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you know that scene in mirror gem where when stevo is pulling out lapis’ gem and the water makes that spider web thing

what was up with that

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Do you live alone or keep in touch with your mother?

i left home when i was 10 and moved in with my grandparents, theres no part of me that has or will ever love her, i dont keep in contact with her but i have three younger siblings who live with her so to see them i have to see her too but i avoid talking or interacting with her

Romeo to my Juliet Pt. 2

(A/N) Hey! So sorry it took so long, I tried to work out the time table and all the teachers and, and, and. I’m still stuck, so please don’t hate me if some things don’t make sense…
Anyway, I hope you like the part!


Imagine, after working for an idol company in Korea, you move to London, where you apply for a college that teaches music, dancing and acting. You get accepted, but the headmistress asks you to teach dancing at the college. In return you can live and go to school there for free and get to live in the teacher’s dorm. You agree of course and start your live there, where you meet the famous Tom Hiddleston that teaches acting for one year. Let’s just say you have a lot of fun together…maybe a little bit too much.

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x OC (Juliet)

Warnings: age gap

Part 1



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The famous choreographer Jones left SM Entertainment a few days ago. A source from within the company told us, that she angrily quiet her job after she was denied a salary increase. According to our source Jones wanted ninety times the salary she was already receiving. “SM Entertainment is happy to have parted ways with Jones. She has always been a difficult member of the SM family, who never did her work properly. Ninety percent of the choreographies she claims as hers have been designed by other choreographer from our company. We tried to let her make herself a name and helped her the best we could, but in the end, it didn’t work.” Jones has moved to London where she now attends a college.
This article was as fake as some supermodels boobs, and even though I told myself the moment I quit my job, that I will never let SM get to me again, I couldn’t help but tremble. They just ruined my reputation. Completely.
I choked back a sob and buried my face in my hand. I had to get to my room. Now.
Without explaining anything to the others, I sprinted out of the dinning hall, through the school to the teacher’s dorm. I burst into my room and let myself fall onto my bed. Finally, alone, I let go of my self-control and didn’t supress the sobs any longer. My face was buried in my pillow, while tears just flowed from my eyes. The sobs were wrecking through my body, while my cries were loud enough to drown out any noises. I knew that something would come. And the lie about me wanting more salary doesn’t hurt that much, but that my work came from someone else? After all I’ve done for those assholes, that’s all they have to say. Thinking about my friends, EXO especially, I knew they already felt bad for still working there after all they’ve done, but I didn’t want to know how they felt right now. All those thoughts…my cries intensified. I lied there for what felt like hours, but apparently it was only a few minutes.
Still crying my heart out, I only noticed him, after he softly touched my shoulder. “Juliet?” It was Tom, his soft voice coming through to me. I slowly turned my head, to look at him. “Oh-uh-sorry. I’m sorry that I just left.” I sat up and began to wipe at my eyes and nose, until Tom handed me a tissue. “Thanks.” He shot me a small smile and waited for me to finish. When my face didn’t feel as wet as before anymore, I threw the tissue away. Tom and I just sat there, waiting for the other to do something. And Tom was the one to break the silence. “What happened?” His hand found mine again. “Nothing impo-“ “That’s not true. If it wasn’t important, you wouldn’t have had run away and cried. Tell me, what’s wrong?” I shook my head and tried to pull my hand away. If I told him, maybe he would believe it. Believe that all I ever did was copy others and take their credits. After all, he didn’t know me, why should he believe a stranger? But as soon as I moved my hand just a little, his grip tightened. “No.” I tried to pull away again, this time with more strength. “Let go of me!” I used my weight against him, but it didn’t help. No, he just pulled me against him, into his chest. “Talk to me, Juliet.” No matter what I did, his grip tightened, and I soon gave up. “Tom…” “No Juliet. I won’t let go, until you talk to me.” Sighing, I stopped struggling and he pulled me into a hug. My hands gripped the back of his shirt, while his stroked my back. What was it with this guy and making me feel comfortable in his presence. “The company I worked for…they’re spreading rumours about me. Accusing me of different things. They are all not true, but if someone was to believe that…I would lose all my good reputation.” Tom’s hand gently moved up and down my back, calming me a bit. “Where do you have that from?” His voice was quiet and calm. No sign of him believing any of that. “That call I got…it was from one of the guys that I worked with. He told me about it, while another one send me a link to the article.” Tom stayed quiet for a while, not talking, just gently stroking my back. When he spoke again, his question surprised me. “Can I read that article?” I pulled away, and he let me. “Can you read Korean?” He laughed at my question and shook his head ‘no’, before he asked me to read it to him.
