a pancake needs flour

Meaty Pancake recipe

Things you need:

½ milk


4,244 inch of egg

2 kidneys (human)

Frenc fries (sugar free)


1,8 meter pepperoni

Step 1:

Trhow milk in bowl and add 1 flour

Step 2:

Take eggs in your hands, grip tight, SQUEEZE

Let nasty ass egg fluid flow until only crunchy egg shell is left

Add to the milk and flour for the EXTRA CRUNCH

Step 2:

Add frens fries and suger, and then MIX

Step 3:

Smash the kidneys until flat, put in fridge for 2 decades

Then add to the bowl and mix with a fork

Step 4:

Add 2 inches of pepperoni, throw away leftover pepperoni

Mix for 0,1732 seconds

Step 5:

Put pan on stove on the EXTRA LARGE heat

Put the pacncake mix in pan

Bake super duper hot DO NOT FLIP

Step 6:

Put meety pancake on plastic plate

Take a smell

Mmmmmmm 👍

Tired of oatmeal for breakfast? Why not mix it up and make oatmeal and banana pancakes? 😋😍 the only ingredients you need are oatflour (oats mixed to flour), bananas, baking powder, sweetener and some form liquid (oatmilk works great!). Let it sit for a while and then fry…. and if you’re like me, add chocolate chips because who doesn’t like chocolate chips? 😋😍 ig: itsahealthylifestyle

I needed pancakes

½ c. Almond flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla
1 package of truvia
2 tbsp softened cream cheese
1 egg

If the batter is too thick you can thin it out with water or HWC

Mix it all together. Pour batter into a buttered skillet, ¼ c per pancake

I slathered mine with Kerry gold butter and salted caramel sugar free syrup and a side of bacon of course

Good Morning Sunshine [S.Coups]

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 752

Originally posted by svnteen-idiots

Bright white sheets draped over the edge of the bed, long forgotten on a warm summer’s morning. Seungcheol, laying like a starfish over the whole stretch of the bed, peered one eye open and looked to his left to see if his favourite person was still laying by his side. Much to his disappointment, it seemed that you had been up and long gone seeing as when he placed his hand on your side of the bed the heat from where you had slept was no longer there.

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how to make: midnight pancakes

what you need

  1. 1 egg
  2. ¼ cup flour
  3. 1 tsp baking powder
  4. 1 tbs suger
  5. 1 tbs butter (add a pinch of salt if your butter is unsalted)
  6. ¼ cup of milk
  7. a drip of vanillla (optinal)

mix everything together Thoroughly, if it’s not combined well it won’t be as good then add it to a pan of some sort, once there are bubbles at the top of the pancake flip it and wait till the bottom is brownish

if the mix is too thin add more flour and if its too thick add more milk

serves one

World of Final Fantasy Pancakes

Here is some pancake art I made today! It’s Moogle, Cactuar and Chocobo from World of Final Fantasy!
Yields 3 to 6 pancakes

The things you’ll need

  • 2 ½ cups all purpose flour
  • 3 ½ teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 ¼ cup milk
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Green, dark green, light green, black, red, pink, light yellow, dark yellow, orange, blue food color
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Whisk
  • Measuring cup
  • Squeeze Bottles
  • Electric Skillet
  • Pancake spatula
  • Hand mixer with attachments

Let’s get Started!

  1. In a large bowl mix flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk egg, milk, oil and vanilla until well combined.
  3. Beat the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients with a hand mixer until smooth.
  4. Divide the batter into 10 different bowls and dye each one the color needed for the pancakes.
  5. Pipe the black outlines on to the electric skillet while it is off, then turn it to 275ºF for 10 seconds to allow the outlines to dry.
  6. Turn the skillet back off and add the fill color to each pancake and allow them to cook. Once you see little bubbles forming, flip the pancake over.
  7. TaDa! These little guys are adorable and make for a fantastic breakfast!
Easy basic crepes, and a lot of crepe/pancake tips and tricks

I know, thick pancakes are really popular in the US, but I’m from Germany and my family just has always loved thin crepes with all sorts of fillings and toppings. They’re basically very thin, very versatile pancakes and are pretty easy! You need:

  • some eggs
  • milk
  • all-purpose flour
  • salt
  • a frying pan and spatula

and all the fillings you want, that totally depends on you! Some ideas follow below.

The batter: For every egg use 70-100g flour depending on how big your eggs are. Mix both together with the salt (don’t be shy, it’s not gonna interfere with sweet fillings) and a bit of milk to make the mixing easier, then while still mixing add more milk (sorry, no measures, I eyeball this one) until you have a consistency like syrup or honey - obvs not clear, but smooth. You should be able to easily pour it in a thin stream, but it shouldn’t be extremely runny. It should taste a bit more like flour than you think it has to, the flour taste will go away while cooking - if it still tastes like egg, you should add some more flour, otherwise your crepes will taste like omelette later. For me alone plus some leftovers I use 2-3 eggs.

