’t rush these things, Y/N. At least gotta buy ‘em a drink first, love,” Robin joked. The crowd around him laughed along with Y/N.

“Right, I’ll be sure to tell your wife that!” Her gaze shifted to Harry and she smiled softly at him. He tried to wave her over, but she held up a finger in a “hold on” motion and disappeared back into the house.

“So what is Kyle doing, then?” He continued to make small talk with his cousin Charlotte as Gemma reappeared and took up the last chair on the deck right next to him.

Y/N returned about five minutes later carrying a bowl that Harry quickly determined was filled with fruit.  She stood by him and held the bowl down to offer him a piece, but he shook his head. “Come sit,” he told her instead.

She rolled her eyes at him. “There aren’t anymore chairs, H.”

Just as her hand holding the bowl of fruit started to retreat from him, he quickly grasped around her wrist and tugged her forward. When she stumbled just as he knew she would, he took a firm but gentle grasp of her hips and settled them down on his legs.

“Harry!” she scolded, knowing he’d made a scene. While Harry tended to thrive under the public eye, Y/N often did her best to hide from it. That was the primary reason Harry loved to take the piss out of her. Nevertheless, she shifted back to a more comfortable position on his lap and sat a bit sideways so she could hear the conversations going on. Harry wrapped one arm around her, resting his hand on her opposite thigh to keep her securely in place while the hand nursing a beer rested itself against her knee. He couldn’t help but chuckle as she flinched at the cold bottle just barely touching her skin. She finally went back to eating her assortment of pineapples, strawberries, and grapes as she listened to Charlotte.

“He’s just started work at the pub down the road from our house. The pay isn’t that great, but he’s been making loads in tips,” she finished.

“Where is Kyle, anyway?  I haven’t seen him yet, I don’t think.” Y/N was considered a member of the extended family and had attended every family event for the last 15 years. Since she had stayed in Holmes Chapel, Harry figured she probably knew more about his family these days than he did.

“Oh he’s off on a lad’s weekend in Bristol. His mate is getting married next week.”

“Oh good, that means he’ll be all freed up for when Harry and Y/N over here get married soon,” Gemma teased.

“Gem!” Y/N exclaimed. Harry noticed that her cheeks flushed to a pink very similar to the bath water on his album cover.

He just chuckled and gave her a little squeeze.

“Just saying! You two have that whole agreement anyway where if you’re still single at 28 you’re gonna get married. I hate to say it, Y/N, but you two aren’t getting any younger.  Plus you’re like in love anyway. It’s inevitable,” Gemma defended. She seemed unfazed by Y/N’s embarrassment.  

“Ooh, that just reminded me! Harry, you just have to tell me about that girl you wrote ‘Carolina’ about! That’s far and away my favorite song on the album, and I need to hear more about my future cousin in law!”  Charlotte gushed, looking at Harry with excitement in her eyes.

Harry didn’t miss how Y/N tensed at the mention of the song that he knew she for some reason despised. He hated to admit that it hurt him a little bit. He was proud of “Carolina”, and though he knew his opinion of his artistry was the one that truly counted, he didn’t like the thought of Y/N not liking one of his songs.  His hand slipped from her thigh and rested on the arm of his chair. “Oh, I don’t think she’s your future cousin in law.  Just a girl I met in paradise.”

Y/N quickly scarfed down the few remaining pieces of fruit in her bowl. “Think I’m gonna bring this back inside.   I’ll catch up with you later,” she told him quietly. She didn’t bother to look at him as she stood from her seat on his lap and retreated back into the house.

Gemma couldn’t help but sigh as she watched the exchange unfold. The two of them were too oblivious of the others’ feelings for their own good and were absolutely horrid at communication.

Robin finally finished the last batch of chicken and called everyone inside to make plates of food. If Harry thought the inside of the house had been busy before, it was nothing compared to when all the people that had been outside also made their way in for food. There was hardly room in the house to walk, much less find anyone.  Luckily, Harry was tall enough to see over the majority of the crowd, and he found Y/N sitting next to his mum as they split a plate of food.  

After he’d had his fill, Harry stood off to the side and leaned against the wall as he observed everyone around him. He finally had a moment alone as it seemed that everyone was too busy chewing to make conversation.  

He wasn’t alone for long, however, and he stood up straighter as soon as he saw Y/N making her way over to him.  She didn’t look particularly happy, but he put that down to her current family affairs. Though she tried to not let it show, Harry knew how much the loss of her mother affected her.

When Y/N finally reached him, she wrapped her arms tightly around  his waist and rested her cheek upon his chest.  He was much taller and could tuck her head snugly under his chin as he returned her embrace. “Missed you,” he heard her mumble.

Pushing his upset feelings about her distaste for his song aside, he squeezed her tighter and pressed a kiss to her hair. “Missed yeh, too, love.” His hands took to rubbing her back comfortingly as they stood in their embrace. He knew how much Y/N having her back rubbed soothed her. “Yeh look pretty today.”

Her hair had been curled prettily, her lashes long and full with the help of the mascara she had applied to them. Her outfit had been kept simple with a pink sweater over her flowy white tank that she had paired with jeans and flats. She didn’t try as hard as most did to look pretty, but Harry always thought she was the most beautiful girl in the room.

A rosy blush painted her cheeks as she pulled a little to look at him. “Thank you, bubs. You’re looking mighty handsome today, as well.”

Harry couldn’t help but smile at the nickname. It was the one she had given him when she was six and he was seven, and to this day he’d never heard her use it on anyone else. “Thank ya, love.”

“Harry!” they heard Robin call, and Harry chuckled as Y/N whined quietly and squeezed a little tighter around his waist. “Can you come help me clean the grill real quick?”

Harry left one last parting peck to her forehead before releasing his grip on her and moving out of her arms.  He followed his step dad into the back garden to provide assistance.

“I think now that everyone has full stomachs, they might be heading out soon. Hopefully we won’t have all these stragglers on our hands late tonight,” Robin commented as they went to work scrubbing the burnt bits from the grate.

Harry huffed in response. “Better not. I’d quite like a relaxing night in to be honest.”

Robin nodded. “I know you would, kiddo. You’ll get it, I’m sure.”

All in all, cleaning the grill only took about ten minutes. While they were outside, the two men wandered the yard holding trash bags to pick up garbage that had been left around to minimize the cleaning later. Finally, Anne called Harry in to start saying goodbye to guests as they began to depart just like Robin suspected they would.

When Harry made his way into the house, he saw that Y/N and Gemma had started to pick up the kitchen much as he and Robin had been cleaning the back garden. He saw them occasionally reach for their respective glasses of wine as they put food in containers and cleaned dishes.

Harry continued to play host and made small talk with the guests as they all gave him their closing remarks and good luck wishes. He thanked each of them sincerely and made sure to give an anecdote about their lives as well. Finally, after what felt like hours of talking, hugs, and handshakes, he collapsed onto the couch with the opening titles of The Notebook playing on the telly.

One by one, the family settled in with him. Robin took his usual recliner spot, and Gemma curled up with Dotty and a blanket on the love seat. Harry could hear Y/N fussing with Anne over helping to clean the kitchen.

“Y/N, I will not take ‘no’ for an answer. You go relax a bit. You’ve been picking up after people all day,” he heard his mother scolding and Y/N’s response in the form of an exasperated huff.

“We’ll get it done faster if I help you, Anne. You deserve to relax, too.”

“And I will as soon as I finish this. Now, shoo. Go be lazy for a tick.”

Y/N was still grumbling quietly to herself as she reached the living room and collapsed in a heap next to Harry on the couch. She automatically leaned her head against his arm, wrapping her own around his waist and craning her neck to see the move on the screen.

Harry chuckled. “You’re a snuggly little thing today. Budge up for a sec, love.”

Y/N groaned but lifted back off of him. He didn’t say anything as he moved a throw pillow to rest against the arm of the couch before swinging his legs up to the side and sprawling out across the length of it. With Y/N trapped between him and the back of the couch, she had nowhere to go but to rest against him as he held his arms open for her. After her head was settled against his chest and her hand against his heart, he reached down to pull her knee up and tuck her top leg between his. Once their ankles were comfortably tangled together, he clasped his hands together on her upper arm. “Comfy?” he checked, though he knew she was. Y/N loved to be held almost as much as he did, and this was their favorite cuddling couch. They were practically pros at the movie session cuddling by now.

She nodded against his chest but didn’t verbally respond as she had already gotten herself engrossed in Noah and Allie’s summer romance.

When Anne returned from the kitchen, she settled down with Gemma and pulled her daughter’s feet into her lap.  She took to reading a book while the rest of the family watched the movie on screen. Just as Allie discovered Lon was in town looking for her, Anne felt Gemma’s foot gently nudging at her thigh. Anne looked up at her, and Gemma jabbed her finger in the direction of the couch.

