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Forehead Kisses

I should be doing doing hwk but all I can think about is how cute it would be if Eggsy got greeted with forehead kisses each time Harry came home from the office. And cuter still if he had been baby sitting his lil siter~ :’V

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Italians are white. Like they're a white ethnicity. I, too, am Italian and unless Nico is Sicilian he likely has nothing but white blood. You can be a poc and be from italy, but, being blood Italian just means you're white. Darker skin =/= poc. Olive toned skin just means you have a certain undertone. If you google search olive skin, you get 90% white people.

im aware lol i mean a poc who is italian not “italians are poc”

like im from the mediterranean and im poc (syrian!) so i know about the whole sitch


title: coma
pairings: riley/farkle, lucas/maya
word count: 9685
rated: K+
summary:  There had been an accident on the corner of Halsted and Main. Come, Mr. Matthews had said, come quick. And Farkle came. (riarkle, major angst, coma au)


[GMW blurb 

pairing: Riley x Maya] 

 Senior prom. Riley had been dreaming of prom since she was a little girl. In her mind, it had always been the equivalent to a magnificent ball where she could freely be a princess. She never cared if she actually became prom queen, just the idea of getting to put on a gown and dance the night away made her giddy. In her junior year she had spent the night with her friends, none of them having dates except for Farkle and Izzy, of course.

 But now senior prom was only a week away, and Riley could not be dreading it more. Back in sophomore year her and Lucas decided that it was best that they took a break and tried to get the dynamic they had while they were friends back, which meant she was left dateless. Who else would she go with, really? Lucas and her had always been the fairy tale everyone looked up to, the princess and her prince. And back then she wanted that with all of her heart - now? 

 Now she wasn’t so sure she wanted a prince at all. What she really wanted was a knight in shining armor to come and sweep her off her feet, but she knew it wouldn’t happen. 

 She had gone to Topanga’s on her own for a little while, just to drink some coffee and read a book. It felt weird, being there alone. Even when she wasn’t with all of her friends, there was always Maya. There had always been Maya.

 But Maya had plans with her mom and Shawn, apparently. And so Riley sat in a booth by herself, completely immersed in the beauty that was The Selection by Kiera Cass. She enjoyed it so much purely because of how America refused to be treated as if she was fragile, something which Riley wholeheartedly supported. As much as she wished to be like the strong female protagonists she read about, she knew she never would be. 

 Because she was fragile. She was so fragile, and she had been gluing and taping herself back together for so long as her heart broke over and over again, but she never let anyone see the damage. She never let anyone see how desperately in love she was. Because it was a one sided love, and she could think of no greater tragedy. 

 When the sun was melting into the horizon she realized she should probably get home, not wanting to have walk all alone in the dark, no matter how short a distance it was. She carefully stuffed her book into her bag and left her empty mug on the table. She felt bad leaving it there for one of the waitresses her mom had employed to clean up, but she really should’ve been going.

 As she made the short trek back to her apartment building she let herself fantasize about what it would be like to be at prom with the person she wanted to be with - but not just simply there, there together, as an actual couple.

 Someone had nominated her for prom queen, which had surprised her quite a lot. She probably should’ve seen it coming, with how popular she was with her class. The other girls in the running were Maya and Missy. Riley herself had nominated Maya, wanting her friend to feel appreciated by those around her. God, did Riley appreciate her. 

 The nominees for king were, of course, Zay, Farkle, and Lucas. None of them could care less which one of them won. Meanwhile, Riley campaigned for Maya, Maya campaigned for Riley, and Missy campaigned for herself. Riley remembered how bad she had felt when Izzy hadn’t been nominated, but Izzy had sheepishly smiled when confronted about it and admitted that she nominated Riley. 

 When she made it to her apartment she tried to open the door, only to find it locked. She swear she could hear shuffling inside as she repeatedly jerked the handle, but chose to ignore it as she dug into her bag to get her keys. She fumbled with them for a few seconds before finally getting the door open. 