Making the crepes: Put a little bit of fat of your choice into your pan and put it on medium to high heat. When the pan is hot, pour some batter in - rather less than more at first - and immediately tilt the pan in all directions to evenly spread the batter into a thin layer. Bake to your taste, then flip and cook the other side. Let your crepe slide on a plate and fill it with whatever you want!

Filling ideas:

  • pretty much everything you can think of or happen to have in your fridge. We usually use stuff that holds well when rolled because we are childish and like to roll our crepes and eat them with our fingers, but you can definitely use syrup etc. and just use your silverware like civilized people.
  • sweet fillings: chocolate spread, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, jam, ice cream, sugar, sugar and cinnamon, sugar and lemon juice, yoghurt, sour cream, cream cheese, quark, whipped cream, fresh fruit, applesauce, peanut butter, honey, maple syrup, … and any combination of these you like. Our greatest luxury is nutella with strawberries.
  • savory fillings: sour cream, cream cheese, also those with garlic or herbs or other stuff in them, goat cheese (amazing with honey actually), feta cheese, compound butter, avocado, olives, dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, vegetables in general, smoked salmon, ham, bacon, more cheese, cooked meat, diverse sauces, any spices, … and yeah, any combination of these you want!
  • my sister’s favorite wrap on the rare occasion that she can afford smoked salmon: sour cream, smoked salmon, a bit of salt and lemon juice, and iceberg lettuce. It’s amazing.

And yeah, I know that not all my filling suggestions are cheap, but the good thing about crepes is that the basic recipe is super cheap and easy, and you can fill them as cheaply as you need. Seriously, just a bit of sugar or cheese on these is so good already.


  • there are two crepes we make that are not just fillings on a blank crepe, one is with apples and the other is with ham/bacon and/or cheese.
  • apple crepe: quarter your apple and cut into thin slices. You can use older apples for this, it will taste just fine. Take your pan off the heat, put a little more batter in than for a thin basic crepe and quickly (!) lay your apple slices on top of the spread batter. Maybe push them in a bit if they don’t seem to stick well enough, then put back on heat and cook as usual. After you flip, the sugar in the apples will caramelize a bit which is awesome. Cinnamon and sugar is a must!
  • ham/bacon and/or cheese crepe: if you want bacon or ham, put it into the pan and pour the batter over it. Cook it on that side. After flipping, if you want cheese, put on the crepe - grated will melt the fastest, but slices of cheese definitely work, too. Just don’t ever flip a crepe so cheese touches the bottom of the pan - it will make a gooey mess and your next crepe is definitely gonna be cheesey, too.


  • if you have batter left over, you can either just pop it in the fridge (keeps well for a day or two) or just make all the rest into a stack of blank crepes, which is what I mostly do so I don’t have to cook again the following day.
  • the easiest thing is to just fill them with something, roll and put them in the fridge so they are ready for the next day. Sometimes I take cold nutella crepes with me as lunch. You can reheat and then fill, too; if you do that it’ll taste better out of the pan than out of the microwave, if you have the time.
  • if you have the time and want to eat a bit fancier for once, get some goat cheese, sour cream, fresh tomatoes and grated cheese. Take a blank crepe and put some sour cream on one half (optional, but makes it 30% better), then put fresh tomato chunks and goat cheese on the same half. Season with salt and if you have, provence spices (rosemary, thyme, marjoram, oregano). Fold the other half over, put on a baking sheet and put some grated cheese on top. Make as many of these as you want, then bake at ~350°F until the cheese on top has melted and is golden and the crepes are a bit crispy. One of my favorite meals when I have some time on my hands! (And yes, these reheat well, too. Leftover leftovers!)

Some general tips about crepes (most probably work for regular pancakes, too, but I don’t have much experience with those):

  • keep in mind: making crepes is a bit time-intensive on the cooking side because you will have to make them one after another, although the preparation takes just a few minutes. You’ll get a routine though and it’ll be much faster with practice esp if you’re just making a stack of blank crepes. Basically crepes take longer on the first day, but leftovers are hella easy.
  • seriously, when I want to eat them piping hot, I make one, eat it, make the next etc., but it’s much less exhausting to just make a lot and stack them on a plate to fill and eat them afterwards (and later). The only exceptions from this are when you bake stuff into the crepes, these can’t be stored well and you should make and eat them fresh.
  • use enough fat for the first one. There will be fat left in the pan for every following one so you can just add a little again (if you even need more), but the first one easily bakes onto the pan.
  • don’t take too much batter for one crepe, the thinner the tastier! If you see it’s not enough, you can always pour a little bit more in and fill any holes, it’ll bake just fine.
  • getting an even batter layer takes a bit of practice, don’t worry if your first ones have weird shapes! They still taste good! I’ve found that it works best for me when I tilt the pan in one direction and then do a kinda circular motion, tilting the pan in every direction around the circle. I’m doing that really quickly and not just once, but several times until all the liquid batter has settled down, and directly after pouring the batter in because it will start to cook immediately.
  • if you have enough cooking fat, you won’t need to scrape them from the bottom of the pan; instead they should just come off after a minute or so of cooking when you shake the pan horizontally a bit. A similar motion to brushing your teeth, just horizontally and with a pan in your hand. You can still use your spatula to lift the edge a bit if it doesn’t work immediately.
  • flipping an apple crepe which is lying apples down is really hard without all of the apples falling out. So if you want to eat it with the apples up, just slide it onto a plate as usual, take a second plate, place it upside down on the first, press the plates together and flip the whole thing. It’ll be on the other plate with apples up then.
  • crepe batter lasts a day or two in the fridge, no problem, so you can also prepare it the night before. Don’t worry if the ingredients separate a bit; that’s normal, just give them a good swirl before you bake again. Ready cooked crepes keep well a day and/or a night, but will dry out if you don’t put something on top.
  • basic crepes are no-chop, but if you don’t have a hand mixer, whisking the batter as well as the long time standing at the stove could be exhausting for people low on spoons. The latter could be helped by putting a chair in front of the stove, though - I sometimes read while making crepes, sit in front of the stove and just check in on my current crepe now and then.
  • I guess you could make gluten-free crepes if you use gluten-free flour? Never tried it though.

