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Philly comic shop awarded $50,000 to open more doors

Comic book stores, like their retail cousins record shops, are often drawn to tight quarters. Even the “Android’s Dungeon,” the comic shop out of The Simpson’s fictional landscape, occupies only a thin slice of imagined real estate, squished between a barbershop and a diner. But Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, the brainchild of Philly resident Ariell Johnson, is spread out, light-filled and roomy –– the sprawling comic displays, coffee bar and plush couches are the first visual cues that the Kensington comic emporium is not like its peers.

This week, the Knight Foundation selected Johnson out of more than 4,500 applicants to receive a grant of $50,000. The eighteen-month old comic shop aims to open the world of comics to an “amalgamation” of audiences –– this grant will help the store reach even more.

Johnson’s proposal, “Up, Up and Away: Building a Programming Space at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse” will expand the shop into “Amalgam University,” where hopeful writers and illustrators can take classes on drawing, writing, pitching and publishing.

Johnson has already made waves in the comic world. When she opened the store in December of 2015, Johnson became the first African-American woman to own a comic book store on the East Coast. In addition to the largely white-male-authored mainstream staples, Amalgam stocks many works written by people of color, women and members of the LGBT community, as well as those by independent creators.

Because Amalgam sells self-published works, Johnson gets a lot of amateur submissions –– and many of them don’t meet the standards for retail.

“Often, the ideas are there, but they haven’t studied the craft,” Johnson explained. “It’s a comic book, but it’s also literature. Just like there are good writers of literature, there good writers and illustrators of comic books.”

Johnson wanted to find a way to equip aspiring comic creators, particularly those from disenfranchised communities without the means to go to art school, with the tools to compete with mainstream comic books.

Amalgam has already started on this mission –– they run children’s workshops, and partnered with RUSH, Danny Simmons’ arts philanthropy foundation –– an effort which Johnson said is made possible by their spacious venue.

“We do a lot of these programs in our space,” Johnson said. “But the building is actually much bigger. There are rooms behind the bathroom, which we haven’t renovated. This grant will allow us to open up those rooms to the public and create a permanent programming space. We’ll use it to its full potential.”

When the construction is finished sometime next year, Amalgam will be almost twice its present size, and Johnson hopes its impact on the Kensington and comic communities will follow suit. But the store has already influenced the area.

“I actually found out about the grant from a customer named Annie,” Johnson said. “She and her husband had recently moved here. They came in, introduced themselves and encouraged me to apply. Apparently, Amalgam was one of the reasons they moved to the neighborhood.”

Some of Amalgam’s patrons are like Annie –– devoted fans who factor comics into major life decisions –– but others have never read a comic before in their lives.

“We get a lot of newcomers asking for advice.” Johnson explained. “We listen to what people like, and we direct them into their lane. But once they get comfortable, they usually branch out.”

Amalgam, it seems, is doing the same.

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tell us some stories from your lighthouse job

well there was the time that i mentioned in the tags of that fart post where a tourist farted in the tower and it reverberated off the walls for a solid 3 seconds before stopping (plus i was speaking at the time and not laughing was literally the HARDEST thing ive ever had to do in my life)

there was this rock in the water that waves would keep splashing over and some tourists would think it was a whale. one guy in particular was super stoked and was cheering “there he goes again!!!! and AGAIN!! oh-HOO!!!! WOOOOO!!” and i didnt have the heart to tell him he was cheering for a rock

once a tourist came in with a blade of grass and asked us “what kind of plant is this”

there were 2 baby foxes living right behind the lighthouse and i would go visit them everyday and watch them play. heres a photoset i posted of them


SO SINCE THIS IS GETTING SO DAMN HUGE and I dislike how its mixing with my personal works blog, i decided to make a side blog SPECIFICALLY just for Chill White Diamond! Everything related to her will be deleted on this blog to keep everything clean, including the gemsonas, but no fear! they were safely reblogged to this blog! (And dont worry about the ones in my inbox, I will post photosets of them!)



lilac highschool!au -  jeonghan moodboard

  • Jeonghan would be that one kid that sleeps through most of class
  • but yet somehow still does okay in exams ??
  • he’d definitely be able to bullshit his way through his answer when the teacher calls on him
  • always late because he overslept
  • but the teachers all love him so they don’t care
  • spends more time coming up with excuses for not doing his homework than he would have if he just did it
  • takes photos of the board instead of taking notes
  • but then asks for your notes anyway
  • always notices if a someone’s alone and invites them over
  • he’s the one that comes up with the idea for your group project
  • but lets everyone else do all the hard work

did this become a bullet scenario ? sorry, i like thinking about jeonghan and got carried away oops

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i'm so tired of photosets of jk rowling arguing w/ trump and trump supporters going around like 'yas, woke queen!' she's the same person responsible for the erasure of natives via ilvermorny, the erasure + whitewashing of newt and black people in harlem via fantastic beasts, the same person who literally named an asian girl cho chang and made 0 effort for diversity in the hp series. she isn't shit and if people want to support celebs that are anti-trump they can support ones that follow through

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Crossdressing With Your Girl

I’ve been asked a lot recently (and in the past) about how to approach your partner about crossdressing. People have asked this with both male and female partners, however I’m mostly going to talk about girlfriends as I get asked a lot more about them.

I’ve covered this before in a fair amount of detail; today I’ll briefly go over how you should tell them, but importantly how you should act towards them once they know.