 To her genuine surprise she opened it to what seemed to be a never ending darkness. The lights had all been turned off and and the curtains were drawn. She squinted to try and see if there was anything or anyone that could’ve been making the shuffling sounds. She was about to reach for the light switch when there was a magical like sounds from near the window, and a string of fairy lights were turned on. Standing in the light stood Ava, dressed as a fairy - wand and all. 

 She waltzed across the room and grabbed Riley’s hand, leading her over to purple Christmas lights that outlined the window. It was a beautiful set up, but it confused her. 

 "Ava, what are you -“

 "Ava?” She was cut off by the little blonde herself, who held his wand up to Riley’s mouth as if she was magically sealing it shut. “I’m not Ava, I’m your fairy godmother!” She declared.

 "And I’m her little helper!“ Auggie jumped out from the shadows, wearing a majestic looking cloak. The pair of them in their get ups looked adorable, and Riley felt a smile spread across her face. But still, she wondered, what is all this for?

 "We have your pumpkin, my dear lady,” Ava presented her with a piece of paper. Riley furrowed her eyebrows as she looked down to read it. It was the hard copy of a limousine rental the night of prom.

 "Also known as your carriage that will take you to the ball,“ Auggie added. By then Riley was catching on. Both hope and dread seemed to lodge themselves into her head as she played along. 

 The young couple school grabbed one of her hands and pulled her over to the kitchen table. Another set of fairy lights were switched on, and she caught sight of her dad hiding behind the counter smiling widely. There seemed to be someone beside him, but it didn’t look like her mother. 

 On the table there lay the gorgeous lavender dress she had ordered a little while ago. She gasped, having forgotten how beautiful it was up close when she tried in on in a different color in the shop.

 "And we’ve got your dress!” Auggie cried, practically bouncing with excitement. Ava placed a hand on his shoulder as a way of telling him to calm down. 

 "Last but not least,“ Ava began, pausing as Riley was pulled towards the doorway that led back to the bedrooms. "We have your prince…" 

 Time seemed to freeze as a thousand thoughts passed through Riley’s head at once. Would it be Lucas, who had once called her a princess? But surely he wouldn’t be making such a big gesture when they had already broken up two years prior. Perhaps, with her luck, it would be Charlie. Or maybe it would be Zay, which would really surprise her. Or it could be any other boy who wanted to be her prince - it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because she knew that no matter what, after they went through all this trouble for her, she’d say yes. She wouldn’t be able to crush the heart of some poor boy simply because she didn’t want a prince. 

 All of these thoughts happened in the mere second before Auggie spoke up again, finishing Ava’s previous statement.


 It took a moment for what he said to register before Riley’s eyes went wide. She felt the hope that she had pushed aside burn inside her chest, filling her lungs until she was ready to scream it out. 

 Another string of fairy lights were turned on. Unlike the other two, these lights were white rather than purple. And underneath them stood an angel holding a piece of art. Maya was smiling at her with tears in her eyes as she held a sign which Riley knew only the blonde could’ve painted that read: ”PROM?“ 

 "What’d ya say, Riles? Go to prom with me?” She asked. Riley felt herself smiling so much it hurt. She gently took the sign out of Maya’s hands and placed it on the ground, not wanting to ruin it. 

 Maya’s face dropped as she thought Riley was declining her offer, about to tell her that she only liked her as a friend. But once the paper was out of harm’s way Riley threw her arms around Maya, enveloping her in a hug. 

 "Yes,“ she whispered in Maya’s ear as she held the girl she loved close to her. "A million, billion times yes." 

 Both girls were crying and the lights were flickered on. When they finally pulled apart Riley saw her dad, mom, Shawn, and Katy step cheering with Auggie and Ava. The smile wouldn’t leave Riley’s face, and she wasn’t sure she had ever felt so happy. 