There goes a wall of text about one of my favorite foods! But I wanted to be thorough for those with little to no experience, so I think it’s worth it. Happy crepe making! c:

Vegan Spelt Flour Carob Pancakes. ♡

For the basic recipe all you need is
1 cup spelt flour
1 cup plantbased milk (I used unsweetened coconut rice milk, which is pretty sweet on its own)
1 ripe banana

I added 2 tsp of organic carob powder which gave them a sweet chocolaty taste ♥

The sauce is made of
1 cup raspberries
2 tbsp chia seeds
blend well and set aside whilst making the pancakes.

Topped with raspberries, cocoa nibs, hemp hearts and apple.

Love&Light everyone ♡


I think breakfast is really imported for you, because it fuels you up and gets you ready for the day. In general people who eat breakfast have more energy, do better in school and eat healthier throughout the day. Without it they can get irritable, restless and tired. Now I’m just going to give you some ideas what to eat for breakfast below.


I think its pretty self explainable. You’re going to need some toast and you will put it in the toaster. When its going to be ready you’ll just smer on it some peanut butter and then you’ll just put on top some sliced bananes. It’s really simple, easy, healty and yummy.


Greek yogurt is kind of creamy type of yogurt and it’s really good for your bones & heart heal. For breakfast you can mix it up with some fruit or peanuts of your choice and you can add to it some oats either. It’s really good tasting, easy and healty for you.


You’re going to need:

-2 eggs,

-2 cups of flour,

-1 1/2 cup of milk,

-1 teaspoon of sugar and salt,

-vegetables of your choice (I’m usually using leek, courgette and carrot),

-& cheese.

First you’re going to chop you vegetables and then you’re going to grill them for 5 minutes in coconut or any other type of grease. In that time you can create pancake mixture (eggs, flour, milk ,sugar & salt). When the vegetables are going to be grilled put some of them out because you’re going to use them for more then just one pancake. Then put in some of pancake mixture. When you are going to grill the second side of pancake put on the first side some grated cheese. I usually make two of them, because I’m often not hungry after the first one. They’re so delicious and easy.


If I’m in hurry I prefer smothies because they are so easy to make. I usually just blend the fruit I have so it’s really easy to do. Usually i just add some honey, milk or yogurt to it so the texture is kind of better. My favourite one is blueberry banana smoothie (you can find the recipe here).

I hope you guys enoyed my first post! For more breakfast recipes click here.

With love, Lucia. x

Sunday Morning (requested)

request: You’re in a long term relationship with Robbie and wake up on a Sunday morning.

Robbie and I had been a couple for about 2 years now and weekend was our favorite time of the whole week. We used to sleep at each others house, order pizza, watch movies and eat ice cream all day. In the mornings we woke up and made breakfast together. Weekend was the only time Robbie and I could spend together. We were both very busy with studying and the rest of the time Robbie and I were on set filming but not together. I was playing in a series called Heroes and he was playing a character in Once Upon A Time. And that was one of the reasons we almost never got into any fights, we were too busy enjoying the little time we had together and Sunday mornings usually were the best because we both knew that we’d only see each other on Friday the next week so we couldn’t waste any time on unnecessary fights.