The Notebook was Harry’s all time favorite movie, but he couldn’t seem to be bothered by what was happening on the screen. His hand was wrapped up in Y/N’s hair, softly pulling his fingers through the tresses as he seemed to be humming to her. Her eyes were shut as she rested against him, but Anne doubted she was totally asleep. Unlike Harry, Y/N found it hard to sleep in public settings. Even this house, one she’d practically grown up in, was usually too public for her to sleep aside from in her designated bedroom.  Occasionally she’d see Harry whisper something and Y/N’s lips move in return, but her eyes never once blinked back open.

Finally, when the movie credits started rolling, Robin was the one to shatter their bubble. “Y/N, I hope you were planning on staying here again tonight, because I’m not letting you drive home at this hour. You’re too knackered. Get upstairs, kiddo.”

Y/N yawned and leaned up, Harry’s hands falling from her body in response. She had a few lines on her cheek from the wrinkles in his Harley Davidson tee, and she rubbed gently at her face to relieve the soreness. “Y’ can’t get rid of me that easy, Robin,” she replied, her voice laced with drowsiness. “I see your plan. I’m staying in that guest room forever.”

Anne laughed at her. “That’s your room, anyway, sweetheart. It’s for you to sleep in as long as you want it.”

Harry sat up as well so that Y/N wasn’t pinned behind him on the couch. “I’m pretty tired, too. Think I’m g’na head to bed.”

Anne nodded.  “Alright. Sleep well, love. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Harry climbed the stairs behind Y/N and watched as she went straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth and take her makeup off. He shuffled up beside her to brush his teeth as well and made sure to annoy her by bumping her hip with his to make her move to the side.

“You’re a right pest,” she grumbled, “D’ya know that?”

Harry grinned, mouth full of foamy toothpaste, and pressed a smacking kiss to her cheek.

“Ew, Harry!” she scolded, wetting her hand to wipe the toothpaste from her face.  

He finished his nightly routine long before she did and retreated in to his childhood bedroom to go to bed.  He stripped off his tee and jeans, opting to leave his briefs on just in case Anne came to wake him up for breakfast in the morning. He had just settled into bed and was scrolling through Instagram on his phone when he heard the quietest of knocks sound on  his door.  “Yes, love?”

Y/N just slightly peaked the door open, looking as shy as ever as she stood in an old shirt and her worn out plaid sleep shorts. “Can I come in?”

“’Course ya can,” Harry said, setting his phone down on his nightstand. He shifted a little further to the other side of the bed and sat up a bit as she quietly shut his bedroom door behind her and tiptoed over to his bed.  Instead of sitting cross-legged on top of the comforter as she usually did when she came in for their late night chats, she gently lifted the blankets up and climbed in next to him and settled her head against the other pillow.  She didn’t say anything but started to trace the tattoos adorning his arm as he looked down at her. “Y/N? What’s gotten into yeh today, love?”

She shook her head and didn’t respond, seemingly too caught up in the outline of his rose to properly respond.

“Y/N,” Harry said a little more stern, gently moving his arm away from her as he sat up fully against the headboard.

She shifted in response to his tone, backing up a little and sitting up in the bed.  Her bum rested on her feet as she stared at him solemnly.  “It’s just…”

“What, love?”

Y/N shook her head, features showing that of shame as she looked down at the bed linens instead of him. “Nevermind, I’m being silly.” She started to move to get up from the bed and make her retreat, but she was stopped by Harry’s large hand cupping her cheek.

“Love, if something is truly bothering you,then s’not silly. I can’t make it better if you don’t tell me what it is, hmm?” His hand against her face made it so that it was nearly impossible for her to look away from his piercing green eyes.  

“It’s just…Townes.”

Harry blinked, barely understanding what she meant. “Okay…? What about her?”

She sniffed, and Harry’s heart broke knowing she was struggling so much with what she wanted to say. “It’s stupid and selfish, but I hate knowing that you write all these songs about these girls and the world knows all about them and you thrive on it. You put her name in the bloody song, Harry! Everyone loves it, and I don’t even know her, but I feel like you guys just have this connection now that I was never good enough to have. It’s just…am I not special enough to you for a song? I don’t want you to be so ashamed of me that you won’t tell anyone about me.”

Harry’s mind scrambled as he intook this information. He never imagined this was how she would feel about the song.  Her words hit him like a ton of bricks and suddenly he knew. That feeling in the back of his mind that he’d always tried so hard to keep at bay…she felt it, too. She wouldn’t be so upset if she didn’t.  She loved him, too.  And he’d inadvertently made her feel unwanted. Y/N was all he’d ever wanted whether Harry had known it or not. He knew he had to make her feel better and hurried to grab her hips and pull her closer to him. She started to slip and fumble against the bed so she grabbed onto his shoulders to steady herself. Once her knees had been pulled to either side of his lap, he pushed her hips down to settle her into a straddle above him. “No, love.  That’s not it at all. ‘S that what’s had yeh upset ever since we were out in the yard today? Yeah, I wrote a song about a girl that I barely know. Think people might get a bit tired of me if I wrote them all about you like I’d like to do.”

Y/N’s eyes widened in surprise. “W-what?”

Harry chuckled, pulling her closer by the hips and nuzzling against her neck. “You beautiful, silly girl. You didn’t really think ‘Sweet Creature’ was about Gem, did you? You do have a song, and a very special place in my heart. But that’s just it. You’re too special, love. I’m too selfish to share you with the whole world.”

“W-wait, ‘Sweet Creature is about me?” her eyes watered as she looked at him in awe.

“’Course it is, love. ‘S just that you’re mine and the world can’t have you. Gotta protect yeh from them. Pretty sure I’ve loved you my whole life. But my love for you is just for you, and I don’t wanna share that with the world.”

Y/N seemed to sputter as she struggled to keep up. “You l-love me? Harry, I-I-” She started to get choked up and couldn’t seem to find the words to say.

“I know, love.  I know.” He reached up to hold her face in his hands, lifting his leg up to shift her closer to him. His gaze was locked on her mouth as he inched closer, and Y/N thought she might faint.

Finally, when their foreheads were pressed together and she could feel his warm, minty breath on her tongue, she let her eyes slip closed. One of her hands that had been resting against his shoulder moved up to fist at the back of his curly locks. “I love you, too, bubs.”

Harry felt as if he’d been struck by lightning when he buttoned his mouth firmly to hers. He was sure he could’ve spent his entire life just kissing her like that, but his body immediately craved to have her closer. She gasped when he traced her bottom lip with the tip of his tongue, and he quickly took the opportunity to dive into her mouth. She let out a little whimper that almost made Harry groan aloud when his tongue touched hers. Her fingers tugged gently at the roots of his hair as she pushed herself as closely to him as she possibly could. Their tongues tangled between their mouths for a moment before Harry gave her what she thought would be a reprieve, but she let out another little noise when he took her bottom lip between his teeth and gently sucked. This time he couldn’t control the little growl that bubbled up from the back of his throat and quickly reattached his lips to hers.

Y/N could feel the vague smug smirk adorning his lips through their kiss over the noises he was making her generate.  To retaliate, she quickly disconnected their kiss and trailed her lips down his jaw and neck, finding a nice place to bite down on at the same time that she rolled her hips forward against his. He groaned in pain and pleasure and took her hips back in his hand. “D-Do that again, love.”

“Do what again, Harry?” Y/N teased as she soothed over the bite on the side of his neck with her tongue. She gasped lightly when his hands gripped firmly to her bum and pushed her hips forward again. This time, there was no mistaking the erection straining hard against his briefs. “F-fuck,” he stuttered in her ear as she moved against him once more in a wave, enjoying the feeling of him heavy and warm between her legs.

Y/N lifted her head to kiss him again as she continued to grind against him. While she had him thoroughly distracted with her lips, she quickly moved her hand down between them to palm at him through his underwear. As soon as she pressed down into the bulge, Harry parted from her with a gasp of his own. “Don’t h-have to, love.” The next noise he let out could only be called a moan as she pressed her small hand against him again.

She shook her head and pressed her lips against his in a quick peck. “Want to,” she promised.  

Harry nodded, eyes closed and head leaned back as he just absorbed the feeling of her against him. He caught his bottom lip between his teeth to avoid being too loud as he felt her hand dip inside his underwear and brush against his swollen length.

“Can we get these off?” She tugged at the waistband of his Calvins, eager to get him loose so she could put her mouth on him.

Harry fought to open his eyes and make them focus on her face as he nodded and tapped against her thigh to signal her to move off him.  As soon as she was kneeling at his side, he stuffed his thumbs into the side of the briefs and lifted his bum to shove them down his legs. Once they were successfully discarded, he looked down at himself to see his length twitch slightly against his tummy, the raspberry tip bubbling a little bit of pre-cum against the hairs just under his belly button. He could almost cry it felt to good to be out of the confines of his underwear.

If he thought that felt good, it was nothing compared to what the felt when Y/N leaned down to timidly kitten lick at the little spot he’d dripped on himself. He bit down on the skin of his hand to keep from making a noise too loud as her tongue accidentally brushed against his slit. She looked up at him as if to get permission, and he nodded quickly at her before she looked back down and began to kitten lick at the underside of him as she took his length in her hand. Her tongue brushed against the vein throbbing there before getting caught briefly on the ridge of his head, and already Harry was frustrated by the veil of her hair obscuring his view. He gently brushed it up into his hands to hold on to as she finally took the head of him into her warm, wet mouth.

