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NHL Awards explained

Someone asked me to go through each Award given at the NHL awards and explain how they’re given and what they’re for so instead of answering an ask I decided to make a separate post.

All these awards are based on the regular season only and votes are cast before the playoffs even begin.

Hart Memorial Trophy

This is the leading lady of the NHL Awards. The Hart Memorial Trophy is in essence the MVP award. It was first awarded in 1924 and is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association. Each member of this association votes for a first, second, and third place winner and they are all added up with first place votes weighing more then third and so on. This association votes on most of the awards. It officialy goes to the player most valuable to their team and does not necessarily go to the best player in the league, although most of the time it does.

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy

This trophy basically goes to the most gentlemanly player in the league. Imagine playing a sport know for being so rude you award players who are nice. It was donated to the lead by Lady Byng of Vimy in the 1920′s. Anze Kopitar is the current holder of the award, and like a lot of awards the winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association. A lot of the time it goes to a player with the highest playing ability matched with the lowest penalty box score. Usually theyre a top 6 forward on a team and some only go to the penalty box once or twice all season.

Vezina Trophy

This is another big ticket, the Vezina trophy is the MVP but for goalies. Goalies can still win the Hart, Carey Price for instance one both in a single year. The trophy is named after a goaltender for the montreal canadiens who played for the club from 1910-1925. It was first awarded in 1927 and the current holder is Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals. It’s generally used as a good measure to how good a goaltender is, which may sound weird to clarify but a lot of these awards don’t measure what they  say they do according to critics. However, the Vezina is pretty straight forward. 

Calder Memorial Trophy

the Calder is another headliner at the NHL Awards because it’s the MVP for rookies. It is named after Frank Calder who was the first ever president for the NHL. The Oldest ever player to win the calder was 31 years old, as he played in the KHL for most of the career before playing his rookie season in the NHL. After that they changed the rules so only rookie players under 26 as of September 15th of that year, could win the calder. This is also voted on by the Hockey Writers Association.

Art Ross Trophy

This one is different because this is not a trophy that is voted on it’s earned. The Art Ross Trophy goes to the player with the most points at the end of the season. It was donated to the league by Art Ross who was a GM and coach for the Boston Bruins until the mid 50′s.

James Norris Memorial Trophy

this is one that I personally don’t really like. The Norris trophy is supposed to be a sort of MVP for defensemen but it doesn’t really measure good defensemen it measures defensemen who score a lot. A lot of people would tell you that a defenders job is not to be a forward. It was named after James Norris who was the owner of the red wings from the 30′s to 1952. Bobby Orr won the award 8 straight seasons. The winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association.

Bill Masterton Trophy

This trophy is awarded to the player who shows the most perseverance and dedication to hockey. This trophy tends to start a lot of controversy because people like to think it’s the award that goes to the player who was closer to dying. They obviously do not see how terrible it is to award a player for almost dying. But that’s another conversation. It was named after Bill Masterton, a North Stars player who died after he sustained an injury in a hockey game. The trophy has been around since the 60′s. The winner is chosen by the Hockey Writers Association.

Ted Lindsay Award

This is a unique one, and it’s usually paired with the Hart trophy but not always. Basically it’s another MVP award except the big difference is that this award is voted on by the NHLPA, basically the players vote on the MVP. It was called the Lester B Pearson award but in 2010 they renamed it after Red Wings great Ted Lindsay.

 Jack Adams Award

The Jack Adams is another award I don’t like much. It’s awarded to the best coach at the end of the regular season. But it usually ends up being the coach that over-preformed or a coach of a team that over-preformed. For me it’s usually the “wow we didn’t think your team would be this good” award. Usually the team that wins it baffles us so much that it could only be the coach. This though means coaches like Quenneville only won it once,a nd he was with the Blues at the time. Other coaches like Alain Vigneault have never won it after leading his team to the President’s trophy and now rehauling the New York Rangers. instead it goes to guys like John Tortorella, who was being paid not to coach the canucks for a bit. And Dan Bylsma who was fired from the team he won it with because of how poorly the team was preforming. My favorite was Patrick Roy, who won it in 2014 and 2 years later quit because he was doing nothing. Basically, in my opinion, it’s like another Vezina trophy except the goalie gets no credit. The only time it really semed to actually go to the best coach recently was this past winner was Barry Trotz.

Frank J Selke Trophy

I like to call this trophy the Bergy because he’s won it 3 times and has been nominated almost every other year he’s been eligible for it. This award, like most of them, is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association. It goes to the best two-way forward. Basically a high scoring player who is also defensively inclined. Players usually up for this award are like Bergeron, Toews, Kopitar, last year there was also Ryan Kesler ect. Basically the guys who aren’t high scorers but big names anyway on their team. It’s been awarded since about 1977

William M Jennings Trophy

This is another award that is based on stats and is therefore earned differently than the other ones. This trophy goes to the best goalie tandem, or the goalies of the team with the best goal for.  As in if your team lets in the least amount of goals during a season both goalies will receive this award. It’s a little goofy in my opinion because goal differential is a team stat but i like the idea of multiple goalie awards.