I felt him snuggling against my back, the warmth of his body against mine - the best feeling in the world. I turned around to face the innocently sleeping Robbie. He looked so calm and relaxed it made me smile. Suddenly his eyes flattered open. “Morning love.” He said pulling me into a hug. “Hey.” I mumbled into his chest and fell asleep again. After about half an hour later I woke up from the feeling of a thousand little kisses all over my face. I slowly opened my eyes only to see Robbie’s flashing smile only an inch away from my face. “Hey wake up. It’s already 10PM and we don’t wanna miss breakfast, do we?” He asked and gave me a little peck on the lips. He pulled me into his arms and I put my head on his blank chest. He caressed my head and gently played with my hair as I listened to his slow heartbeat. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of his beating heart knowing that his body was doing what it had to do, working on it’s own to keep him alive. It may sound odd but it gave me a safe feeling. We lay there another twenty minutes before Robbie finally managed to pull me out of bed. “I don’t wanna get uuup. I wanna spend the whole day in bed only with you.” I groaned. “But you don’t wanna starve do you?”, he said, opening up his arms to let me in. I couldn’t resist  and fell into them. He was wearing his boxers and a gray shirt but I could still feel the warmth of his body as I snuggled into his arms. “Finee. I’m giving up, idiot.” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his head further down to kiss him. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. A slight smile sneaked over my face. This boy gave me the feeling of being the most special and beautiful girl in the world. He always treated me so nicely and thoughtfully. “Come on let’s go.” I said and started to walk away but he pulled me back. “I love you.” He finally said when I was standing in his arms again. I looked at him smiling. “Oh baby… I love you too. You’re the best boyfriend in the world.” I gave him a tight hug. He put his head on my shoulder and I felt relief washing through him as he felt my body so close to his. He let out a deep breath and made me look at him again. “I never ever wanna lose you.. You understand me? Never.” His words were touching me. I felt just the same about him. We were lovers, but he was the only person I’d talk to when I didnt feel good or when something was wrong. He was like my brother, my best friend and just gave me the feeling that I’d never have to fear anything in life with him by my side.  I just loved this boy. “And I promise you I’m never gonna leave.”, I said smiling. “Come on let’s go.”, I said grabbing his arm. Suddenly I  saw a meaningful smile on his face and exactly knew what it meant. He wasn’t letting me go that easy. He slowly approached my bed looking like he was taking a run-up, showing me that I’d have to run or die on the spot. I immediately got what he wanted to say and started my run down the hallway but the way to the stairs was long and Robbie had way longer legs and was a lot faster than me. Still I tried my luck. But he was intelligent enough to trap me in a dilemma. I was standing on the left side of the railing and he was standing on the right side on the opposite of me. I wouldn’t be able to reach the stairs before he’d get me. “Damn it Kay. You’re quite a bright boy.” Suddenly I saw a pair of socks lying on the ground. Probably my brother’s, as he usually spreads his stuff all over our house. Anyways, I picked them up and wondered if he was clever enough to suss my trap. I gave him a naughty look. “But are you bright enough to catch this?” I said sneeringly as I threw the socks over to the other side, right towards him. At first he was totally perplex and confused but he quickly realized that he’d have to catch them if he didn’t want them to hit him right into the face. He thought he’d got my plan but I could tell he didn’t. As he tried to catch the socks, I was already heading towards the staircases escaping. He only realized that I was gone when he was just about to throw the socks back at me. “Where the hell… Hey! That’s unfair!” He shouted after me but I had almost reached the next stairs. “You want a naughty fight? Here you go!” He said as he threw the socks after me. They landed right on my face as I was just about to look up at him. I screamed when they hit me all of a sudden. “Are you crazy? Do you wanna kill me or what?” I screamed just as I realized Robbie was already on his way downstairs. “You better hurry.” He said smirking as he appeared on the very first step of the staircase I was standing on. “Shit.” I said laughing, already turning around to get away from him as fast as I could. He gave me a few seconds before he ran after me. I could already see the kitchen, my lifesaver but, would I be able to reach it in time? Never. I was about three meters away from it as Robbie grabbed my waist from behind and restrained me from the safe place. “Gotcha.” He whispered into my ear and started to laugh. I, completely out of breath and stuffed with adrenaline, looked at him and didn’t even have another choice than joining in. We were acting like little children but that was what made me so happy about our relationship. We could be totally ridiculous around each other, play around, joke around and in the next moment we could be totally serious and discuss any kind of problem. It was just perfect. Robbie was my savior from the ugly world outside. He could always cheer me up and knew exactly how to love me when I was sad. “What’s my reward for catching you?” He raised an eyebrow at me. “Hmm.. Let me think about it. Nothing?” I said ironically. “Nothing? That’s a little sparse don’t you think? Look at all the dangers I’ve been through. The socks, the stairs.. And then you!” He laughed and poked me. “Alright I see. How about some selfmade pancakes?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him now. “Sounds good.” He smirked. “Yeah, alright, we all got it. You won. I lost. Don’t be such an arse.” I slapped him on the shoulder. “I’ll be all nice and quiet if you start cooking already.” He said teasing. “Oh shut up!” I hit him several times. “Alright.. Alright.. I’ll stop.” He said fighting me off. “I’ll stop.” He wrapped his arms around me to calm me down. “You’re allowed to shut me up with hugs and kisses anytime.” I said looking up at him. “That’s good to know.” He said pulling me closer giving me a little kiss on the forehead. “Now come on… Or do you wanna stand here until tomorrow morning?” I asked him sneeringly. “I’d love to.” He said but let me go. I walked over to the fridge and took out all the stuff we needed for pancakes. Eggs, flour, milk. In the meantime Robbie was preparing the cooker and the pan, heating it and putting oil in it. Then he joined me for preparing the dough. And again we were playing around, covering each other with flour, throwing it and dappling each other with milk. When we finally were done with everything, I put the dough in the pan as Robbie was washing and slicing the strawberries and raspberries. “Where did you put the chocolate sauce again?” I turned around to face him. “Who put it away last time? I didn’t.” I walked over to have a look at the upper cupboard. “There it is.” I said as I reached deep inside to get the syrup out. I handed it over to him with a sassy look on my face. “Thanks.” He said and rolled his eyes at me. I put all the dishes on the table as Robbie went for the food and some milk. We sat down and enjoyed our food. He looked so adorable, his cheeks stuffed with pancake. “Why are you looking at me? This is embarrassing.” He covered his face with his hands. “You look soooo cute.” I squeaked. “Shut up. You look cute.” He said putting his hand on my cheek.” When we were done with eating we snuggled onto the couch with our favorite blanket and watched movies for the rest of the day.  


