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Grimoire Prompt Five - Research Correspondences You Don’t Already Know

Finally back with another grimoire prompt!
Sorry for the delay, the last couple of weeks have been pretty bad. First I got really ill, and then my wife got REALLY ill and ended up in hospital on Thursday with kidney sepsis, pyelonephritis and bilateral pneumonia. She came home today finally, so it’s been a bit of a journey. 

This entry is about correspondences! I’ve seen many grimoires with very pretty pages filled with correspondences. I don’t have that in mine, but that’s because I have been around for a while and I know the ones I use by heart. However, I decided to find an area I didn’t know so much about, and make a correspondence entry.

I settled on the planets (and the sun!)! It was a lot of fun to make this one. The last three planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are a bit difficult to find correspondences for in the classical sources because they didn’t actually know about those planets back then! 

So that is the ‘assignment’ for this prompt. Pick a correspondence theme that you know little about, some ideas are herbs, crystals, planets, colours… and write down what can be connected to each thing. 

The whole idea is to learn something new so don’t cheat! Pick something that is new to you ;) I decided to make mine on an expandable page for double the fun!

I’d love to see your results, so please share! Post the results, and show me how it goes! I’ll track the tag ‘scandi-priestess’ to keep an eye out!

Grimoire Challenge - Prompt Two: Illustrate the Wheel of the Year

Last week I was making an entry in my Grimoire about working with a Tarot card, and challenged you all to do the same. I’m by no means done with that work, I still have a lot to learn from the Empress, but this week is a different challenge!

Being a Wiccan, my year follows the eight sabbats as well as the esbats, and I wanted to make an entry with the Wheel of the Year in my book. This is how it turned out! I have used associations that are relevant to me to depict it. If you feel like doing this challenge, feel free to borrow, or use the ones that ring true for you! There are no right or wrong ways, it’s just about illustrating your year.

It forces you to think about what the sabbats mean to you. 

For me this was also an act of worship, to create some Wiccan art for myself, and I enjoyed it so much! 

So, if you decide to jump on the Grimoire train, I’d love to see your results! 

Post the results, and show me how it goes! I’ll track the tag ‘scandi-priestess’ to keep an eye out!