 This was the fairy tale she had been dreaming of. Her knight in shining armor had come to sweep her away. That’s what Maya was, really - a fierce warrior who would fight to defend Riley in any way. 

 "You went through all of this for me?” Riley choked out, her hands still clasped behind Maya’s neck. The blonde smiled and shook her head as if Riley was silly for even asking the question.

  "Of course I did, honey,“ she laughed. "You’ve always been a princess to me.” Riley couldn’t help herself. She smashed her lips on Maya’s, feeling her skin burn where Maya’s hands rested on her waist. Their lips moved in sync for a few seconds before they pulled away. More cheering ensued and Riley was reminded that they weren’t actually alone. 

 As congratulations on the two of them finally getting together were given, Riley kept smiling at the recurring thought in the back of her mind.

 Maya tasted like peaches.

Ok so who is gonna write me a Mark/Bridget/Harry/Eggsy fic?

Where there has never been any doubts about Mark being the baby’s father, but they were both hesitant to get back together because they know where it lead that first time, they won’t get a child in the middle of this. But they fail to realise that they’ve changed and grown, that Mark is no longer willing to sacrifice his happiness and family for his work, that Bridget is less fearful of being alone and that she can now talk about her fear and ask for what she wants.

And just Eggsy and Bridget meeting by chance somewhere and striking up a conversation and becoming friends. Because sure they might be two strangers with completely different problems from very different world, but everyone needs someone to talk to and they are willing to listen to the other. Because Eggsy is happy that Harry isn’t dead, but he still lost him for a time and he doesn’t know how to deal with the mourning and the joy, with that rollercoaster of emotions.

And just I want Eggsy and Bridget to go on coffee dates (even if Bridget only looks longingly at said coffee and console herself with pastries).

And Harry and Mark have been slowly rekindling their bound since Harry has come back from the dead because Harry is done missing out on life and pushing his loved ones away.

And of course one day, the four of them end up in the same coffee shop and of course it kind of turn into that weird double date… And they keep ending up in the same places and it should be awkward but it’s really not and maybe it’s not so much double dating as just plain dating after a while.

So yeah I just want the four of them to be happy together

Secret Shippers

Fandom: Kingsman

Pairing: HarryxReader 

Setting: The hospital where Harry has just awoken from his coma

Warnings: n/a

Word Count: 875

Your name: submit What is this?

“You know, you really need to be more careful Harry.” You say to him as you finish filling out his chart, double checking all of his vitals. As the head doctor for Kingsman, you’ve seen Harry plenty of times. He’s come in with cuts, bruises, gunshot wounds, even the occasional broken bone, but nothing like this. Harry had come in knocked out, put into a coma from a hand grenade that he was forced to set off. The outcome was uncertain, but seeing him awake certainly gave everyone a breath of relief.

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Fortuitous Love Chapter 2

Fortuitous Love

Commission for Anonymous: Kingsman/Harry Potter Crossover. Pairing: Harry Potter/Harry Hart.

Summary: Harry Hart hated honeypot missions. Seducing someone for information or access was as ungentlemanly as one could get and Harry Hart was a gentleman if nothing else. Luckily, after he had hit 50, no one sends him on these missions anymore, preferring to give them to the younger and prettier recruits such as Eggsy. Expect…their newest mark didn’t exactly play by the rules.

Lord Hadrian Potter was the richest and the most powerful man in England. He was young, good looking and had a wide network of contacts. Among them was a certain Lord Durham, who just happened to be of extreme interest to the Kingsman. Problem was, Lord Durham was a recluse and was known only to attend Lord Potter’s exclusive Summernight Ball.

All in all, the Kingsman’s only hope of ever getting close to Durham was first to get close to Potter and obtain an invitation to the same event. Eggsy would have been sent on this mission if not for Lord Potter’s known preference for older men. Harry wondered if fate was having a big laugh at his expense.

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