So.. Now that I’m finally home again after almost 24 hours in the car (We were caught up in a traffic jam for about 12 hours) I can eventually post your imagines now! And @themorganweston here it is! I hope you like it and if not I can change it or write it again for you:) I want you guys to be happy so when something’s wrong just talk to me. I hope you have a very nice day and I’ll put the rest of the imagines up the next days.. I’ve really missed you and I’m glad to be home again. Lovee you!


My Love for Him, His Love for Her (Ch. 6)

I woke up as I felt an amazing warm feeling around me and nuzzled to whatever the source was. I slowly opened my eyes only to realize I was nuzzling against Jungkook’s neck. I suddenly yelped and tried to get away, but he had his arms around me and whenever I moved, his grip would get tighter and tighter

‘what the hell??’ I thought.

I tried to wake him up but then saw his face. His face was so angelic when he was asleep. I couldn’t bring myself to wake him or even move an inch, instead I analyzed his features. He was handsome! like really handsome! He looked hot and innocent at the same time. I let out a giggle and started stroking his hair, gently. After a few minutes he slowly opened his eyes and I quickly pulled my hand away “no..” he held my hand “don’t stop” he put my hand back on top of his head, I hesitated a little at first but began to stroke it again. He seemed like a little kitten as he nuzzled against my neck and went back to sleep.

I really didn’t want to wake him up but I also didn’t want Minseo to see us like that. What would she think if she did? Even though we didn’t do anything, the sight of Jungkook holding me in his arms and nuzzling against my neck while I’m stroking his hair, would definitely make Minseo’s mind go wrong places! Especially when she told me that she liked Jungkook. I didn’t want her to feel betrayed and think there is something going on between me and Jungkook. I lightly tapped Jungkook’s shoulder “Jungkook-ssi…wake up” I whispered but he didn’t move “Jungkook-ssi please wake up” I said louder and shook him. No response. “wake up!” I shook him harder but he didn’t budge. Oh my gosh! This guy is such a heavy sleeper! “JUNGKOOK!!!” I shouted and he finally jumped and let me go “I-i’m so sorry!” he apologized while looking at me with wide eyes “wow! such a heavy sleeper you are!” he giggled while rubbing his eyes

“yea haha my bad..It’s just I haven’t slept this comfortably for a long time”

“why?” I frowned

“well you know, busy with my job and school and stuff. I barely got to eat”

“what?? really? wow! there must’ve been a lot of pressure on you when you were in America” He nodded his head in agreement while yawning

“well now, you need to go wash up” I demanded him as I stood up and grabbed his hand, pulling him so he would stand up. He whined and resisted at first but then he stood up, lazily dragging himself to the bathroom. I chuckled as I watched him before making my way to the kitchen.

It must’ve been really hard on him. He had to make money while studying and going to college. He didn’t even have anyone for the past year and was all alone by himself. He said he couldn’t even talk to Minseo about what he was going through because he didn’t want to worry her. I really felt bad for him but also praised his strong spirit of moving on. I wanted to help him.

When he told me he hardly got to eat, I decided to cook him breakfast. I wanted to let him know he’s not alone anymore and he can trust me with anything. He told me that his favorite food is anything with flour, 'hmm..what should I make him?’ I mumbled then thought of something really good ’s'mores pancakes’. I clapped my hands together and gathered all the ingredients needed

“flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, brown sugar, salt, milk, egg, sour cream” I mumbled as I checked the ingredients. Then I started cooking. It took me less than I thought, like under 20mins. Jungkook came out of the bathroom and suddenly stood still as his eyes analyzed the table I made for him. Pancakes neatly placed on top of each other as they were covered with the marshmallow sauce. Jungkook’s eyes then met mine

“you made this all for me?” he asked as his eyes were twinkling

“yup! I hope you like it!” I smiled as I signaled him to sit down

“I love them already!” he giggled excitedly as he sat down and took a bite right away

“oh my gosh Jihye!! did you make these yourself?” he asked as he was stuffing his mouth with more pancakes

“of course I made them myself! and you need to slow down or you’ll choke to death!” I laughed but never did he look up, he was busy enough eating. I giggled at the sight of him. He looked like a 3-year old kid stuffing his mouth with his favorite food, not realizing how dirty his face was getting

*cough… COUGH*

Jungkook suddenly coughed which snapped me out of my thoughts. I quickly poured his glass with milk

“told you to slow down!” I reminded him as he was choking on his food. He quickly gulped down the milk

“that was a close one!” he said as he caught his breath

“Jungkook you’re unbelievable!” I stated and he laughed, continuing eating.