I pulled out my phone again, sat upright and translated the article for him. My voice was weak and stopped a few times, taking a deep breath before continuing.
His facial expression didn’t change while I read out loud. He didn’t look angry or disappointed. It didn’t seem as if he believed the article. After I finished, I put my phone down and looked at him, trying to find out what he was thinking. But he kept his face neutral and didn’t say anything. I panicked. It was my first day here and the others already thought that I was asshole. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have told you after all.” I tried to stand up, but Tom grabbed my arm and pulled me back down again. “First of all, I don’t believe this article. They could write what they want, but I won’t believe them. But, I do believe what I see. You, here, distressed about that article. No way you would be acting all that. Second, we will fix that. Okay? We’ll talk with Jen, explain. Just so that she isn’t surprised if someone, for example that company, reaches out to her and tells her about it. And, no one, I swear, no one will believe this article. We may only know you for a few hours, but we all like you. Trust me, okay?” I nodded, and he smiled. He pulled me into a hug again, and kissed my forehead. “It’s going to be okay.”
“You two are too cute!” Tom’s and my head spun around, facing the door, to see Fel and all the others standing there, staring at us. Even Jen, the headmistress, stood there, smiling. “I think Juliet and Tom have something to discuss with me, am I right?” She beckoned us to follow her and we did, without hesitating. On the way to her office, she walked in front of Tom and me, leading the way. Half way there, Tom grabbed my hand again, squeezing it softly. My eyes locked on his and he winked while chuckling quietly. “You do have a hand fetish, don’t you?” I leaned towards him, whispering in his ear after he bent down. He just laughed quietly.
We reached Jen’s office and she told us to sit down in the chairs in front of her desk. She asked us to explain what all this was about, and we did. Tom and I took turns, telling the headmistress what had happened and the contains of the article. “So, what you are both saying, is that your old company is spreading rumours about you to get revenge because you suddenly quiet?” Tom and I nodded in unison. “Okay. We’ll see what we can do about it, so don’t worry for now, okay? Concentrate on school and if I have any news, I’ll let you know.” “You believe me?” I was so glad that she believed me too. “Of course. You’re part of the family now.” She smiled at us, before she told us to leave and go to bed. We did as we were told and made our way back, chatting along the way.
He brought me to my room, where he wished me a good night, before he vanished into his own room. Sighing, I opened the door to my room, to find Fel, in her pyjamas, sitting on my made bed. “Did you…?” “Yeah. It wasn’t made, and I didn’t know how long your chat with Jen would take, so I was so free to make it for you. I hope you don’t mind.” She smiled at me from her position. “No. No of course not. Thank you. I’ll go change, do you want to wait? I’d like to ask you something.” I grabbed my pyjamas and changed in my bathroom, before I walked back to my bed. Sitting down across from Fel, I pulled part of the blanket over me. “So… this Tom…” “He is charming, right? And handsome as hell. No wonder he is a world-famous actor.” So, he was famous. “He is famous?” To say her expression was shocked was a clear understatement. Her eyes were wide, and her mouth hung open. “You don’t know Tom Hiddleston?!” She grabbed my shoulders, shaking me slightly. “Ah…no. The only stuff I could watched in Korea was K-Drama. And I could only watch TV if I was done with training and school and everything. So, that means close to never.” I shrugged, shooting her an apologetic smile. “Okay, that settles it. We’ll have a Marvel marathon. This weekend, you won’t be getting any sleep.” Fel grinned like a little child that just had a brilliant idea. “But, you know Harry Potter, right? And Hunger Games?” “I read the books, yeah.” She looked relieved about my answer.
“Perfect. I’ll let the others know tomorrow. Right, shall I wake you up tomorrow?” Fel stood up and walked to the door. “That would be nice.” I smiled and waved at her. “Okay. Oh, and Juliet? I know, we don’t know each other that long, but you have a friend in me. In all of us, okay?” I laughed quietly, before I nodded and waved one last time, before Fel left my room, to go to her own.
That…was one hell of a day. I laid back on my bed, already missing my extra pillow. I definitely had to buy another one.
Thankfully, Fel had turned off the lights on her way out, so I didn’t have to get up anymore. Taking a glance at my phone, I noticed how late it was and decided to go to sleep. I reached over to my nightstand, and picked up the small box, that contained my sleeping pills. I gulped one down with a sip of water, before I relaxed and let myself drift off to sleep.

