a pair a day

The Day Of

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 902

Warnings: Swearing, EXTREME FLUFF

A/N: Here is Week 9, and the seventh installment of the Morning After Series, for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge! I am very sorry that I have not been active recently, this month has been, hectic, to say the least and I haven’t really been feeling like myself. So thank you guys for sticking with me, hopefully I will be able to continue this. Unbeta’d and unedited. This isn’t very good… I’m sorry.


To say you were nervous would be the understatement of the year. Your stomach was twisted into knots, your hands were shaking and you were starting to break into a cold sweat.

“Don’t look so petrified,” Briana said from behind you, making you jump.

You turned around, a hand on your heart, “Jesus Christ, Bri.”

Briana chuckled, “Sorry.”

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The 100 Year Quest (NaLu Day)

Summary: Two months into their 100 year quest, one question had always clogged Lucy’s mind. A question that could only be resolved by one person. Finally having a time left alone with her thoughts, Lucy can’t help but allow her heart to take control of her mind. (Happy NaLu Day!)

Pairing: NaLu (Natsu & Lucy)

Word Count: 3002

A/N: Happy NaLu Day everyone! I wanted to write something special to commemorate the day, hope you enjoy! <3

The orange glow of the sun was just beginning to descend over the hilltops as Team Natsu settled down for the evening. It had been around two months since the team ventured out on their one hundred year quest, and they were enjoying every minute of it. In the mornings, Team Natsu would arise just as the sun did, much to the dismay of Natsu and Happy, and set off just after eating. Along the way they’d most likely find their way to a new town where Erza would stock up on supplies and weapons, Gray, Wendy and Carla went to get food, and Lucy would make sure Natsu and Happy stayed out of trouble. As evening struck, the seven of them would either stay at a local inn, or camp out in a forest.

It had been such a painfully long time since Team Natsu had gone on a proper job. Everything was so manic as the war ended. Months were spent rebuilding the guild hall after almost wrecking it even more during their end of war party. Jobs picked up on the request board, but incredibly slowly since most of Fiore were busy rebuilding towns and houses; no one really had time to work or send work out. Once the guild had been rebuilt, Lucy spent a lot of time working on her novel, something she’d been trying to do for years. Natsu and Happy were… fairly helpful. There were times where Lucy would have gladly thrown a brick at them for intruding during her “in the zone” sessions therefore causing her to lose her focus, but even she couldn’t deny their crazy antics occasionally gave her ideas for the story.

It was around eight months ago that she actually finished her novel and showed it to Jason. Miraculously, he got in touch with a publishing company without Lucy knowing and they offered to get her novel published! Of course she accepted and the whole guild threw a party that night in her honour. That was the one night Lucy had only positive thoughts, and absolutely nothing concerning the war snaked its way into her mind. Even her nightmares had stopped that night.

Around three months later, Lucy received a letter saying she’d been nominated for the Kemzareon Literature Award. It took her a while to explain to Natsu what that meant, but she was absolutely thrilled she’d even been nominated. The award ceremony was in a few weeks, and the letter claimed she could bring guests. So of course the entire guild tagged along on the terms, set by Lucy, that they were to behave. She should have known better. It was a rowdy night, Natsu didn’t even turn up in a suit, Gray and Juvia were stripping, but Lucy won the award! No matter how embarrassed she was, Lucy couldn’t be angry at her guild that night.

So now we arrive back to the present. Team Natsu set out on their hundred year quest the day after the awards ceremony, and had travelled to many new places all around Fiore. Granted, most of those places involved going on a train, but Natsu was far too excited about the quest to let his motion sickness bother him.

Natsu had set up the campfire just as the sun was setting, and the team shared dinner together, laughing about the day’s antics as the sun descended and was replaced with the bright glowing orb of the moon and millions of twinkling stars dancing in the sky. Everyone was sound asleep, ready for the next day to be as good as the last; all except Lucy.

Lucy’s brain was wiring out of control. A million thoughts were spinning through her head each second. The more she thought, the more the cogs in her brain span faster and faster and faster until her head hurt so bad it felt like her brain had been crushed to jelly. She’d been thinking about it ever since they left, but the beginning of the quest was so hectic she hardly had any time alone with just her and her thoughts.

