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Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’ Reimagined As A Collection Of Novels

A lot of people have asked me when I was going to get round to making a Joni Mitchell album-as-books print. Well, that day has arrived - here’s the wonderful ’Blue’ reimagined as a collection of classic Penguin and Pelican paperback books.

This print is available now in the Standard Designs Etsy Shop.

RFA reacts to an MC that loves Shakespeare!

- What’s Shakespeare? (Yoosung, darling, he’s a person, not a thing)
-You tried to show him Romeo and Juliet, since it’s a romance you just fail to talk about the ending
- He couldn’t get past the language (”You can seriously read this and understand it?”)
- However, when he saw you perform in your college’s production of Othello, he was in awe of your talent as an actor (”You’re just as good as Zen, if not better!”)
- but then your character (Desdemona) died at the hands of your on-stage lover, and HE WAS NOT PREPARED
- He cried
- He wasn’t very fond of Shakespeare after that performance

- When Zen found your battered copy of Twelfth Night, he got really excited. (”You like Shakespeare too?!”) He loves his comedies. They’re his favorites.
- You like acting, but dramaturgy is also up your alley, and you just so happened to get a dramaturgy job for that same play. Zen automatically auditions.
- So when Zen gets casted as Orsino in Twelfth Night, you were working with the director for historical accuracy and such.
- Constantly asks you to run lines with him, so that way he can get the passion down pat
- Zen you were almost too perfectly cast for this play >_>
- After the play ends, he begs you to audition for the next play
- It’s totally not because he wants to play your lover on and off the stage

- Jaehee isn’t surprised at the amount of Shakespeare that you own, since you did tell her that you major in Literature in college.
- However, she was surprised at how much you enjoyed it, and studied it.
- When you’re working on a paper for a class about Richard the Third (you mean Richard the Turd, right? XD), she loves how you mutter the scripts under your breath (”It’s like you’re muttering the most intricate of prayers, MC”)
- She starts to take the ones that you aren’t reading, and reads them on breaks.
- While the comedies are nice, she finds herself drawn to the histories, and sometimes will sit down to have conversations with you.
- Sometimes, she reads the lines, and it hits your soul
- Jaehee, I don’t know if you realize this, but this is a bit of a turn on. 

- Jumin did not like English literature in school, and he does not like it now
- He recognizes the entertainment of the theatre to the masses, but he didn’t like sitting through them, especially if he can’t understand them.
- So, when you tell him about this fun play called A Comedy of Errors and how there’s going to be auditions for it at school, he brushes it off. NOT REALIZING HOW MUCH THAT HURT
- You get a large part in it, but you don’t tell Jumin, who notices that you’re suddenly coming home 4 hours later than normal. (”MC, are you cheating on me?” “-_- no Jumin”)
- He shows up to your school one day to bring lunch because your dumb ass forgot it at home. But, you’re not in your classroom???? 
- One of your school friends sees him, and points him in the direction of the theatre.
- When he arrives, you’re delivering a heart wrenching monologue to your on-stage “husband.” 
-Jumin is SHOOK
- From then on, goes to all your performances (after apologizing for being an asshole originally)

- He’s not entertained by it.
- In fact, he hates it. (Probably has to do with a shitty teacher that didn’t teach it well).
- No matter how hard you try to show him how good Shakespeare’s work can be, he refuses to read or listen.
- Ouch, okay then. You won’t even try, for me? No? Fine.
- He doesn’t realize how much it hurt until in the chat, Zen tells MC that he got tickets for him and you to see Macbeth since you love tragedies, and you squealed, replying about how thoughtful he was. 
- The entire time you were gone with Zen the next night, 707 IS BROODING. However, this time to think made him realize that maybe he should’ve tried before putting it down. This made him regretful. 
- Once you return home, he hugs you tightly, and apologizes profusely. 

- This darling LOVES Shakespeare, and probably owns the huge Pelican book that has all his plays AND sonnets (kinda like I do! *wink wonk*)
- He finds out that you also like Shakespeare when he sees a dainty tattoo on your wrist that says “Think you I am no stronger than my sex” from Julius Caesar
- If he didn’t think he was in love with you before, he was sure in love with you now!
- Loves to send you motivational quotes from Shakespeare when you go to class on your phone, and one day gets enough courage to get his own tattoo! (He chose “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves,that we are underlings.“)   
If you are a part of any Shakespeare production, even if it is costumes, he will be there.
- Also, Shakespeare themed photo shoots are a must, to where he even submits photography to a exhibit under that theme. 
- The RFA hates when you two are in chats, because you two WON’T STOP QUOTING PLAYS (even Zen hates it).

- Like Yoosung, he has no idea about Shakespeare. 
- When you show him a script, he thought it was in an alien language (”Saeran, it’s Early Modern English” “What?!”) 
However, you find that it’s easiest to tell him by paraphrasing (as best you can)
- Very quickly, tragedies are his favorite. Macbeth? Hamlet? Titus Andronicus? Sign him up!
- However, when he hears you doing lines for Margaret in Richard III, he’s a bit spell bound
- How do you say things in such a way that makes his legs turn to jello?
- Begs you to perform for him, but no one else. He doesn’t want anyone else to experience your passion.