“Baby, please,” Harry almost whimpered. His balls were starting to hurt because of how turned on he was.  Luckily, she didn’t make him wait any longer and quickly bobbed down on him, her hand following her mouth’s path back up before sliding down again. On her next pass up, she lolled her tongue around his tip like it was a lolly, and his head fell back at the feeling. “Ungh.”

Y/N began to move faster against him, dragging her hand up and down the length of him with her mouth provide sufficient lubrication. She could taste the occasional blurt of pre-cum against her tongue, and it only made her want more. His little groans and gasps spurred her on even more, and she finally reached up his hands to cup at his balls while she had him deep in her mouth.  He groaned a little louder than he should have at the feeling, and she slid her mouth back up for her tongue to swipe at the slit of him just as her thumb gently pressed to the space just behind his sac.  He immediately gasped and reached down to grab at her hand. “N-No, I’ll cum. Ungh. Can’t cum yet. Have to be inside you first. P-Please, oh God, please don’t make me cum.”

She pulled up and swirled her tongue against his head one last time before sliding off him with a little “pop” noise. She pressed kisses against his hips and fern tattoos while she waited for him to catch his breath.

He panted rapidly against her, struggling to keep a quiet level as he tried not to lose his mind. “Fuck, where did you even learn that?” He laughed a little deliriously as she smiled against his hipbone. Finally, Y/N pulled herself up against him and he didn’t waste time pressing his lips to hers. “Are you gonna let me make you feel good?” He asked between kisses.

She whimpered against him and nodded almost imperceptibly. “Please,” she whispered against him, and he took that as his cue to gently flip them over so she was on her back.

“Let’s get this off o’ yeh, yeah?” Harry gently pushed her shirt up her torso, pressing kisses to the skin he exposed along the way. His tongue just briefly caught against her erect nipple before he lifted up to pull the shirt completely from her body. He quickly returned to the area, suckling her right nipple into his mouth as his fingers tweaked her left. She let out a quiet sigh of contentment against him and tangled her fingers in his hair, gently massaging his scalp. After giving her left breast the same attention her right had received, he started kissing back down her torso.  His hands slipped into the waistband of her shorts and pulled them down, leaving her panties in place.

Harry almost groaned at the sight of Y/N’s underwear. Baby pink cotton was darkened slightly between her legs, and he couldn’t help but gently press his tongue against the wet spot she had made. He wasn’t sure if it was the pineapple she’d had earlier in the day or if she just always tasted that sweet, but he immediately knew he had to get a better sense. He dragged his tongue up and pressed it gently against where he knew her clit would be, and she let out a wet gasp at the feeling. “S-stop teasing,” she stuttered, tanking gently against his curly locked entangled between her fingers.

Harry chuckled against her and kissed gently at her hipbone. “Just returning the favor, love.” He gently pulled down her underwear, and his mouth began to water at the pretty pink feast in front of him. “Christ, baby. So beautiful. Are yeh wet for me? I know yeh are.”

She nodded, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she waited for him to move. Unfortunately, he seemed to be too preoccupied admiring her to actually do anything. “Harry, dammit, do something!” she groaned.

He looked up at her with a smirk. “Now, love. Gotta be patient fo’ me. Can yeh do that? Here, suck my fingers and get them nice and wet fo’ me, please.” He pressed his ring and middle finger against her lips and waited for her to close her eyes and suck them into her mouth. “Good girl.” Just when he was sure she was sufficiently distracted, he dipped down and licked a broad stripe up her sex. She immediately went slack jawed and struggled to inhale. He pressed his fingers against her tongue to remind her of her task at hand, and it took a moment before she wrapped her lips back around him and went back to sucking.

Harry’s tongue gently prodded against her entrance, taking the opportunity to lap up the sweet essence that was nothing but uniquely Y/N. When he had gathered most of her wetness on his tongue, he pushed his tongue into her briefly and made her whimper before removing his fingers from her mouth. “Thank you, love. Doin’ so good for me, aren’t you?” He brought his newly wet fingers down to her entrance and slowly pushed just one in, feeling her wet, spongy warmth wrap tightly around him. He fought against a groan of his own as his tongue gently lapped at her clit.

“Haoh, shit, Harry,” Y/N moaned, making sure to keep her voice low as her grip tightened in his hair. As soon as she pulled slightly against him, he groaned against her and set vibrations all across her clit. She whimpered and tugged a little harder, noticing how Harry’s eyes squeezed tighter shut and he licked at her with a little more enthusiasm. The knowledge that he liked having his hair pulled when he was eating a girl out nearly made Y/N fall apart. “Harry, please, more.”

He was apparently done with the teasing as well and pushed a second finger into her without preamble. He thrust them gently inside of her as his lips wrapped around her clit and sucked, and she turned her head and moaned into the pillow next to her. His fingers began searching her walls for that spot that would drive her mad, and he licked her clit into his mouth before gently shaking his head against her. His fingers brushed against a spongy spot inside her at the same moment and pressed into it. Her legs immediately snapped shut around his head as her muffled moans increased slightly in volume. Harry went back to licking against her for a moment as his fingers thrusted against her spot. Then he alternated between suckling against her and licking, noticing how the variety had her squirming underneath him. When he felt her walls begin to flutter around his fingers, he hooked his fingers against her little spongy bump and rubbed against it and his teeth sunk gently into her clit before giving her a good suck. His tongue ran just once against her clit, and she was falling apart beneath him whispering his name like a mantra. He worked her through her orgasm, only coming up when she tugged a little harsher against his curls due to sensitivity.

Her chest heaved against him as he journeyed up to her neck, pressing gentle kisses against her while she came down. “Yeh good, love?” he checked when he felt her breathing start to slow to a normal pace.

She managed the smallest of laughs against him. “I’m much better than good, bubs. I’d quite like for you to make love to me, though.”

Harry couldn’t help the elated grin that lit up his features, and he pecked gently against her lips twice. “Are you sure you’re still up for it?” When he saw her sparkly-eyed little nod, he couldn’t help but kiss her again. “Then it’d be my pleasure. Do yeh want me to use a rubber?” He knew she’d been on birth control since she was 17, but he’d still give her the option to see what she was more comfortable with.

She shook her head immediately. “Just wanna feel you.”

Harry smiled against her lips. “Never been bare with anyone before.”

Her cheeks got dusted with that rosy pink color he loved, but she didn’t seem as embarrassed as usual by his blunt language. “Me either. ‘M glad we can be each others’ firsts.”

Harry immediately shook his head and reached down to line up against her entrance, smiling at her gasp when his tip brushed against her still-sensitive clit. “Baby, we’re each others’ lasts.” He covered his mouth with hers before she could respond, he pushed inside her.

Y/N certainly hadn’t been with as many people as Harry, but she was no virgin. Despite that, she’d never felt anything quite like Harry inside her. She knew it wasn’t about the lack of a condom covering his length. It was her Harry, the boy she’d run through gardens with as a little kid. The guy she’d shared her first kiss with against a tree when she was eleven years old. She’d always loved him, and she’d never felt closer with anyone in her entire life. The knowledge that she, with her legs wrapped around Harry’s waist as he was buried to the hilt inside her, his lips gently rubbing against her collarbone, could not be any physically closer to him if she tried was enough to make her eyes misty.

“You’re so damn beautiful, Y/N. Swear I’m gonna love yeh forever.” She could barely hear the words uttered against her neck as he made his first careful withdrawal, all the way to the tip, before gently thrusting forward again. He looked up in alarm when he heard her sniffle, but she quickly took his face in her hands and pressed kisses to every bit of skin she could get at.

“I love you, too, bubs. Forever and a day,” she promised. He smiled against her just because she always had to one up him, then he pressed his lips to hers as he began to move a little faster inside her.

She gasped when the length of him brushed against that spot inside her, and her arm tugged him closer by wrapping around his shoulder.

“Shh, baby, gotta stay quiet. Can’ have them comin’ in, can we?” Harry gently hushed her his lips brushed against her temple.

She nodded against him and tried not to cry out as he reached down to grab at one of her knees around his waist. He gently hoisted her leg up into the crook of his arm to provide a new angle in which he could push deeper into her. His other hand braced against the bed to hold himself up as he pushed in all the way and grinded his pelvic bone against her clit. Immediately, her eyes snapped shut and jaw dropped open at the feeling, nails digging into his back as she fought for something to keep her grounded to earth.

Harry continued to thrust a little harder against her, always aiming for her spot, and stopped occasionally for those little grinds he quickly discovered drove her crazy. Her little gasps morphed into whimpers and whisperings of his names and quiet moans, and Harry nearly lost his mind. He began to thrust faster against her with the leverage his arm provided against the mattress, hitching her leg higher up in his arm so it was pressed between their torsos.

“Harry, Harry, ‘m gonna cum, please come back,” Y/N sounded desperate as she tried to hold off her climax. She wanted him close to her when she came, and she ran her nails down his back in an effort to pull him down to her.

