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Of Codes and Captchas

Hiveswap is officially coming out in less than 48 hours and I’m extremely Hyped! So what better way to celebrater than yet another Homestuck Theory? This comes kind of out of the blue, but I was inspired to write this after chatting with a good friend of mine about Captcha Cards, Combinations, and the elusive and dubious existence of a “Perfectly Unique Object”, which became a big session of theorising about how the Alchemiter System even works in the first place and how the Captcha Codes are assigned!

So without further ado, let’s get into the thick of it.

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protip: if stuck on the idea of Void as just Nothing and cant imagine interactions with Nothingness, try instead the idea of Anything, with no set parameters of what it logically should be or Anything but its a secret and only you know it

because Void is also schroedingers box, an infinite expanse of impossible possibilities that disregards all natural laws of the universe like a half matriob half perfectly generic object or the various mutations of genetic experiment mutant kittens

Light on other hand is neither Nothing nor Everything, but instead a specific defined Thing, or just Some Things but not All Things

for instance, if asked what kind of objects give off a physical Light that can be seen

Light would answer logically: light bulbs, sparkly things, electricity, fire etc

Void would answer nonsensically: Wood, Asphalt, the human emotion of fear, commitments, sweaters, darkness and tabletop rpgs

Page of Light on: Light

  okay, so recently I have become a little aggravated on how the fandom interprets certain aspects. SPECIFICALLY opposite pairs. People tend to forget that every classpect is powerful in their own ways, and The class and aspect do not indicate a win in a fight. SO I wish to clarify one of the more ironically underground aspects, light. I am going to organize this in terms of, why the aspect is powerful, why people thought otherwise, and how this aspect can be used to topple other “Powerful” aspects.

  So Light; The aspect of Relevance (Which comes into play through luck) Knowledge, Literal Light, and Clarity. Light players are defined by being intelligent people, whom fate favors. They tend to have a thirst for knowledge, but can become megalomatic. (Both serkets, Mrs I can trick gods Rose Lalonde.) Now, light is powerful BECAUSE of what it domains over. I’ll start with relevance.
  Now According to homestuck Lore, everything is destined, so luck plays a different role. Luck is tied specifically to the relevance and importance of a situation. A D4 on a table vs a monarch rolling a D4 to determine the fate of his enemies vs A D4 whose roll will dictate the end of the universe. Which one of these would you say is more significant? A Light player can both tell the difference between the insignificant D4 vs the one that ends the world, and have the relevance to know that that die will roll in their favor, for they can be just as significant. Vriska would steal significance from events, and use it to make it seem like her luck was ridiculous, when in reality she was making the die she rolled matter more.
  Knowledge is power. That is a sentence that is often said, and it is true. Sburb is a game of lore, of past, and with deep intricate mechanics. If a session was to not have a light player, they would have to rely 100% on their sprites, which can vary from vague to unreliable to impossible to deal with. A Light player brings knowledge on Game mechanics, and alchemy to the table. A Light player is the opposite of void in this sense, with bringing the information to the forefront, where it can be used. Rose wrote a strategy guide that The horrorterrors deemed fit to keep for later/earlier usage in paradox space, and Aranea’s exposition brought information to the table where it was lacking. Not to mention how about making factual information real hmm?
  Literal light dictates vision. You can see because of the Light reflecting off of surfaces and entering your eyes. Light can also burn. Light is just visible radiation, so it would be not a stretch to assume a more exploitative, fulfilled light player could fire deadly beams of Gamma rays, or make dense, concentrated light which can blow holes through someone, or they could bend the light around themselves, allowing for them to become invisible. I have a lot about Literal light powers so plz ask me if you want more ideas.
  Light is finally about clarity, being open and see through. Light is how information is presented. A clear and concise pattern of thought and mannerisms. Clarity is the opposite of voids secrecy, where light players could be revealing to their fellow players, highlighting weak or Critical hit spots, making enemy stats visible to everyone, or be the person who points out the guy hiding. Light is the one to remind everyone Sburb has a point, and to place vision on the significance. Post Scratch Mom Lalonde wrote the book about the Condenses’ rise to power, and the factual information to anyone in the future, bringing clarity on how she took over the world. Vriska also willingly took all eyes away from others, and shine the spotlight on herself, and loathe I am to admit it, Comic hussie falling in love with vriska makes sense, as she would be the center of attention.