All Lucy could think about, no matter how hard she tried, was the morning they left for the hundred year quest. All she could think about was what Natsu had said to her; “Because we’ll be together forever from now on!”

What did that mean? One would have just assumed that he just meant they’d always be with each other because they’re going on a one hundred year quest. But Lucy wasn’t satisfied with that answer. There was something else. There was something more to the situation that no one but Lucy would be able to understand; because no one knew Natsu like Lucy did. He had been so serious that day, which was very unusual for the dragon slayer, and the way he leaned in, it was almost as if-

“Which one is that?” Lucy’s heart sprang out of her chest at the sound of Natsu’s voice. She clutched her chest, breathing heavily as Natsu took a seat next to her, crossing his legs.

“Don’t do that, Natsu!” Lucy yelled, quiet enough so she wouldn’t wake the others. “Which one is what?” she asked, calming her breathing.

Natsu pointed up to the sky. “Which constellation is that?”

Lucy blinked in surprise. “Since when have you been interested in stars and constellations?”

“Since now.” Natsu answered simply, his arm still dangling in the air as he turned to face her.

The campfire was starting to go out, so Natsu’s features were dimly lit. However Lucy was able to make out his dark onyx eyes as he gave her a questioning look. Lucy followed Natsu’s finger, and she instantly recognised what he was pointing at.

“That’s Canis Major.” Natsu blinked twice, remaining silent as he waited for an explanation. Lucy sighed. “It means the greater dog.”

“Isn’t Plue the dog spirit?” Natsu lowered his arm.

“Plue’s the little dog; Canis Minor.”

Natsu’s eyes grew wide, earning a concerned look from Lucy. “Wait. Are you trying to tell me that there’s a giant Plue in the Celestial World?”

Lucy couldn’t help but let a small laugh escape her lips. “Well, not-”

“Because that is amazing!” Natsu exclaimed, eyes glittering like a child on Christmas morning.

Natsu wasn’t the brightest of the bunch, bless him, but sometimes Lucy didn’t know whether to laugh or be concerned at his dense nature.

In this situation, Lucy decided to humour the dragon slayer and let out a laugh. “Sure, Natsu. There’s a giant Plue somewhere in the Celestial World. If I ever find it’s key I’ll let you know.”

“Awesome.” Natsu said excitedly.

After that, the pair remained silent for a few minutes, just staring up at the stars. A silence was never awkward for Natsu and Lucy, they were too comfortable around each other for it to ever seem awkward, and that’s one of the many things Lucy loved about her friendship with Natsu.

It was a peaceful evening. The sky had been clear during the day, meaning all the stars and constellations were visible, and the moon shone brightly beneath them, not a hint of cloud at risk of making it dimmer. The summer season had passed a while ago, and despite Fiore being known for its warm climate, a small breeze picked up, causing Lucy to emit a shiver.

“You cold?” Natsu immediately noticed.

Lucy shook her head. “Only a little.”

Before Lucy could question it, she glanced over to see Natsu unwinding his famous scaly scarf from around his neck. Instead of just handing her the scarf though, Natsu took the liberty of wrapping it around Lucy’s neck, though doing a fairly poor job of it and ended up covering half her face.

“What’re you-”

“You’re shivering, Lucy.” Natsu pointed out. “That should warm you up.”

“T-Thank you.” Lucy held the scarf between both her hands, pulling it down so her mouth was visible.

Lucy took in a breath, inhaling the scent of Natsu’s scarf. Of course it smelt just like him; it smelt warm, and that alone made Lucy feel content. Natsu’s warmth was always a reassurance to Lucy, and it was almost like a symbol to show he’d always be there to metaphorically or physcially “warm her up”. It was a comforting feeling, and therefore a comforting scent to inhale.

As she exhaled, Lucy pondered aloud. “How come you’re up this late?” she turned to face Natsu, still holding his scarf.

“I could ask you the same question.” Natsu retorted.

Lucy puffed her cheeks out. “I couldn’t sleep, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“I’ve just got loads of stuff whirling around in my head.”

Natsu pivoted so he was facing Lucy more. “What kind of stuff?”

“Jeez, all these questions,” Lucy sighed and hesitated before continuing. “I-I was thinking back to the day we started this quest. I was thinking about when you were at my apartment before we left.”