Suddenly a door swung open, causing me to jump a little. I looked at the direction of the sound and found Minseo standing on her doorway and rubbing her eyes. She looked awful and pale. I was sure she didn’t want to look like that in front of Jungkook so I ran up to her to fix her looks, but she refused and pushed me away and started walking to the table. She was acting strangely. I don’t think she even noticed Jungkook until she sat down

“what are you doing here?” she asked Jungkook, shocked.


“I told him to stay due to the heavy rain” I cut him off.

“oh..” was all she said and started eating the pancakes I specially prepared for her. She was allergic to chocolate so I made her regular pancakes with berry sauce. She loved berries.

There was something off between Minseo and Jungkook. They suddenly got too quiet and it was starting to get a little too awkward so I spoke up

“soo, did you guys have fun at the bar?”

“lots of fun” Minseo smirked sarcastically

“I should probably leave now” said Jungkook as he stood up “thank you for the breakfast” he started walking to the front door but I quickly ran to him

“what? you’re leaving already?” he chuckled

“I bothered you enough last night. And it’s already stopped raining. I have to go back to the hotel and take care of few things, but thanks for everything” he smiled and opened the door to leave, but turned back and looked at Minseo, who was still sitting down at the table and staring at her food “bye Minseo, glad you’re feeling better” Minseo didn’t even look up, causing a bitter smile to form on Jungkook’s lips. I was confused at the whole situation and kept looking between the two with a questioning look on my face. Jungkook turned to me one last time and smiled before walking off. I closed the door and approached Minseo, rubbing her back gently

“everything okay Min?” I asked her, concerned. She didn’t say anything and was just playing with her food. “I thought you liked pancakes with berry sauce so-”

“thanks” she cut me off as she suddenly stood up and walked to her room before slamming the door shut behind her.

There stood me. Alone in the dining room, having no clue what was going on whatsoever. I was confused as hell 'what the heck was that about?“ I mumbled to myself and then started to clean up. First the table, the kitchen and then the living room. I was busy cleaning and tidying up the living room until I heard something that stopped me. The sound of someone sobbing. I slowly approached the direction of the sound, only to realize it was from Minseo’s room. I gently knocked on her door "Minseo? Is everything alright?”…no answer. I then slowly opened the door. There was Minseo, laying on her stomach on her bed while holding a pillow to her face, hoping to muffle the sound of her sobs. “Minseo…” I approached and sat next to her on her bed “what’s wrong?” I asked while gently rubbing her back

“I *sniffle* hate him! *sniffle*” she said as she continued crying

“why? what happened?” I asked her calmly. She finally turned around to face me while wiping her tears away

“h-he’s just…he’s such an asshole” she whined loudly and started crying again, yet louder than before. I hugged her and rubbed her back

“sh sh sh… It’s okay let it out” even though I said that to her, I was confused as hell. Why would she say something like that about her lifelong crush and love? Just what did happen that night? I had so many questions I wanted to ask her but knew well that it wasn’t the time, so I gave her some time to recover. She continued crying against my shoulder until she calmed down a little

“my head hurts…so bad” she said while her eyes were still closed from all that crying

“oh yea, you didn’t even drink any water after you got up right?” she shook her head 'no’ and I got up to bring her water along with some medicine. She took the pills I gave her and gulped down the water in one second “wow slow down little lady” I giggled as I poured her another glass. She seemed a lot better now. Her face wasn’t puffy anymore and her natural color was back. I tapped her back gently “now, are you ready to tell me what happened between you and Jungkook?” she nodded

“it all started when you left…”

(Narrator’s POV)


Jihye bid Minseo and Jungkook goodbye before walking off to the dorms and disappearing into the crowd. When there was no sign of her left, Minseo suddenly linked her arms with Jungkook, earning a puzzled look from him, which soon changed into a giggle when she started doing aegyo

“let’s go to the bar, Jungkookie~” Minseo tugged on Jungkook’s arm while looking up at him with her smiling eyes

“alright” Jungkook chuckled before walking into the crowd, his arm still linked with hers’

After they reached the bar and settled down, Minseo quickly ordered them both some drinks.