  WOW that’s a lot of power surrounding light. How could have people missed this right? Well let me answer that for you. Lets see how Light was represented in the comic VS how void was. The three major examples of light players were ROSE LALONDE, who, as a Seer of Light, had no access to literal powers, and instead was the most prophetic classpect possible, gaining prophecies of Information and Significance, and using that to fight. Aranea Inverted, and instead used her knowledge of nothingness to destroy, in a piss poor attempt to take over. And Vriska, who never learned how to moderate how much light she stole, she took either all of it, or (Vriska) Inverted and took none of it. As a result she was never able to develop more powers that allowed her to truly be strong.
  This is compared to it’s inverse Void, who has a Bad example of a void player, a Good one, and a GREAT and REALIZED one. Bad is Horrus, Page of Void, who developed literally nothing, did nothing. Literally he was the most useless a page could be. Good was Equius, who inherited nothing. Now That means equius had no natural powers, but was incredibly strong in them. That translated to incredible strength. Equius was the most powerful player in the Troll’s session through brute force. And the Great example is Roxy Lalonde, Rouge of Void. Now here’s the interesting. Roxy learned what a rouge must, that it’s okay to move your aspect around. A rouge must learn that it’s okay to steal from those with too much, so what she did was move nothing around, and moved it hard. She shed mystery on her allies by overcoming her abundant void via alcoholism, and she learned how to use her voidy powers to create perfectly generic objects, and a matriorb, and create those objects on the spot, in plenty, and mid combat. Roxy was by far the most powerful void player we have seen, and that is because she was a realized rouge. See how the two could be seen as unbalanced. It wasn’t because of light being weak, it was because of both Light being poorly represented by the serkets, the good representative being a seer, and void having a damn near amazing representative.

  Okay that’s all well and dandy, but how can light defeat something like hope?
Dude, first off, I am insulted you would think that Hope is inherently better than any other aspect for nothing other than being hope. Secondly, did you see how easily Jake was Manipulated by a light player, and used as a living battery? Hell, all Aranea had to do to defeat Jake with brain ghost Dirk is to remind him that this Dirk wasn’t real at all, and the one far far away from them was. This would poof away Jakes already delicate belief in Dirk, and Brain ghost would cease to exist. Light could also defeat void in a similar fashion. Bring clarity to the void player. Void’s power comes from subterfuge and mystery. Light excels in bringing things to the front, and the void players are no different. Not to mention, having fate fortune you, well that is a power you do not want to be on the wrong side of.

  TLDR; Light needs more attention and is stronger than you people think.

seelcudoom  asked:

you ever think how fucking powerful Roxys power actually are? like the fact she is shown having the boxes move either means she can control objects she creates, which is op as fuck, or she can also create kinetic force, which is also op as fuck, if she can create forces whats to stop her from say, creating a tornado, really im pretyt sure she could do eveyrthing john can except turn into wind roxy op nerf now

maybe perfectly generic objects are just really good at following orders

Favorite Details from [S] Collide.

1. The fucking music.

I want Homestuck to be remembered for how it marries music to visual. In that sense, Collide is a masterpiece. It’s a sort of three act epic. The opening, apparently “Creata” doesn’t get the credit it deserves for setting the huge stage. Almost every piece we’ve ever seen is at play here, and it all has to be quickly reintroduced to the tune of this song, and it’s so… it’s grand, but whimsical, playful, and gives us that sense of incoming awesome.

“Oppa Toby Style” is not just hilariously named (NEVER LET YOUR FRIENDS NAME SHIT FOR YOU, EVER). I’m a huge fan of Toby from his work in Undertale, some of my favorite music ever. But this is Toby when he’s not restrained by his instrumentals. While Undertale had a limited… instrumental palette, here Toby has free reign. Creepy dancy synth, crowds chanting, some of the most peppy and fun guitars, and that constant percussion pumping along to give way to the windy section then SMASHING back into the action.

It’s genuinely fucking great, it’s so perfect for the heat of battle, with drama and humor and the sense of frantic danger that is at the core of Collide.

“Eternity Served Cold” is that bridge that serves as a vitally needed breath of air without dropping the action. In any other flash, it would be the star track, but in Collide it’s just up against a lot of other incredible work.

Like “Heir of Grief,” which I will argue is the best song in Homestuck history. I heard “HoG” before seeing Collide and already thought it was a deeply moving piece. It’s such a slow, thoughtful score and the guitars bursting in like a revelation make me want to actually start crying. I believe now that I have the association of the imagery, it’s going to become my new “Battle With A True Hero” and make me tear up at the sound.

And, look. It’s the Strider-Lalonde theme song. You’ll never convince me otherwise. Moments of pure hesitancy smashing into triumphant motion, an sort of physical quality to it that moves like the family itself does.

And the twinkly noise as Jade tries to quell her beloved dogs will never unlink in my head.

That passage at about 15 minutes into the animation, the Dave segment as I mentally call it, is this last deep inhale before the final storm, and it’s just great.

“Heir of Grief” is dynamic and yet knows when to be restrained. It is in a way tired, as tired as I feel after consuming this comic for three weeks straight, and that final looping…. arpeggio thing, with the guitar, that keeps looping and looping and going because you have to finish it, you can’t take another breath until it’s finally done–


2. This Smug Bitch Over Here

It is really weird to see the creator of a story inside the big emotional frantic climax of the story and feel an intense emotion. But I did. I saw AH peeking out from behind his perch and I started fucking beaming.

