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About Troy’s Family

The family runs a training facility/dojo for all types of styles, inlcuding their own they arent super well off money-wise, so they rely on the children for additional income: 

- the elder brother is a gladiator, basically the wrestlers of the world, keeping his hands off, and merely sending money 

- Troy isnt good at the family style, and was upset in not being able to help, so we went off to do bounties in secret 

- but the youngest sister in particular is extremely skilled in the family’s fighting styles, much more refined in them, and utilizes a saber/cutlass. she’s much more of a duelist than an all out fighter like her brothers, she is VERY full of herself and cocky. She would challenge you to a fair fight, but then taunt you if you lost. 

so suvi will tell mryder that she doesn’t find a relationship with him professional, gil tells fryder he’s not “”“susceptible”“” but liam and cora can plainly tell you they don’t fuck men/women. the home of phonia of it all

Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve done a follow forever and since I’m on winter break, I thought I would make one for everyone who has stuck with me since the beginning. Thank you all for everything! I apologize for not being as active for the past few months, it’s been a wild ride since college started. I feel so sad because I know I have lost contact with many of you and it’s gonna be hard to talk once college starts again, but I will try my best to rekindle that fire we once had. Anyways disregard the crappy image, I just wanted to thank all of you! Please check out these awesome blogs listed and have a happy holidays!

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The home of phonia in mea has been so so deeply upsetting and heartbreaking like knowing that a series that meant so much to you hates you and considers you a burden

It’s a Tuesday and my air conditioner is on, and my bedroom sounds like a train platform, where I am a mute conductor living as a submissive to my own self conscious-now I’m nauseous.
Tapping my stolen pen against the pages of a book filled with lies and aesthetics, I clip my own red wire and spiral into an abysmal trench of trauma.
My subconscious was never as friendly as pink noise, and at one point I thought I stopped loving my dad because he snores.
I stopped eating, no, not because of my weight, but because I couldn’t stand to listen to my heart pounding in my ears for much longer.
Temperatures and time and people linger, but how could I love music if I resented sound-how could I be a singer?
The word ‘diagnosis’ was an all too familiar word in the dictionary of my life, bound and wound tighter than a clock; and that may not make sense, but it didn’t make sense when I cried because my friend Megan tapped her foot too much.
Repetitive sounds are a prison unlike any physical torture you could subject me to. Any trip to Rikers or Sing Sing would be a vacation away from the solitary confinement that already exists in my mind, all the time.
I miss out on life, with plugs in my ears, but I worked too fucking hard to get over my fears; and Doctor D clarified that it was a phonia and not a phobia but all I remember was feeling terrified and outnumbered.
I never thought a noise could bring me so much pain until I heard a certain person say my name, my dad snore, my friend Megan tap her foot, the clock tick, or a fork scrape glass, and trust me, it was all a big pain in my ass.
I learned how to lose people I loved when I stopped sitting at the dinner table with my family, or sharing a bed with someone.
I searched for someone to understand, someone who knew like the back of their hand, and for now I am alone, and this prison has become home.
—  Snob. A poem about Misophonia

Bonjour =) I truly wanted to make this new follow forever because I reached 2k followers. I am deeply touched and I do not know how to thank everyone to be by my side on Tumblr. You are always so kind to me ♥ And for the blogs I follow. First: you are amazing. Second: you are fucking amazing! You all have a huge personality and are sweet. Thank you for your beautiful blogs and for making me discover new things every day. I love you!

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