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It’s been 3 long years on my fitness journey. This journey has many different stages physically and mentally, but one things for sure you’ll look back at your before picture, and tell your body “I love you and thanks for coming this long way.” It’s not easy, but by sharing this I hope to inspire someone to not give up. My mother hates when I use this photo for comparison because she knows how criticizing people can be but leave that for the girl in 2013 to care what people thought/think. I’ve worked hard to become the person I am now, and I share this to inspire/motivate others that it is possible and the body is fascinating with what it can transform to. I’ve still got some work to do but for now happy #transformationtuesday ! God bless, rooting for ya! & a thanks to those who shared their journey and lit a flame for inspiration in others and I ❤

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CALL OUT to everyone here who keeps feeding the fucking void fish shit they want to forget, you're inoculated already, you're not going to forget Merle fucking those plants anytime soon or whatever bullshit you keep sneaking in. Y'all the Void Fish needs to be put on a diet now, Johan is having to figure out how to write /diet/ music. I hope you're all happy, I can't get much sleep now because poor Johan is pretty much ripping out his hair trying to figure this shit out at three AM.

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zo he picked me up n he was on his skateboard n He looked so hotjdkst and I was like tony hawk is SHOOKENED in his knees anyway I’m like fuk!! N we hug n he’s even hotter in person fuk so on the way to his house I jus talked about my music cuz he told me to play my music if I wanted 2 so I played m'faves bruno new drake n saved mdad for last n he said he never rly listens 2 music but he love his faves tupac n nas n I was like tru n he appreciate mj n stuff n he’s so smart my kid like wowington I live in a 👀 neighborhood n I was telling him how I cud walk to school cuz it’s so close but my father don’t want me 2 cuz he’ll think I’ll get attacked n die n he like that’s good tho there’s a lot of evil men n ppl here the DMV has more n more cases of human trafficking lately like this case in D.C. For girls n I was like wow yeth and yea n he didn wanna make eye contact but he would sometime and he’s so cute wow anyway we get to his homeington and he got a noice flat screen n a amazon fire ting so he could play any movie on it and he ask me what I wanna watch so I was like spiderman 2 (2004) my fave moobie of all time sieofjag and he like laughed n was like u sure n I was like ehh my second fave movie of all time ghost (1990) and he was like okiee and he laid down beside me n gurl… i don’t wanna get into details but bic.. he is so modest I woulda never thot .. anyway my kid we mayhaps did it 5 times fjdkf and he was so caring I’m cryingjskn he kept bein like ur skin is so soft n kissin mforehead or sayin mbody is beautiful all tht n making sure I was good w/everything like wow n this the first time I N*T SO i was like wow.. ur my man…… n he drove me back home at 10 n was like u wanna play ur music n I did I played mdad and we talked sum more n then he like I’ll text u wen I get home n he did n was like tell me wenever I can see u again goodnite n kissed me gudnite fudbuehdjshfjajfbbkshdosfh I’m decesed

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what do you think of Emilie Autumn?

I used to love her and look up to her so much that if you look at old photos of me from around 2007 to 2009, you’ll find a little heart under my eye and striped stockings in every photo. Then a lot of drama happened with her and the fans and her book and it felt like her personality and image took importance over the music and then I kind of lost interest. I didn’t really enjoy Fight Like A Girl either, though I did go see her on tour after the album came out and I’m happy that I did.

I still listen to everything she’s done up til FLAG, but I don’t really follow what she does or look up to her anymore. From what I can figure the drama’s toned down and she’s doing better in general, so I’m happy for that cause obviously Opheliac was born out of very dark things. I still definitely have a soft spot for the Opheliac-or-so-era Emilie and always will, her style around that time was a big part of my life for a while and a lot of the photoshoots she did back then are gorgeous. And now I really feel like listening to Organ Grinder…

(Funnily enough, when I was looking for burlesque pictures some months back I came across Veronica Varlow’s blog where she’d used a picture I took of her in one of her posts! I think I’m friends with Contessa on Facebook as well.)


Request: If request are still open, could you do something with Kylo accidentally killing the reader in a middle of a battle? I haven’t been feeling the best and I just need something to make me cry. I’m so sorry.

