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What pet names would the guys from Supernatural give you?

Sam would call you Sweetheart, even though Dean would constantly give him shit for it.You were near and dear to Sam’s heart and he wanted to make sure that you knew that.  That’s why he would often call you by Sweetheart, instead of your name.

Dean always told you that he had two Baby’s in his life.  You, and the impala.  He was always calling you Baby or Babe, so often that he started doing it absentmindedly half of the time.  You would sometimes tease him about giving you the same nickname that he gave his car, but it never actually bothered you. 

It took Castiel a while to start using a pet name for you.  He was generally uncomfortable with the idea, and couldn’t understand why couples used nicknames instead of their actual names.  After coaching from Dean, and a lot of failed attempts at pet names, Castiel finally picked one that seemed to stick with you.  He would call you Love on certain occasions, not all the time, but for really special moments.  He chose Love because he was learning that that was the emotion he was feeling towards you.  It was a new concept for him, and what better way to commemorate falling in love than to call you Love.

The door shuts softly behind him as Jensen slips into the room. He saw Misha come in here a little while ago, and he wanted to see what was keeping the guy. He also wanted to see why he seemed so off all afternoon. But when he came up close, and when Misha peered up at him with those big, round eyes, almost silver in the dim light peeking in through the window … Jensen wasn’t expecting to see a thin line of tears cresting his lashes.

“Hey, hey, hey … what’s wrong?” Jensen asks, dropping down next to his friend on the chair—squishing them both between the arms in a way that would have been uncomfortable for anyone else, but for them … it wasn’t quite close enough.

“I’m a sap … that’s what’s wrong” Misha chuckles, wiping at his eyes and heaving a heavy sigh.

Jensen smiles and rubs his hand down Misha’s back. “Yeah … I knew that” he whispers lightly, leaning his head on the man’s shoulder when flustered blues glance his way. “Seriously though, what’s wrong?”

Misha sighs again while shaking his head, as if he’s still trying to convince himself that this is all just silliness. “Vick called … apparently Drydraluxlaloud died. West is pretty upset about it, but I don’t think Maison understands it yet.”

Jensen pauses a moment, raking through his poor directory of names … finally remembering the extremely odd, overly elongated title bestowed on one of the man’s pet turtles. He instantly has to hold back a laugh with the memory. “Aw, that sucks, man.”

After a tiny nod, Misha wipes away another stray tear. “Yeah … he was a good, old guy. I just don’t know why I’m so swayed by it though. I’m an adult … I know these things happen.”

Jensen can’t help but let the laugh out now, because as usual, Misha is just too ridiculous for him to control himself. But before his friend can scold him for being so callous, Jensen shushes the man with a soft kiss on the cheek.  “Adult or not, you still loved the thing. Losing a pet is hard. No one is immune to it, no matter how old.” He feels Misha smile–  the man’s dimples tickling his lips, so he figures he needs to kiss them again; and Misha must figure he needs to lean into the touch.

“I suppose you’re right” he mumbles tiredly, obviously drained from everything the day has brought.

“Of course I am” Jensen returns, bubbling up with the disgruntled elbow Misha thrusts into his gut.

A few moments pass—each man fitting against the other effortlessly, soaking in each other’s warmth as they tangle together atop the chair. “Well …” Misha finally offers, shifting his weight slightly, “we should probably get back to set. I don’t think turtle-death counts as a valid excuse to miss work.”

But Jensen holds his friend steady the moment he tries to get up, shaking his head against his shoulder and grumbling into the guy’s shirt. “No … not yet. Not until you tell me a bit more about Drydra– about him.” Another kiss falls just under Misha’s jaw right before Jensen pulls away, looking the man in the eye to let him know that he’s serious … that he’s here, and that he gets it. Love is love after all. “Like … how you dreamed up his name, tell me that story again.”

The thin water line creeps back into Misha’s eyes as he smiles, seeming a little lighter now that he has someone to share the weight. “It’s a funny story really … “

Imagine you bring a pet home

Sam Winchester: 

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“Seriously (Y/N), you know-” 

“But look at him, Sammy! He’s so cute!” you tried to reason. Sam stuttered with his rebuttal. He sighed and covered his face.

“Okay, whatever you can keep him…”

Dean Winchester: 

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“(Y/N)-” Dean started.

“Nuh uh. I’m all alone when you’re not here. I deserve to have company.” you said holding the kitten close to you. He tried to say no but he found it hard with a your beautiful face pressed up on an adorable kitten.

“Ugh, fine. Keep him…”


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“What is this creature and why is it here?”

“This Castiel, is puppy, which eventually will grow into a dog.” 

“But why do you have it?” 

“Because he’s my new friend.”

“I’ll never understand you. Making friends with furry creatures…”

Shake-ups, surprise debuts, and a 19 year old grandmother (sort of).

Television: It’s 2016 and LazyTown is trending.

⬆ No.1 in all of television? Steven Universe.
LazyTown makes a surprise debut at No. 14 thanks to the good, hard work behind Robbie Rotten memes.

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Movies: Also, it’s 2016 and Space Jam is trending.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is No. 1 in movies and title length.
☆ Beloved Space Jam (No. 11) had a slam dunk of a 20th anniversary.

Music: Welcome to music, Shawn.

Shawn Mendes (No. 15) moves from the web stuff list to the music list, just like his career path.
⬇︎ Lady Gaga falls eight spots to No. 17. Where are you, Little Monsters?

Celebrities: Congrats to Kylie Jenner, who is kind of a grandmother now.

Kylie Jenner jumps twelve spots to No. 1 after skipping the AMAs to watch her dog have puppies. Cute as heck, but it’s also cute to spay and neuter your pets.
⬇︎ Lots of celebs fell twelve spots this week: Misha Collins (No. 17), Benedict Cumberbatch (No. 19), and Jared Padalecki (No. 20).

Games: What’s the cheat code to get rich in real life?

Skyrim reaches for the stars, climbs four spots to No. 8.
Watch Dog 2 debuts at No. 20. Who’s a good video game? You are. You are!

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Web stuff: Slowly becoming more about web series and comics as web celebs become musicians.

⬆ Ahhh! Real: Monster Factory debuts at No. 15.
⬇︎ Carmilla is at the lowest it’s been in awhile at No. 12. Time to unite, Creampuffs.


Okay so I lied earlier….

The Adventures of Cas and Mr. Fluffers Pt. II

Last time I promise.