The fire was growing dimmer by the minute, so by the time Lucy turned her head to face Natsu, she could hardly recognise any of his features, although she could have sworn she saw a bead of sweat running down his face. Lucy could hardly believe she was even bringing up the topic with Natsu. It happened two months ago, and she thought she was over it and would just let it be. She couldn’t tell whether it was her head or her heart arguing against her. Was it a smart decision to bring this up? How would Natsu react? The deafening silence was her only answer, so Lucy decided to continue.

“I still can’t believe I got so emotional about going on a job,” Lucy laughed slightly, trying to humour the situation. “But I meant every word of what I said, y'know.” Lucy’s voice was shaky towards the end. “I am truly grateful for everything you and Happy have done for me.”

“We didn’t do that much…” Natsu finally spoke, though he sounded unsure of his own claims.

“Are you kidding?” Lucy was stunned. “I would never have lived the life I’d only dreamed of if I never met you guys.”

Natsu wasn’t too sure how to respond. The idea of Lucy potentially getting emotional like she did that morning did not please the dragon slayer. He hated seeing Lucy upset, especially considering he had no idea how to comfort and be there for her when she needed him. Natsu had been worried enough the day they left. With Lucy crying and hugging him, all he could think of was to take her on the mission. Well, he almost made a completely different decision.

“You really don’t need to thank me, Lucy.” Natsu said. “You told me all this two months ago.”

“I know. But it’s all been winding around in my head again and…”


Lucy hesitated. She’d been wanting to ask Natsu the same question for two months, but there was never a good time. The rest of the team were always within ear shot, so the two could never really have a private moment that lasted longer than a few minutes. But now, with everyone asleep and Natsu and Lucy being alone for the first time in two months… Lucy knew she had to ask or she’d never get the chance again, but it scared her. She was scared for an answer, and was scared she wouldn’t be satisfied. Neither Natsu nor Lucy were good at dealing with confrontation, so would Natsu deliver a sincere answer or try to pass it off as nothing like he did two months ago?

“What did you mean when you told me we’d be "together forever”?“ Lucy finally asked, trying her hardest to keep eye contact.

Natsu waited a moment before answering. "I said we’d always be together because we’re on this hundred year mission, Luce. It’d be pretty tough not to be together when we’re on the same team.”

Lucy had feared that exact answer. “Oh. I-”

“And,” Natsu continued, surprising the celestial wizard. “Even after this mission I want us to stay together. You’re my best friend, Lucy. Why would I want anything else?”

Lucy’s cheeks tinted pink at Natsu’s words. He sounded so sincere. She’d heard nothing so serious from him since that morning and it completely threw Lucy off guard. So much so that she’d barely realised what she said until it had all escaped her lips.

“I want us to stay together too.”

Realising what she had said, Lucy span her head away, tucking her face away into Natsu’s scarf to hide her blushing features.

“What’re you hiding your face for?” Natsu pondered, leaning over.

“You’re embarrassing me.”

“How? We’re the only two people here, Lucy.”

“It’s what you’re saying! Everything you say is sending memories back to two months ago in my apartment. From saying we’d always be together, and then leaning in and me thinking that-”

Lucy froze, mentally cursing herself for conjuring those words. Knowing the damage had already been done, whether her dense friend realised it or not, Lucy continued speaking, though her voice was muffled ever so slightly.

“…And me thinking that you were going to kiss me.” Lucy buried herself further into the scarf, her face heating up.

Natsu blinked, parting his lips slightly in surprise. Lucy’s words were so sudden and full of emotion, once again the dragon slayer was left sitting in shock, not knowing how to handle his best friend.

“You thought I was going to kiss you?” Were the only words Natsu could speak.

Lucy inhaled a deep breath before nodding slowly, refusing to meet Natsu’s gaze.

“Did you want me to kiss you?” Natsu asked, even surprising himself. His eyes grew wider, pursing his lips shut before he asked anymore uncontrollable questions.

Lucy’s eyes grew wide, although Natsu couldn’t see her face properly. She debated what to answer with for a moment; she had to say something. She couldn’t simply just leave him waiting, but what would he do and how would he react if she gave him a truthful answer? No matter what answer she gave Lucy could never predict the outcome.

