a performances by everyone ugh why have i never seen this movie before

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Rachel decides to give Kurt’s love life a little nudge. And to Kurt’s amazement, what happens is definitely not a disaster.

“You did WHAT?!”

“Kurt, you have been single for way too long.”

“That’s your…? You… You left my number in a random book in the library?! Rachel, what the hell were you thinking?!”

“That you’ve been single for way too long,” Rachel replied patiently while Kurt only stare, seething. “Oh, come on. I left it between the pages of Hamlet, it won’t be picked up by any weirdo.”

“Oh, gosh. Sorry, I didn’t realize,” Kurt sassed through his teeth. “Rachel, you go back to that library and you rip OFF the page you wrote my number on!”

“I can’t do that,” Rachel said with a fake gasp. “It’s Hamlet!”

“You already wrote on it!”

“With good intentions. Shakespeare would forgive me.”

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Of early relationships, heated kisses and broken hearts 
Word Count: 3,472 

omfg this is my first smut ugggggggh it was really embarrassing to write it because it’s in the first person POV and i seriously do not have experience in this ugh udsh us fhsiuasdfghk  if this makes you hate smut, then forgive me 

there will be a part 2 but i still dont know when i’ll start writing. my chaptered fic is still incomplete sooo…. hahahahahah btw, the name of the OC is Maeri. ^_^ enjoooy~

Being a Korean star’s girlfriend is not always fun and games. We don’t always go out for dates like normal couple do. We can’t be seen in public since our relationship is not known to everyone. We argue about even the tiniest things. All in all, it’s quite a challenge.

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