King Clancy Memorial Trophy

This award is awarded to the player who exemplifies leadership on and off the ice and has made a humanitarian contribution to their community. This usually goes to players who have some sort of leadership place on their team whether with an A or a C but who also is known for charity and programs for their community. It’s one of the two Charity awards. It is voted on by the Hockey Writers Association.

NHL Foundation Player Award

This award is the other charity award. Basically this award goes to the player who applies the “values of hockey to enrich their community.” The winner of this award gets a 25,000 check donated to a charity of their choice from the NHL.

Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy

Soon their going to change this one to the Alex Ovechkin trophy, just kidding kind of not really. Anyway this one is another one based on stats. the Rocket Richard Trophy is awarded to the highest goal scorer that year. This is just based on goals and not on points total like the Art Ross is. Rocket Richard was the first ever NHL player to hit 50 goals in a single season and he’s an iconic Montreal Canadiens player. The Habs donated this award to the league in 1998 and it was first awarded in 1999 to Teemu Selanne. And I joked a little at the beginning but Ovechkin has a record 6 Rockey Richard trophies

Mark Messier Leadership Award

This is a unique award because the winner for this award is chosen by Mark Messier himself, who also awards it personally to the winner on stage. The winner of the Messier Leadership Award is usually a captain who best shows leadership skills on and off the ice for his team.

The NHL General Manager Award

This one is pretty self explanatory. IT is awarded to the best general manager of the year. It has been awarded since 2010 and has not been given to someone more than once. the winner is chosen by a panel of all the general manages, a few executives and a few media members. 

Also, Two Things:

1. The masterlist fic rec is getting an overhaul (the links don’t work right now) and some new categories so if there’s anything you think should be on the list - in any pairing, I’m mainly a hartwin blog but I am a happy lil shipper and I just like good fic regardless of the pairing - then please message me with a link and specify if its tumblr hosted, AO3, LJ, FF.net ect because I’m introducing category by host platform as well. I know some people don’t like the format of certain sites and it can be frustrating finding a fic you like only to discover the site isn’t accessible to you, in that it doesn’t allow for background changes or font size changes to make it easier to read, or that you just don’t like the UI.

2. The first fic I’m finishing is A Paranormal Awakening because I’m on a spook binge right now since the new series of Ghost Adventures started (don’t judge) but the other fics I have started and are in the queue to be finished are:

The Ghost and Mr Unwin - a retelling of the fabulous 1947 Ghost and Mrs. Muir starring Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney. I might do this next

Five Nights at Harry’s - in which only the title is inspired by Five Nights at Freddie’s and it’s actually just pure hotel au fluff. Harry owns ‘The Big House’ in the village and runs a hotel out of it because he’s got more money than sense, much to the chagrin of his accountant, Merlin.

We’ve also got a buddycop au, a camping au, a paleontology au, a wildlife photographer au……basically a lot of untitled Hartwin au’s. 

So if you’ve got any preferences for any of the above then let me know, and don’t forget to link me any fic recs you’d like to see in the masterlist!

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Forehead Kisses

I should be doing doing hwk but all I can think about is how cute it would be if Eggsy got greeted with forehead kisses each time Harry came home from the office. And cuter still if he had been baby sitting his lil siter~ :’V

Birthdays, First Times, and Letters from Princeton Pt. 2 (Riarkle Future Two Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle

Characters: (Main) Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus, (Supporting) Maya Hart-Hunter

Rating: I’ll back this part down to T with a warning of mentions of sex and swearing ;)

Description: Farkle Minkus gets dumped by the love of his life two days after the first time they’d ever been so close. A month passes and finally, he can’t take it anymore, he needs to know why. Riley owes him why.

Author’s Note: It’s a break-up/make-up fic guys. I’ve already established that in this universe, these two go one to get engaged and have a baby on the way. BTW check out those snapshots, ‘Summer Plans’, ‘Little Drunk, Lotta Careless’, and ‘Just Go To Sleep, Riles’.

Monday rolled around inevitably, like the dread in the pit of Riley’s stomach.

She was at her locker when he found her. She’d pulled her hair into a simple ponytail that trailed down her spine, adorning a white t-shirt, black leggings, and a loose gray jacket. Farkle thought she looked absolutely beautiful until he noticed that her attire was missing something.

Riley wasn’t smiling.

“Hey,” He greeted, uneasily rocking on his conversed feet with his hand shoved into his pockets, “How, um, are you feeling?”

God, what was wrong with him? This is Riley! So, why did it feel like she was miles away when he knew he could just reach out and touch her?

She collected her books and shut her locker, “Better, I guess.”

“That’s,” Farkle rubbed the back of his neck. “Good.”

Riley nodded, leaning her shoulder against the metal of lockers and shifting her books in front of her, almost like a shield.

“So, I know you’re avoiding me,” Farkle stated, matter-of-factly.

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Comic Miranda Hart set to return to TV to front new gardening show with her mum

COMIC Miranda Hart and her mum are to front a gardening show.

Down The Garden Path With Dee Hart Dyke will see the pair help people perfect their patches, and visit celebrity homes.