“Shh, shh, I’m here, love. S’alright.” Harry immediately dropped her leg down from his arm and moved down to hover just above her. He took one of her hands from his back and intertwined their fingers together above their heads. He felt her legs wrap back around his waist as he pressed his lips against hers and moved a bit faster in an effort to get her to climax. He cursed slightly under his breath when the headboard started to gently tap against the wall in their efforts, and he reached up to hold the top to keep it from making to much noise. “Rub your clit for me. Can yeh do that, love? ‘M gonna make yeh come, I promise.”

The hand of Y/N’s that he wasn’t holding onto snaked into the narrow space between their bodies, and she gasped as soon as her fingers made contact with the nerves. She used her legs around his waist to pull her hips tight to his on every thrust he gave her, meeting him halfway. “Wan’ you to come with me. Please, please do it with me.”

Harry nodded frantically, feeling the coil burning white hot in his belly. “I will, baby, I will. Fuck, I love you so much.” He felt her walls begin to flutter around him, and he knew he was done for. He squeezed her hand tighter in his and thrusted as hard as he could while keeping a hand on the headboard in order to minimize the noise. “Come now, baby. Come with me.” They moaned into each other’s mouths as she clenched around him like a vice in her climax. He didn’t stand a chance as soon as she started to close in on him, and he disconnected his lips from hers to bite down into the spot between her neck and shoulder as he felt the coil in tummy snap. She continued to use her hips to thrust up against him as his orgasm hit full force and he emptied himself inside her. The feeling of rope after rope coating her walls was something she’d never felt before and never wanted to go without again. Finally, when she started to feel that he was spent, she released her legs from around him and reached up to brush a stray curl from where it was matted with sweat against his forehead. Her own forehead and body felt clammy with perspiration, but whether it was hers or his she couldn’t be sure. He shook lightly in her arms as he lowered himself down to her, pressing kisses to every bit of skin he could get at. He went to pull out of her, but she scrambled to put a hand against his hip and push him down into her.

“Not yet,” she begged, “wanna feel you just a little longer.”

Harry smiled, nodding his head as he lifted his head just slightly to kiss her. This kiss was less frantic than the previous ones had been. It was slow and unhurried and full of nothing but love. When Harry felt himself going soft inside her, he gently retracted his pelvis from Y/N’s before pressing kisses across her face. “Thank you for being amazing, love.”

Y/N felt her eyelids beginning to flutter shut from exhaustion but smiled nonetheless. “Thank you for loving me, Harry Styles.” She allowed him to pull the covers up their naked bodies, turning off to the side so that Harry could spoon behind her. She prayed they’d wake up in the morning before Anne came knocking on either of their doors and discovered what had happened before they got a chance to properly explain themselves. But when she felt Harry’s lips press gently to the shell of her ear, his arm around her waist and his whole body warming the back of hers, she decided to live in the moment. She’d worry about tomorrow when it came, because she knew she could handle anything with Harry by her side.

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House Aesthetics, as Written by House Members

Gryffindor [by Olga]:

Gryffindor is laughing at your jokes and not caring what others think. Gryffindor is falling in love with life every day when you wake up when the sun touches your face. Gryffindor is emptying a water bottle over your head on a hot day and not changing your wet clothes. Gryffindor is always telling the truth even if it hurts. Gryffindor is knowing that brave doesn’t mean not being afraid but doing something despite experiencing fear. Gryffindor is kissing strangers at a party. Gryffindor is blasting music and singing the lyrics wrong. Gryffindor is the strong wind playing with your hair as you’re leaning out of the window. Gryffindor is crying with the rain and screaming with the thunder. Gryffindor is the friend who takes you by the hand when you need them to. Gryffindor is staring at fireworks with wide-opened eyes. Gryffindor is stargazing with that one person and feeling eternity. Gryffindor is the smirk you give someone right before you punch them in the face. Gryffindor is the one person you’ll always remember for being loud and strong yet always there when you needed them. Gryffindor are the memories of your youth that never fade. Gryffindor is the song stuck in your head that you associate with something that happened to you when you heard it for the first time. Gryffindor is slipping into sweatpants and an old t-shirt and not getting out of them for the whole day. Gryffindor is the red and yellow leaves in Fall that rustle beneath your feet. Gryffindor is the river flowing so fast and reckless taking everything with it. Gryffindor is dancing around a fire and singing songs from old days. Gryffindor is staying up all night to talk. Gryffindor is belonging to no one and everyone at the same time. Gryffindor is running so fast that your legs hurt. Gryffindor doing without thinking and living with the consequences.

Slytherin [by Tory]:

Slytherin is hanging an old diploma that belonged to a long-deceased family member you’ve never met in a place of honor in your house. Slytherin is clutching smoke and loving the feeling of it slipping through your fingers. Slytherin is turning off all the lights in your house and letting the last glints of the setting sun peek in through your window. Slytherin is smiling and laughing and never letting on that you secretly want to hit the person you’re talking to over the head. Slytherin is weaving in and out of traffic. Slytherin is the sunlight that ripples down onto the floor below you when you’re submerged in a pool. Slytherin is sometimes lying to others, but never to yourself. Slytherin is playing up the shadows and contrast when you’re editing a picture. Slytherin is dressing up on your days off. Slytherin is expecting the very best from those around you, and yet also turning the other cheek when the ones you love hurt you. Slytherin is missing the school bus and, instead of calling a friend or family member for a ride, walking home instead. Slytherin is falling in love with historical figures. Slytherin is skimming through photo albums by the light of a fire at Christmas time. Slytherin is wanting the freedom to change your mind whenever you want, but not actually doing so. Slytherin is a Venetian mask. Slytherin is a velvet curtain on a stage. Slytherin is an instrumental music track that pulls at your heartstrings. Slytherin is a piece of refreshing mint gum. Slytherin is the pair of eyes that says much more than a mouth ever could. 

Hufflepuff [by Jinxy]:  

Hufflepuff is sweaters with fraying sleeves and fading covers. It’s skipping stones sending up ripples as they sink in a lake. It’s the last dandelion seed clinging to the stem and a half-written letter. Hufflepuff is hair escaping a braid. It’s extra buttons collected in a jar on the bookshelf. Hufflepuff is empty birdhouses and open windows. It’s a garden of sunflowers reaching for the sun. Hufflepuff is the moment of anticipation right before something exciting happens. It’s trumpet music and untied shoelaces. Hufflepuff is old, flowery wallpaper. It’s singing along to a song, but only knowing the words to the chorus. It’s waiting, but not giving up hope. Hufflepuff is the nostalgia of entering a childhood home. It’s thunderstorms. Hufflepuff is forgetting a word mid-sentence. It’s a smile hiding tears, blurred family photographs, and the kitchen in wake of cooking. Hufflepuff is glasses clinking together in toast and friends reuniting after too long apart. It’s a long exhale and the first step into a new adventure.

Ravenclaw [by Abigail]:  

Ravenclaw is the quiet patter of rain at night, leaves falling in fall, finding a geode, converse, hair falling onto the floor after being cut.  Ravenclaw is purple flower petals blowing in the wind, glitter, the smell of hot chocolate in the winter, the sound of water flowing over rocks in the creek, trying new ice cream flavors, stupid puns, new sheet music, the seat heater in the car. Ravenclaw is scribbling with a brand new pen, quiet giggles at a campfire, spinning in a dress, the new book smell, space, lavender, newly painted nails, fluffing a pillow right before bed, making a fresh cup of tea, Ravenclaw is the moment you get something perfect after working hard on it, snowflakes falling on your nose, petting a dog after a long day, a half smile, water dripping on your nose after a shower, a perfectly baked treat. Ravenclaw is catching fireflies once the night has gone completely dark, the wind in your face and hair while walking, dark lipstick, a new pair of heels, curly hair. Ravenclaw is staring up at the stars on a summer night with a friend, the feeling you get after learning something new, crazy socks, perfecting the messy bun. Ravenclaw is standing on the beach as the waves come up and hit your knees, the sound of a clock ticking, the feeling of when you just jump in without thinking. 


“He told me he wanted to make love with me. Well, I acknowledged the fact that I wanted to make love with him, and he told me to take off my clothes, so I uninhibitedly took off my clothes, and there happened to be a full length mirror in the room, and he told me to go over and look at myself in the mirror. I didn’t want to do it, so he took me by my hand and stood me in front of the mirror, and I turned away and he said, ‘Go ahead and look at yourself. There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect. You have always been perfect.’

He asked me if I had ever made love with my father. I looked at him and kind of giggled and I said, ‘No.’ And he said, ‘Have you ever thought about making love with your father?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ And he told me, ‘All right, when you are making love picture in your mind that I am your father.’ And I did, I did so, and it was a very beautiful experience.”

- Susan Atkins, member of the Manson family, on Charles Manson

Uncertain Future: 1

Two Three Four Five Six

Well y’all wanted Taeyong because we thirsty af, so here I am to quench your thirst!! Buckle up and enjoy😃


Keep going.

Don’t look back.

Come on girl, faster.

Don’t look back!