A/N: Idk why requests like these appeal to me so much like….I enjoy writing them even tho they literally rip my heart out??? Thank you anon for requesting this, I hope this makes you cry! [gif not mine]

Warning: Death

Word Count: 2.6K+

We’ll make it through. I promise you. The sound of the sweet voice rung in his head, the sight of something so innocent and pure that took the human form. We’ll make it through. I promise you. The same words repeated in his head, all he could think about was the lovely face he was once able to hold and kiss. The once lovely person he used to call his own. We’ll make it through. I pr-

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#ThankYouBones Week: Day 8 5 B&B moments that made you fall in love with them

The very first scene I watched of Bones was the one on the first gif (s01, The Woman in Limbo), not only Brennan broke my heart with her speech and almost made me cry, but I loved how that man was by her side just supporting her. I wouldn’t start watching Bones regularly until season 5 (I don’t know why, really), but the first thing I loved about this show was Brennan/Booth’s relationship: their chemistry, the tension between them, their fights, their support for each other, their bickering, their talks, their gazing at each other, their hugs, their friendship, their jokes, their evolution as characters and as a couple. They’ve always loved and supported each other. They complement each other perfectly without having to sacrifice their own personalities. They have grown together, and they have taught us that everything happens eventually. They will always be one of the greatest couples on TV, with a beautiful family, a loving healthy relationship and the most amazing chemistry I’ve seen on modern TV. Thanks for everything Brennan & Booth. 

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I don't get it my queen, what's everyone's obsession with this "Ketch" guy?

Okay, let’s do this…

Originally posted by aborddelimpala

I won’t claim to speak for everyone else…

But for me, Ketch just seems like a good time. I love his dominating personality, the subtle quirks of his face that don’t quite let you know what he’s thinking, though you can probably guess it’s something awful (in the most wonderful sense).

He’s composed, but rough, and I think that roughness would translate into a spectacular shag, leaving you sore for days it a blissful reminder of your time with him. He would enjoy himself, but he would take his time, preferring to watch you fall apart as you came over and over, by various means. He’d use fingers, tongue, his cock… perhaps even a variety of toys should the mood strike him.

He would literally ruin you for most men, because there are very few who could dominate you so completely in the way that he would, and you would be on your knees thanking him for it after…

Well, I’ve lost my train of thought… what was the question again?

I mean… he obviously got some back story that I, personally, am really curious to learn. I think there’s so much we don’t know about him yet, and if his character is going to be around for awhile, it will be neat to see how he unfolds.

Plus, I find him attractive, not just in looks, but personality as well.

He’s not for everyone, I understand that… but I would do terrible things to him and for him, given the chance. XD

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im thinking about all the followers i wouldn’t have lost if i was a tame, safe disney blogger :(  but honestly i’m glad I decided to showcase my personality/do personal stuff times too cause it’s so much fun. i love getting you all involved in these silly antics and i love you all for joining in! especially when we all bond over the most ridiculous things. i think it brings us together as a family. 

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i was wondering.. even though you don't do personal translations, do you think you could give us a message to copy and paste to let seokjin know he is beautiful no matter what??? i really want to send him something in korean knowing he does even if he may not read it, but maybe he'll skim over it one day.. i just want to make him smile and be happy like he does for me. thank you. i love you and your blog and updates i'm grateful!

Awwww that made me tear up. I don’t do personal translations, but if it’s to make our boys smile, I’ll help. 

Here you go! Make Seokjin smile! Pass it around: 

잘생겼으니까 외모대해서 스트레스 받지마세요.- You are handsome, so do not stress about your appearance.

아름다운 사람이니까 스트레스 받지말고 행복하세요.- You are a beautiful person, so do not get stressed and be happy.

힘들때 감정을 너무 숨기지마세요, 정신적으로 좋지않아요. 우리가 있잖아요.- When you are having a hard time do not hide your emotions too much, it’s not good for you mentally. You have us! 

행복하시고 건강하게 흥넘치게사세요. Please be happy and continue to stay healthy and lively.  

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Hi, love your work! I was wondering what about the UT bros, uf bros, swap bros would react to an s/o who was a writer and loved to write down things about every person they met and talked in inspirational movie quotes to cheer some one up?

(Thank you!!)


  • He’s always sort of looking over your shoulder and smiling at the little things you scribble down.
  • He puns about the movies you reference and just sort of watches you with this infatuated fascination as you thrive while pouring your optimism into other people.


