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Constellations (M)

Summary: He was the president of one of the most notorious fraternities on campus. You had expected him to be the same as his other brothers – a sex-crazed, binge drinking maniac… But the truth ended up surprising you – in more ways than one.

Genre/Warnings: College!AU, Fratboy!Namjoon. It’s pretty much all fluff up until the smut part… Then my trash self happened and added some dirty talking and teasing, along with slightly rough sex. There’s also swearing.

Word Count: 10.7k. (is it too late now to say sorry?)

A/N: IT’S FINALLY DONE!!! I spent the whole fucking day writing this fic and it is now 2:30 A.M and I’m fucking exhausted. I love this fic so much, okay. It literally feels like I put my entire fucking soul into this (although that might just be the sleep talking lol) but I hope you guys like it!!!

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it's the little things that count..
  • james sirius potter: gryffindor. poet. musician. loves leather and jean jackets. always smells like cigarettes and cinnamon. quiet until you get to know him. life of the party once he's comfortable. loves black coffee. rebellious. non-conformist. mysterious. future auror.
  • albus severus potter: slytherin. quidditch keeper. outgoing. determined. kind. charming. polished. fashionable. always loads his tea with sugar. loves muggle history. lgbt activist. openly bisexual. slug-club member. outspoken when provoked. always fighting for a cause.
  • lily luna potter: ravenclaw. book worm. dreamer. quiet. shy. loves muggle novels. activist for animal rights. vegan. clumsy. obsessed with wandlore. planner. always has her nails painted lilac. hopeless romantic. secretly in love with scorpius malfoy.
  • rose weasley: gryffindor. outspoken. energetic. bossy when she's insecure. mostly laid-back. good sense of humor. as brave as they can be. loyal. has a close relationship with mcgonagall. easily defensive. always prepared to fight back. tomboy. intrigued by lorcan scamander.
  • hugo weasley: gryffindor. studious. gifted at herbology. sometimes too serious for his own good. introverted. curious. can come off as passive or indifferent. fascinated with muggle culture.
  • roxanne weasley: gryffindor. outgoing. friendly. warm. quidditch chaser. beautiful. genuine. caring. girly. loves fashion. protective of those she loves. seeks harmony. usually underestimated when she's provoked. will fight to the death for a cause she believes in.
  • fred weasley II: gryffindor. prankster. quidditch beater. handsome. charming. ladies man. receives top marks without trying. interested in muggle sports. secretly loves baking.
  • victoire weasley: ravenclaw. wise. friendly. dramatic. physically flawless. loves muggle fashion magazines. very interested in divination. painter. in love with teddy.
  • dominique weasley: slytherin. serious. introverted. sarcastic. dyes her hair often. rebels against her mother. in love with plaid. bisexual. feminist. incredibly intelligent. read abnormally fast for pleasure. doesn't care about getting top marks, even though her professors say she has the most potential.
  • louis weasley: ravenclaw. sometimes arrogant. naturally handsome. flirtatious. clever. intelligent. loves mind twisters. skilled in charms. has a close relationship with hagrid, and most people find that odd.
  • teddy lupin: hufflepuff. loving. friendly. extroverted. has the biggest heart. loves piercings. pink hair is his favorite. loves care of magical creatures. secretly a prankster. in love with victoire.
  • molly weasley II: slytherin. lesbian. tough. outspoken. goal-oriented. feminist. incredibly sarcastic. short curly hair. vodka is her drug of choice. wears combat boots with everything. leader of many clubs. intimidating.
  • lucy weasley: hufflepuff. kind. hardworking. softspoken. down to earth. pragmatic. intelligent. overly organized. excels in every subject. aspires to work for the ministry. daddy's girl. protective of her older sister.
  • lorcan scamander: ravenclaw. reclusive. quiet. top of his class. logical. analytical. loner. excels in arithmancy. loves having discussions with hermione. looks just like his mother. always thinking of the future. astronomy is his secret passion. has a secret crush on rose.
  • lysander scamander: hufflepuff. looks just like his father. amiable. great with children. asexual. the most genuine and caring person you'll ever meet. believes very strongly in everything his mother does/believes. very protective of his twin brother. is everyone's friend if they need one.
  • scorpius malfoy: slytherin. best friends with albus. ambivert. intelligent. very concerned about his image. kind. hates hurting people's feelings. determined to prove his worth. uncommonly handsome. skilled in potions and dada. has a massive crush on lily luna.
Approaching Compatibility