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I'm so impressed by the fact that when it comes to talking about Gwen, Blake has never said the wrong thing. For example, last night when Luke and Blake were introducing Gwen, Luke said something like, "we're moving on to the next part of the night. Dealing with a woman." I don't think he meant it in a bad way at all but something like that can be easily misunderstood. So Blake said, "we're dealing with the crowd wanting a woman." He never slips up!

That was so cute!! You’re so right! He knows the exact right thing to say!


TLJ music observations relating to Damerey
So I told my friend all of this and she thought it was super cool and observant so I thought I would share it here So as many of you probably know, Rey and Poe’s meeting scene is during this BEAUTIFUL...

This is a great catch. But let me add one thing: I think that the two instruments playing the same phrase is a device to underline the “meeting” between these two characters. It’s like one theme merges into the other. And this is a meeting between 2 main characters, so it’s going to play a part moving forward. But I beleive that there’s another detail that deserves our attention.

When Rey’s theme ends, it’s Binary Sunset that it’s played again.

And that’s a key point. Because what ep. 7 and ep. 8 have done, is making Poe and Rey the new Leia and Luke. The torch was given to them. And they took the place of the space twins.

The Skywalker’s legacy - within the Republic and among the Jedi - stands with them, now.

From this point of view, they are also the new Anakin and Padme.

Not because of a potential romance… but because of their roles (within the Republic and among the Jedi).

And I don’t think is coincidence that the meeting is placed near the finale.

If we do consider the broom boy scene an additional scene (out of SW’s movies tradition, so much so that when we see that scene, the music that usualy closes every SW movie has been yet played)… then the meeting scene between Poe and Rey is closest thing to ep. II and V final scenes (Anakin-Padme; Luke-Leia).

But I’ll try to be honest and claer as much as I can: I don’t think this is the definitive hint/proof of a romance.

I just think it makes perfect sense in a story that is telling us that blood doesn’t matter. In short you’ve got on one side the one - and only - legitimate heir, Ben/Kylo that took it all wrong, on the other side you’ve got these two surrogate heirs by virtue, merit.

And I don’t think is coincidence that one - Rey - sees Han as the father she never had, the other - Poe - sees Leia as the mother he lost.

That is how the family drama coming into IX is still on cards.

That is why you’ve got 2 interrogation scenes in TFA, not just one.

Because the Mask = the persona was facing his family legacy (the true self) as a whole.

That said, is there a chance of a romance too between Poe and Rey?

Yes, there is. For many reasons. I just don’t think is a given.

The most exciting part of my interpretation of Zenyatta!

I want to face reveal into Sanzang (which will be fun Makeup-wise) so I had to figure out a way to get the mask part to move.

I remembered how in Kindergarten we made paper plate clocks and used that technique to rig the mask to swing up!

Hopefully it works for his jaw area too, if not, I’ll go to my original plan of using screws 👍🏾