  • Carries around extra glitter pens for you.
  • He gets excited about the movie quotes thing (it always manages to cheer him up. They’re all very eloquent/powerful) and wants to watch all of them sometime so he can understand your references.


  • He gets really into it. Pointing out all these positive things along with you to write down.
  • He’s thoroughly impressed with your ability to just spew out quotes like that, and all to make someone smile! He finds that very endearing.


  • He loves the little things about you. Especially that cute look on your face you get when you’re really concentrating on something you’re writing.
  • Comes up with a quote of the day of his own (not all from movies and sometimes just to get a laugh out of you)


  • He gets a little nervous with how easily you seem to trust people.
  • He’ll roll his eyes and snort at the movie references. Calling them cheesy or stupid (all while trying not to smile of course)


  • He sits and watches you quietly when you start writing. Hand in his chin and more relaxed then he can remember feeling.
  • He’ll point out little things to you every once and awhile and smile a little when you get frustrated. Cute.
  • He very proudly shoots back ‘Old Timey Poets’ quotes at you (Robert Frost, Shakespeare. He’s kind of a snob in that regard. But it can be pretty romantic)

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To be honest I'm somewhat annoyed at Henrik cause he keeps posting vague pics of the set and the cast members and yeah I feel like he's just teasing us and seeking attention

to be honest henrik doesn’t owe us anything so he can tease and seek as much attention as he pleases if he wants to (which i don’t think he’s doing at all) 

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Tyler and I am 23 years old. I have been working as a cardiac nurse for a year now and I am currently in the final semester of my BSN online program. My ultimate goal is to transfer into the cardiac ICU and then use that experience to work as a traveling nurse for 1 to 2 years. While doing that, I plan to save up enough money to pay for CRNA school out of pocket. Becoming a CRNA has always been my goal since I was younger. My mother unexpectedly passed away last July and it really hit me hard. She was the sole reason for me entering the health field and I use her as my motivation every single day. On top of working as an RN, I am also heavily involved in investing. In particular, I enjoy trading stocks and options. I am fascinated by numbers and the algorithms that go along with predicting trends, etc. Ultimately, my goal is to become the very best person I can. I love making people happy. I love making people feel good about themselves. I love motivating people. I love helping people with their problems. I love spreading positivity. 

- T

What actually offends me the most is how this whole Mon-thing situation is basically shitting on the Danvers sisters dynamic.

I feel the most offended when they use Alex as a vehicle to get Kara to convince herself to get with dude bro because ALEXANDRA DANVERS WOULD NEVER sit and listen to her baby sister venting about dude bro’s fuck up of the week and go, “It’s probs just a misunderstanding, you should give him a chance,” and just shrug it off.

The Alex Danvers that was introduced to us and that we know and love would fucking hunt that dude bro down, make him explain his fucking self while giving him constant shovel talks before giving Kara advice on what to do with that.

And I understand Alex has a lot going on for her right now, but for fuck’s sake, don’t they dare fucking tell me that Alex will continue to push her sister—her sister that she had practically dedicated her whole life to protect—to someone who clearly upsets her on a regular basis without hunting him down and interrogating him for his side of the story.

It’s such a disservice to Alex Danvers because that’s one of the things I love about her.

We love you, Mark!


Hey, just watched your video. I don’t know if I could say anything that might help, but you need to know that we are all here for you. We will support you and do anything to help, because you’re here for us a lot more than you might think.

You’ve saved lives, and you should know that if you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask. You’ve helped us, let us help you.

You have so much love in you, and I know how difficult it must be, wanting to give us all equal attention. And if you’re resolving to interact with us more, that’s great. But please don’t feel bad about it.

Spend time with your friends and Chica. Spend time with Amy, I think she’s really good for you and I hope you guys are happy 😊

You’re a good person, Mark. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Anything you need, just give us a shout.