I see you villain. I see you lurking there to witness your own creation kick it into the highest of gears. I hope you are as proud as I am, man, because you should be.

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Fraymotif Name Ideas

Just figured I should post this because I Love™ Names and Naming Things.

Basically I’ve decided to name all of the unnamed fraymotifs shown in that battle update, and the person who drew/created them likes the names I gave them so I’m super happy they are liked!!

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anonymous asked:

tyde i was just thinking about the hiveswap release poster and that green puzzlebox joey was holding reminds me a lot of a Perfectly Generic Object... could this be the proof you need to make the case for joey as a space or void player????

hmmm i’m torn between her being space or light, a PGO would probably count as a point towards space, but it depends on how she gets it (ie, she seems to find it in dammek’s house, so if she just like, finds it on his coffee table then it probably doesn’t mean much)


Perfectly Generic Objects: What are they?

So, a friend of mine and me were talking about what Perfectly Generic Objects might be made out of. If they are any actual material, instead of ‘generic game coding stuff’, then they should be something that’s made of relatively common elements, right? And it’s also ‘perfectly generic’, whatever that actually means.

I checked the most abundant materials on Earth- Dismissing the atmosphere, we have the crust being made in great part of Oxygen, Silicon, Aluminum, Iron… But the thing is, PGO’s don’t really seem metallic, right? There’s a sprite for metallic cubes after all, and they don’t clank together when the ground is shaking. They seem either light, or maybe squishy, even. With rounded corners and such.

But hearing about silicon, I immediately thought of Silicone. I checked Wikipedia to be sure and, surprise, Silicone is any compound made of Silicon and Oxygen, Sometimes also with Carbon or Hydrogen. Seems pretty generic when it comes to composition, and Silicone is rubber-like, which could match the PGO. Then I kept reading on.

Silicone insulates against heat, electricity and chemicals. It’s water resistant, inert (Doesn’t react with materials), stable through a wide range of temperatures, doesn’t allow the growth of microbial life on it, doesn’t stick to most materials…

I don’t know what ‘Perfectly Generic’ exactly means. But I think silicone might be close to that. So I’m going to headcanon PGO’s are squishy silicone cubes.

[s] collide highlights

  • !!!!!!!!!!fraymotifs!!!!!!!!!!
  • roxy using heaps of perfectly generic objects to fight
  • jake and jane battling together!!! :o
  • the fucking felt. that is all
  • vriska vs hussie!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • jade getting to Use Her Space Powers and Kick Ass
  • wv and serenity reuniting!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • davepeta and THE FUCKING UNDERTALE REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jade taking advantage of the fact that the bec in jack + pm won’t hurt her
another upd8 drabble

Roxy vs. the Condesce. I just wanted to think about what was going through my girl’s head when she avenged her species.

sfw, a little bit of creepy shit, about 800 words

It’s gonna be fine. You’re a god.

You’re a god, you remind yourself as the dirty Derse light paints your skin and fingernails mauve. She may be an older-than-fuck cake-slinging fish queen in a unitard, but you’re a god. The God of Void. The Rogue of Nothing. The Princess of Empty. The Voidinator. The NULL SET. Yeah.

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anonymous asked:

nicomaki - "okay maybe just this one."

I know i said in the tags that the prompt list this one came from was more serious but i just thought of something toO CUTE I’M REALLY SORRY IF YOU WANTED SOMETHING SERIOUS ANON 

side note this was jusT LONG ENOUGH to merit a read more but also not very long and its so. ughhhhhh. why cant everything fit without cluttering people’s dashes?? 

“Okay, maybe just this one.”

Nico watched Maki with a critical eye, not missing the way the redhead was fixated on something else. If Maki thought she was being subtle about it, she was wrong. Still, it was difficult for her to figure out where Maki was looking, so Nico reluctantly let it slide, instead pulling her wife along towards the supermarket. “Come on, we don’t have all day, you know!”

“….Right.” Maki replied curtly. “How many groceries did we need, again?”

She huffed and brushed some invisible dust off her skirt. “Well obviously, we need enough to fill that stupidly huge pantry at least for a little while, so we’re going to be getting all of the basic cooking ingredients, some snack foods, maybe some desserts…Maki, are you paying attention at all?!” While she’d been talking, Maki’s gaze drifted back over to the other storefronts, and Nico crossed her arms while she waited for a response. 

“Yes!” A pause. “….I ignored every word.” She admitted, sighing. “It’s just groceries, though, right? I don’t think we need a plan. It’s not that hard to mess up. We just buy what we’ll eat, right?”

“No, we buy what I’ll cook. You do realize somebody has to make the food now, right? God, no wonder you’re so clueless. You’re lucky you’re moving in with a super wife like me to make sure you don’t die living on your own!” She embellished a little, sure, but that was basically what it boiled down to. 

Maki rolled her eyes. “Gee, thanks. Maybe I should have just said no and hired a maid instead. Less talkative.”

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