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Desabafo. Minha vida no Tumblr. Meu fascínio. Minha profissão.

Eu nunca tive muitas certezas na minha vida. De verdade. É vergonhoso falar, mas sempre fui um puta maria-vai-com-as-outras. Quando começava a fazer algo que maioria julgasse errado, me sentia intimidado e parava de fazer aos poucos. A única coisa que destoou disso foi o Tumblr. No começo era mais uma brincadeira, photosets feitos aqui e outros GIFS ali (alguns vão se lembrar disso), nada sério. Meus amigos insistiam em zoar por usar a rede social, o que, ironicamente, nunca me atingiu. Mesmo sem entender sabia que meu lugar era aqui, esse mundo de poesia sempre me fascinou. Com o tempo comecei a escrever, no começo coisas sem muito sentido e com a ortografia péssima, mas para mim era ótimo, era o meu máximo e eu estava encantado com isso. As escritas foram tomando uma forma maior quando tive minha primeira aula sobre redação publicitária na faculdade, lembro que o professor pediu um texto emocional, pensei “pronto, agora é minha hora”. Fui para casa e passei a madrugada escrevendo e reescrevendo. Eu queria algo perfeito. Algo que nunca havia escrito antes. E pum! O texto dessa madrugada é um dos meus favoritos até hoje. Entreguei para o professor e, na aula seguinte, ele leu meu texto na frente de todos da sala, me recordo de todos batendo palma e olhando pra mim com cara de “porra, sério que esse moleque escreveu isso?”. Quando as palmas cessaram o professor me perguntou se escrever era um hábito ou só havia escrito aquele texto. Eu não soube o que responder. De fato não era um hábito, mas me sentia bem quando arriscava fazer. O tempo foi passando e cada dia mais estava fascinado pela aula, passava a semana toda esperando e cada exercício era melhor que o outro. A cada atividade ele lia os melhores textos para sala toda e o meu sempre estava lá, isso foi, irrevogavelmente, me dando mais e mais força para escrever. Fora das atividades, escrevia diariamente textos e poemas. Um dia decidi enviar um e-mail para esse professor com todos meus textos postados no Tumblr, os elogios dele conseguiram me motivar ainda mais. Até que esse mesmo professor me indicou para estágio de Redator em uma agência e assim comecei a carreira em redação. O Tumblr me incentivou a ser redator. O Tumblr me fez escolher a profissão que vou seguir por toda a vida. Mais que uma rede social, isso aqui significa meu futuro. A única vez que não fui um maria-vai-com-as-outras me rendeu meu maior fascínio: escrever. Obrigado, Tumblr.

I was going to post all my photos at once next week in a photoset but turns out that vertical photos don’t look good in photosets… (๑◕︵◕๑)
So I decided to slowly post ‘em day by day. Today’s pic is this one. ♡
I’ll try to save the best for the last. Hahah

Also! Today I tried to open a PO Box but for some reasons I couldn’t do it. I’ll try to open it tomorrow.
I really want to receive cute things from you guys! ( ; w ; ) when I finally open it, pls send me cute letters and sweets. teehe
I’ll try to take photos with everything I get. (◕ω◕ ❀)


The Cop & Criminal AU

‘andor, you got a visitor. it’s erso, again’, he’s told, and he can’t hold back his frustrated sigh. jyn erso is a pain in his ass, trouble of the highest degree. and yet, somehow by the grace of god, she always manages to keep herself out of too much trouble.

nine lives, like a goddamn cat.

unsurprisingly, when cassian sits down to speak with her, her tips turn out to be rudimentary, at best, and it just seems like she’s there because she enjoys taking up his time. 

he leans forward, his expression betraying his annoyance.  ‘you could give me their names, jyn. the people you’re working for and you can go… don’t make me waste me my time booking you’.

she smirks, shrugs, leans back in the uncomfortable chair as though there’s no place in the world she’d rather be.  ‘maybe i just like spending time with you, detective, ever think of that?  how else am i gonna get my fix? it’s not like we run in the same circles … ’

cassian stares her down, almost tells her, and not for the first time, that she’s nothing more than a headache, that he’s growing tired of giving her chance after chance to give him something of substance, that if she keeps wasting his time, he’s not gonna hesitate to throw her behind bars, that if she didn’t stop mocking him, she was gonna live to regret it. 

instead, what he offers is -  ‘i’m giving you one last chance, jyn. to prove you aren’t the fuck up you’re trying to convince me you are. maybe i’m the one being naive…’

jyn erso leans forward, now, deadly serious.  'i can’t. i rat 'em out, i’m dead, it doesn’t matter where i run. and the last thing i wanna be, detective, is dead’

Play Time (D.VA/Sombra)

A/N: No smut this time, just some stress relief / playing around with voices.