Trees past you in a blur, paws almost stumbling over roots and large branches fallen onto the path.

“Y/N! get back here!”

“You’re father will hunt you down!”

“We’ve got guns, Y/N! stop running!”

“We don’t wanna hurt you!”

“Stop running!”

But despite their words, all you could think of were, LIES! All your life you’ve been dishonored and disrespected, and now you were running, running away from that life to begin a new one. 

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Words: 1092
Pairing: Avengers x Fem!Reader w/ an eventual Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Warnings: mentions of death

This series will be a lot of parts, idk how many yet, but it starts off after The Avengers and before Age of Ultron and will carry on up to Civil War.


Summary: After a family tragedy, Y/N’s life gets flipped upside down. Y/N is no ordinary teenage girl, however. She has powers and is known as an inhuman to S.H.I.E.L.D. She must continue to go to a brand new school in a brand new city while living the secret life of an Avenger in training.

        “Captain Rogers, this is Y/N Y/L/N. She is an inhuman and could be a valuable member of your team. She is to attend public school, but she will live at the tower. Her identity will remain classified with the exception of the Avengers. When she is to go on missions, she must wear a mask and no civilian or anyone outside your team may know what she can do. Here are her reports,” Fury informed, handing your files to Steve. He quickly opened them and started to flip through them.

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Arsonist’s Lullaby [1]

Summary: You are a pyrokinetic, being sought after by both Hydra and the Avengers. What will become of you? 

Bucky Barnes X enhanced!Reader

Word Count: 1069 

Warnings: None so far, I think..

A/N: Okay, so I was totally inspired by Hozier, after listening to Arsonist’s Lullaby on repeat for a few days.. This may be a little rough, but I’m going to try and be serious (which may be impossible, and I know this part has really nothing to it..). Please, hang in there with me. Please let me know if you wanna be tagged (or untagged) :) Also feedback please!! :)

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Summary:  This is for  @sanjariti ‘s Challenge.  My word was “Mercy”.  Tony Stark has a strange way of dealing with the guilt he feels from the Battle of New York

Characters:  Tony Stark x Reader, background Jarvis background Bruce Banner, mentions of the Iron Legion

Timeline:  Non-Cannon, after New York.  Jarvis is a bit different.  OOC Tony.  You do not need to know Marvel to follow the story. 

Warnings:  Stalking, Non-consensual sexual activities, drug use (not with the sex tho), slow burn smut (but this is a one shot, just a long one).

A/N:  I had a request for some Non-Con Tony. I decided to work it into this story.  I’m not a HUGE Tony person, but I think I did an OK job getting him down.  

Words: 14,406.  It’s a bit long!

Tags: @kellyn1604 @marauderice @divadinag @miiraal @negan–is–god @wayward-mirage @alyisdead @mysacredstardust @xbergiex @owlettrraine @siren-kitten-his @mrssgtjamesbuckybarnes @theariel85 (Just tagging people who may be into it, sorry if you’re not interested!) 

The television showed the monsters attacking the skyscrapers.  You brought your hand to your mouth to stifle the scream. With shaky fingers you dialed your mother’s cellphone and received the beep beep of an unconnected line.  Next you tried your father.  Same response.  Of course it was just because cell phone towers had to be down.  That was it.  You would hear from them in a few hours.  

Lone Survivor: Local woman is the last member of her family alive, after parents perish in New York City Attacks.  Who Is to Blame?  

Tony stared at the article.  He could recite the thing word-for-word.  There were hundreds of stories out there like this, all of the seventy-four casualties had family, but the picture of the smiling young woman next to the photo of her crying at her parent’s grave shook him to his core.  

“You’re not responsible for that.”  Bruce took a seat across from Tony. “Why are you torturing yourself?”

“I’m a glutton for punishment.”  Tony dropped the newspaper.  

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aries: going to the pool and tanning all day, walking around the neighborhood when it’s dark and all the streetlights are on, cutoff shorts, 7-11 slurpees, wild hair, feeling so close to someone they feel like a sibling.

taurus: small ice cream shops, the feeling of curtain call during a show when everyone is cheering for you, going to diners late at night, fairy lights strung up outside during a party, long road trips with all your friends, going out for breakfast.

gemini: the run from the shore to the water at the beach where your feet are burning, peeling sunburns, playing music too loud from your car with all the windows open, super strong bass lines, when one of your friends goes off on someone you hate, small surf shops.

cancer: seeing someone with an amazing aesthetic and wishing you had it, corduroy skirts, going places with all your friends and taking pictures of everything, the silence of an art gallery, the feeling of pure joy when you see a dog and it runs up to you to say hello, being with all your friends and feeling totally safe.

leo: talking to an older family member about their past and feeling so much closer to them, standing up for yourself and not feeling guilty about it, eating a popsicle on a ridiculously hot day and trying to finish it before it melts, looking at old pictures of yourself when you were little, americana, small bakeries.

virgo: someone so creative it’s shocking, paint splattered jeans, alice in wonderland, the feeling of gaining back a friend you thought you’d lost forever, baking with all your friends, looking at something you’ve created and feeling proud of it, graffiti.

libra: going on a run and feeling immensely proud of yourself, long comfortable silences, when you walk out of a movie theater and it’s dark outside, really long hair put into really high ponytails, going to football games at school and feeling part of a community, full moons.

scorpio: talking to someone and knowing you can tell them anything, super oversized flannels, dancing and not caring who sees, talking to online friends and feeling like you’re not miles apart, going through poetry books and underlining all the parts you like, staying out late with all your friends and feeling like you could take over the world.

sagittarius: cryptozoology, the feeling when you smell a certain scent and are transported back to a specific time in your life, researching things that you’re interested in on your own time, when you do your makeup and know that you look great, watching scary movies with your friends, going to protests.

capricorn: coffeeshops, going to the grocery store late at night when no one’s there, working so hard you feel like crying but knowing it will all be worth it in the end, science experiments, being stupid with all your friends but not caring if anyone is judging you, writing all your thoughts down and feeling immediately better.

aquarius: blizzards, cat cafes, hearing someone speak a language you’re learning and finding that you understand it, finishing an essay and feeling immensely proud of it, planning your future and think it might all work out, singing in the car with your friends.

pisces: fairies and folk tales, learning about your ancestry and feeling fascinated, feeling nostalgic for something that never happened to you, when you plan a party and it goes off perfectly, cut crease eyeshadow, shaving your legs and immediately crawling under satin sheets.

—  what the signs make me think of, based on the most important people in my life
Home At Last

Request: “Is that my picture as your home screen?” With Lafayette
Requested by: @hanakatsumi
Pairing: Lafayette x Reader
Word count: 1,167
Tag squad: @musicalmoriarty @imagineham @imaginebeinghamiltrash @butlinislin @drugsdiggs @secretschuylersister @icanneverbesatisfied @daveedish @diggs4life @americanrevelation @tempfixeliza @patron-saintof-sluts @adothoe @shamagangster @crazypurplebananas @chloehamiltonn @getupoffathathang @wolfphantom-m @y-lue

You stared at the calendar on your phone and let out a sigh.

“Only two more weeks to go,” you lament.

Lafayette had already been gone for two weeks, off visiting his family back home in France. When you closed the calendar app you stared at your home screen for a few moments. Lafayette’s handsome face stared back at you with his wide smile. You loved how he got little crinkles around his eyes when he smiled like he was in the picture.

He was a central member of your small group of friends and while their shenanigans kept you busy things just didn’t feel quite the same without the Frenchman. He texted often, but you found yourself missing his voice.

Tonight was group movie night and everyone had piled into your apartment with various snacks, throw blankets, and drinks. The genre that had won the vote for tonight was romantic comedy. It was barely halfway through the movie that it dawned on you that even though you were surrounded by your best friends you felt alone. Laf was always the person you sat with, the person who comforted you during sad movies, made you laugh when you were scared during horror night, shared a blanket with you, and he always brought those sour gummy worms and let you have the blue and red ones.

Looking around the living room you saw Alex and Eliza cuddled together, finger woven together as they watched the movie, John was shamelessly flirting with Peggy while Herc distracted Angelica by throwing popcorn on her. You smiled at their antics and sank lower under your blanket and unlocked your phone and looked and the picture again. It made you feel warm.

-(Y/N) 8:30pm: You’re missing movie night.-

-Laf 8:35pm: Is that so? What genre is it this time?-

-(Y/N) 8:36: Rom-com. I didn’t think you’d be awake. It’s 5:30 in the morning isn’t it?-

-Laf 8:38pm: Yes it is. I wasn’t sleeping well so I got up.-

-(Y/N) 8:40pm: I miss you Laf.-

-Laf 8:41pm: I miss you too ma chère.-

Ma chère… he had never called you that before. You felt your cheeks heat up and a giddy feeling filled you, but the more you thought about the butterflies you were feeling the more nervous you became.

Three weeks. Three weeks of Laf being gone and you had come to the conclusion that you were hopelessly in love with him. Angelica was quick to point out when you confided in her that she had already known that and it has been obvious long before he had left.

