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Alexis Diner in Newburgh, NY

“We’re known for our portions,” Noelle, the waitress says as she points toward the chicken souvlaki with a nod of approval.

You take the recommendation, even though you said you weren’t that hungry. Your appetite isn’t up to par, seemingly affected by the recent headlines playing over and over again on the television in the corner; comfort food can only go so far when it comes to tragedy.

“It’s busy for a Sunday night,” you say.

Two of the staff quickly rebut. “This is slow.”

People pass by the counter to bring checks to the register and run trays of food out of the kitchen. These tiny interactions give you a sense of companionship. You make small talk in different ways with the different people—the state trooper ordering take out, the younger man who loves to take diner Instagram photos, the waitress who dated someone from your hometown—and you feel comforted knowing that outside these walls there may be chaos and terror, but in here there is a little conversation, a harmless joke, and a charming smile for those who need to feel like they’re not alone in the world.

Supermodel And Taylor Swift BFF Karlie Kloss Loses Powerball And The Rams
Karlie Kloss is a world-famous supermodel, but it seems even she can have a tough week. She took to Instagram after losing both her hometown St. Louis Rams and Powerball.

Karlie Kloss is a world-famous supermodel, NYU student and high-ranking member of Taylor Swift’s squad, but it seems even she can have a tough week.

She took to Instagram on Thursday night to lament her problems – with a stylish, yet relateble, photo to go with the post, of course.

Losing Powerball AND your hometown NFL team in the same week? That is rough. But don’t feel too bad for Karlie, I think she’ll do just fine.


As a thank you to @ubykotex for saving our favorite useless lesbian vampire, we want to host another CreampuffCarePacks-giving spree. Donate some UBK products (and any other items you want) to a shelter or pantry in your hometown and submit a photo of your donation to us or tag your photo as #creampuffcarepacks. Thanks, Creampuffs! -ModA

Thank you for helping me pass 1 million followers. Now, I want to meet you. Enter to win an exclusive photo shoot for The Dogist with me in your hometown, along with a signed copy of #TheDogistBook (on sale 10/20). Visit artisanbooks.com/thedogist to enter.

Show us a place we would rather be, in 5 photographs, during the month of May!


Gray-Card likes to travel, but ‘the man’ wants to keep Gray-Card chained to a desk all summer long, which, reluctantly, Gray-Card agrees to because of a love of food, electricity, gasoline, internet and a place to sleep each night.

Gray-Card has devised a plan to travel vicariously through tumblr’s #photographers on tumblr tag and is pleased to announce the forthcoming “PASSPORT TO THE WORLD PASSPORT” photo travel challenge!  

  1. Show us a place you have been or the place you are in a 5 photo series.
    Show us what makes it special.   

    What is interesting in your hometown? 

    Where is your favorite place?

    What is next to the Eiffel Tower?  (we have no idea)

    Show us in 5 shots, no more, no less.

  2. Post it on YOUR Tumblr from May 1 to May 31 and then send us the PERMALINK (the direct link to your post, where the notes are) and we will reblog each properly submitted posting, up to 2 per person.

  3. No need to follow us or reblog this.

    Open to all skill levels and no one that successfully submits will be turned down.

  4.  5 photos, location (description or story if you want), Permalink sent to gray-card.tumblr.com/submit , during the month of May. 

    Simple as that.


pourhomme_: Ended up doing yoga by the pool and guess who was in the same class… none other than the beautiful @karliekloss

We chatted for a few minutes and I love how she noticed my adidas shorts and triple white ultra boost sneakers, and mentioned how she is the face of @adidas by @stellamccartney. Such a beautiful, graceful and friendly person. :) #teamadidas #adidas
P.S. Thanks for the chat and allowing me to take a photo with you. Enjoy the rest of your time in my beautiful hometown of Sydney. x

Birthday project for Seungyoun

We finally found a project for Seungyoun~ It is coming from his fansite ONLYOUN, and here are guidelines translated by sungjoo-ya​ ♥

“Touring the world with Cho Seungyoun”
“Let us use our own ways to show Cho Seungyoun different sceneries, let him know that there are many of us doing fan support for him all over the world”

1) Write down “Happy Birthday Cho Seungyoun” and take a photo with a beautiful scenery behind you (some famous place in your hometown)~ Because the point of this project is to share the beauty of countries with Seungyoun~

 If you have banner from ONLYOUN fansite, use it instead^^  You can take a selfie or ask your friend take a photo of you, it doesn’t matter^^ You can use your phone of course, no need to search for dslr :D

2) Rename the name of the file as your name+time+date! ♥ 

3) Send  your photo to miongmiong55@sina.com 

These photos will be included in a video~

Deadline is the 1st Aug 2015!

