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Moment. First red blood is more efficient than blue. Artic temp? that blood has to have AFP (antifreeze). Pressure? Humpbacks have red blood. High altitude? Sherpas , red blood. Unless you want the ama have chemosynthesis…

Oh yes, that was kind of my main concern given all the adaptations we see with red-blood users anyhow…HOW DO I JUSTIFY…BLUE BLOOD IF RED IS BETTER ARRGHH 

And as for chemosynthesis! There is! In fact i’ve mentioned in a couple posts that Jauria’s white hair is actually a parasitic–well, symbiotic fungi variant that turns their hair to bristles. Amanu have a variant of it though it’s not really quills as much as just,,,actual fungal growths (I wish i could find the photoset doodles) so chemosynthesis more or less works through the symbiotes that they have in their systems though it doesn’t do a whole lot–enough at least to purify their bloodstream etc. Not that i’ve decided at least haha but thanks for bringing it up!


local man thinks about boyfriend all day long, best friend remains a victim of his four am texts. 


So I heard it was Voltron week














Here comes trouble. This is Angry Bird, a monstrous Honda CBR ‘retro fighter’ from @wenley.andrews.
The front is a 180 section tire, and at the back is a whopping 240. (Yes, it took some serious engineering to make that work.). Hit the link in our bio for all the details — and an exclusive hi-res photoset from @storiesofbike.
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I don’t remember doing that at all in the game. I’m so confused.

It’s one of the tours you can do at a campsite! Iggy invites you to cook with him in the morning and if you say yes he asks you to stir the soup

the thing is stirring means ya gotta waggle the stick really fast back and forth and he’ll judge how well you do so yOU KNOW I HAD TO DO IT FOR HIM

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I wonder who added all those extra Bridget/Mark bits that weren’t in the script but were so amazing. Were scriptwriters on set, did they work together with the director, Renee and Colin? Wish we knew!

The scriptwriters are usually not on set, I think. Normally just actors and director. I guess they have discussed and added into it, they have played these characters third times, I think they have known them so well, it’s just so naturally. (well, maybe It isn’t true, lmao)

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Love this kiss as well, Mark looks completely at peace here. So sweet 😊

Yes!!! and the smile after that kiss.. I can’t handle it, aww!!!

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“@hraap said: Fibro!Tsuna does the inheritance ritual and meets the Fourth, who is renowned for his Fork of Death within…”

#YES #but I ask you #does he come with sparkles #or does Tsuna rain glitter down on him whenever he needs it

tsuna’s probably too lazy to rain the glitter on him.. achey joints and all that. but also!!

tsuna: *trying to power through stiff joints to throw glitter on him*
quarto: *fretting stoically*  oh my god child please don’t you will hurt yourself 
quarto: i can do this myself.
quarto: *attempts to emit sparkles through sheer force of will*
quarto: *sets himself on fire and goes into Dying Will Mode instead*
tsuna: …well
tsuna: it’s definitely bright and eye-catching
tsuna: I Like It.