a perfect paper airplane

Cynosure (1/1)

Summary: “Just listen, darling,” he says, against her mouth. “All you have to do is listen.” (Praise kink)

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut

Words: ~4.5k

Notes: I asked @bluestoplights​ what she would most like to see in terms of fluff/smut.  She suggested praise kink, and apparently this is what happens when I try to do that.  Hope you enjoy!

Also on ff and ao3

It’s just on the cusp of nightfall on a Thursday night, and Emma stands in their bedroom, feet bare against the waxed, wooden floors.  Killian stands before her, half in a hazy moonlight, half in the light from the old, crystal lamp that sits atop their dresser.  It’s leaning to one side, along with the dresser itself.  The house, as old houses do, is sinking on one side, a slight dip in the flooring where she stands, making him seem even taller than usual. The curtains are half open against the waning light.  The breeze is hardly a breeze at all, throwing limp, heavy, humid air against the sheers that are still

“Backwards, ugh, I am never going to remember to fix that.”

Killian laughs –

“No reason to be looking at the curtains, Swan.”

– even as he works at removing his belt.  His hook and brace alike are hanging from the rack in the main hall.  His shirt has long since been abandoned, somewhere on the landing, likely right at the top, where Henry will step on it on his way back from Regina’s place tomorrow afternoon.  

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Who You Gonna Call? || Dennis & Jonathan

Dennis waits what he hopes is an acceptable amount of time before reaching out to Jonathan.  He spends that time mostly in his garden, though a few times he wanders down to the hotel and loiters in the bar.  He enjoys the friendly atmosphere and occasionally getting to help new souls get oriented to Heaven.  He can understand why Cordelia likes her job so much.

After some time - it passes strangely in Heaven so that what seems like a few days to him could be just an hour to someone else - he writes a note on a sheet of paper.  It’s a little old-fashioned, and he hopes Jonathan won’t mind.  When the note is finished, he folds it into a paper airplane (not your run-of-the-mill paper airplane, but a perfect replica of a B52; just because he’s old-fashioned doesn’t mean he can’t get crafty) and tosses it into the air, knowing it will find its way without any trouble.


If you’re still interested, my television is all set up for a science fiction marathon.  And I have a very nice couch - more comfortable than a rock, though it doesn’t have a beautiful bioluminescent river next to it.

Let me know when works for you.



He hopes the comment about the rock isn’t too forward.

My @taylorswift show is basically so close that I can feel it and I’m getting super excited. My shirt is being made from Etsy for lyrics from New Romantics, I’m getting myself a pair of jeans to go with it, finding my sister’s heels (which are thick so no pain), buying my paint and glitter, finding the perfect cat ears headband, and searching for the perfect paper airplane necklace. I can’t wait to see Taylor live as she is my first concert ever and she has helped me through so much. If I get Loft ‘89, I’ll be able to tell her what she has done to my life and how she has helped me not give up on becoming an actress. But if I don’t get Loft ‘89, I’ll still be happy because it WILL be the best night of my entire life and nothing could possibly compare. Except for the day I become an actress and get married but still- I can’t wait for October 27th!

I really hope you get to see this, @taylorswift since you follow me and such.