a photoset that is not x men


Anchor (for the femcomics event)

Writer: douglocked

Art + Lettering: ohdeargodwhy

douglocked has been wonderful to work with - very forgiving of my complete disregard for deadlines. (I got it done eventally though!). We both love Roxy Washington/Bling!, and thought it would be nice to do something simple about her day to day life whilst she’s not X-men-ing.


My edit: Favorite Female Characters in Tolkien’s Legendarium: Nerdanel  Istarnië

While  still  in  early  youth  Feanor  wedded  Nerdanel, a maiden  of  the  Noldor;  at  which  many  wondered,  for she  was  not  among  the  fairest  of  her  people.  But  she was  strong,  and  free  of mind,  and filled  with the  desire of  knowledge.  In her  youth she  loved to  wander far  from the dwellings of  the Noldor,  either beside  the long  shores of  the Sea or  in the  hills; and  thus she  and Feanor  had met and   were   companions   in   many  journeys.   Her  father,    Mahtan,  was  a  great   smith,  and   among  those   of  the   Noldor  most   dear  to   the  heart   of  Aule.   Of  Mahtan  Nerdanel   learned  much   of  crafts   that  women   of  the Noldor  seldom  used:  the  making  of  things  of  metal and  stone.  She made  images, some  of the  Valar in  their forms visible,  and  many  others of  men and  women of  the Eldar,   and these were so like that their friends,  if they  knew not her  art,  would  speak   to  them;   but  many   things  she wrought  also  of  her  own  thought  in  shapes  strong  and  strange but beautiful. [History of Middle Earth, Vol X, Morgoth’s Ring]

[Requested by anon | The sculptures that I used are “The abyss” of Pietro Canonica (1869-1959) & “Veil of Modesty” by Antonio Corradini (1688-1752)]


“There is grime on my face
There is crust in my eye
There is no one in this place
But no one said goodbye
This is how i start another day in my kingdom.”  

- ‘A King At Night’: Bonnie Prince Billy


Marvel Heroes vs Monsters comic covers (Happy Halloween!) 

- Captain America v1 #276

- Iron Man v1 #101

- Spider-Woman v1 #6

- Uncanny X-Men v1 #291

- Daredevil v3 #33

- Doctor Strange v2 #19

- Thor v1 #332

- Avengers v1 #353