“This wasn’t easy to get, you know.” She held a thick plastic case between two hands, fiddling with it. Hana’s fingernail ran over the bumpy edge, rattling and scraping. “I had to have my dad snail mail it to me.”

“Of course, kid,” Sombra said. “I owe you one.” Sombra moved to take it, but as she did Hana flinched back.

Sombra paused with her hand outreached, clawtips hovering within grasping distance. “Having second thoughts?”


Sombra’s face tightened, lips pressing firmly together to try and fight off a smile. She failed miserably, smirk coiling up like a snake.

This was ridiculous. If Sombra was going to run off with anything, it wouldn’t be an old game from a system no company built anymore. Then again, Hana could distinctly see in her mind’s eye a vision of Sombra sailing away with everything– all of Overwatch’s secrets, and her favorite game, adding insult to injury.

“I’m only going to borrow it so I can make a copy.“

“I know!” Hana pushed the game into her hands. “Just bring it back quickly, okay?”

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People always say, “You played such a strong character.” I remember someone said that to me when I played a role in Shame, and she was a suicidal mess. I said, “She’s not strong at all; she’s incredibly weak.” But “strong” to people means “real.” It means you believe that’s a person who exists, as opposed to some two-dimensional depiction of women.

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I heard you made some icons? Might as well show of your hard work right? Basically I'm saying to just post a couple hehe

yup i make tons of icons!! here’s some pastel 100x100 icons of the ndrv3 girls!

Dear Nash:In Which An *Actual* Sweetheart Has Some Heartfelt Thoughts On “Sweetheart”.

This is a good one, came through a different channel than usual, but no worries, I simply had the interns fetch it and bring it to me whilst I enjoyed a particularly spicy bloody mary during my mid-morning float in the pool at palatial NashHole, Inc. Headquarters. Let us review what dearest @kayteonline has to say….

kayteonline​ reblogged your photoset and added:

This has given me so much insight Nash since I first read it, and I must say that I have to agree with a lot of it thinking back on the seasons. I definitely think about this in my writings after having done so.

However, this one in particular kind of gets me…

Oh. I am always making with the thoughts… and apologies for the delay - couldn’t find the clips so had to pull the whole kit-and-caboodle and make ‘em [see below]. 

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Dean - Monk (Master of titties and nunchucks)

Bayley - White Mage (Her hugs can cure anything)

Cesaro - Sheep Viking (Extremely strong, but cuddly)

John Cena - Shovel Knight (Hustle, loyalty, respect, but with a shovel)

Hehee, this was fun to do, so expect more wrestlers+rpg classes in the future!


“You do care a little for me, I know… but nothing to speak of, and you don’t love me. I was yours once till death if you’d cared to keep me, but I’m someone else’s now… and he’s mine in a way that shocks you, but why don’t you stop being shocked, and attend to your own happiness.” ― E.M. Forster, Maurice

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Você pode me falar em qual site/aplicativo fazem aquelas montagens? Asthetics acho.

Oi anony, é isso mesmo! Eu faço minhas aesthetics usando o Photoshop, e você pode ver abaixo alguns links de dicas e guias sobre como fazer aesthetics. 

Geralmente eu pego esse PSD aqui, e só faço colocar as fotos dentro das máscaras. Salvo, coloco um PSD bonito ou uma action por cima, e está feito! No entanto, se você não tem conhecimento de Photoshop, vou te ensinar a fazer um post de aesthetic usando o Photoscape. É bem fácil e rápido de usar, se você quiser aprender a fazer um post de aesthetic sem programas de edição avançados, clique no Read More!

O que você vai precisar:

   Queria constatar antes que existem infinitos modos de fazer aesthetic, mas esse é um modo no qual eu acho simples e rápido fazer. Você pode saber fazer de outra forma, e está tudo bem, contanto que nós cheguemos ao mesmo resultado: um post de aesthetic bonito. 

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