a photo for a blind

Looks like Liam is at the $10 million mansion in Calabasas that Louis supposedly put up for rent recently for $40k a month. Same printed tiles, cabinet, tub, windows, blinds, and lighting in both photos.

anonymous asked:

okay but where the heck are they in that photo phil posted? the blinds in their new house mayhaps?

maybe they’re in a hotel room but phil had to separate their rooms with those blinds cuz dan’s possessed and he’s been the stalker this entire time


 This week’s ‘Photo of the Week’ features a spectacular photo of the Milky Way over the grasslands of Estonia. Taken by the talented photographer Hendrik Mändla in Tarvastu, Estonia, this beautiful photo offers an interesting contrast between the green lushness of nature and the blinding red lights of a town visible on the right of the photo. The deep blues and purples of the Milky Way add depth to this photo and make a striking example of the differences between nature and civilization.
 For more amazing photos be sure to check out Hendrik’s Instagram @hendrik.mandla at https://www.instagram.com/hendrik.mandla/

“I guess tears come to even eyes like these.”

quick pic of @nhipotle’s stupid blind au giving me angsty feels ugh


Ten images of blind people’s visual art will change the way you understand blindness forever

An all-too-common misconception is that all forms of visual impairment have the same effects. But in reality, vision loss is an incredibly variable experience, both in terms of its causes and how it affects one’s sight. To better understand what it’s like to live with vision loss, we spoke with five visually impaired women with very different conditions. Here’s what and how they saw.

Images: Melanie Melamed and Liz Nielson