a pic of bill like this one

Soft Bills for sale? Soft Bills for sale!

Hello! As some of you may know, I have to move out in a month. Before that I need to get rid of my furniture and raise some cash money to buy new ones. I want to invest in a new bed frame and mattress instead of buying them used, so I thought I’d fund this necessary purchase by doing some craftwork to sell :>

So to get down to business, here’s your chance to support your local Foo and get yourself a smol felted Bill for just 10€ / $12. The price includes worldwide shipping, since these weigh practically nothing and are super cheap to mail.

As you can see, these four Bills are still a work in progress (it only takes me a couple of hours to finish one once I have the triangular base down), so you can request your expression of choice - a happy Bill, an angry Bill, a cutesy Bill, a smug Bill, you name it! I plan to do four of them for starters, but if there’s a lot of demand, I can always make a few more, since they’re fairly easy and quick to make and I happen to be all stocked up on yellow wool. ^^

Here’s an example pic of a Bill I’ve made in the past to give you an idea of the size and what they look like finished:

If needed, I can add a little loop on his hat so you can use him as a charm, keychain etc! I can also give him wired little arms and legs, but for that I’d charge 2€ / $3 more.

Contact me via IM or send me an ask for details, shipping address, my PayPal and so on!

Please reblog to help me reach potential customers ♡ Thank you!

modern losers club hcs

i felt like it

  • ok mike has a photography instagram
  • and it’s gorgeous
  • aesthetic™ 
  • he takes a lot of photos of the losers, of cute little buildings, nice cups of coffee, graffiti
  • snapchats a lot- fave filter is the golden butterfly crown thingy and has no shame about it
  • ben has a bookstagram- book recommendations, as well as nice pics of books and coffeeshops that mike takes
  • beverly sometimes makes an appearance on his gram
  • she isn’t as on social media as the others- she has snapchat like the rest of the losers with their group chat
  • her fave filters are always the stupid ones that make her laugh- sends her hideous photos to ben, ben always thinks she’s gorgeous
  • losers go to the pride parade- eddie (gay) and richie (pan) and bill (bi) and stan (gay) and bev (bi) with ben and mike being there to support them
  • richie and bev go all out, rainbows and glitter everywhere because they love glitter (they also get it edible because why not)
  • bill, eddie and stan are still pretty wild, but not as much
  • eddie loves flower crowns- he’s a pastel kinda dude
  • his favourite sweater is large and pink (paired with his black skinny jeans and converse richie thinks he looks adorable)
  • he’s very healthy and clean cut
  • works at a coffee shop and it’s always clean- it’s very popular in derry for instagram photos
  • richie’s almost but not quite the opposite- lots of black, leather jacket and combat boots with the most colorful ass shirt underneath because he had a hawaiian shirt phase in middle school and never really got over it
  • has a vine account- posts pranks on the other losers- snapchats a whole bunch of shit
  • gets snap streaks really high and then loses them because of something stupid like he accidentally threw his phone off the bridge as a dare or smth
  • bill loves denim
  • jeans- denim jacket- wore a denim skirt as a dare once, looked adorable
  • mom jeans™, overalls, white converse
  • he bakes cookies yet still plays a mean game of basketball (he fouled out once, team almost rioted)
  • he plays with richie- they’re co captains
  • in fact, all the losers play sports
  • richie and bill w basketball, beverly captains the soccer team, stan runs track (tol boi) mike and ben play football, and eddie plays baseball
  • she actually has a heart attack whenever he comes home in his stained jersey, and calms down a bit when he gets out the shower looking pristinely adorable
  • still goes to every game with his fanny pack in hand (he still wears it under that massive pink sweater y’all)
  • stan runs track and is legendary because those long legs very tol boi
  • bill attends everyone of the meets to kiss him good luck- stans nerves settle a bit when bill is there
  • stan has a studyblr and it’s wonderful
  • a lot of asshole boys made fun of him first but then saw how high his grades were and how many girls fawned over him (too bad he was gay) they learned a bit about color coding and it was all g
  • he has nice pastel highlighters in pinks and blues that eddie borrows sometimes
  • beverly captains the soccer team- everyone looks up to her so much, especially the girls- because she still wears paisley jackets and pretty shirts and earrings (she has five, three on her right ear and two on her left) and still wears her captain’s jock jacket and has he boycut 
  • ben supports her at all her games and snapchats all her goals (he has a knack for knowing when the ball is going in and just whips out his phone real quick)
  • bev attends all of ben’s games- he’s really strong and a good leader on the pitch and she loves to see him like that because she knows how shy he is off the pitch
  • ben throws like a legend- mike scores like a legend
  • mike and ben’s jersey= precious artefacts
  • they all hate supreme with a passion
  • and thrasher
  • richie works at an oldie’s diner where they play old music out of the jukebox
  • and while they all love ariana grande and know the entire rap to super bass by nicki they can also hit every lyric of “kids in america” on point every single time
  • richie always has spare quarters for them
  • they go to the cliff very often- especially after swimsuit shopping
  • beverly’s favourite swimsuit is this black bikini that says “fuck off” on the ass- ben thinks she looks adorable in it
  • richie helped her pick it out
  • sometimes they straight up skinny dip- they’ve seen it all before, and they’re comfortable enough
  • especially when it’s really hot
  • they play music out of the bluetooth speaker so loud that they can hear it even after they’ve jumped into the water
  • they stay there till night, so they can see the stars and the moon and say cheesy things into each others ears and laugh and jump into the dark dark water again knowing they’ll be ok

