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Karamel Appreciation Week - Day 7

Free Choice = Favorite Karamel FANFICTION! Woo! :-)

I’m just going to post a few fanfictions from my fic rec list that I absolutely adore for Karamel. Some have more than the stories listed, but I tried to limit my gushing to just 5 stories at most, focusing more on completed works:

By gldngrl7:
A Favor Among Friends
Damage Control
Permission to Flourish

By bilgegungoren00:
come back… be here
these violent delights have violent ends
Earth Birthday
For Love
The ENTIRE  “A Boy from Daxam and a Girl from Krypton” series (over 30 stories)

By thoroughlytrash:
pretending we’re in love (but it’s never enough)
i wanna get lost (in this moment)
it’s just fire alarms (and losing you)
kiss me (beneath the milky twilight)
you are my favorite place

By xxashleyxx:
Red Desires
Morning Interruptions
Feeling Normal
It’s Just Sleeping

By Elysia21
Princess of Daxam
All 5 stories in the “Courage of the Daxamite // Heart of the Kryptonian” series

By AnAverageGirl15:
Show Me a Hero
The Stars Above

By Fanfic_or_bust:
The truth is…
Mrs. Mxyzptlk
Wake up With Me
Take a Sad Song and Make it Better
Mating Season

By gracecastellan:
one hundred ways to say “I love you”

By PurplePetal:
In A Moment

By maybetomorrow:
Astronomy In Reverse {it was me who was discovered}
I Am Dissonance {waiting to be swiftly pulled into tune}
What Do We Call “Us”?
Oh Dream Maker, You Heartbreaker
The “Memories and Miscommunications” and “Avoiding Inevitabilities” series

By Sunflower_Nation:
Is my love enough to save you?
Solar Storm

I know there are SO many more amazing Karamel fics out there and I’ve only just cracked the surface, but I wanted to at least put some of my favorites up. I absolutely loved all their work and I want to send endless kudos and thanks and hugs to the authors (and any Karamel author out there) for all your work and dedication and for giving the rest of us these wonderful stories. You are all amazing people.

And as the Appreciation Week is drawing to a close, I want to add that this message goes for everyone that made outstanding gifs, created flawless photo edits, put out awesome videos, and even just made text posts to express your love and appreciation for Karamel. I know I certainly appreciated all of you and just fell in love with all your posts and contributions to the Appreciation Week. I feel like I reblogged SO much Karamel goodness that my page has just become such a happy place for me to go now and I feel very connected to all of you to know we all love and cherish Karamel together. It was my first time participating in any sort of Appreciation Week and I really feel like I’m part of something now and that we have all just become one big extended Karamel Family that will just keep growing and helping each other out and staying strong in our love for Kara and Mon-El. So thank you too, to all the participants of the Appreciation Week. You all rock so hard and I love all of you amazing people :-)


Got my Fight Songs in the mail today! The different colored records were an amazing surprise! And the photo collage inside was too cool!

Miss F. Pauling anyone?

(It also came with a poster, but it was too huge for me to get a proper pic. Sorry for the crappy photo quality ^^;)


My girl and I went to Elfia today and I got to give my Eighth Doctor/Night of the Doctor cosplay another outing. After-the-crash make-up included. 

Near the end of the day I came across a Weeping Angel cosplayer which made for some awesome photos! If you’re on tumblr, please gimme a shout and I’ll tag you!

We had a lovely day but it was very cold and a bit dreary, so around five we packed up and got into our little blue TARDIS car to drive home. 

Photos by linhere


The progression of my Tom photos before my friend taking the photo and panicked the picture wasn’t coming out and threw Tom the camera saying ‘the lighting sucks, better selfie it!’ (followed by “ok here we go, you ready?”). Before the photo I asked him to sign a Coriolanus speech, which he (obviously) recognised and said “Great speech! I love this one”. 


I´ve been wanting to write about this for quite some time now. It seems that this blog is becoming some kind of my personal cycling psychologist. Come in child, lay down on this sofa and tell me all that bothers you. Heh.

So, I´ve been riding for more than year and a half now and some time ago, after the first romantic period passed and me and my bike established a healthy long-term relationship, I decided that I need to get stronger. You know, like at first you just ride with a smile on your face no matter where you go, but then you wanna go further and higher and faster, so you start improving your gear and yourself. Better shoes, better gloves, maybe a bike upgrade, but in the end it´s just your legs that can help you out here. 

I started doing intervals, pushing myself to ride in the cold winter mornings, doing long weekend rides and in couple of month the result was there. I felt nice and strong. But maybe it´s me, or the humanity in general, but what you have is never enough. 

And than there is Strava… You know how many times I saw a beautiful photo or just a landscape worth stopping for, how many times I wanted to stop on the downhill and come back few meters to check out what this small road has to offer? But no, I was determined to climb that mountain better than the last time, or to beat that one girl from strava on the downhill part. And every time I got to the top or the bottom I really regretted not stopping. Did it ever happen to you?

I think it´s important to realise that getting stronger is great and stuff, but you will probably not become the next Vos or Sagan (or maybe you will, I don´t know) and no one cares how well you did that segment, even if you got a K/Qom. What really matters is the excitement in your eyes when you tell your friends about that new road you found, even though you got a puncture or that awesome photo you´ve made during that one second the light was passing through the trees, who cares if you had to come back home in the darkness. 

The cheesy saying: better do and regret, than regret not doing, definitely works for cycling. #nolifelikethislife guys.

Best to y´all



Final Bout: Special Stage East!

   So this was my first time attending a Final Bout event and I must say I had an absolute blast. I traveled down there from Ontario, Canada with my pals SNEAKZero and had one of the best weekends of my life. Just a great time hanging out with friends and doing fun things with cars.

   To top things off I was lucky enough to get my hands on a media pass and shoot lots of photos (two 16gb SD cards full) during the event. The Canaan Motor Club was such an amazing track with beautiful scenery everywhere you looked. It definitely made for some awesome backgrounds to the photos. 

   I also recorded quite a bit of footage and should have a video out within the next few days. I’m looking forward to the next Final Bout event and I’m planning to have my car ready to drive at that one! Thanks to everyone that made this weekend so great. 


There are only two types of luck– good and bad. There is no in-beetwen. And that luck is built into every human at the moment of conception. Like a computer program. Some call it fate. The bottom line is, luck is life.

Haven’t posted any of my cosplay photos in a while!! This was a year ago… I really wanna fix up my Celeste cosplay~ ♥

Celestia Ludenberg made and worn by me, Cynorme!
Photo by the awesome Fox of Cosplay Close-Up
(click on the photos to see how crisp the photos are!)


My friend @rias-photo-blog made this awesome video of Zelda and Toby. Give her some love! 😄❤

To see where they have gone

_welcome to Bavaria pt.10

This one closes the first part of the series and is dedicated to my friend Pedro pedromgabriel, because I had to think about him and his awesome coastline photos of Portugal, when I made it. We don’t have real coastlines in Bavaria, but well… Not to bad here either ^^