In psychology the only “proven” work is that of B. F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov. The rest of psychology is thought to be pure “hokum” as the fictitious Doctor Sheldon Cooper would say. This is not to confuse the issue with psychiatry, which is welcomed into the atheistic scientific community because of their enthusiastic use of psycho-medications and electroshock “therapy.”

The point is we are more than meets the eye. But because of the prevailing atheistic climate that has evolved since the 1930’s people have been told they are just being superstitious, then left to drift. Fortunately, the void is beginning to be filled by a combination of astrology and Jungian psychology. And from this new point of view, people are swamping various sites on the internet with questions such as: “When will I find love?”, “I’ve been hurt over and over, why?”, “When am I going to quit being alone?”, “My astrological sign is Kleenex, will I find a nose that is right for me?” and so on.
The answer is difficult but definitive: You must first discover yourself more deeply. You must go the work to discover what you really want in your life besides a companion. You are trying to use another person to solve your problems with loneliness, when in your aloneness you should be endeavoring to discover what in life you are passionate about (besides sex).
“What do you want to be when you grow up?” we ask our children. This applies to you as well. What is your passion, what really turns on your lights? Astronomy? Set lighting and design? Advanced computer miniaturization engineering? Organic farming? Professional cooking? Overseas fashion importing.
Obviously, the list is endless. Before committing to love and marriage, I say you must get in touch with this deeper self that causes the atheists to scream “hellloooo!”, discover something you are really passionate about in life and then go for it! Go to school, get wide world exposure, get an apprenticeship, or whatever, and your delighted-with-life attitude will attract a significant other who will become your equal, partner, and someone whom you will love rather than need.

Jon Hassinger (writer for Astrolocherry)

University (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

Anyone But You (ao3) - StarlightRaine

Summary: Although Dan and Phil don’t exactly start off on the right foot, they become fast friends and the most important parts of each other’s lives. However, over the years of knowing each other, Dan’s feelings for Phil morphs into something else. But what will Dan do when he finds out that Phil also has these exact same strange fluttery feelings – feelings that Phil doesn’t feel for Dan but for someone else?

Bird Watching Club - placingglaciers

Summary: In which it is Dan’s first year at university where he learns a lot, meets his new best friend, experiences things he never thought he ever would, and understands what it exactly means to be happy, free, confused, and lonely (at the same time).

But You’ll Never Break - dantiloquent

Summary: “Dan knows what he’s doing all too well. In two minutes, Phil’s eyes are startled and intrigued, two bottle caps in the dark with their edges glowing, the gaze of a doe who is enticed by her own death; Dan has him flustered and jealous in five, has the guarantee of a set of emails that are definitely fishy, I tell you in seven; thirty minutes pass and he has Phil taking him home to his flat.”

Chez Nous - cityofphanchester

Summary: He supposed he was luckier than most, what with a boyfriend halfway across town, but that didn’t make much of a difference when he was alone at midnight in a barren prison cell room. Yeah, there was laughter and Madonna down the hall, and Call of Duty explosions next door, but it felt like he was the only person left in the world. Just him and the hum of his laptop and the hum of the radiator and the hum of the city.Dan hated law.

cross your fingers, here we go (ao3) - goldfishsunglasses

Summary: Dan can’t sleep, so he convinces Phil to come see him in the middle of the night, but Phil refuses to spend the night in his much too small uni room. Once they’re back at Phil’s, the late hour causes him to voice some feelings of doubt about their future, but Dan assures him those are silly, and that what they have is strong enough to last.