“so how have you been Kookie? it’s been so long, I missed you to death!” Minseo looked at Jungkook who was taking a sip of his vodka

“I know, my absence is unbearable for people” he winked at her and she smacked his arm playfully

“Yah! you still haven’t changed your player side, have you” Minseo joked and he wiggled his eyebrows at her

“I’ve been alright, how have you been?” He asked while taking another sip

“I’ve been okay…but lonely” she looked down while drawing circles on the brim of her glass

“but you have Jihye, she’s a good friend” Jungkook reminded Minseo

“yea, I guess” she nodded, still looking down “but now that you’re here I’ll never feel lonely again” she looked up and smiled cheerfully at him, earning a giggle from him

They continued drinking and talking through the loud music that was playing. Minseo begged Jungkook to dance with her, but he refused

“c'mon Jungkook! you came back after four years and the first thing you do is turning me down for dancing with me??” she then dragged him to the dance floor.

The loud music blasted through Minseo’s ears and she completely let her body take over, dancing like there is no tomorrow. Jungkook on the other hand, was just looking out for her to not hurt herself or anyone else. He knew she was beyond too drunk and wanted to take her to her dorm as soon as possible, but she was having so much fun which prevented him from taking it away from her, so he just played along.

After the dance, Minseo couldn’t stand on her legs anymore and fell into Jungkook’s arms

“Kookie…take me home” Jungkook tried to help her walk

“but I don’t know where you live” he confessed

“then take me where you live” his eyes widened at her words but then relaxed, knowing she was too drunk


“just do it! hurry I’m tired” she demanded and he had no choice but to obey

They arrived at Jungkook’s hotel and took the elevator to reach the floor his room was located at. After they stepped into his room, Jungkook carefully layed her on his bed, making sure he doesn’t wake her up, before going to the bathroom to wash up. When he came back, there was no sign of Minseo. Before he gets a chance to look around, he found himself pressing against the wall while a pair of eyes staring at him intently. He saw Minseo, only in her bra and panties, pressing her body against him

“what the hell?!” Jungkook let out, almost yelling, but Minseo put her index finger to his lips to shut him up. Her finger then traveled down his lips to his neck, his collarbone and finally, to his abs. Only then Jungkook realized that he was half naked, having only a towel wrapped around his waist

“when did you get those?” she asked teasingly while tracing his toned muscles with her fingers. Jungkook yanked her hand away

“you’re too drunk Mins-” he got cut off by Minseo’s lips, Jungkook stiffened under the sudden touch, but then pushed her away “what the hell is wrong with you?!”

“no! what the hell is wrong with YOU?!” Minseo spat back

Jungkook ran his fingers through his wet hair in frustration before going to his drawer and throwing her one of his shirts “put this on”

“don’t want to!” she protested causing him to groan in annoyance “have you lost your mind?!”

“I lost my mind from the very moment I saw you, Jungkook” Minseo felt her tears filling up her eyes

“what??” Jungkook questioned, still feeling puzzled at the whole situation. Minseo looked up at him as a single tear trailed down her cheek, which softened Jungkook’s expression

“I-…I love you Jungkook” she confessed, almost as a whisper. Jungkook didn’t hear her at first, but she repeated herself with a louder and more confident voice

“I love you, Jeon Jungkook”

Jungkook didn’t say anything and continued looking at her as she was wiping away her streaming tears. He turned around so his back was facing her and started to get dressed

“go to sleep, you’re tired” he demanded her as he put on his hoodie. When he turned around, his face snapped to the side as a sharp pain hit him, leaving a throbbing sensation in his cheek. Minseo slapped him. His hand slowly made it to his fire red cheek as he dropped his head low so he wasn’t facing the sobbing Minseo.

He felt bad for her because he could never love her the way she does. She was always like a little sister to him whom he adored and protected from anyone who tried to hurt her. Funny. Because now he is the one who is hurting her the most. He hated himself for that.

Jungkook slowly lifted his head up to meet Minseo’s teary eyes “I’ll leave so you can rest” he smiled bitterly before leaving the room. Now it was only Minseo in the room. The only sound that could be heard was her sobs and sniffling. She threw herself on the bed, crying herself to sleep.

(Jihye’s POV)

“that’s what happened” Minseo explained as she wiped her tears away

Ch. 1

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silverangelss  asked:

Could I request an imagine where the reader is really short compared to the boys and they tease her about it? And then maybe she ends up chasing people around the bunker. As fluffy as you can, please, thanks <3

^Oo, that’s cute, I can sure give it a go^

You knew you weren’t tall, but compared to the boys, you were a midget, and they didn’t hesitate in telling you that either. You would roll your eyes at the comments and sniggers, knowing that it was all in good taste.

What really got to you, was when they purposefully put things out of your reach, your favorite coffee cup, the flour and eggs you needed to make pancakes, anything that they knew you would need, they put on a high shelf in the bunkers kitchen. And it pissed you off.

Sam would laugh his ass off every time you asked him, with a huff of reluctance, if he could get it down for you, knowing full well it was probably him that put it there in the first place anyway.

You had gotten used to the constant teasing though, but sometimes they took it one step too far, or you were having a really bad day and something just set you off.

Today was one of those days, the boys hadn’t necessarily said or done anything to piss you off, but you were just not in a very good mood so when you were stood in the kitchen making a cup of tea, your jaw clenched when you noticed your mug was on the top shelf once more. You placed your hands on the counter and closed your eyes, taking a long deep breath.

