a perfect mystery

Art forgery is the best crime tbh. It requires absolutely incredible artistic talent, technical skill, and attention to detail to make convincing fakes. Does anyone get hurt from it? No! The only people who suffer for it are the extremely wealthy who want the prestige of having original paintings in their own homes. It’s full of international intrigue and mystery. Perfect.


female awesome meme || 1/5 characters with the best growth » dorothy “dot” williams

“When I first came to work for you, MIss, I was afraid of everything, and you taught me so many things, and you made me brave, and…you made me happy.”


i love gravity falls and im so excited that it’s back!!! so i made another pair of playlists to celebrate

a melancholy mix for stanley and stanford (listen here, tracklist here)


an upbeat mix for dipper and mabel (listen here, tracklist here)

  • <p> <b>Mabel:</b> Rules are made to be broken.<p/><b>Dipper:</b> Rules are made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.<p/><b>Raz:</b> Uh, Piñatas.<p/><b>Coraline:</b> Glow sticks.<p/><b>Wybie:</b> Karate boards.<p/><b>Neil:</b> Spaghetti when you have a small pot.<p/><b>Mabel:</b> Rules.<p/></p>