Everyone who send in their photos will have a chance to win photo cards from their Korean & Chinese album!^^

All photos we send now are going into the VIDEO since they already have made a pretty photobook, that they give to him tomorrow on their fansign. And everything they collect after the deadline will go to the next book. They will gather late entries, make a new photobook and give to him either in the course of this year or add it to next year’s album. So if you send in photos, you can also add what you want to tell Seungyoun and they will write it alongside to your photo~

#35: Photo Booth

Ashton: You were on tour with the boys and you were all walking through some mall in the city they were playing at that night. Your eyes went from one store to another, awed at how different it was from the mall in your hometown. You glanced at a photo booth and you immediately knew what you were all going to buy first. “Guys, let’s go in there!” you exclaim, recognizing the huge photo booth. “Whoa, I’ve never seen these before,” Calum marveled, taking in how big it was. “There’s no seats?” “Why is this wall green?” Luke asked, pointing at the wall opposite the screen. “It’s a green screen,” you explain to them, your finger hovering over the screen. “It’s basically like a personalized photo shoot. So how many pictures should we go for? I think four will be good.” They all hand you their share of the price and you insert it into the slot, jumping back up and joining them in front. You all choose the backgrounds, giggling as you strike pose after pose. For the last one, Ashton takes you by surprise and kisses you, the boys all groaning in the background. After the pictures had printed, you hand them out and laugh at the picture of you and Ashton kissing, the boys’ expressions something you will never forget.

Calum: "Didn’t think you were into this kind of thing,“ Calum states thoughtfully as you shut the curtain and sit down next to him. "Oh, hush you,” you scold him. “Just sit there and look pretty.” “Don’t I always?” he teases you, putting in his money and listening to the mechanical voice. You roll your eyes, readying yourself for the first picture. You both smile at the camera normally, wondering what you should do for the next one. “Duck face?” Calum suggests, looking at you questioningly. You agree and scoot closer to him, both of you puckering your lips and holding up peace signs at the camera. You take the next one with the ugliest face you could both pull off, both of you laughing loudly. For the last one, Cal agrees to do a monkey face with you. But at the last second, he taps you on the shoulder and when you turn around, he crashes his lips to yours and you almost forget where you were. “W-What was that for?” you stutter, tucking your hair behind your ear and blushing. “Just something for me to look at when I get lonely on tour,” he replies, kissing you once more.

Luke: "Please Luke? It’ll be fun!“ you beg him, taking his hand in both of yours and tugging on it. You were at your cousin’s wedding and you had taken Luke as your +1, knowing that your family wanted to see him again since the first time had been such a success. ”(Y/N), do you want to go to the photo booth with us?“ your younger cousins ask you, looking at you hopefully. "Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute,” you agree, turning back to Luke after they ran off. “C'mon even my cousins are doing it!” “Okay fine,” Luke grumbles, standing up and trudging over to where your cousins were standing in line. “Next!” the photographer calls out. You all scramble in front of the black and white background, grabbing hats and masks and standing in front of the camera. You all pose, switching out props for different ones and dancing around. After you were done, he hands you a ticket and tells you to pick up the frames in 10 minutes. “That was actually pretty fun,” Luke beamed, a little skip in his step as the two of you headed back to your table. “And you didn’t want to go at first,” you tease him, kissing his cheek as you sit back down.

Michael: "(Y/N), hurry up,“ Michael groans from inside the booth, pushing the curtain aside you pout at you. "I’m lonely.” “Babe, whining isn’t going to make the machine process the money faster,” you scold him, entering once all of the money was in. Michael kisses you, your bodies pressed up against each other since there was barely any room and Michael was ridiculously tall. “Love you,” he mumbles against your lips. You chuckle and pull away, much to Michael’s disappointment, pressing the ‘start’ button as you watch the screen. You prepare yourself as the voice counts down, wiggling a bit as Michael looks at you longingly. He taps your shoulder, catching you by surprise and looking at him with an annoyed expression. “What-” He grabs your face and captures your lips with his, making you moan a bit and tangle your fingers his hair. You vaguely hear the camera snapping away, but at that point, you couldn’t care less, and kept on kissing him.

A/N: Aw, I really want to do this with a cute boy. Particularly Michael’s. But any will do, I’m not picky. And look at this, it’s 12:40am again. And I have to wake up early again (I count 10am as early, sue me). We have a bunch of projects due this week since it’s the week before break, so school is getting a bit hectic. But then we have winter break from the 17th to the 21st, so we’ll be free to write and upload early. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this, and please like it if you did. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx

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