“Everything alright?” You heard an amused voice from behind you and you sighed and turned to see Dean lent against the door frame smirking at you. You glared back at him, causing his smirk to widen.

“You guys are dicks.” You muttered, before making your way out of the kitchen, planning on going into the lounge, away from Dean, and to try and find your jumper, however he followed you.

Before you could even get in the lounge, however, a figure emerged in the doorway, an arm held out blocking the entrance, just level with your face. You looked up into the face of Sam Winchester, craning your neck slightly.

“Can you kindly move out of my way?” You sighed, really not in the mood. Same grinned down at you, and you could almost see what was going on in his mind.

“C'mon, Y/N, you’re short enough to walk straight under my arm, you don’t need me to move.” He said, and Dean sniggered behind you. You groaned, knowing he was right, but you had way to much pride to actually do it.

“Please, move?” You asked, sounding slightly small and childlike. Sam’s face fell slightly with his arm and you made your way inside. When you got inside, you looked over at the couch at where you left your jacket, but it was no where to be seen.

That was, until you looked up slightly and saw it hanging from the ceiling fan. You groaned again, louder this time and both Sam and Dean burst into a fit of giggled and you whipped round to face them.

“I swear to fucking god,” You started, your voice angry, but there was a laugh coming through, you tired to hide it though. “I am going to skin you alive.” They both laughed, but had the sense to run out of the room quickly. Sam went one way and Dean the other, but you followed them as best you could.

“You’ll have to find us first.” Dean said as you ran in the direction of his voice. You laughed a little as you saw him nearly trip as he ran through the kitchen.

“Don’t worry.” You yelled, “If I don’t catch you today, you might find that you wake up with a few vital body parts missing!” You said, through giggles and you heard a fake squeal come from Sam, or what you thought was Sam, you could actually see him at the moment.

“C'mon, Sam, come out, come out wherever you are!” You sung slightly, laughing as you walked down the hall as quietly as you could.

“Oh hell no.” He laughed and you grinned as you turned to see him fleeing in the other direction, you were fasted though and caught up with him quickly, flinging yourself at him back. He yelped as you made contact and tried to turn so he would land on his back.

For a moment there was flailing limbs from both you and Sam, and your laughter could be heard throughout the bunker. Sam let out an groan as he hit the floor and you quickly sat on his chest. You knew full well he could lift you off easily, but he made no move to.

“Now, say you’re sorry.” You grinned down at him, feeling his laugh vibrate through his chest. He shook his head and you tutted down at him and wriggled on his chest to cause him discomfort. “C'mon, if you apologize, that means you can help me get Dean.” You wiggled your eyebrows slightly and Sam laughed once more.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” He laughed a little as you continued to wriggle on top of him. “Now get off me so we can go bundle on Dean.” You grinned down at him and stood up. He followed quickly and the two of you started to make your way through the bunker quietly.

It didn’t take the two of you long to find Dean, he was down in the basement, hiding behind his baby. He didn’t seem to notice that the two of you were there at first, which worked out well for you, at least. You motioned for Sam to be quiet by putting you finger to your lips and he nodded, a wicked grin on his face. 

You made your way around one side of the car, and Sam on the other. The sight you saw was hilarious, Dean was laying on his back, his arms behind his head and eyes closed, like he thought you wouldn’t look there for him or something. Oh, how wrong he was.

You tried not to laugh as you approached him, but you let out a snigger and his eyes shot open, a worried look on his face. That’s when you launched your self at him, landing on his chest, much like you had done to Sam.

“Holy fu-” Dean started but slapped a hand over his mouth and tutted at him.

“Your language, Mr Winchester, is appalling.” You giggled a little when he glared up at you and you removed your hand. “You ready to apologize for being a dick? Sam already has.” Dean looked back at his little brother.

“Betrayed by my own flesh and blood.” He shook his head and you could help but laugh at just how serious he sounded. He looked back up at you. “Fine, I’m sorry, can you get off me now?” You thought for a moment and smirked down at him. 

“If you go and buy a shit-ton of pie I think I just might be able to forgive you.” You sighed a little dramatically and Dean laughed from underneath you. 

“Deal.” He grinned and you let out a ‘yay’ and hopped off him, pulling him to his feet. He rolled his eyes at you slightly and pulled his car keys out of his jeans pocket. “I’ll be back in a bit.” He smiled and you smiled widely up at him. 

“We’ll go start on the beer while you’re gone.” You smiled and gestured to Sam. Dean rolled his eyes as he got into the car, a genuine smile on his face and you smiled back, looking round at Sam for a moment to see him smiling too.

And in that moment, even though they got on your nerves and sometimes you kind of wanted to strangle them, you couldn’t love those boys anymore.

^Aww, this was cute, bit OOC but oh well, also didn’t really know if you meant Cas as well by 'the boys’ so I left him out, hope you don’t mind that though, sorry if you do, but thank you for the request xo^