I feel TERRIBLE ‘cause I just saved this drawing on my Gafou’s PSD pages just for let you see what I’m doing about that.

This was a piece of the fanarts I was making! I FINALLY found the time to finish the pages about Gaston, LeFou and Gafou… and I save this pic on the project.

Now I have to restar everything again.

I lost EVERYTHING. Even the WIP I posted!

I hope to not get bored about this. 
I was hoping to finish this week.


Hope you like this traitor fanart-

The only one for now-

Beauty and the Beast ( Bill Condon, Disney)

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the losers club social media, what do they post on instagram, who runs a meme blog, etc

ohHHH boy

let’s start with our boy bill denbrough:

  • lowkey i feel like bill would run an instagram that’s super aesthetic-y
  • its mostly just scenic photography of the creepy small town they live in
  • he has a modest following of a few thousand followers and his blog is like, something he takes deep pride in
  • he also has a personal account that’s private and it’s filled with dorky pics of him and his friends, but it’s not really a spam
  • i could see bill having a tumblr to post his writing, doodles in his sketchbook, etc., very aesthetic-y and stuff but it would have a much smaller following than his IG
  • nonetheless he does it because it makes him happy
  • probably wouldn’t have a twitter
  • would only get a facebook to keep in touch with grandma or some crap idk
  • has no idea what some social media things are (what is a reddit)

richie tozier:

  • richie would be that one dude who’s meme account is his main account
  • the most accurate thing i can think of is that he makes his account at the height of the harambe memes with the username xX_justiceforharambe_420_Xx thinking it’s the funniest, most ironic thing
  • but of course, he gets stuck with that username and it’s 2017 and he doesn’t know what to do
  • richie probably has about 10,000 followers on this account because it’s just so bizarre and IG meme accounts seem to be super popular
  • probably makes a serious IG after he sees all of his friends having fun with theirs, doesn’t associate it with his meme account
  • a lot of the pics that end up on his account are pics that the other losers take of him or let him use
  • richie’s not really the kind of guy to stop and take pictures
  • really into the whole youtube scene
  • that one kid who actually cares about youtubers beefing it up with each other
  • doesn’t post videos to youtube but is that one guy with an incomprehensible icon posting the funniest, most bizarre one-liners in the comment section

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I wanted to make more people for this set but I got lazy cause it took so damn long- but I am happy with what I managed to finish!

First is Mark and Jack, who have no money for costumes so they make ones with things they find in the shack and what junk Ken gave them that the costume store was gonna throw out.
After a while though, as the night goes on, Mark stays in character a little too well, Jack realizing that its linked to the pink gem he gave Mark as a necklace, with approval from Bill Cipher (Its a crystal that causes insanity and chaos-)

The rest are just other kids in costumes- I really like them all- Here’s little junk to go with the pics just for you guys who like any kinda story-

