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Your Savior - 8

Hey y'all! I’ve been mentally working on this part for so long, it’s nice to finally see it come to fruition! As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by, I hope you enjoy!!!!

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Chapter 8



As you followed Negan to the mess hall you began to realize the actual size of your new home. You walked past building after building, in total awe of what he had built and managed to maintain.

“How did you do all of this?” You finally asked, gesturing to the compound around you. “How are you still doing it?”

Negan grinned with pride before answering, “Honestly, getting it wasn’t that hard. Me and a couple of guys stumbled across this place not long after it all began. We claimed it, secured it, and set the new standards for life in the new world. Now keeping it going? That’s the fucking hard part. That’s where the rules come in. Not everyone likes the rules all of the time, but rules are fucking important, they keep us alive.”

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With the Funimation Tokyo Ghoul Premiere Cosplay Group! 

The white side of my Juuzou boots were scraping away lmao. Was fun though! There were a lot of nice cosplayers for the most part. It was like a second gathering since the Funimation staff were asking for what ships or groups/pairs. Luckily me and Vincent (Naki) were there to help with that! 
People kept telling me my lipstick was smeared (which was nice of them), but I purposely made it that way for fight-not-so-picture-perfect effects. XD Maybe I should add blood to my face next time!
Also. As a fellow fan of Juuzou. That white-hair Juuzou was A+ Sexy af omfg she was adorable. I tried not to fangirl and scream my lungs out. 
Thought there would be more :Re characters, but apparently it was just us. Always good to represent the original and :Re mangas!


- Sleep headcanon

Murasakibara is a heavy sleeper. If he falls asleep, anything won’t wake him up. He’s one of these people who you can’t say anything in the morning because he has a horrible mood. He will eat his breakfast looking nowhere with a murderer face.

- Sad headcanon

Food. If he’s sad, he’ll lock himself in his room with ice cream, candies, snacks, chips and any kind of junk food he has on his house. And he’ll be eating untill the sadness pass away. If he finished eating and is still sad, he would probably take a nap.

- Happy headcanon

Brownies make Murasakibara extremely happy. Jeezz brownies… It also makes him happy as a child finding new Pocky or Maiubo flavours. Spending time with his whole family eating is a go go.

- Angry/violent headcanon

We had already seen Mura being angry and violent in the anime: he will probably crush who has made him angry. If he can’t crush anybody (Mura you can’t crush people you crazy boy), he will behave like a big baby and make a tantrum. I guess he’ll be pouting all the time. He’s not the type to get in a real fight with fists and so, but if he feels really violent, he won’t need much to hurt his oponent, Mura is a big guy.

- Sex headcanon

Okay, the entire fandom agree that Murasakibara is the best eating out. Too lazy to take off all of the clothes (or wear a condom lol that’s how he had his children). Likes his partner to ride him, just seeing how they moves and has pleasure turns him on. And if it’s a girl: plus to the boobie movement. If his partner teases him like A LOT and really isn’t moving, Mura will take the control of the situation and, be careful, if he can break a basketball hoop, he can break the bed while fucking.

- Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

Obviously, he will leave all full of crumbs. The food would be missing at home. I think in his room, he has an order inside of the chaos. He knows where everything is and if his mother decides to put in order everything, he won’t found anything poor boy. If he has to live alone, he better have eighty alarms or he won’t wake up. He needs a responsible and patient rommie.

- Romantic headcanon

He will take his partner to a pastry shop and cafe (all in one) and they will do that cute thing of giving cake to each other awww. Also his romantic date idea is to stay in home (his or theirs) and make brownies! Or anything sweet-but brownies better. Besides Mura is the type of boy which confess with a box of chocolates and a card that reads “forgive me I like you very very much but I ate all the chocolates :c”.

- Family headcanon

He’s a very familiar boy, growing up with four older siblings. He’s the spoiled child of the house and enjoys spending time with his family. But not too much ‘cause his siblings tease him a lot. He’s the type of child who holds hands with his mother when his too old for it (well is there a age for that?) and too tall.

- Friendship headcanon

It’s complicated being his friend. You have to be patient and sometimes blackmail him with food (something like Himuro haha). But I think he’s not that childish in reality, and with his friends (at some point in his life he would make more friends than the emo-i-cant-enter-the-zone boy right?) he makes jokes with double meanings and those things that seem too much for him.

- Quirks/hobbies headcanon

The type who like tourism, but a gastronomic route in a city he doesn’t know. He doesn’t have interest in monuments thought.

- Likes/dislikes headcanon

Mura really likes autumn and winter, spending the afternoon in the kotatsu while watching the bad weather outside (and eating). Also he loves to dress warmly, put layers and layers of clothes, and going out to discover new pastry shops. But even if he likes to dress warmly, he doesn’t like being cold. He prefers winter instead of summer.

- Childhood headcanon

Pretty much as it is now. He only had more difficulty eating anything- but desserts. He gave his mother real headaches.