Telling Your Girlfriend

There are a few ways to do this, and it mostly depends on how well you know your girlfriend:

1. Just tell her, she won’t have a problem.

2. Ask her about crossdressing, it’ll give you an idea on how she’ll react.

3. Probably shouldn’t tell her, you know she’ll hate it.

If your girlfriend is quite liberal, pro-lgbt and doesn’t believe in gender stereotyping, chances are she won’t really care about your wearing dresses and you can go with option 1. Obviously you will need to have a proper conversation with her, but she won’t actually mind.

If you can’t tell whether your girlfriend with mind or not, take option 2. Ask her about seeing a drag show or watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race, or joke about wearing a dress. She’ll most likely give an opinion on it which will help you in deciding whether you should mention crossdressing or not.

If she is heavily against LGBT and loves you being a ‘manly man’ , go with option 3 (and consider leaving them for their updated mentality). A lot of the time if your girlfriend is like this then she probably won’t appreciate a guy that’s so in touch with their feminine side. I know it’s not nice to hear, but unfortunately not everything can be solved in a simple way.

What Your Girlfriend Will Ask

Once your girlfriend knows it’s very unlikely that she’ll shrug her shoulders and not ask any further. One thing to remember is that she will ask questions; this doesn’t mean that she has a problem with it, she just wants to understand fully what you’ve just told her.

I’ve told 5 girlfriends about my crossdressing and, despite they’re individual reactions, they have all asked the same questions afterwards. 

1. ‘Are you sure you’re not gay?’

Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in between; allow me to introduce one of the biggest misconceptions around crossdressing.

It isn’t often that I tell someone about me crossdressing and the don’t ask me if I’m gay. Obviously I don’t take it as an insult (after all, nothing wrong with being gay) but it is something I correct them on.

However, when your girlfriend asks, it’s an entirely different matter.

Tell her how you feel about your sexuality, and be honest. I can imagine for the majority of my followers that this applies to would be either bi or straight, but if you’re not 100% sure you need to let your partner know. It also greatly helps to reassure them why you’re dating them in the first place, and that if you didn’t find them attractive, both mentally and physically, then you probably wouldn’t be dating them.

2. ‘Do you want to be a woman?’

Again, another question asked by every girlfriend who knew, although this one is more understandable.

Let me get this out there now; crossdressing does not equal transgender. They are two different things and should be treated as such.

Just like the sexuality question, give them an honest answer about your gender identity. When I told my current girlfriend about crossdressing I also told her that I felt like a combination of both genders (which I now know is genderfluid) but that I’ve never felt a need to transition.

3. ‘Is this a sexual thing?’

Here it is, the question I just laugh too.

Every girlfriend has asked me this and every girlfriend seen me give this look:

Originally posted by noahwaymustdie

I don’t crossdress for fetish or sexual pleasure. I understand that people do and as long as they’re not harming anyone else or being overly perverse then that’s no problem, but it isn’t me.

However, the reactions from my girlfriends after I’ve answered are what surprised me. 

  • Two answered with exactly what I expected: “OK good, I don’t think I’d be into that.”
  • Two said something along the lines of “Well, I’d be willing to try it if you wanted…”
  • One however come straight out with “We’re trying it, go get your makeup on.” Didn’t see that coming…

Regardless of how your girlfriend responds, tell them why it is you crossdress. For some of you it might be a sexual thing, or it might be that you (like me) appreciate women’s fashion and the art of looking feminine. Whatever your reasons, just tell them exactly why. It’ll make them feel more comfortable about you crossdressing.

Ok I tried to keep this one brief and I think I sorta kinda succeeded maybe probably not. Still tried though, that counts for something.

Thanks for having a read! The magazine is still going ahead and I’m hoping to have the first issue out in September (finger’s crossed); if anyone is willing to help with anything just drop me a line and let me know.

I’ll be posting tomorrow with a photoset of the above outfit. Until then, don’t forget to ask me any questions you have and to like and reblog the post!

The magazine is now live at www.gendermag.co.uk!

You can subscribe here for monthly issues about Crossdressing culture and Drag Queen lifestyle!!!

- Jessica Blaise x x


Behind the Scenes of Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (Part Two)

An excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Catherine from DWM #399

Later that day, in the breaks between scenes, Catherine, David Tennant, and various space-suited actors sit around a small table in the green room, playing the card game Switch, while River Song […] tackles the Daily Telegraph crossword. (“A large barrel? Three letters?” she wonders out loud.  “KEG!” replies everyone within earshot.)  Meanwhile, Catherine plays her Ace of Hearts, prompting David to exclaim, “Now, why would you want to do that?”

“Because I’m going to win,” she whoops.  “Get in!  One card left!”

“is that so?” David laughs.  “Just sit still, missy.  Sit still”

Afterwards, David sets the record straight: “Catherine gets too competitive,” he smiles, cheekily.  “It blinds her - blinds her to the tactics.  She gets overexcited.  She needs to be a bit more cold-blooded.  She needs to step back.  She needs to breathe.  She wasn’t winning.  She was fighting a losing battle.”

“Was David claiming that he was the best?” chips in Catherine, surveying her co-star with an impish eye.  “Well, he wasn’t the best.  He’s deluded.  I was the head of the leaderboard by a mile.“  The score sheet on the wall indicates that she’s beating David 13 games to ten.

“Can we step you back on set, please?” requests Dan Mumford, the First Assistant Director.

Catherine gasps.  “But I’m about to win!”

“Sorry, you’re needed on set.”

She tries another tack:  “Um… which set?” she asks, innocently.

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Camera Shy (Part One)

AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him. - Bughead leading to eventual smut.

Read on AO3 here

A/N - I’m terrible with summaries but I hope you guys like this. This idea came to me a few days ago when the Cole photographer photoset was going around. Enjoy! 

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