a photo gifted me

  • you: magnus dragged alec into that photobooth
  • me, an intellectual: there was only one man holding back in those photos and that man was NOT alexander lightwood
Illusive Signing

HELLO I am still super duper overwhelmed from all the love shown yesterday at Illusive’s signing event for TURF WARS’s release! ;______; A million thank yous to everyone who stopped by to show support. I’m so sorry the book sold out hours before the signing, but I guess that’s also a good thing!! I’m glad I brought my prints at least, although the Korrasami ones are definitely getting low in stock. My heart is so full, y’all were so kind.

A special thanks to the staff of Illusive for the VIP treatment, to Crystal for her amazing Korra cosplay photo op with fans, and to the gentleman who gifted me boba (!!!). It was also super great to put faces to names I’ve seen online here and there. :)

I’ll be at Fantastic Comics in Berkeley on Saturday (5-7:30 pm) and Isotope in San Francisco on Sunday (12-3 pm). Cheers!


I was tagged to post 7 selfies from 2017 by the sweet-as-can-be @44stranger so I couldn’t resist.

These pics are a good mix of ones I really like, and some that are less flattering to show life ain’t always glamorous. Also a shower selfie for a touch of scandal.

I’ll tag a few folks that I enjoy their pics and hope they’ll join in:

Fun fact: the hooded scarf in the one photo was knitted for me by Arbitrary-Stag himself! A great gift from @eatwithme75.


A number of people had asked when I would have prints back up in my shop after I took then down when there were seemingly some issues with featuring gymnasts names etc. 
I decided I wouldn’t upload them again to my shop in case there were any lingering legal issues. I also just made these for fun and enjoyment, not to make any profit. However since so many people liked them (and I am so grateful for your kind words of support) I decided to upload higher res versions you are welcome to download and print to use as you like. 
I only ask that you don’t be a dick and try to sell them (kind of defeats the whole purpose) and that if you do anything cool with them (hang them in your room, get autographs, gift them to someone) that you post a photo and tag me!
I will continue to post downloadable versions (previous version were low res and I would imagine wont print particularly nicely) of as many as I can. I do hope to keep making them as well so feel free to request any but I might not get to them as fast as I once did.