-. Old age/aging headcanon

Grumpy grandpa. As adult, a very sexy man with pastry flour in his face and his hair tied and a sharp look aaaah.

- Cooking/food headcanon

I’ve read a lot people who thinks that Murasakibara makes a mess when he cooks, but I think that if his alternative job is a pastry chef, he does it well. He doesn’t like cooking food that isn’t sweet thought. He experiments with food recipes.

- Appearance headcanon

Ahhhh Murasakibara smells like cookies and sugar (i bet my hand that he also tastes like cookies and sugar). I’ve seen him with dungarees and hats, so I guess he likes that. Baggy clothes, which also suits him very well (he has to shop it online).

- Random headcanon

He has learned the entire periodic table 'cause he’s a Physics freak just sayin.

- Any other question of your choosing

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Harem (Gou/Boys)

I realize we say Gou’s Harem a lot, but we never actually made it a harem right. Using whatever knowledge I have received from watching Jodha Akbar-the show not the movie-I will try to write about my own AU about Princess Gou having a Harem of her own!!

In Mughal terms, the Harem, while referring to multiple wives or concubines, also refers to the place in which they are kept, usually a palace adjacent to the rulers own.

“Princess it’s time for you to retire.” Gou looked up at her purple haired guard, giving him a shining smile.

“Just a little longer Rei.” She said, her hands moving across the puzzle pieces with ease. “I want to solve this before brother returns.” 

“We cannot delay my lady, your concubines have been restless of late.” Rei grumbled. Gou looked over to find her guard looking disgruntled with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Have they been giving you a hard time?” She smiled.

“When do they not.”

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yurakui  asked:

Pssst, gomen even thou ik you are busy qwq- take your time as much as you want LOL. I would like to request mfw headcanon of the guys react after find out that the mc has a harem of otome boys in her phone >3>






Yamato Kougami: “What is this?” Yamato reaches over and plucks your phone straight out of your hands, completely ignoring your protests. He holds it high above your reach, using his other hand to shield himself from your smacks and attempts to get it back. He glances at it quickly and then does a double take. “What the—WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL THESE PICTURES OF BOYS ON YOUR PHONE?” Yamato stares at you in disbelief as you finally grab your phone back and clutch it to your chest. You give him a vague explanation of your otome boyfriends before returning to scroll through your photos with a smile, giggling and blushing occasionally. “What—otome b-boyfriends?!” Yamato splutters. “I’m your real boyfriend—what do you need those idiots for?” Yamato turns red in anger when you fail to respond. “Give that to me,” He hisses, snatching the phone from your hands and throwing it to the couch away from you. He scoops you up in his arms, ignoring your little shriek of surprise. “I’m going to have to show you—the only man you need will be me.”

Takamasa Saeki: Saeki is looking at you incredulously, with a small pout forming at the corner of his lips. “But, honey—I’m the sexiest man here! You don’t need those unsexy boys!” You look up from your phone with a giggle, a little smile of amusement playing around your lips. “Oh, Saeki, they’re just games! They’re all just part of my otome harem, that’s all.” You say, your eyes smirking at him. Saeki huffs indignantly, getting slightly envious of your otome harem, although they’re fictional. Setting your phone carefully to the side, you peek at your husband, who only pouts and looks at you with pleading eyes. “Jeez, Takamasa, I told you they were just games.” You ruffle his jet-black hair lightly with affectionate eyes. “Of course I love you more than them—much more, okay? Don’t pout at me like that, Takamasa. I’m sorry, okay?” Saeki turns to face you, his smile instantly appearing before turning into that seductive smirk of his. “Well, since you apologized so cutely.” He says with a wink, not wasting any time as he leans in to kiss you deeply.

Takao Maruyama: Takao gives you a little wry smile when he glances at your phone’s screen to see pictures of the otome boys in your harem. “May I ask why exactly you have such a harem of boys in your phone, _______?” You blush a rosy pink before quickly shutting off your phone, peeking up at Takao. “Sorry, I just—a friend introduced these games to me, and I started playing it, and now I’m kind of, uh, hooked? And there are just so many boys…” You trail off, quickly glancing wistfully at your phone. “Well,” Takao begins an uncharacteristic little glint in his eye as he leans closer to you. “I can think of one man that you should be hooked on—right now,” Takao whispers into your ear before kissing your lips with a rare fierceness. Laughing inbetween kisses, you entwine you fingers through Takao’s soft locks as he gently carries you to the bedroom.