“Please you have been in love with him since that first stupid party my family threw at Christmas. You looked like some cartoon with hearts for eyes when he danced with you,” Angelica quipped.

“That isn’t true… I just thought it was sweet of him to ask me to dance,” you countered.

“Keep telling yourself that,” she scoffed.

She was right though, the more you thought about it. You had stamped down those feelings quickly when they had first appeared, ignored them completely, and instead of going away they had come back stronger than ever. His absence had shown you how much you truly depended on him and how happy he made you day in and day out and you had one week to figure out what the hell you were going to do.

So here you were sitting in the apartment Hercules shared with Laf. It was Herc’s turn to host movie night, tonight’s theme was 80s slasher.

“Hey (Y/N) I’m going to run to the store and replenish my candy and booze stock,” Herc said cheerfully, “you’re welcome to tag along or just kick it here.”

“I think I’ll just stay here and hold down the fort.”

“Sounds good. I’ll be back in twenty.”

Hercules has been gone for roughly ten minutes and you sat quietly with your legs tucked under your chin. Just one more week and Laf would be here. You unlock your phone again and look at the background and smiled.

“What am I going to do?”

You mulled over how to proceed after Lafayette got home. What if he didn’t feel the same? Angelica and Eliza both had said it was obvious he felt the same, but if that was true then how come you both hadn’t realized it?

“Is… that my picture on your home screen?”

You slowly turned around at the sound of his voice, it couldn’t be. As you look up Lafayette was leaning slightly over the back of the couch, jacket still on, his bag in hand, the same kind brown eyes and curly hair piled on the top of his head. You stood up quickly and ran around the couch.

“Laf? What are you doing here? You aren’t supposed to be back until next week,” you say in a rush.

“I had to come back early ma chère.”

God you had missed his voice.

“Is everything alright? Did something happen?”

“Oui, you could say that,” he said with a nervous smile.

“What’s wrong Laf? You can tell me what happened,” you say concerned.

“I missed you (Y/N)… I missed you so much,” he said closing the distance between you.

“Laf… I don’t see why you left early… that doesn’t…”

You were struggling to figure out the right words to say when he was this close. He reached up and gently brushed his thumb along your jawline. You had a million questions that were erased when his lips met yours. When he pulled away his forehead rested against yours, he looked so at ease and you felt like your heart was about to beat out of your chest.

“I couldn’t sleep. I was alright at first and I was so happy to see my family and be home, but after a week I missed you. I missed everything about you (Y/N). You consumed my thoughts and all I wanted to do was get on a plane. I wanted to come home and see your face and hear your voice,” Laf’s voice was barely above a whisper.

You weren’t exactly sure at what point tears has begun to flow when he had been speaking, but you felt his fingers brush them away. You quickly pull him into another kiss and wrap you arms around him tightly.

“Je t'aime,” he mumbled against your lips, “je t'aime tellement.”

“I love you too Gil.”

“Well, well it’s about God damn time!”

A startled yelp escaped your lips as you look over and saw Hercules standing in the kitchen with an arm full of groceries. Lafayette’s chest rumbled with laughter and it didn’t take long before you joined him. Today had definitely taken an unexpected turn.

“It’s good to have you back,” Herc said.

“Oui… it’s good to be home,” Laf said meeting your gaze and planted a kiss to your forehead.

Good to be home indeed.

Tips On How To Ease Dysphoria - Part Two //Ftm Trans Boy Addition

- Working out

- Watching transition videos on YouTube or before and after transition pictures of other trans guys.

- (I said something similar to this in the last one) surround yourself with supportive family members, or if unfortunately there are none you can go to, go to friends or support groups online.

- If you’re more masculine than most, not wearing skinny jeans, bright shoes or clothes, flashy jewelry, or dying your hair bright colors (If you’re super masculine and not uncomfortable with wearing those things THAT IS 100% OKAY! Pay no attention to this one. This to was aimed more towards the super masculine side of trans men who get dysphoria by being in “women’s"clothes or looking feminine at all)

- If able: cutting your hair short. pixie cuts, or really long bangs and short hair in the back look more feminine. Scraggly, unruly, or messy hair looks more masculine.

- Remind yourself that one day you’ll be able to medically transition.

(Once again, feel free to add your own)
Hot And Bothered

In which post-concert Harry is being a horny little shit and you have to deal with it all night.

A/N: Hello once again, my fellow thirsty Harry girls!  Sooo a backstory to this: I was at the OTRA Baltimore concert Saturday (Yep. I had to watch Drag Me Down live.  I had to hear Harry’s voice in the end with my own ears.).  How am I still alive, you ask?  Well, I’m barely hanging on to my life.  The post concert depression hasn’t gone away and basically all I want to do is lay on my couch and cry because GOD I LOVE HARRY SO MUCH. So, as a result, I wrote this to maybe quench my thirst (but in reality it just made it so much worse).  Hope you enjoy!

Stay thirsty, my friends. x

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Favorite Things-chapter 7

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max has to deal with the aftermath of his decisions. What happens after Avonlea learns what has happened to August?

Word Count- 3.9k-ish

Warnings- Angst, Fluff, Smut (oral, fingering, sex), Non-con

Author’s Note- Alright, I worked really hard to try and get this out before our week long vacation tomorrow. Yay! Disney World! That being said, I didn’t read over this as many times as I usually do. So please ignore typos..I’m sorry. I’ll probably go back over all my chapters eventually to clean them up. Reminder…Max is creepy and makes bad choices.

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Originally posted by mypapawinchester

Max sat in a hard plastic seat waiting under bright florescent lights. That seemed to be all he had done the last three days. Waiting for morning to come to see if August made it through the night. Waiting for EMS to arrive to take the barely alive old man to the hospital. Waiting for doctors to tell him there was nothing more they could do. Waiting for August’s heart to stop beating when they took him off of life support. Now Max waited for the paperwork to release the body to funeral home so his grandfather could be buried next to his wife and daughter.

He had waited his whole life to be out from under the old man’s thumb. His constant spew of volatile hatred. The crushing weight of constant disappointment. Always being compared to the man that took the life of his mother and then his own. He would never have to measure up to August’s twisted set of expectations again. He was his own man.

Being his own man, however, had left him in a tumultuous state of confusion. Without August to dictate how he should feel, he didn’t know what to feel. His mind alternated between guilt for not feeling remorse and relief that he was finally gone, but never grief.

He had no love for the only member of his family he would ever remember. What kind of person did that make him? That he could let his grandfather die without feeling anything. How could he be that cold? The fact that August probably would have done the same turned his stomach. He spent his whole life trying not to be his father. Had he turned into his grandfather instead?

Max pulled his phone from his pocket and opened his messages. He scrolled through the texts Avonlea had sent him over the past few days. Sweet notes letting him know how much she enjoyed their date. Worried texts wondering why he hadn’t responded. Why hadn’t he responded? He hadn’t seen her in since that night. He couldn’t bring himself to face her. He could barely face himself. Didn’t she deserve better? Shouldn’t he want better for her? He should, but he still wanted her for himself. If he should feel guilty about anything, it was that. His love for her was selfish. He wanted her even if it wasn’t the best thing for her. He wanted her even though she would despise him if she ever found out who he truly was. He could live a lie his whole life, as many lies as it took, if it meant being with her. He could and he would.

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Some Fun Things I Noticed in Today’s Episode

“Aw geez! How does she get her legs to do that?!”

“Carabiner! Carabinerr!!”

Pearl messes up sometimes, but she’s trying so hard.

“I’m sorry, we didn’t want you meetin’ us here like this!”

Pearl’s always the one who suggests the getaway.


Amethyst to Peridot “Uh, if you’re trying to flush yourself down the toilet, it won’t work! Trust me, I tried.”

Greg’s family member, Andy, looks similar to Marty.

Greg looks sadly at a picture of Vidalia, a young Sour Cream and Yellowtail, a picture without Marty. Greg hangs out at Vidalia’s a lot, which suggests moreso Greg’s family connection with Marty. Or he’s sad because he’s envious of their family, because Rose isn’t around anymore.

”“Oh, He’ll need it.. in the future.”

You Have A Pet Tarantula

Jin: You rolled your eyes for what seemed like the thousandth time. You had decided to have a nice day to yourself & go out & have a little fun. It’s not like you didn’t want to be around your boyfriend Jin, it’s just you didn’t want him to feel like you were smothering him whenever he is home from a hard day at work, so you went out & had a good time with yourself. No friends, no family members, just you. Normally, you’d just wander around the streets & take random photos of buildings or flowers, gaining inspiration from many things, being that you were a painter. Everything seemed like art to you, so you had a habit of taking your camera everywhere with you. While you were on your little adventure you happen to stop by a pet store. Curious, you went inside & looked around, an eight-legged creature seeming to stare at you with its beady eyes. You smiled & thought to make a pet out of it before snapping many pictures of it. Once you got home with your friend in a small cage, you proudly go into the living room to show it to your boyfriend. He immediately freaked out about the spider, causing you to roll your eyes, but once he calmed down he wouldn’t stop insulting the black & brown arachnid. Literally, he kept calling it “ugly” saying he was the “man of the house” & that no one, even a pet spider was as “handsome” as him. He wagged his finger in-front of the cage containing the spider, scolding it. “Jin, are you serious right now? Leave Jin Jr. alone.” You frown, propping your feet into the coffee table. “No! He thinks he runs this place, but he doesn’t. I do. Look at him! He’s glaring at me with those beady eyes. You wanna have a staring contest, I bet I’d win-“ you cut him off. “Seriously Jin!” You groaned knowing it was going to be a long day of Jin whining.