Falling Into Place (ao3) - daniellovesphil (all_dean_needs_is_cas)

Summary: If you asked Dan, he would deny that he found Phil even remotely attractive. However, if you were to read Dan’s mind, you would find that the truth is quite the opposite.

i’ve fallen in love with this middle ground at the cost of my soul (ao3) - mitchell

Summary: the fic where phil falls in love too late and has to deal with the consequences.

Lane Boy (ao3) - disloyalorderoftrash (orphan_account)

Summary: Dan is a bored law student who hates university. One weekend, he has a one night stand with some stranger in some bar. However, when he returns to university after the break, he meets this stranger again - as his new teacher. They take up a casual affair, but will they be able to keep it secret? Is it really just casual and meaningless? And will Dan finally find the courage to quit university and start following his dreams?

Little Moments in Time (ao3) - mollieblack

Summary: Dan is struggling at University, unhappy and unsure. That is, until he gets a strange assignment from a caring teacher, and ends up meeting someone who will change his life forever.

Our Universe (ao3) - radioheaddan

Summary: A University AU where Dan and Phil have the appearances of Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil and the interests of Spaceboy!Dan and Plantboy!Phil. Fun tropes combined with angsty reality! Phil is in his last year of university and feels completely lost - until he meets Dan, a passionate first year, in Astronomy 101. Existential angst and nausea-inducing fluffiness occur over the course of the semester as Phil falls in love with the boy who teaches him a whole new way of looking at the universe.

Stupid States of Mind (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary: In which, Dan is a smoking stranger and Phil really likes the rain.

The Boy With All The Words - crescendohowell

Summary: Phil always has various words scribbled on his hands in black ink and Dan, the man whose dorm is next door, finds it fascinating. (uni au with lots of cute getting together fluff)

U.N.I. - lionessphil

Summary: Dan and Phil go away to different colleges and Phil has a hard time staying loyal. Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s song U.N.I.

University Room Mates - washedoutgay

Summary: When Dan gets to uni, he is very relieved to find out that his room mate is the guy he accidentally bumped into in the hallway, but having a crush on someone who is too gorgeous to handle makes staying friends a little tricky.

When They Try to Take Us Down - botanistlester

Summary: Phil doesn’t like when hate preachers come to campus. They make him nervous and uncomfortable. But this time, Dan is there to help him through it in an unexpected, yet pleasant way.

Chasing (5 years old)

Games of pretend where Shiro’s the evil alien and Matt is running away.  The two little boys play on the Holt’s backyard.  Matt squeals and laughs in terror as he’s being chased. Colleen loves baking cookies for them so they can eat after being tired of playtime. Colleen treats Shiro like her own son.

Climbing Trees (7 years old)

Shiro: Matt! Get back down! We might get in trouble!

Matt: How else can we touch the moon?

Shiro: Please come back down! What if you fall?!

Matt: You’ll catch me right?

Sitting on the rooftop (11 years old)

Sam had just left for a space mission and won’t come back for a few months. Matt likes to sit on his rooftop and talk to the sky in some hope that maybe his dad can hear him. Shiro loves to join him and Matt loves his company.

Shiro: You really miss him don’t you.

Matt: Yea, it’ll just be me, mom, and Katie for a while again.

Shiro: Just think of all the stories he’s going to have for you when he gets back. All those adventures and maybe aliens he’d be friends with. Sure beats any storybook any day.

Matt smiled. He always felt better with Shiro by his side.

Matt: Thank you

Shiro: Anytime

Stargazing (9 years old)

Matt: Isn’t this exciting?! We can finally see Jupiter’s moons!

Shiro: Those 4 tiny dots?

Matt: Yes!

Pinky Promise (12 years old)

Another night of them camping out in the backyard looking at the night sky. All you can hear are the crickets and see the faint glow of fireflies.

One day, just you wait”, Shiro starts off. “We’ll go to outer space”

Matt shuffles inside his sleeping bag, getting up with a wide grin on his face as he looks down at his best friend. And represent the human race!”

Shiro laughs, still looking up awe struck by the canopy of stars above them. “Exactly”

They sit there smiling in silence taking in the midnight beauty.