  • Jack added to his costume by putting a plastic green fang in the spot of his missing tooth
  • Mark’s knife turned out to be a real one and Jack only found out when Mark started to stab Jack-o-melons.
  • Cry doesn’t join civilization after he gets found and stays in the cave with the Sup Guys by choice, and keeping on his mask by choice. Felix is one of the few people who is his friend and is chill with him keeping on the mask and living in a cave- So, with a marker he finds a way to incorporate Cry’s mask into his costume-
  • It was definitely Phil’s idea to put whiskers on Dan too, even if it didn’t match.
  • Vanoss and his friends constantly fight and roughhouse for fun, hence why he straight up punched Delirious.
  • Not sure how well those could be considered costumes since everyone except Nogla dresses like that the rest of the year anyways- atleast the masks-
  • Vanoss was almost given a cape and hat in that picture to be “Hoo-dini”
  • Alternately, Vanoss was also almost BatOwl, but I went against it cause then I wanted to make regular masked Delirious instead of Batcoon.
  • All the photos except the first one seem to be taken from shots inside the Shack (and I’m just realizing this now) so I’m dubbing it that before they all went trick-or-treating, they met up there.
1 Step Forward, 20 Years Back - Chapter 1 - Ppleater - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

HERE IT IS! Chapter 1 bc I had too many ideas for a oneshot.

I’ve been wanting to write a Gravity Falls fic for a while and I wasn’t sure what to do for my first one. People seemed to like this idea and I wanted to write it, so I figured I’d give it a whirl! I also drew a pic because kid Stan heals the common cold, didn’t you know?


A Tale of Two Stans AU:

Instead of fighting over the journal Stan tries to leave, but Ford isn’t willing to let him go without a fight. During the argument Stan comes into contact with a strange magical substance, and when he wakes up later he finds he’s a bit smaller than he remembers.

Now not only does Ford have to worry about Bill taking over the world, he also has to figure out how to turn his brother back to normal.

Hey guys! I wanna say something: Yesterday I saw the new pics of Bill and I was not shocked - I was surprised and proud. Why proud? That’s easy: He’s doing what he wants and he give a shit of stupid comments! This is one of million reasons why I call Bill fckng amazing Kaulitz my biggest inspiration!!! In my opinion the shoot says: “I can wear what I want and it doesn’t matter if I’m a woman or a man!” And I’m so happy, that there are more positives comments. If you don’t like it, constructive criticism is also OK, but the insult is only a big bullshit (keep it to yourself)! And this is an another thing where I really know why I have this alien on my arm.
Bill, you are a great person and an amazing artist! Damn, you made it! 💪 This photoshoot wasn’t only a shoot, it was pure art! I love you babé!


I bought watercolours today and decided to try them out! Bill is my first victim ♥

I don’t know much about bill skarsgård, bc i just entered in this fandom after atomic blonde, but I’m so in love already??? This man gives literally his everything when acting, he’s super kind with the kids from IT’s cast and worried about them, he’s so creative, humble and professional, and when people keeps asking stuff about his looks and about his popularity with girls he really don’t seem to give a fuck and even mention his girlfriend, that’s so… wow. He also don’t think actors should receive more money than doctors and he doesn’t care if someone is famous or not, he seems to admire people for their work. Alida Morberg is seriously so fucking lucky, i can’t stop envying her… He’s really one of a kind and he seems hard to get impressed. Also, he’s so nice when taking pics with his fans!!!!! I’m so soft for this man :“(

Urrbody talmbout Sleepover Selfies that I missed cause my dumbass can’t hang (or shouldn’t hang) on weeknights and I knocked out at like 9:30pm or something

So have a “not wanting to go to work but gotta because I got bills to pay but fuck this adult shit and it’s early asf why is it so hot the sun ain’t even all the way up yet tf I don’t wanna be awake rn fml oh look let’s pretend Tumblr ain’t had enough of my face already” selfie instead, HAAAAAAA

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What is your favourite Dan photo/moment of SDCC? :)


Shall I be shallow?

So many reasons I love this… if you spot the particular one we’re obvious kindred spirits haha… :)


Maybe when I discovered that FX Networks and Legion FX official Twitters had liked my tweet to Dan asking that he take a pic in front of the Hilton Bayfront and next thing I know…this happened!

So that was cool.

To be serious I loved the panel. Great hosting by Eric Goldman who took time to ask everyone on the panel interesting questions relevant to their character. I loved Dan’s thoughtful answers. I loved Bill and Amber hugging…

I loved Jean Smart crushing on our boy and standing in for me at Comic Con…

So all in all he done good. As someone who was here when there were eight of us rooting for him to succeed…it was all very very special. Dan. Stevens. At. San. Diego. Comic. Con… it’s all good! 

Commissions open

Hi, yes, hello. To the billions that don’t know me, I’m a 21-year-old student of Graphic Design, maybe graduating this year, hoping I’ll one day be able to pursue my dream of learning classic 2D animation overseas and becoming great and efficient at what I do.