Ultimately, Lucy swallowed her fear and nodded her head slowly.

Now it was Natsu’s turn to be shocked. His eyes grew even wider as he sucked in a breath. He’d expected an answer from Lucy, of course, but hadn’t actually considered how he would react to said answer. Lucy had wanted Natsu to kiss her. Natsu tried to allow that to process for a moment. For the first time in a long time, Natsu blushed.

“I would have.” Natsu spoke, his mouth growing dry.

Lucy looked up unintentionally, her red face and wide eyes now visible.

“I would have kissed you.” Natsu repeated.

Brown eyes gazed into onyx intensely. Lucy was too stunned at Natsu’s words to look away, and Natsu was searching for some sort of reaction, whether it be good or bad, from Lucy. It soon came to Lucy’s attention that there was nothing she could do to make the situation worse, so took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, breaking eye contact for a moment.

“So why didn’t you? Why didn’t you kiss me?” she spoke in a soft voice, nothing that made the situation sound like an interrogation.

“I didn’t want you to feel like you were being pressurised into anything.” Natsu’s eyes never left Lucy’s. “You were so emotional that day, and the last thing I wanted was for you to get more upset because of me. Truth be told, I really like you, Lucy, and back at your apartment, I knew that I liked you. I thought I could finally let you know how I felt, but I still wasn’t certain as to whether you returned those feelings. I was going to kiss you, but I didn’t want to upset or confuse you more than you already were. Your feelings were all haywire, and letting you know how I felt would have only made you feel worse.”

Lucy sat in silence, her lips parted as she refused to leave Natsu’s gaze. This was all she had wanted for two months, but now she’d received the closure she so desperately desired, she’d never taken the time to consider how to actually take it all in. Natsu had just confessed he liked her.

“You like me?” Lucy barely whispered.

Natsu nodded. “And whether we’re friends or more than friends, I want to be with you forever, Lucy.”

Lucy’s heart ached at Natsu’s words. Never had she heard something so beautiful yet so simple come from Natsu’s lips. She’d come to realise a long time ago that her young fantasies that a knight in shining armour would come to her rescue was delusional, but Lucy hadn’t even noticed that her knight in shining armour had been standing in front of her all these years, even if he didn’t really portray the image of a heroic knight.

The celestial wizard’s blush had faded slightly, but her cheeks still tinted a subtle pink as her lips curved upwards into a small smile. Lucy shuffled closer to Natsu, pulling his scarf back down to her neck as her head fell gently onto his shoulder.

“I want to stay with you forever, too.” Lucy whispered, staring into the distance.

Natsu looked down at Lucy, smiling to himself contently as his head rested on top of hers. Without realising, Lucy’s hand had rested on top of Natsu’s when she shuffled over, and Natsu took the liberty to clasp Lucy’s hand in his own, intertwining their fingers together.


“Wonder what they were doin’ last night.” Gray stood to the side of Natsu and Lucy, who were fast asleep on the grass. Their hands were still entangled together, and Natsu’s scarf still resided around Lucy’s neck, covering her mouth.

“Whatever it was,” Erza smiled, “they’ll have quite a story to tell us later, I’m sure.” she nodded towards their entwined hands.

for @fyeahmyths summer myth event, day 10: african pairing

Baal Hammon and Tanit, revered by the people of Carthage and with roots in Phoenician mythology, they are the chief deities of the Berber people of North Africa. Tanit is a moon goddess and her consort, Baal Hammon, a weather god, is also responsible for the fertility of vegetation.

“I swam, the sea was boundless, I saw no shore./Tanit was merciless, my prayers were answered./O you who drown in love, remember me.” Margaret Atwood, from “The Blind Assassin”

The Night Ahead (Part 7)

summary: bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.

pairing: bucky x reader (sort of?? it’s complicated)

series contains: angsty angst, sadness, bucky reliving memories as the Winter Soldier, violence, people die a lot, bucky trying to cope, really awful translations of German, Russian, and Romanian (thanks to google translate i apologize in advance)

a/n: so sorry you all had to wait so long for the next part. work has been kicking my butt lately, and this part is a little longer than the others. once again, big thanks to @dreamtravelerme for german translations in this part!!  MASTER LIST

Originally posted by marvelandassociates


“ Ist das Haus bereits geräumt? (Is the house cleared yet)?” Parker demanded.