“You promise?” Matt asks. Shiro looks to his side and sees Matt’s pinky held out. Shiro lifts up his pinky and their little fingers intertwine.

“Promise,” he replies back.

I didn’t realize it at the time but that was the moment I knew that I would do anything to see you smile like that again.


Video Games (13 years old)

Matt: You’ll be so screwed, courtesy of yours truly

Shiro: In your dreams!

Matt: Is that a threat or a promise? *wiggles eyebrows*

Shiro: Omg Matt stop!

Matt’s just laughing at him but is completely oblivious to Mr.Takashi Blushing and Flustered Shirogane


Library (13 years old)

High school freshmen Takashi and Matthew. They joined some extra curricular activities after school.  Shiro was on the track team while Matt was in the chemistry club.  They also participated in the robotics team together. On Friday afternoons they were free and loved to go to the library and research together for fun.


Paintball (15 years old)

Each semester after exams, Matt and Shiro celebrated by going to paintball matches. They were the perfect duo and hailed as champions. They were both strategic, quick, and had excellent aim.


Katie’s 6th birthday (16 years old)

With a family that was passionate about astronomy, naturally, they made their little girl’s 6th birthday party space themed. Complete with a rocket ship piñata and a pin the antennae on the alien game it was perfectly designed for the special occasion. Matt and Shiro happily helped decorate and organize it.

Katie couldn’t reach the streamers nor hit the piñata so Shiro carried her while she tried to whack the thing. Matt thought it was adorable so he took pictures.


Movies (16 years old)

Shiro’s crushing hard on Matt at this point and considers asking him out on a date.

This shouldn’t be too hard! We hang out all the time, just us two. Well, of course, it was always just as friends but it’s not like anything will change? I should take a chance though. But what if it breaks our friendship?

Shiro is conflicted with confessing how he feels.

Matt had been going on and on about this one alien movie that was coming up. He replayed the trailers for the past few weeks always brightening up when someone brought it up.

The day comes and Shiro asks Matt, “Want to go see the movie with me?”

Matt looks at Shiro blank faced. “Well duh? Who else was I going to see it with?” He just continues talking on and on, arms flailing in excitement here and there. Shiro just smiles to himself. There’s no need to rush into things. Everything will fall into place naturally. What we have now is good and perhaps one day, something more will come.

Jupiter (Michael Mell x Reader)

Prompt: From this list:

  •  “You’re perfect.”
  •  “I’ve loved you since the moment I first saw you.”

Summary: All you wanted to do was see your favorite planet with your best friend, Michael. But of course, feelings get in the way of you and the telescope.

Pairing: Michael Mell x Reader (Gender inclusive!)

Warnings: FLUFFY AS FUCK, Cursing, Underage drinking (Barely).

A/N: This wasn’t even requested but oops I love Michael. Also, this is my first Be more chill fic so if this is ooc I’m sorry! As always, English isn’t my first language so again, sorry if I made any mistakes. Feedback is appreciated! Requests are open for any character, with any of the prompts on the list or even if you just have a specific idea. I also make headcanons!

“Come on, Mell! It’s time.” You said, almost dragging Michael to the backyard of his house while looking up at the sky.

“There isn’t even a time, we could do this hours from now and everything would be the same.” He responded, smiling at your overexcitement.

“Yeah, but my curfew is in two hours so, gotta make this quick!”

“I can’t believe you’re this excited for freaking Jupiter, Jesus Christ (Y/N).”

“Hey, I’ve been planning this for months! I finally convinced my cousin to let me borrow his bigass telescope and it’s not like you can see Jupiter at any time of the year.”

The two of you sat down on the grass, close to the big telescope that was already set to shoot at the dark night sky.

Michael couldn’t stop smiling, you were so excited just to see a planet from his backyard, eating shitty guacamole he had prepared and drinking cheap booze his father had long forgotten about in the back of the fridge.

“And Jupiter’s moons! Oh, they’re just so amazing- Michael? Are you even listening to me?”