In the past 6 months, I’ve made two posts about how I was in a bad situation, financially and emotionally, and started doing commissions. You guys helped me a lot, thank you.
I came to realize that I was to blame for my situation being so dire. I was being whiny and ungrateful for what I already had, and so stopped it. Now I’m more calm and feel better.

Yet, financially, things are more or less the same.Because of my University’s workload and my own stubbornness and unwillingness to sacrifice my performance there in favor of a job, I’m unemployed and might stay that way for the next semester.

And while I don’t need the money to eat or pay the bills, I’m still needing the money for some personal things that might help me reach my goals, and so I’m opening commissions again.

Also, there’s a Patreon. I’m posting some exclusive goodies like alternative versions of drawings, sketches and previews of future projects. And if you pledge enough you can get a drawing made just for you every two months! The first person who reached that tier just got their 2nd one.

You can contact me through PM in any of the links in the bottom of the pic, if you’re interested. Please.

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Maya, do u think that dude who's prettythighs or whatevs from IT is hot? v importante its for a friend

my dumb blonde a*s actually googled “prettythighs from IT” before i got the joke but anyways i think bill skarsgard is one of those guys that is handsome but creepy-looking like if i see a pic of him covered in blood i’m just like ok thats a casual look for him

Theo may not die in 6x18

Disclaimer, we’ll ignore Nolan’s clothes until the end as he’s messed this up. But if this is right, it’s proof Theo will not be dying in 6x18 as the rumours say he will.

First here is what Theo and Liam are wearing in Episode 6x18

Theo is wearing his zip jacket

then we see him down in the tunnels with Mason

We know they are looking for Aaron before the two sides can meet.

Liam is wearing a sort of red coloured jacket with light pants

Later he is with Lydia running into the school at night, this time the two faces seem to have came together as they are talking about it killing you if you look at it. 

Gabe is wearing this in this scene (Its important for later) 

I guess all of this happens in one episode, so 6x18, as it was day time, now night time so the episode has gone on for a little while. 

This could be 6x19, meaning Theo is still alive.

Liam and Theo have changed clothes. Liam is now wearing a green jacket. Theo isnt wearing one.

Liam has also changed out of his light coloured pants (See pic 2 down). This episode also takes place in the hospital 

Gabe has also changed his clothes. (ignore Nolan for now) 

Gabe on the floor after what looks like attacking the boys as seen below

looking at this, it seems this could be episode 18 and 19, meaning Theo wont die in episode 18.

However Nolan’s clothes are being a bit troubling…

This is the trailer for episode 18 and 19, however it may be just ep 18 and saying 19 too because of the double bill episode…

Nolan he’s still wearing it here

This is one of the final pictures of Cody on set

and this is his last one

It’s the same jacket… meaning Cody’s last scene was shoot in the hospital, but as Teen Wolf is shoot out of order it could mean very little and Cody did say in Theo’s last scene he is bloody and I don’t see no blood on Cody here.

So all of this could just mean a few things

The trailer for next episode is also mixed in with non spoilery scenes from episode 19, meaning this is two episodes as I like to believe it is, meaning Theo lives past episode 18


The trailer is just episode 18 and Nolan’s red top showing up when he’s with Ethan and then later in the hospital with Gabe means episode 18 is set over a day or two and some characters have been able to changed clothes while others haven’t… meaning Theo could easy die in this episode 

Lingering (Stan and Ford)

So, I saw @artsymeeshee posted a really awesome looking pic earlier, and since I have some free time I wanted to write about it. On mobile, so I apologize for the format and spelling errors.

Ford always felt so guilty. He felt guilty for bringing Bill upon the world, and being the one to erase his twins memories. He felt so guilty for causing Stan to relive his worst memories.

Such memories liked to come up at the worst times, such like a beautiful morning. The waves were calm, the weather cool and refreshing, yet if you came aboard a certain ship you would only see two brothers embraced in sorrow. One was kneeled upon the cool deck, shaking terribly with his hands over his face. Another man cradled him close, a six-fingered hand gently rubbing the other’s back as he murmured reassuring phrases. Guilt clouded his face, his eyes showing defeat until the other was grounded and could recognize who was holding him.

If Ford could change one thing, it would have been to take Stan’s place the fateful summer day.

Made For Kids (Daesung x Reader)

Requested by @hiybbprqag. Meery Christmas everyone and enjoy!

Originally posted by daengerous-af

You and Daesung have went through a lot. He was a lovely man, you never doubted that, but before you got together they were problems, those problems made you two grow apart, fight, stop talking to each other, then one of you would break and call the other crying.

