a person's home library


I’m doing a small series of about 4 illustrations about places I feel at home for my portfolio class. The fourth is still in thumbnail stages, and I’m currently working on cleaning up the third image. But the prints of these have come out delightful! (thank goodness >>“)

I’ve just been very busy with school since it’s ny last semester. So I thought why not share some of the work I’m currently doing
I hope you like them!

Poor people watch tv/netflix. Rich people have libraries. Wealthy people are educated and read a lot of books. They use their knowledge in a way that benefits them. Instead of drifting off in random activities, they seek to get within their minds to understand themselves, others, and the world in which they live. In fact, as your personal library increase over the years, so will your home. I can attest to this! To get a true perspective on how to become rich, you must study rich people. After all, you become what you study. If you're currently surrounded by people who aren't yet rich, just do the opposite of what they do. Soon enough, you'll be able to buy the luxury car of your dreams!!!