“Sorry, I got distracted.”

You chuckled, trying to position the telescope on the correct coordinates you had found online.

“Sometimes I forget how passionate you are about astronomy.”

“It’s my favorite planet you know, I just… wanted to see it with you.”

His heart melted, you were just so goddamn unique and beautiful and all he wanted to do since the first time he saw you at school three years ago was to just… hold you and make you feel loved. You needed it, he knew, after long nights of staying late while texting with you, making sure you where alright, making sure you weren’t feeling sad. But he didn´t know where to start, he couldn’t even tell you how special you were to him.

“I think it’s done.” You announced, sitting back on the ground and looking at him excitedly.

He smiled.

“I think it would only be fair you saw it first, Miss. NASA.”

He observed how you drank from your red solo cup and went up to the telescope, positioning your eye in the correct angle.

He knew you had succeeded when your smile grew so much that your dimples were showing.

“Wow.” You breathed. “It’s been years since I last saw it.”

“How is it?” He asked a few second later, admiring your calmness and happiness over something so unusual.

“Beautiful.” He got closer. “Absolutely beautiful. Do you want to see?”

You sat back again and faced him, he didn’t even spare a glance at the telescope.

“Yeah, absolutely beautiful.”

He was so tired of hiding how he felt, there was times it was almost unbearable to see you talking about how no one liked you or how unattractive you felt and say nothing. He couldn’t keep hiding it anymore.

Before you could say anything, he was kissing you, lightly and sweetly and like you had all the time in the world. Just you and him and the rest of the sky.

It was absolute bliss, he had wanted to do this for such a long time, damn it, he had bugged Jeremy about it for the past couple of years, and it was even better than he could’ve expected. You were so soft and warm even in the cold air of the night. He felt ridiculous thinking about how crazy in love he was.

He was the first to break the kiss, after realizing he hadn’t even asked you if he could do such thing.

“Oh god, (Y/N). I’m sorry I just- I’ve loved you since the moment I first saw you. And I know I must sound insane but you are so good to me, fuck you’re the best. And I know I’m just… a loser, but- “

Your hand went up to his cheek and he stopped rambling immediately.

“Michael, you do realize I’m the dork who has been planning to see a planet for the past month, right?” You laughed, playing with the soft material of his red hoodie. “And you didn’t even question it, you just- went along with it completely because that’s the type of person you are.” You shook you head. “You’re perfect.”

And this time you kissed him, feeling your heart speed up when you heard the little surprised yelp he made at the touch.

Michael liked you.

Your best friend, the guy you had spent so many afternoons playing videogames with, the one who had helped you with all your math projects and the one who always reminded you of how important you were.

And you liked him too.

You broke apart, breathless and warm and red at the cheeks.

You both laughed quietly still in each other’s arms.

“I can’t believe we just kissed because of a fucking planet.”

“Hey, it’s my favorite planet.”

Two weeks later there was a new patch on his left arm, a round colorful patch with the design of your favorite planet, big and recently sewed there. He wore it proudly.

Request are open!!! I also write for DEH and a lot of other fandoms :)

Punk!Phan (5)

part one, part two, part three, part four

Appreciate The Sound - reichenbachfool

Summary: Dan is mute and Phil is in a punk band. Dan is a huge fan, mainly cause he’s in love with Phil, but also cause he likes music as a form of communication. Dan goes to a concert and is forced (but not really) by Phil to come sing with him on stage but Dan doesn’t realize what he’s supposed to do until he’s already up there and phil doesn’t know dan can’t speak.

Bubblegum Punk (ao3) - Agdragonart

Summary: Punk!Phil learns that Pastel!Dan is not as innocent as he thought.

Daddy’s Punk Princess - elliesfics

Summary: When Dan is out late at night trespassing at his local park, it really is no surprise when the nearest officer interrupts his plans. What those plans entailed? Well that might explain the massive problem Dan has to deal with when he gets stuck in the back of a cop-car. Not to mention a fucking gorgeous cop’s car.