Yoongi: You were so excited to finally get back home from work. You couldn’t wait to see your two favorite men, one being your boyfriend & the other being your pet spider. You had gotten him a week after Yoongi went on tour with the rest of BTS. He was sort of your replacement since your boyfriend was gone for over two months, but now he’s back. He had no idea you had a pet spider, who you named Spider Man (original right? Haha…no). Yoongi wasn’t afraid of things like spiders, but he wasn’t particularly fond of them, hence why you didn’t tell him as a surprise. He texted you earlier saying he’d be out with the guys but promised to come home as soon as he could. You were now standing in-front of your home, a bright smile on your face. You suddenly hear a loud yell & crash come from behind the door. Scared, you hurriedly open the door, rushing to see where the noise came from. Coming from one of the bedrooms, you run in to see your boyfriend with a broom in hand as a blood stain & left over legs hung onto the wall. Your mouth dropped. “Yoongi what happened?!” You yell praying he didn’t do what you think he did. “There was a spider on the wall so I killed that f*cker.” He said pointing the broom at your squished Spider Man on the floor. “OMG he was my pet! You killed Spider Man! You idiot!” You yell, looking at the mess he made. “Why the hell would you have a pet as a spider?” He asked, rolling his eyes and sweeping up Spider Man into a dust pan. You glared at him, silently. He scratched the back of his head. “I’ll just throw him aw-“ he said but you cut him off. “How dare you?! Kill him & then try to dispose of him like he’s trash. We’re having a funeral.” You pout. “Are you serio-“ he sighed deeply. “I’m dead serious. Now grab a shovel. We’re burying him next to all the other pets you’ve ‘accidentally’ killed.” You say as your boyfriend reluctantly follows behind you.

Jung Hoseok: You just knew it was a bad idea to surprise your boyfriend with a pet spider. He’s been feeling a bit down lately working extra hard in the studio & dance practice. Somehow your brain conjured up the bright idea of getting a spider to cheer him up. Unfortunately, you forgot how scary your boyfriend can be, even jumping at the slightest noise or creak of the floor at night when you’re sleeping. He’d literally cling onto you. You were regretting ever getting a spider as a pet as your boyfriend screamed his head off when you showed it to him while he was in the shower. You held it in his hand declaring you had a “surprise” for him that just couldn’t wait. When he pulled back the curtains to see a hairy friend in your hands, he ran so fast out of the door, forgetting he didn’t have on any clothes. He nearly slipped into all the furniture as he ran out of the front door, hollering as loud as his lungs allowed (we all know how loud this guy screams). You couldn’t believe your boyfriend just ran down the street naked & yelling, but even worse you were running after him, towel in hand, probably looking like a pair of idiots.

Namjoon: You had just gotten into work, exhausted from being on your feet all day. All you wanted to do right now was cuddle with your loving boyfriend & play with your pet tarantula named Ryan. You & Namjoon got him last month  maiming he would be your “baby” until you had an actual baby. He was a cool pet, but most would be afraid of him. Whenever the rest of BTS would come over they wouldn’t really go near it, except Jungkook (cause the boy wasn’t afraid of anything). They practically freaked out when you & Joon announced that you were having a new addition to the family, little did they know you were talking about a spider. Joon grew attached to Ryan & would do the oddest things with him such as talking to him about life & philosophy or hating a couple of lyrics with him. It was beyond cute though. You smile as you reminisce as you walk through the front door, not hearing anything downstairs. Curious, you walk upstairs to hear low mumbling. You grin walking into the master bedroom. You weren’t urprised as you found Namjoon, book in hand & Ryan in his lap, going on about The Little Engine That Could, one of the many children books you owned. “Hey my two handsome men.” You tease putting your things aside & lying on the bed next to Joon. “Hi babe, I was just reading a little bedtime story to Ryan. I think he fell asleep though. It’s so cute.” He smiled, planting a loving kiss on your lips as you smile at the little ‘family’ you both had.

Jimin: “Come on Jimin he won’t hurt you!” You groaned trying to get your boyfriend to hold your new pet spider named Butterfly (yes you have a pet spider named after an insect.) He refused to like the hairy arachnid as soon as you introduced it to him. He loved animals but a creepy black spider just wasn’t for him. When you told him you wanted to have a friend for when he would be on tour he assumed you’d both get a dog,  but instead you got an eight-legged little one much to his dislike. “Babe please put that thing away, it’s looking at me weirdly.” He said going upstairs to get ready for bed. “Oh well, he’ll learn to accept you.” You say to Butterfly before putting her in her topless cage. As bedtime arrives, you hop into bed & into the arms of Jimin. The next morning you were awakened out of your beauty sleep to the loud screams of your boyfriend. Rushing to the bathroom, where he was, you see him pointing at his hair where Butterfly had made a home of its’ fluffiness. “Get her! Get heeeeeeeer!” He cried. You giggled before taking her out of his hair. “Now how on earth did you get there? You’re so sneaky already.” You grin as your boyfriend grimaced.

Taehyung: You & your boyfriend walked hand-in-hand, going from shop to shop as you enjoyed a day together. It was one of those rare days where he wasn’t in the studio or dance practice so you both took advantage of the moment & went out to have fun. After visiting various shops, including an ice cream one, your final destination happens to be a pet store. You walk in, every animal catching your eye. You loved animals very much & you felt like a kid in a candy store, oohing & aahing at every pet you saw. You were in the bird aisle playing with a parrot named Pat when your boyfriend shouted your name. Going over to see what he wanted you see him holding a tarantula in his hands, a bright smile on his face. “Baby can we have him pleeeeeeaseeeee?! Please! I’ve always wanted a pet spider! Please! I’ll love you even more if we can have him! Just think of all the little Gucci sweaters I can knit for him! They’d have eight holes for his little eight legs! How cool would that be?!” He pleaded with his big eyes & boxy smile, knowing you’d fall weak to his charm. “First off, you can’t knit. Secondly, spiders can’t wear clothes. Thirdly…..just keep him away from me.” You say frowning at the creature, you were scared of bugs. You had a bad experience as a child with bugs & ever since then you grew afraid of them. Tae nearly jumps out of his skin with joy as you go to the register to purchase the new addition to the Kim family.

Jungkook: “Come on Jungkook! Beat him!” Was the first thing you heard as you walked through the front door, recognizing the voice as one of your good friends, Taehyung or Tae for short. You playfully roll your eyes assuming the boys were having another video game spree.  You walk down the hall leading to the living room. “Seriously guys?” You groaned walking into the living room to see Kookie in deep concentration with his arm propped up, in position to arm wrestle, but he wasn’t challenging one of the boys. He was challenging your pet spider Charlie (yes named after Charlie Puss-I mean Puth). Two days ago you & Jungkook went to the pet store & purchased a tarantula & honestly you were beginning to regret it. He wouldn’t stop picking fights with it. He was such a child claiming he had to prove he was the “man of the house”. “Hey babe, I’m a little busy.” He says before Jimin begin to countdown. “I, 2, 3, goo!” Jungkook then gently grabs one of Charlie’s legs & “pins” it down onto the table. The boys cheer in unison. “As expected ladies & gentlemen the Golden Maknae wins again! He’s just unstoppable!” Namjoon announces into an imaginary mic as you grin at the idiots you call friends.

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Reader x Mike Wheeler

Summary: You just moved to Hawkins across the street from the Wheelers, your mom decides it’s a good idea to eat dinner at their house.


You entered your house feeling like a truck just ran all over you as you just had your first day of school in Hawkins, in your opinion, you did a pretty good job not sleeping in any class.

You started to climb up the stairs as you heard your mom speaking

“(Y/N), honey, get pretty and change that awful clothes”

You stared at your clothes and back at your mom

“What, why?”

Your mother smiled as she placed something she just cooked in a plate

“The neighbors just invited us over to have lunch with them” she paused, smiled and then slightly smirked at you

“They have a son about your age”

You glared at your mom, groaned and went to change

You where always so awkward around new people and the fact that you just had your first day and you really wanted to sleep made more awkward than usual.

You snapped away from your thoughts when you realized you where now standing in front of the Wheelers house, or at least that what your mother told you, your mom had brought a cake and cookies, you where the one carrying the cookies.

The door snapped open as a little girl appeared in front of you.

