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How come mister doesn't have a little ? 😮 He's da perfect dadda!!


I get this question like every day…. so I will put things plain.

I am a lot to deal with.

Personal issues

I have agoraphobia. (look it up) combined with anxiety and paranoia disorders. this causes me to be extremely guarded, especially when it comes to most personal details about myself. It gives me great anxiety to reveal things… because I always think people are going to turn on me, come to get me, or otherwise take me from my safety.

My safety circle is a small radius that encompasses about a 3 mile ring around my house. I chose this house for specific reasons. its in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to everything I need that I can go out when appropriate to get it.

I have my groceries delivered. The guy delivers pizza and for 20 bucks he picks up my order and brings it to my house. He leaves it on the porch. No one but my brother and therapist have been in my house in several years outside of a few excruciatingly difficult events.

These problems are coupled with the fact that I am incredibly private.

most cant handle them and give up.  

(I wasnt always like this,… and I dont always expect to be. I am working hard on it every day.)


At the same time, I am also very dominant… very intimidating.. and very critical. The one who captures my heart, has to deal with a lot.  My Dom side often spills over into things… causing me to be cold, causing me to be stressful. I can be very selfish and such. I have high expectations.

I can be mean… I can be vicious even. And my irish blood doesnt take well to being crossed.

“Tumblr Famous”

most cant handle my status…. including my “internet fame”…. I get propositioned, daily. I obviously get a lot of attention from lost littles. 

jealousy is not something that can exist in the heart of the one who seeks to submit to me. But at the same time, once I am locked down.. I am very loyal. but.,.. most cant see the forest for the trees. So they make assumptions, pigeon hole me… turn me into a cliche’… and ultimately drive me away with their own self sabotage.

And thats a tremendous turn off.

I dont do jealousy. I dont do those who give me grief about things I cannot control. I cant control the actions, thoughts and emotions of other people. I am certainly not going to sit back and be blamed for them. I will run my blog as I see fit according to how it flows and moves me. At the end of the day, its still going to be there… no matter what. 


I can be reserved… quiet… and pensive a lot of the time. I am a deep thinker and meditate. People often mistake this as disinterest. I am naturally in defense mode expecting that everyone has an ulterior motive (because usually they do)… and these thoughts, coupled with my paranoia… dont do well. 

I’m not one to reveal much about my personal self, and thats something that you work for if you really care and want to know. How old are you Mister? Where do you live Mister? Whats your name Mister?


I’m not your traditional fly by night Daddy dom. 

I have years of experience, mentor ship and education that I can credit myself to… and anyone whose been around here for more than 5 minutes is going to tell you exactly that I know what I’m talking about and I do it well. Some would consider me an ALPHA in the game, maybe even THEE ALPHA, and along with that status I expect a certain level of thought be put into how I am seen and perceived. 

Yes I am completely narcissistic. I wont try to hide it.
Yes I am selfish at times.
….. I’m a Dom. duh.

I have a lot of power that I could easily abuse…. but I also have this rare thing called standards and morals. Imagine that… hard to believe it actually still exists in our world, but it does. I’m not easy… and I dont think with my dick.

So figure that one out.

 I am also one who has been around the block his fair share, I have owned subs and littles, I have been part of my local community, I have physically taught and trained many, I have studied this lifestyle at a collegiate level, and I have painstakingly crafted a blog in order to pass that wisdom and experience on to others in hopes that they might learn and succeed themselves.

I’m not one of these guys who sits around looking up the ddlg tag, getting my idea of it from porn, and then setting out to claim and conquer every girl I can in the process of trying to get mine and leaving them in the dust.

I have a genuine passion and caring for those in my community, daddy and little, and a great desire to improve the lives of each and every one I come in contact with.,

And if one little messages me telling me that they benefited even in the slightest way from what I do, that makes it worth it for me.

and I dont need a little to do that.

yes it would be nice, and maybe some day I will…

but the one who holds that title, who gives me her great gift of submission, is going to have to be extremely patient, hold no judgments or jealousy, and really take some time to figure me out and realize exactly the kind of opportunity she has sitting in front her… because the one who does that, is the one who is going to beat out all the others.

Everyone gets a shovel….

….. its what you do with that shovel that gets you to the goal.

Its just a shame that most end up using it to dig their own graves.

There’s an anon around here who THINKS we don’t know their identity. :)

Listen person whose name I won’t mention for your sake (afterall, you already alienated some of your fellow shippers for behavior like this before. You’d think you learn the first time), if you don’t actually like Sakura, NaruSaku, or the NaruSaku kids… you.dont.have.to.be.here.

If you like SK that much, then please, stick to your ship. There are a lot of NaruSaku fans who happen to ship SK, but we aren’t sister ships like that. NaruSaku fans arent required to cater to SK and SasuKarin fans are in no way required to cate to NaruSaku.

If you really don’t like Sakura and NaruSaku, then please stop forcing yourself and go away. I don’t say this out of spite or malice, but constantly badgering NaruSaku fans over it is annoying. Especially since we know you don’t even like one of the characters in the ship and you’re just hanging around hoping for SK.