How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition snowbunnylester

Summary: Dan Howell, local punk, and his friends need a new cafe to hang out in, now that Dan has ruined starbucks for them (don’t ask). So they try out the new family business that just opened up a few days ago… and somehow Dan falls in love with the Pastel Goth kid behind the counter who just so happens to be his waiter. Why Phil seems to think disgusting smoothies are going to win Dan over, no one knows, but… well, they do.

I’d Rather Not Get Arrested, Thanks - phancy-schmancy

Summary: It’s midnight, just a few weeks before Phil Lester’s birthday, and his boyfriend is stressing out about making the perfect gift. Phil decides to take Dan out for a night to cheer him up, and… maybe that means doing some illegal things. (Or, a punk!au in which they do graffiti)

I Swear I’d Burn This City Down (To Show You The Light) (ao3) - AshtonBlaze

Summary: Pastel punk Phil (AKA Amazingphil) and dress wearing Dan (AKA Danisnotonfire) are two very odd people. A romantic relationship between them could easily be the best thing in the world, or it could explode. Either way, things will catch fire.

Lift Me Up - xinyanhowell

Summary: Some part of Phil is fully aware of the fact that he’s probably being a total asshole, jamming the ‘close door’ button on the one working elevator the building has as a young guy runs towards it. He yells to hold the door and Phil pretends to not hear it, fiddling with his phone for good measure. The guy is flushed and panting, out of breath from sprinting to catch the lift. He narrows his eyes at Phil, who pointedly ignores him. Then Phil decides the gods have abandoned him as the guy reaches out and deliberately presses every single button. Phil wonders if it’s possible to commit suicide with nothing but the contents of his briefcase. He doubts it.

Love Through A Lens - superasia8

Summary: Dan is a poor barman and Phil is a student of photography. Entranced by Dan’s punk style and desperate to change his own perfectionism, Phil offers Dan a good payment for modelling. Dan hates perfectionism as it doesn’t exist in his eyes but he has no other choice but say yes. After all, he has someone else he needs to take care of except for himself and money isn’t that easy to find.

Our Universe (ao3) - radioheaddan

Summary: A University AU where Dan and Phil have the appearances of Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil and the interests of Spaceboy!Dan and Plantboy!Phil. Fun tropes combined with angsty reality! Phil is in his last year of university and feels completely lost - until he meets Dan, a passionate first year, in Astronomy 101. Existential angst and nausea-inducing fluffiness occur over the course of the semester as Phil falls in love with the boy who teaches him a whole new way of looking at the universe.

Phil Lester VS The World (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary: Phil Lesters life is alight, 23 and in a rock band. He’s in-between jobs continuously, and dating a pretty cute high school boy. Nothing could go wrong, with his punk lifestyle and trying to make Exploding kittens go big. Until a strange boy crashes his dream in pastel clothing rolling blading like he didn’t cause any damage. Phil’s life changes all a sudden and has to fight the boy called Dan Howell’s seven ex’s.

Signed, Dan Howell - SimplyUndead

Summary: Dan Howell is your average 15-year-old boy. He likes video games and the internet, music and the way soft things feel against his skin. He likes his family and he likes his friends. He, however, does NOT like writing in the journal that was gifted to him on Christmas. Though, little did he know, that very thing would bring him the greatest gift he could ever ask for; a boy with ocean blue eyes and midnight black hair by the name of Phil Lester.

Strawberry Shortcake - pasteldanhowells

Summary: Dan works at a bakery with his friend Louise, where a punk boy comes in every day and orders Strawberry Shortcake.

What’d I Get Right to Deserve Somebody Like You? (ao3) - Geronimoandbemagnificent

Summary: AU in which Dan Howell and Jack Howard have their own BBC Radio Show and get a chance to interview Phil and PJ’s band indie band No Excuses. “Actually, I’m a bit in love with the lead singer and guitarist Phil Lester, but I hear that a lot of people are as well, so I’m a bit far back in the queue.”