I frowned at the annoying cackle in my ear. Even though his words were barely above a whisper in my ear, it felt way too loud in the quiet house. Darkness cloaked the home like a blanket, even heavier shadows seemed to lurk in the corners. Like they were lying in wait with the silence. Even the white curtains hanging from the open window above the kitchen sink were still.

I grabbed the walkie-talkie from my belt, holding it next to my mouth as I pressed the button. “Ich hab dir gesagt, dass ich daran arbeite. Zieh jeden raus und ich werde dich in ein paar Minuten treffen. (I told you I’m on it. Pull everyone out and I will meet up in a few minutes).” I didn’t bother to hide my annoyance. We were beyond the stage of pretending to be civil to one another.

I stood with my back against the wall just outside the kitchen, which led to the sizable living room. The refrigerator hummed quietly behind me. I leaned over a little bit, glancing behind me. “Du musst dich beeilen. (You need to hurry).”

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Bring Your Dad To School Day

Requested by @yourtropegirlWhat about Tony doing a parents day at his kids school where he goes and talks about his job?

Title : Bring your dad to school day

Pairing : Reader x Tony ; Daughter x Dad Tony

POV : Third person

Word Count : 775

Originally posted by spaceemonkeyyxd

Anthony Dinozzo Jr was a man who prided himself of many things : the fact that he was great at his job, his looks, his innate ability to have a movie quote for every single situation. 

He also like to think he was cool, regardless of his age.He loved showing it off, especially in front of his daughter every way he could. Telling her stories of chasing down bad guys, picking her up in the ‘fancy’ car as Y/n called it and making sure he was the favorite parent, no matter what the consequences.

Which is why after 35 turns of rock paper scissors and a detailed debate, he was sat in a small plastic chair with 5 other parents at the back of his daughter’s class. 

He smugly looked around the room : firefighters, librarians, accountants. 

Ha, he was winning this bring your parents to work day for sure.

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Imagine | Jungkook

saying ‘ILY’ for the first time to you

pairing: Jungkook x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 417

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

A perfect day to hang out in the park, you think to yourself as you feel the sun warming your skin. The birds around you are singing the most beautiful melodies and you can’t help but tilt your head up to the top of the trees wanting to see what kind of birds can sing so beautifully. You squint your eyes as the brightness of the sun stings them but you keep on staring nevertheless as you feel the nice warmth on your face. You think you could stand like this forever taking in the beauty of the nature but you hear your boyfriend’s voice and the sound of his heavy boots on the grass from behind you snapping back you to the reality.

‘What are you looking at?’ He has that bright smile on his face, one of the many many things that made you fall for him.

‘Just trees, and the sun’ You say.

Jungkook chuckles and puts his huge bag on the ground.

‘Is it that interesting?’ He asks and looks up to the sky holding his hand to his forehead.

You lean a little bit and reach to grasp the edge of his plain white T-shirt and make him step closer to you.

‘Here’ You gesture up to the sun.

He is finally able to see what you’re seeing – how the leaves of trees are being moved by the wind and how the rays of sunshine are peeking through them, ‘Oh yeah, this looks kinda nice.’

He enjoys the view but he doesn’t stand like this for long, though. He steps behind you and you’re not sure what he is going to do until you feel his arms wrap around your waist. Now you can feel not only the warmth of the sunshine but also the warmth of his body.

'You look more beautiful than that, though’ He says and you are sure he has a smirk on his face.

You roll your eyes, 'That’s so cheesy, Jungkook.’

He giggles, 'I know, but it’s true!’ He says cheerfully.

He leans closer to your shoulder and softly kisses your bare skin. His touch is electrifying and you lift your hands just enough to meet his forearms. He rests his chin on your shoulder and you’re about to say something about how you’re glad that he’s finally able to spend some time with you but before you can do that his grip tightens around you, he parts his lips and says lowly, 'I love you’.



You must believe in something, something, something
You gotta believe in something, something, something


Skam Month: Week Two, Day Three, Favorite Pairing

Yousana - Sana Bakkoush & Yousef Acar