You and your mom stood there watching the girl, a woman appeared behind her making you jump back

“Molly what are you doing?” Spoke the woman with a big smile placed on her face, then she turned to both of you

“You must be (y/n)” she smiled down at you and you awkwardly smiled back

“You’re a pretty young lady (y/n)”

You continued to smile awkwardly as you managed to whispered

“Thank you”

The woman let you in, as you walked around the house you noticed that it was a pretty big and gorgeous house, you looked at the pictures and you could see that the family has 5 members, you smiled for yourself as you continued to follow te woman

“Honey” she spoke towards you “Mike should be downstairs with his friends why don’t you go to say hi?”

You looked at your mother panicking and hoping she would do something but as you expected she just nodded.

You groaned as you made your way down the stairs, you could hear noises from downstairs, your heart raced as you realized it was just boys, not that you didn’t hang out with boys but you were more awkward around them

“Shit, shit!”

You jumped as one of them screamed

“Wait, guys shut up!”

You didn’t hear anything as you cursed at yourself

“Who’s there?”


Who the hell is Nancy?, you asked yourself as you made yourself downstairs.

You saw 4 boys all looking at you, you felt your face heat up as you managed to speak

“I’m (y/n)” you awkwardly smiled.

They kept quiet which made you feel more uncomfortable than you already felt, you looked at the stairs trying to decide if you should just go back up.

“I’m Dustin”

You turned around to see the guy with a hat and curly hair speak

“Dustin Henderson” he smiled at you and you couldn’t help but awkwardly smile back, he gave you one of those smiled that calms you completely so you were thankful for that

Almost all the boys introduced themselves exempt for the one you supposed It was Mike as the woman told you.

You couldn’t help but wonder I he didn’t like you and that brought a little of anxiety to you blood since this was his house

Dustin probably noticed this as he hit Mike’s back

Mike seemed to snapped back to reality as you could see blush poking out of his cheeks, you shook your head as you realized it was probably the lighting

“I’m Mike” he paused like if he had forgotten his name “Mike Wheeler”

You smiled as Will invited you to sit with them, as soon as you got close enough to actually see what they were doing you couldn’t help but almost scream

“Is that dungeons and dragons?” You smiled excited analyzing the game

You could feel all the looks on you as you slowly backed up feeling awkward and dumb

I probably shouldn’t have said that

You spoke to yourself as you jumped back at the sound of Mike’s mom

“Kids! Dinners ready!”

Dustin was the first on his feet as he ran upstairs, Lucas at his heels then Will followed them as well, leaving you and Mike alone

You awkwardly looked at Mike as you could noticed the small freckles in his face and-

You where snapped out of your thoughts as you could feel Mike holding your hand and making his way upstairs with you on his heels, you immediately blushed deeply as you tried to hide it.

He let go of your hand as both of you sat down on the table.

You saw who you supposed it was Mike’s sister, Nancy sat down next to you and smiled kindly, she turned around and a smirked grew bigger on her face

“Mike, you’re blushing” she giggled as you couldn’t help but quickly look at Mike

“You saw a pretty girl?” His sister said as you began to blush yourself

“Shut up Nancy!” Mike spoke/shout as his face grew more red than it was already

“Don’t worry Mike” Lucas spoke this time, “She’s also blushing” You quickly looked at Lucas shooting him a glare which made him laughed, you looked at the floor trying so hard to hide the blush, you could feel your face starting to get colder as you felt someone touching your shoulder, you quickly looked up to see it was Dustin

He shoot a wink to Mike before whispering

“You two look good together” he said winking at you, your eyes widened as you glared at Dustin which made him laughed

“I just meet all of you three seconds ago” you spoke trying not to stutter from shyness

By saying “Heterosexual people/couples shouldn’t be at Pride.”, you are invalidating:

* Bisexual people in a relationship with somebody of a different gender.

* Pansexual people in a relationship with somebody of a different gender.

* Asexual people in a relationship with somebody of a different gender.

* Asexual people attracted to people of a different gender.

* Transgender people in a relationship with somebody of a different gender.

* Transgender people who are attracted to people of a different gender.

* Non-binary people in a relationship with somebody of a different gender.

* Non-binary people who are attracted to people of a different gender.

* Family members/friends who are attending to support their loved ones.

* Family members/friends who are attending in remembrance of their lost loved ones.

* People who are attending to be supportive of the right to love and be yourself.

L and G aren’t the only letters in the acronym. Pride is a festival and memorial dedicated to the celebration of love and identity in every form it comes in and those we’ve lost along the way because of it. Pride is a celebration of our community and by gatekeeping, you’re shutting some of our own out of the picture.

October Journaling Challenge

Hello bumblebees!! Ash here! October is my favorite month of the year, and I thought I would make a challenge. I will be participating in this challenge myself, so all my posts for the next month will have something to do with this challenge. However, if you feel interested in this challenge, but realize there are 31 days, please know that you can skip a day or only do the ones you feel the most connected to. Feel free to do as much or as little as you want!!

1. Include the quote, “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit” by Ralph Waldo Emmerson in your entry. How does this apply to the month of October? What emotions does this bring?

2. Create a symbol based on your url, or even your favorite word or phrase and include in your entry. How does the symbol relate to your life?

3. Try to find a fallen leaf, and press it into your journal. Why are fallen leaves a symbol of autumn?

4. Write down any plans for October, and how you wish to follow through with them.

5. Do some research on words that are unique to the English language, or your preferred language. Include them here.

6. Write down the biggest wish for yourself. How do you plan to make this wish manifest itself?

7. Go outside, gather some acorns and a stick. Bring along a friend. Have the friend throw the acorns and you try to hit the acorns, like if you were to hit a baseball. Record your experience in your journal.

8. Talk a walk around your home, or wherever you feel drawn to. Write down the first five thoughts that come into your mind.

9. Read a book from a genre that you never thought you would read. Read through it with an open mind. Did you like It? Did you hate It? Will you read more of this genre?

10. Find some old photos of yourself from when you were younger. How have you changed? Include the picture in your journal if you wish.

11. Try writing a entry, or just a few words, with your non-dominant hand. How did this go? Record your results in your journal.

12. Write down a Autumn recipe. Has this been used in your family for a long time? Is this a family tradition? Or is this something you wish to include every year?

13. Interview a family member from an older generation. What lessons can you learn from them? What lessons can they learn from You?

14. If you could be any plant, what kind of plant would you be?

15. Write down any superstitions you may have. Are there reasons for these beliefs?

16. What is your favorite scent? Why is it your favorite? What emotions does this scent bring?

17. Write a letter to your favorite person, real or fictional.

18. Is it better to be quiet, or is it better to be loud?

19. Monthly check in: Is this month going the way you planned? How could it improve?

20. How are you going to accomplish your dreams?

21. Why is writing and journaling so important to You?

22. Go outside and sit under a tree, and just simply be. How do your thoughts react to this introspection?

23. If you could have any pet, what would you have? Why is this a good/bad idea?

24. Write down the five things you love about yourself. Make sure to include lots of details.

25. What makes you happy?

26. What three things do you always carry with You? Do they have a purpose? Or do they have a sentimental value?

27. If you had to write a memoir, what would the title be?

28. Create a gratitude list. What are you the most grateful for?

29. Write down three things that made today successful for you. Do they relate to each other?

30. How has this year gone for You? Will next year be even better?

31. Today is Halloween! Write down any Halloween traditions you may have.

I hope this helps you all in your journaling journey! Remember, you can be as creative as you want!! Please tag @chatoyantquill and use the tag #Ash'sOctoberJournalingChallenge. Have fun!!!

Dad! Seungcheol

requested by @aesthedick-cheol
sorry that you had to wait for so long!

Pairing: Seungcheol x reader
Genre: fluff

• you two didn’t really plan on having a child, sometimes he would ask you about this tho
• but when you actually got pregnant he was super happy and had to tell all his family members and friends
• during pregnancy you were taking pictures of your belly everyday and later Seungcheol turned it into a cute movie that shows how it was getting bigger ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
• of course, he was in all of these pictures with you hehe
• if usually he treats you like a princess, during pregnancy you’re his queen
• you know how Seungcheol is. Mr “I’ll do this for you”
• he never let’s you overwork yourself
• does all houseworks
• except cooking, he isn’t really good at it, so that’s your job haha
• he always takes care of you
• he kisses your tummy and talks to your baby!!
• he cried the day you gave birth
• he always helps you with taking care of your child
• he never complains, helping you is a pleasure for him
• he is always proud when the baby learns to do something new
• he was so so happy when he heard his child say their first word because it was “dad”
• you keep on telling your baby to say “mom” but it keeps on repeating “dad” over and over
• you two give the kid millions of cute nicknames
• ok, the child is older now, like 2-3 years
• Seungcheol actively spends time with his treasure 24/7
• it’s not a problem for him if you want to spend some time on your own or with your friends
• he just takes the kid somewhere outside and plays with them
• he piggybacks them and shows them the world
• he always brags about his child because he’s super proud of them
• when the kid is older, starts going to kindergarten and school, Seungcheol is extra supportive
• while you help your child with school life problems like arguments with the teacher or friends, Cheol helps them with studying and achieving goals
• he always reminds them to never give up
• whatever is their hobby/dream, Seungcheol never fails to support them
• basically, he’s an amazing dad, A+

hope you enjoyed it 💗
~ admin Kay