What You’re Missing - analester

Summary: Phil is a really famous punk singer. He has taken over the world with his talent. Him and Dan used to do date but Phil’s ‘rock lifestyle’ was too much for Dan to handle so Phil chucked him. A year later, Dan’s friends got VIP tickets to a Lester concert.

Venus’s Looking Glass - snowbunnylester

Summary: Shy!punk!Phil has been crushing on confident!pastel!Dan for years now, but he’s never felt comfortable enough to do anything about it until he accidentally comes out to his brother Martyn, who is nothing but supportive. It’s Martyn’s idea to woo Dan with flowers - only, he didn’t mean do it anonymously.

ID #79496

Name: Nick
Age: 19
Country: Greece

Hello there! I am Nick and I do not actually know what i should say exactly, but I will give it a try.
So… I am an engineering student, who likes historu and enjoys deep conversations. I also love knowledge acquisition, so if you are a person that can teach me anything, please do so and contact me. My biggest passion is astronomy and the universe. I like gazing at the constellations of the night sky and observing the gas planets and their moons with my telescope. My favorite planet is Uranus, because of its color and the names of its moons (from Shakespeare). From the moons, my favourite one is a rock named Ophelia. I know that these info are not useful, but when it comes to the universe, I cannot simply stop. Except for astronomy, I love mathematics as well and as you ’ve imagined I am the nerdy guy who will make science jokes and then laugh at them alone in a corner while crying because of his bad humour that’s the only human countermeasure against global warming.
My hobbies have varied from time to time. I have played soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball at a team. Among them the last one is my favourite, because it is a brutal sport that requires passion and force to play. I love long walks eother alone or in a company. On TV I watch soccer (Real Madrid fan) and football (Atlanta Falcons fan). Yeah we blew a 25-point-lead, I know right?
Writing is a passion that I have had since I was 10. Poetry and reading are also on my list, but unfortunately I know nothing about music, I can’t even discriminate the styles. I listen to bands that speak to the soul like Sleeping at last. I also like Tom Waits’ songs and Sabaton, because of the historical content. As you may have imagined, I get addicted to the hits for two weeks or three and never listen to them afterwards.
I speak Greek, English and German. I have no specific preferences about age or sex, as long as you don’t want to take my kidney (yeah that was an exhibition of my humour… brace yourselves).

Preferences: Whatsapp messenger, ig or tumblr would be perfect :)


Lost in Light II is a short film showing how light pollution affects night skies using one of the most prominent constellations - The Orion. The success and reach of my previous film(vimeo.com/srirammurali/LostinLight) - made the news in over 40 countries and published on National Geographic, inspired me to make a follow up to help people even better relate to night skies and further raise awareness on light pollution. One thing I realized from my last film was that people were able to relate to the difference between the light pollution levels but not the Milky Way itself. The Milky Way appears more colorful to a camera than it does to our eyes and most people haven’t seen it. But, the Orion is a more common sight. It’s a great subject to help explain light pollution.

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Types of Kisses that the signs would give.

Aries: Small, quick pecks because God is watching yo.

Taurus: Starts out slow and with little interest before getting dragged into it and can’t tear themselves away from their partner.

Gemini: Steals kisses from their partner every chance that they can get, and when they do it’s delicate yet seductive.

Cancer: Touchy feely one-ohhh-one. Hair tangling, intense tongue battles which only results in “Who can moan the loudest?”

Leo: Hectic biting with lots of domination over their partner. Make out sessions are most definitely not rare.

Virgo: The one who wants to be taken into their partner’s arms and kissed with care yet craving all night long.

Libra: Loooong, soft kisses in the branches of a tree, stopping to look up at the moon, and the stars in your partner’s eyes.

Scorpio: Hot, open mouthed kisses that start on your lips before travelling lower and lower and lower, leaving their mark all over your body.

Sagittarius: Sloppy kisses, trying to do all that they can. Leaves teeny tiny hickies all over their partner’s upper body.

Capricorn: No kisses until after marriage! They’re the good kids who don’t like no touchy feely,

Aquarius: Ass kisses. Don’t question the method.

Pisces: Only kisses on the cheek because you’re a stingy person.