You were a model, not just any type of model. You usually did phtoshoots that were a bit more sexy and revealing, lingerie, or the most charactertic one that got much love but also hate, you were topless with a big blown up ice cream that you posed by it side covering your breasts, and one that was between your legs and you rested your head on it’s side. So not only you were a foreigner, a thick girl, you also did those type of photoshoots which made you a public enemy.

Daesung met you through Youngbae. You two had done a photoshoot together and he took a liking towards you, you were a very bubbly and funny girl, you were very friendly and as soon as Youngbae appeared on the shoot you were the first one to greet him and make him feel comfortable.

You and Daesung clicked from the beginning. You both matched that bright, loving side and he fell for your smile, aww that mesmerizing huge grin that showed all of your teeth, he felt like your smile lit up the room.

But as soon as the rumours started about you two dating all hell broke loose. No one approved of you, everyone turned their fingers to point at you as the bad guy, all you did was pay your bills. Sexy photoshoots payed more and you always had a bit of a spoiled edge, and nothing was ever shown, in the US those pics were normal but in Korea they were the devil.


But at some point both of you broke. Daesung couldn’t hold back anymore, he tried to stay friendly with you and to leave you alone but something always made him run back. So he took up the chance and fully commited on a relationship with you. Honestly, he never looked back, he was very happy you were his woman, you were everything he asked and more in his life and as his significant other, a good patient woman that loved him and supported him.

He always bragged about you on interviews, he posted pictures of you two. Even the other members did, you were like a walking OTP, he was sure you were the one.

So when he stumbled upon a matching name game, he was positive you would hit 100% real quick.

“20%? no it can’t be”

“Daesung is just a game”

Jiyong said, looking at his clearly upset bandmate. He had to admit that it made him laugh a bit, seeing Daesung mad and sad over a name game that had nothing to do with the relationship. Daesung looked like a kid that did not get what he wanted for christmas and it was hilarious for the others.

“How could this be?”

“You know what they say, opposites attract”

Seunghyun pointed out, but it did not help that much. Daesung kept trying and trying, but he always got the same number, sometimes even lower.

“Do we really not much?”

“Are you serious? She is your girlfriend, you know if you match not this stupid game”

Youngbae tried to reason with him. Daesung knew that what his friend said made complete sense, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit sad. Maybe it’s because you two have went through some stuff, and it was adding up.


“What’s wrong babe? Did I put too much salt?”

You asked. You had just started learning to cook korean dishes, so you were a bit worried about fucking this shit up.

“No it’s great. Good job”

“You say it but you don’t mean it”

You whispered. Daesung felt bad about this, he knew how excited you were about cooking for him, you always had that anxious look on your face before he got the bite, waiting to hear his comments like your life depends on it.

“You don’t have to eat it if you don’t like it”

You said and got your plate to leave it in the sink. When you got back to pick up the other plates Daesung got you by the left wrist and brought you in his lap.

“The food was great. That’s not what’s bothering me”

“Then what is?”

He didn’t want to say it. He knew it was silly but it really did mess him up, he didn’t want to act stupid infront of you. But as you looked at him with those eyes, waiting for an answer he huffed and decided to let it out

“I did one of those name matching tests today… we got 20%”

“You should really work on your excuses”

You tired to get off his lap but he pulled you back and wrapped his arms tighter around you. He played with a strand of your hair and caressed your cheek

“No that’s really why i’m upset. We got 20%”

“Daesung you are a grown man, not a 12 year old trying to see if his girl matches and if not they break up. Of course our names don’t match, my name is (y/n) do you really think those names match? It took them a month to find a ship name for us”

Your explanation made him chuckle. You pushed his hair back and leaned in for sweet slow peck.

“I love you. It’s just a stupid fortune telling anyway, it’s made for kids”

“You’re right. I love you too”

He kissed you properly and you finally felt relieved, knowing that your food was not the problem.

“Ok, since you liked the food. Now it’s time for dessert”

“Alright let’s go”

He picked you up bridal style and runned with you to the bedroom.

“Baby we’ll fall”

“No we won’t, this is the reason why i’m trainning so hard at the gym”

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Okay so now I can only think about Richie picking up Eddie so no one else can do this, but Bill is strong enough to pick two of them cause Eddie is so smol, so Ben pick up Beverly and Mike dont want to stand alone so he pick up Stan and everyone else is like wtf but they are just so happy with eachother that they dont give a shit