a photo of my hand

this is sebastian, he loves being held and gettin a little drooly when he’s happy. i am not entirely sure how i used my two hands to get this photo but here you go

I adore cats that drool when they’re happy. It’s like they’re just so lost in contentment.

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i promise i want the slowburn for landscape, i do. BUT THAT LAST CHAPTER I WAS LOOKING BETWEEN KYLO AND REY LIKE.....holy shit, he’s gonna kiss her. WHAT A DORK. DO IT! and then he didn’t and he stared at his freakin’ hand and i am death.

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Actual photo of my writing process lol jk I’m just putting off the First Real Kiss ™ for as long as possible because I’m not very good at writing smooches and frickety-frack… but we will be getting all that, I promise!


There’s a lot of emotion behind their skating outfits/// ❤️️