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No Whinning

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No Whining 
[Learning wines were a bit more than you bargained for│Yongguk]

You adored every aspect of Yongguk. From his strong moral compass, to his compassion that seemed to know no bounds. You were willing to follow him through every endeavor. Dates with him were definitely not exactly traditional but they were always unique. Going to farmer markets, volunteer work, silent protests, each cause just as meaningful as the other.

However your boyfriend did have a guilty pleasure that he indulged in, and it was the only one you found it hard to keep up in.

You groaned following Yongguk through the vineyard “…How long is this thing anyway?” you shifted uncomfortably as he swirled the sample of wine in his glass.

“We just got here.” he laughed as the host led the group, going over the fermenting process of the various oak barrels that decorated the hall.

He looked so content, he was a regular at the vineyard and was invited to try a few of the wines for an event. And in just like any other setting, he looked like he belonged there. You wanted to enjoy it too, but wine was just so…And there were so many rules to how you’re supposed to properly drink it. It wasn’t that you didn’t like to drink, you just didn’t like wine.

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Eliot Rodger Manifesto Highlights

Reading Eliot Rodger’s manifesto is absolutely fascinating.  Among other things:

– He’s angry that women won’t have sex with him, yet he goes out of his way to constantly avoid interacting with them. In all that I’ve read (and I haven’t gotten close to readnig all 400 pages, admittedly), he'sonly ever described speaking with one girl, a playmate that he knew when he was six and later saw one time at a party when he was a teenager.

– The fantasy girlfriend that the world denies him is always blonde. He can’t stop talking about blondes.

– Seeing a young couple walking on the beach, he describes the girl’s “senusual, erection-causing body.”

– He believes his father is weak because his father listens to the concerns of his wife (Not Eliot’s mother), and assumes that this woman must be really good in bed.

– His mother tells him that he has some writing talent (not really evident in this manifesto, to be honest) and his immediate thought is that he can write a fantasy epic the success of which will have him drowning in pussy.

– He’s angry that his mother pestered him to get a job because he’s an “intellectual destined for greatness.”

– He became obsessed with moving to Isla Vista and attending UC Santa Barbara after seeing the movie “Alpha Dog,” which took place in that town and featured “good looking young people enjoying pleasurable sex lives.” He thought that if he moved there he too could live “a life of pleasure and sex.”

– Eliot was shocked that his Santa Barbara roommate, whom eliot judged to be less attractive than he was, brought a girl into their apartment before Eliot did, but he was relieved to see that she “wasn’t that attractive.” Later that night, Eliot told his roommate that “he was foolish to feel proud about having an ugly whore in his room.” Somehow, this soured relations between the roomies.

– Eliot received a “fabulous Armani exchange shirt” and “Gucci sunglasses” from his mother, which gave him the confidence that he would “appear as a superior gentlemen” to his fellow students. His hopes  were dashed when he appeared for his first class in his new duds: “I waited until everyone was seated before I walked in. I came in through the front entracnce so that everyone could look at my fabulous self. To my utter dismay, I saw that no one turned their head to look at me. No girl tilted a head or lifted a pretty eyebrow at my approach. After all that effort, I was still being treated like I was invisible.”

– He receives free tickets to a private Katy Perry concert and tries to blend in with all the other rich kids. “This was the life I was meant to live…If only my damnable mother had married into wealth instead of being selfish. If only my failure of a father had made better decisions with his directing career instead of wasting his money on that stupid documentary.”

- Eliot’s family was invited to the red carpet premiere of ‘The Hunger Games’ movie.  One recurring theme throughout the manifesto is how Eliot cannot stand anyone whom he perceives to look down on him, so naturally he takes this opportunity to look down on other people, commenting on the “crowd of pathetic fans who reminded me of sheep” on the other side of the velvet ropes.“I cockily smiled at all of the stupid fans who had to remain on the side, rubbing it right in their faces. There were some actors and celebrities on the carpet with us, and the paparazzi yelled at me a few times to get out of the way as they were taking pictures of some cunt actress. I discreetly gave those paparazzi pigs my middle finger. Elliot Rodger will not move aside for a stupid, good-for-nothing, over-glorified actress, whoever the fuck she was.”

- The premiere of The Hunger Games was spoiled for him because some celebrity kid and his"repugnant friends" who sat in front of him blocked his view. He had to “fight the urge not to splash my drink all over the little shitheads in a vehement rage.”

–Throughout the manifesto, Elliot constantly talks about gorging himself on free food and wine whenever available, either at a premiere party, an airline flight, or someone’s house. That’s not my description, he really relishes talking about stuffing himself.

–He read a book called “The Power of the Subconscious Mind,” which he describes as being similar to “The Secret,” and tried to visualize himslef winning the lottery because that was the only way he thought he could get a pretty blonde to fuck him.

– Elliot did not want to accompany his mother on a trip to see relatives in England until he heard that they would be flying on Virgin Atlantic first class, “the highest form of travel the airline offers.” He “just couldn’t refuse the offer. I’ve always had a penchant for luxury, opulence, and prestige.” Once again, he goes into paragraphs about cramming smoked salmon down his craw and glugglng red wine. The kid is a regular Caligula.