Ren Shibasaki: Ren blinks in curiosity when he looks over your shoulder—just to see hundreds of screenshots on your phone of otome characters. “What are those people doing inside your phone, _____?” Ren says, confusion in his eyes as he looks at you. You struggle for an answer before vaguely answering, “They’re from these little- uh, well- story games, I guess?” Ren nods once before asking, “Who are those people then?” Your cheeks color lightly before you murmur, “They’re my- well, um- my otome boyfriends.” You glance sideways to look at Ren, and his face has an unreadable expression on it. “Uh, Ren?” You ask tentatively, and then suddenly Ren reaches out to shut your phone off as he takes it and drops it carefully to the side. “You shouldn’t be looking at other boys, otome and fictional or not.” He mumbles, kissing your lips sweetly out of jealousy. You widen your eyes in surprise at Ren’s sudden display of envy before giggling to yourself and kissing him gently back.

Yuta Kajima: Yuta’s mouth drops open in surprise upon seeing all those pictures of otome characters in your phone, before he immediately frowns. “______,” Yuta tries to keep as much jealousy out of his voice as possible as he whines to you, “Won’t you put that down, please?” You look up from giggling at the pictures of your otome harem on your phone to see Yuta pouting jealously at you. “Awhh, Yuta, what’s wrong?” You tease him lightheartedly as Yuta frowns some more and gives you a little glare. “You’re spending more time with—with those—those unreal boys than you are with me,” He sputters, getting slightly mad. His ears and cheeks are turning red quickly, and you know Yuta’s easily jealous side is coming out. Shutting your phone off, you throw it carefully to the side as you scoot closer to Yuta, throwing your arms around his neck to pull him tightly in for a little hug. Yuta just makes a little noise in the back of his throat, but a few seconds later his arms wrap around you to hug you back.

Kunihiko Aikawa: Kuni just shakes his head, laughing lightly to himself as he tries to suppress his sudden feeling of envy. “I didn’t take you to be the type to play those otome games, ______.” Your cheeks color pinkish as Kuni teases you softly. You huff, “Whatever,” before turning your body at an angle away from him, going back to your phone filled with the boys of your otome harem. With your back to him, you don’t notice as Kunihiko’s teasing grin morphs into a frown of envy as he practically burns holes with his evil-eye at your phone. When you don’t look at him for the next five minutes, Kunihiko finally decides that you’ve had enough. He reaches over and plucks your phone from your hands. “Hey-!” You start, turning around to glare at Kuni before he leans in and covers your lips with his warm ones. Pink staining your cheeks, you pull away quickly before Kuni gives you a little smirk.

Haruka Utsunomiya: Haruka smiles warmly at you when he notices you fangirling intensely out of nowhere. Peeking at your screen, his smile fades lightly when he sees an otome character staring up at you with a smile. “Who’s this, _____?” You look up from your phone to gaze at Haruka, still smiling from your previous fangirling. “Just… one of my otome boyfriends, that’s all.” Haruka’s eyes crinkle and a frown spreads across his face. Otome… boyfriends? Haruka reaches out his hand to grab your hand that’s holding your phone. “You shouldn’t be neglecting your real boyfriend for boyfriends in your phone.” Haruka says, a slightly disgruntled look on his face as he looks at you. Plucking your phone out of your hands swiftly, Haruka quickly sets it to the side before turning back to your slightly confused face. Of course, that look of confusion quickly vanishes as soon as Haruka whispers, “Do I need to teach you a little lesson of what boyfriend you should pay attention to first—and all the time?” You blush quickly, and then his lips are upon yours.

Kyoichi Kunishiro: Kyoichi doesn’t do anything but give you a slightly disapproving look after he caught a glimpse of your otome boyfriend harem. “What are you doing with this ridiculousness?” Kyoichi gives the character the stink-eye, unnoticed by you. Smiling down at your phone, you reply, “This is one of my otome boyfriends, that’s all.” Upon hearing this, Kyoichi frowns even more as he continues to glare at your phone. “What are you doing, wasting your time on something like this?” Whipping your head up, you protest to Kyoichi. “It’s not a waste of time! It’s a really fun game, Kyoichi, and I get to experience all these cute and romantic things with my harem!” Kyoichi’s eye twitches dangerously when he hears that you have a harem. “A harem, huh?” Leaning over to grab your phone, he kisses you deeply, entwining his tongue with yours before pulling away, leaving you breathless. “You don’t need a whole harem of fake guys—not when you have the real me, giving you the real thing.”

Akito Kakiuchi: A frown makes its way across your childhood friend’s lips when he sees all those pictures of otome boys in your phone. “What exactly are you doing with your phone, _____?” Akito asks you, a small and childish pout quirking his lips. “Nothing,” You giggle lightly, turning your back slightly to Akito as you try to hide your phone. “Don’t lie to me, ______.” Akito warned, scooting closer to you on the couch. “I saw those boys—now come on! Hand it over!” Akito says, frowning at you with growing jealousy. “No!” You can’t help the laugh that escapes you as you try to hide your phone, and Akito’s eyes flash with determination. “Fine! You asked for it!” And then Akito’s slender fingers are at your sides, tickling you mercilessly as you gasp for breath. “No, no! Stop! I give up,” You say breathlessly from all the giggling you just did. Akito smirks and kisses your lips with finality. “That’s what I thought.”




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