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#Inktober 2016: Linearts of pages 46-49 of my #Sherlock/London graphic novel. Sherlock crosses Hampstead Heath (Highgate Ponds, Parliament Hill) to find the next clue.

The story so far:

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hi! could you talk a bit about catherine of braganza? i feel she's often oversahdowed in works about charles ii, and certainly by his mistresses (as she was in real life?). but i find the fact that charles always remained at her side (and she was a catholic) really interesting. he really had a good opinion of women

She certainly is. Until this year, there’s never been any proper historical biography of her, which is sad. We often tend to judge queen consorts by how many children they produced, how much political influence they had etc. Poor Catherine was unlucky in that respect.

Charles really loved her, though I’d argue not romantically. She was like a sister for him, a real constant during his life as king. He almost always sided with her, no matter who was taking their ire out against her (he point blank told his mistresses they were to treat her with respect). During the Popish Plot, when Puritans and the hardcore Whigs in Parliament attempted to draw every high-ranking Catholic into fabricated murderous plot against Charles, the King defended Catherine vehemently. He’d hear no talk of divorces. Even when he was pursuing Frances Stewart and his friends, like Buckingham, were trying to convince him he should divorce Catherine and make Frances his queen, he’d not hear it. Actually, a plan was hatched to get Charles so drunk and manipulate him into forcing himself on Frances. Catherine heard about the plan and turned up at the so-called party (at 4am in the morning) and removed Charles. She was such a good person and they were so unbelievably kind to one another, even when Charles was parading his latest girlfriend publicly. She was strong to accept such an arrangement. And when Charles was dying, she was too upset to attend him and sent him a message saying she was sorry if she ever offended him in her whole life. Charles said “Alas poor woman! She asks for my pardon? I beg hers with all my heart; take her back that answer.“ Very similar to the way in which Louis XIV was with his queen, Marie Therese. When Marie Therese died, Louis said “This is the first trouble she has ever given me.” :/

He did mess up on one point, though: he made Barbara Villiers Catherine’s lady of the bedchamber and Catherine was force to accept the slight. It was early on in the marriage and Charles’ reign and it’s one of the only times I refuse to defend his decision. It was humiliating for Catherine. She begged, she pleaded for him NOT to make her go through it but Charles wouldn’t budge. Barbara was great but one has to imagine how Catherine would’ve felt in all this. This was the woman who had accompanied the royal couple on their honeymoon and given birth during it. Catherine had miscarried several times, people laughed at her behind her back for her barrenness, whereas Barbara had given birth to several healthy royal bastards.

Her post-queen life was also interesting. She outlived Charles by 20 years. She remained in England for a little bit, pleading on behalf of the life of Charles’ eldest illegitimate son, the Duke of Monmouth, even though his rebellion had been directly opposed to her faith. William and Mary didn’t like her too much (lol whom is surprised????) so she eventually had to move back to Portugal, where she took care of her nephew, Prince John (later King John V of Portugal). He was suffering from a very deep depression after the death of his mother and most of his immediate family. Catherine became the main female force in his life. She made sure he got the best education and the best care.

If Muse was a TV show
  • Matt Bellamy: the one with a dark past, anxious all the time but also very creative. he literally could be cooking some cupcakes and then blow up the Parliament the minute after.
  • Dom Howard: the handsome one with a beautiful smile. has already slept with 1/2 of the town, is flirting with everyone but is in fact very insecure.
  • Chris Wolstenholme: the cool guy doing sports looking intimidating but he's the cutest. he protects his friends as hard as he can, as he doesn't want them to experiment what he has been through.
  • Tom Kirk: the annoying one following everyone everywhere, making stupid jokes 24/7 that can be very harsh sometimes. everyone loves to hate him.
  • Morgan Nicholls: the most mature one, a bit cold but nice. he looks a bit detached and is mostly alone, but in fact he just enjoys being an introvert.
  • _
  • Showbiz episodes: the school days. the heroes are struggling with the fact they're becoming adults, all they want is to leave the town so there is a lot of fights with their parents and gf. basically the heroes are crying a lot, feeling depressed, are stressed bc of finals. at the end matt steals his mom's car so they can leave.
  • OoS episodes: the heroes party/drink/do drugs all the time. their lifes are becoming very chaotic and there is a lot of fights and sexual tension between them so they suddendly feel like they've lost control. it ends up with one of them doing an overdose.
  • Abso episodes: everyone is sad so they decide to stay away from each other. each episode is about one of the character. they develop some paranoia and dom is arguing with all of his gf/bf while matt is writing a book about aliens.
  • Bhar episodes: the book about aliens is sucessful so they suddendly become very famous. they all become friends again and decide to act less childish, but they occasionally party while being on shrooms.
  • The Resistance episodes: matt decides to read 1984 and fells in love with the book. dom is deseperatly looking for a gf while chris now has 1983638 kids. morgan is starting to become a main character in the show and has more and more fans.
  • T2L episodes: the chaos is back. matt has a baby but doesn't want to take dad's responsabilities, so he wears gay outfits and flirts with dom 24/7. the episodes are filmed by tom so he often does jokes and breaks the 5th wall.
  • Drones episodes: all of the heroes decide to calm down a bit but in fact they go out in the middle of the night to draw penises on the Parliament's walls. they all don't know what to do with their money anymore. matt is now hated while morgan is the most popular character of the show.
  • To be continued...

Remember, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot,

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, ’twas his intent
to blow up the King and the Parliament.

A stress relief drawing, well it explanes why the picture looks that way.  I noticed that Junkrat said on time “Remember, remember…” and I thought instant on the nursery rhyme about Guy Fawkes and well this happend. 
It was my first time drawing explosions so I hope it looks alright….

October 6 2014 - Several dozen Kurds have occupied the Dutch parliament building in The Hague, making their way inside the lobby following a spontaneous demonstration against Islamic State fighters attacking the Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria. 

Several hundred protesters have been rallying in front of the parliament building on Monday night to draw attention to the situation in Kobani, where “a genocide [is] about to unfold,” one of the organizers said, as quoted by Reuters.

Up to 100 people carrying banners have managed to force their way inside the main hall of the building. However, they reportedly did not try to go any further through security, peacefully sitting on the floor instead.

“The situation in Kobani is getting [out] of control,” one of the protesters said, according to Reuters. “IS has stormed the town and a lot of civilians are being killed. We want the West to do more to stop the situation in Syria.”