Lots of love,

Your loyal fans 💗

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a - age: ninteen
b - birthplace: i cant tell u because then i would have to kill you (northern virginia) 
c - current time: 8:50 am
d - drink you last had: just opened a ice cold can of fresca
e - easiest person to talk to: oh, you know…
f - favourite song: i have 500 favoret songs uhh ill just say pizza aux narines by igorrr
g - grossest memory: either the Snot Milk Incident or the Vomit Peepee Incident 
h - horror yes or horror no: yeah bich 
i - in love? no i wish
j - jealous of people?: i used to get jealous of people extremely easy but now i love myself so itdoesnt happen a lot
k - killed someone?: yea myself
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: Leave
m - middle name: danger 
n - number of siblings: got one brother
o - one wish: o you know……. but besides That i wish to meet cool good friends in my new neighborhood 
p - person you called last: probably my mom
q - question you’re always asked: i get “were you BORN in august?” at least 4 times a day every day im at work 
r - reason to smile: MOVING THIS WEEKEND
s - song you sang last: its embarassing bye 
t - time you woke up: 7:45 ish 
u - underwear color: teal…. thank u for reminding me that i need new underwear thanks 
v - vacation destination: oh you Know 
w - worst habit: i chew on wverything i touch, including myself, thnks 
x - x-rays: what about them 
y - your favourite food: ohhhhhh guacamole, im not sure if that counts because you dont typically eat it by itself, but im in love with guacamole so guacamole is my favorite food 
z - zodiac sign: cap/aquarius cusp but normally i just tell people aquarius
for tags i am just going to press random letters and choose whatever it suggests ok: @felinec0re @questionnsleep @labyrinth77 @bugplague @nematode-needles @toadcircus @jeremiahtheinnocent @siltman1 @spellz @mudmeat @moleshow @planetnibiru @ocds @yerubae @ratlungworm @wormslime @lampp0st @mossful @184o @supergenesis
i think thats 20 but i cant count so maybe not. i dont care if u actually do this

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Confession: It's been 10 months and I still Love him and I miss him so much but I do not want him anymore. It still hurts from time to time and I hate the fact that he's with someone else but I understand he's different now. I guess I just miss the person he used to be when he would serenade me and tell me how much he Loved me. Before he changed for the worse.

same i feel u )):

((Source, mobile link sadly: https://mobile.twitter.com/TommyAndreasen/status/843756085995626496))

Okay fandom we’re gonna sit down an analyse this reply in a way that is unbiased as possible, using higher analysis (an skill for inference). A quick disclaimer that no, I do not ship Lloyd with anyone. Because Lloyd’s relationships is the main focus here.

TL;DR: Tommy’s response in NO WAY implies that Lloyd will or will not be getting a love interest in future seasons. “Keep watching” literally just means “keep watching to find out if the answer is yes or no”.

Firstly, look at the question being answered.

“Will Lloyd have a girlfriend? Bc Jay and Nya. Zane and Pixal. Kai.. With Skylor”

The person is asking Tommy if Lloyd will have a girlfriend in the future. They use Jay and Nya (a canon couple) and Zane and Pixal (another mostly “canon couple”, although it’s not outright stated in the show and thus can still be interpreted otherwise) as their supporting points.

However, they use Kai and Skylor as one of these points, despite there being little evidence that they did get together after Season 4.

From now on, I’ll be using the term “love interest” instead of girlfriend.

Tommy’s reply is as follows:

“Keep watching.”

Tommy is the co-writer of Ninjago. It would be one of his main objectives to make sure that viewers will continue to watch Ninjago (the TV series) by generating hype (and interacting with the fans by answering some questions from them). Another would be to try and influence people to start watching the show.

Therefore, if anyone asks him a question regarding the series which isn’t stated in canon or isn’t in seasons already in production/translation (like Hands of Time), he would have no choice but to be vague.

He needs to be vague to generate hype, by informing viewers/fans that by continually to support and watch the show, the answers to such questions will potentially have answers. This is ignoring the potential danger to his job in the event that he leaks confidential information.

If he straight up answers with a “yes” or “no”, it would cause people to lose interest as they would already know the answer to such questions and have no further need to watch the show for answers. (For example: imagine if he had already told us when the First Serpentine War had ended prior to Season Seven’s creation. Then there would be no reason for anyone to watch Hands of Time, where the answer is given.)

His message is “keep watching to find out the answer.”

In no way does his message imply a positive response (“yes, he will get a love interest”) or a negative response (“no, he will not get a love interest”). If looking for loaded words, the most you can say is that due to his position as the co-writer of the series, he would have every reason to want people to watch the show.

So please, stop spreading misinformation that Lloyd WILL be getting a love interest. It’s repetitive and annoying.