Miranda, 44, will try to spruce up her own garden, and narrate while Dee travels the UK.

Call the Midwife star Miranda said: “I may not know a thing about how to garden but my mum is amazing.

She fills me with immense joy and laughter as she talks about her passion. The innuendos in gardening never seem to stop.”

The three-part series will air on More4 and is being made by Miranda and friend David Wall­iams’s company King Bert Productions.

sinking like sand in your sea

some people believe in love at first sight. some people say it takes a lifetime. for maya hart it takes five years. // or the stages of falling in love with lucas friar

lucaya oneshot. title from send me the moon by sara bareilles

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Clue references in Poe Party (55/?): When they split up, one member of the final pair is less than pleased with this arrangement

The Lucky Ones Pt. 1 (Riarkle AU Two-Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle (Mainly), Markle (Kinda…?)

Characters: Riley Matthews, Farkle Minkus, Maya Hart, Stuart Minkus, and Jennifer Bassett Minkus

Rating: T with a strong language advisory.

Prompt from lucasfriarfan: Farkle Minkus, the young and newly appointed Head of Minkus International, has just married middle-class, all-American Riley Nebula Matthews and she’s quite the packaged deal… Can free-spirited, kind-hearted Riley play her new role of impeccable, wealthy housewife? Or will she break under the pressure to be perfect?

Author’s Note: Planning for this one to be a two-shot so look out for part 2 of you enjoyed :) Also, trying out a new format for just this two-shot, let me known what you think

*Breaking News Music Plays*

Anchor One: This just in! Newly christened CEO of Minkus International, Farkle Minkus, is what? That’s right, he’s married!

Anchor Two: Minkus was reported to be romantically tied to a civilian reporter for the New York Times over a year ago and it was announced via the Minkus International PR office that over the last weekend, the young bachelor tied the knot this his secretive, long-term girlfriend.

Anchor One: With the marriage announcement, however, came a full public introduction to the new Mrs. Minkus.

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jeromegallagherr-deactivated201  asked:

"I'll protect you!" Prompt for Eggsy!! <3

“I’ll protect you from this foul beast!” Eggsy cries out, slowly falling to the ground in front of Daisy as JB trotted on over to see what was happening. Daisy cheers, princess tiara just barely hanging on to her head, layers of tulle covering the rest of her body. Eggsy grins up at her, cardboard cut and duct taped to his chest to imitate a knight’s armor and a fake foam sword in his hand.

“Are you safe m’lady?” he asks dramatically, before he yelps when JB steps over him. “No! M’lady you must run, he’s gotten past out defenses!”

“Ahhh!” Daisy shrieks, but with glee, as JB slobbers all over her face, knocking over her tiara in the process. 

“Nooooo, I have failed!” Eggsy whisper shouts, before closing his eyes and playing dead. JB slobbers on his face, happily lapping at his owner before Daisy snatches him back up.

“Has the kingdom fallen again?” Harry laughs from the doorway, coming down to the living room from the office, sounds of their play drawing him to them.

“JB!” Daisy answers, holding up the pug towards Harry. “He is my husband.” She cuddles the pug to her chest and puts her tiara on his head. “Prince JB.”

“You’ve lost not just the kingdom, but your sister as well,” Harry sighs, walking over to stand over Eggsy, “what kind of knight are you?”

“Yours,” Eggsy says cheekily, opening one eye and grinning.

“I asked for this,” Harry agrees, sitting down next to Eggsy, “I brought you to Kingsman. What a mistake.” 

“You love me,” Eggsy sings, sitting up so he can lean against Harry. His cardboard armor falls off in the process and JB barks in excitement.

“Lord help me I do.”

Daisy cheers in the background, JB now dressed in a tulle dress of his own, as her brother and Harry kiss.

Send me fluffy prompts and pairings for Post-Election mood lifting!

Birthdays, First Times, and Letters from Princeton Pt. 1 (Riarkle Future Two Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle

Characters: (Main) Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus, (Supporting) Maya Hart-Hunter, Lucas Friar, Zay Babineaux, and Isadora Smackle, (Minor/Mentioned) Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence-Matthews, Stuart Minkus, and Jennifer Bassett-Minkus

Rating: Honestly, I’m gonna go ahead and go M with view discretion advised. It’s not graphic but it’s right the title, folks, this is Riarkle’s first time.

Description: This isn’t how Riley thought they would end. Then again, she never thought that they would.

Author’s Note: Okay, for this being the first sex-ish scene I’ve ever published, I am very proud of it… So, I hope you guys like it or at least understand that I did my best as a blushing, stuttering virgin :D

It was a week until Farkle’s birthday on April 1st and Riley was in a downright panic.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have a gift for him.

She was his girlfriend, of course, she had a gift for him!

She’d gone to Barnes & Nobles weeks ago and purchased both Death by Black Hole and The Pluto Files by Neil deGrasse Tyson. She then proceeded to read both books herself, leaving notes and annotations throughout to lend a little bit of herself, of them, to the copies.

So, no, that wasn’t it.

It was something…else.

It was sex.

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