a penny for yo thoughts

dromsk  asked:

Yo what about penny & board games??? Cuz like I always thought if u showed him like connect 4 or some shit he'd love it & he'd always ask u to bring him new games when u visit :,)

Oh my god he absolutely would!!

You brought him candy land one time as a joke and that’s where it all started. Like he wanted to know everything about it and y'all played it for like an hour (half being spent by trying to explain how to play) and you told him more existed and he was just like :O!!!

His favorites are probably

-candy land
-connect four (he always looses..)
-twister (idk if that counts)
-guess who

the-lego-cutie-pie  asked:

Yo fam i just thought about the saddest shit. What if Penny's s/o showed him a this video called "If gay was normal, and being straight wasnt" and he like ends up crying at the end like "Holy fuck, people do this to other people just cuz they like the same gender?? Why??"

The video came to an end and Penny sat beside you,fighting back tears; you took his hand in yours and sighed.For about a month,you’ve been teaching Penny everything you could about the LGBQT community.He was just so interested in learning about it,you did what you could to help him learn.
“Not that I don’t know what homosexuality is or anything because I’ve been around for so many years,I’ve seen just about everything.I just want to learn more since nowadays,people are more open about it than before.” Penny hummed and sat down at the kitchen table about an hour ago.

“What was it like back in the day? And not the 50’s or anything,I mean way waaaaay back in the day.” You asked as you opened up your laptop and began your video search.

“It’s hard to explain.Some people didn’t try to hide it and others were so afraid of being found out about,they practically avoided all human contact.This one man,I smelled his fear and I knew.It was just as sad back then as it is now,being afraid to be yourself.I understand most fears; dogs,deep water,even clowns.But to be yourself,especially in public..it’s just…” he shrugged and looked over at the screen,unable to find the words.

You bit your lip and nodded,hitting play on the video. “This is a good video.It demonstrates what things would be like if everything was reversed.The “norm” became unacceptable and the unacceptable became normal and safe.”
“Darling,I know what I am.I know what I do,but this is just cruel.” He pulled you in for a hug. “I’ve studied humans since I arrived on this earth and I just can’t believe this species treats their own kind this way when you’re all made of the same flesh and blood.And I know,I’ve eaten plenty of people to confirm you’re all the same food.”

You chuckled softly and pet his hair. “It is but a lot of people are beginning to be more accepting of the LGBQT community so we just have to keep our hopes up that one day homophobia will be erased completely from this world.”