This has gone on long enough. Please stick to your favorite ship and stop clinging onto us demanding your ship too. There are seriously so many NS/SK fans who I’m sure would draw SK if you commissioned them or requested something from them if they took requests.

Instead, the first thing you do is attack when they don’t draw your ship for free or don’t ship your ship at all. Then you go on anon pretending like we can’t recognize how you type or act towards Sakura and the NaruSaku kids as soon as a NaruSaku fan says something you don’t like.

Tsk. Once again I say, stop forcing yourself to be here and go look at stuff you actaully enjoy. It saves everyone a headache.

People in Croatian

čovjek - person; ljudi - people

osoba - person

muškarac - man

žena - woman

dečko - boy/boyfriend

djevojka/cura - girl/girlfriend

prijatelj/prijateljica - friend (m/f)

muž - husband

žena - wife

dijete - child; djeca - children

majka - mother; mama - mum

otac - father; tata - dad

sin - son; kćer - daughter

dječak - boy; djevojčica - girl (terms for children)

djed - grandpa; baka - grandma (varies by region)

unuk - grandson; unuka - granddaughter

obitelj - family; rodbina - relatives

ujak/tetak/stric - uncle* (varies by region)

ujna/teta/strina - aunt* (varies by region)

bratić/rođak - cousin (m); sestrična/rodica - cousin (f)

*those names depend on whose side your aunt or uncle is, but i dont know them

y’all i had a dream about golden child last night, more specifically Daeyeol and uhh. that one blond guy whose name i dont know. honestly speaking i dont know any of their names besides daeyeol.

anyways. in my dream, the part iremember the most is when daeyeol and the blond one were sitting at my dining room table and they were eating some kind of soup? stew? idk? and daeyeol spoke english so well like i was like :OOOOOOOOOO your english is so good, like i asked why they were having soup for breakfast and daeyeol said that he needed to have this because his stomach was hurting and he didn’t want to have problems later in the day so i was like ohhh ok that makes sense. the soup stew was like green with beans and chicken in it… it looked really weird but it tasted fine in the dream LOL

What Your Haikyuu Fave Says About You
  • Daichi: you have a daddy kink or you are daichi
  • Suga: you're probably the mom friend
  • Asahi: you are either asahi or noya
  • Nishinoya: you're probably extremely outgoing
  • Tanaka: tanaka fans personalities vary greatly but they're all loyal
  • Ennoshita: you read the manga (probably several times)
  • Kinoshita or Narita: you enjoy suffering
  • Kageyama: you can relate to him or you are hinata
  • Hinata: you are hinata or you stopped watching the series halfway through
  • Tsukishima: you probably think you're a huge jerk but you're actually very sweet and can see the good in everyone
  • Yamaguchi: you can relate to him personally or he's your son
  • Oikawa: either you are blind to people's flaws or you've written several essays analyzing every aspect of his personality
  • Matsukawa or Hanamaki: you probably ship them or you spend majority of your time coming up with headcannons about aoba johsai
  • Iwaizumi: you are him or you're into beefy dudes
  • Kindaichi: you watched the series and read the manga over twenty times each
  • Kunimi: you pretty much are kunimi
  • Kuroo: either you dont get his personality at all and you think he's just hot or you love him for his dorkiness
  • Kenma: you are kenma
  • Yaku: you're the mom friend who is not afraid to use violence
  • Lev: you can handle extreme amounts of second hand embarrassment and i applaud you for that
  • Inouka: nekoma is your favorite team
  • Bokuto or Akaashi: you are one of them or you ship them


So as you can tell by our name we deal with racism within any fandom people want to talk to us about and we’ve gotten an ask about what you had to say about Poussey’s death. I had to go three pages into your blog to find what you originally said so I’ve seen everything that’s been sent to you and everything you’ve said on the matter.

I’m gonna address everything but also while I’m addressing you I’m not gonna call you out of your name. I’m not gonna wish death on you or threaten you. No racial or gendered slurs are going to be used against you past the read more.

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What's the différence between du/de laquel(le) and dont?

You use dont any time you have a simple de by itself.

Je parle du livre. I talk about the book.
Le livre dont je parle. The book I talk about.

J'ai tellement besoin d’un café. I really need a coffee.
Le café dont j'ai tellement besoin. The coffee I really need.

Je ne connais pas le nom de cette personne. I don’t know the name of this person/this person’s name
Cette personne dont je ne connais pas le nom. This person whose name I don’t know /(‘the name of whom I don’t know’)

It also has a nifty little use that roughly translates to “of which” or “including” (kinda) where you don’t need to use a verb with it.

Il avait 4 enfants, dont 3 filles. He had 4 children, 3 of which (were) girls.

The composed forms duquel/de laquelle/desquel(le)s occur if the de is just one component of a longer prepositional phrase/adverb/whatever the word is.

Tu t'es assis à côté d'une femme. You sat next to a woman.
La femme à côté de laquelle tu t'es assis. The woman you sat next to.

Il n'est pas venu à cause d'un grave accident. He didn’t come because of a bad accident.
Le grave accident à cause duquel il n'est pas venu. The bad accident he didn’t come because of.

My examples aren’t the best and some of them just feel like half sentences haha but I hope this is helpful