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Am I the only person getting kinda worried about how adverse these paedos/paedo apologists seem to be where the word "no" is concerned?

You’re not the only one that’s concerned!

A Summary of the BNHA Fandom

(from what I’ve seen so far)

  • Loads of fan art which led to…
  • A gazillion rp ask blogs with tonnes of different art styles
  • All of them are great
  • Confusing ship names
  • Angsty fanfiction usually involving Bakugou
  • Kaminari is a cinnamon roll memelord vs Kaminari is a genius evil traitor
  • Brotps galore
  • Pokemon Go comparisons
  • All Might is everyone’s dad
  • Young versions of the teachers which are the best things ever
  • Dekumight :////////

“Don’t worry about it Cody. The numbers are in your favour. It’ll happen. Have faith in the Australian public to come together and do the right thing.”

One night I was walking home alone in the dark. I hear someone yell “Where the fuck are you going dressed like a faggot?”. There’s four of them. I run, legitimately afraid for my life.

They get a vote.

My first girlfriend was firmly in the closet. I helped her come out to her parents. They bullied her into moving to Sydney to break us up. Last I heard from her she’d been hospitalised after trying to kill herself. I’ve never been able to reconnect with her. I don’t know if she got better after that.

Her parents get a vote.

I’m sitting in a year 12 ethics class. I’m being told that Catholics don’t really hate gay people, it’s just that homosexuality is a sin, and those feelings need to be repressed. By the way my skin is crawling, I know what’s being said is wrong. But I didn’t know how to challenge it.

That teacher gets a vote.

My uncle thought the queer community of Newcastle were trying to turn him gay because he was seen taking his nephew to the movies.

He gets a vote.

I’m sitting on a bus that happens to be going past Parliament House after a anti-SSM rally. A sunburned woman sits down next to me. She’s holding a sign that says “God made men and women for a reason”. I bring up intersex with her and she dismisses “those people” as being “abortions of Satan” sent to confuse “good Christians”.

She gets a vote.

I’m standing up for Safe Schools at a rally, some guy walking past yells at us for protecting paedos and how we’re all scum.

He gets a vote.

I’m hanging around civic interchange, two Mormons walk up to me. Jokingly I tell them “I’m not interested, I’m gay”. I’m subjected to twenty minutes of hostility and postulating as to whether or not I truly deserve happiness. It’s surreal, almost funny, but I notice myself shaking with anger as I walk away.

Both of them get votes.

At the pool I get mistaken for a man in the women’s change room, called a tranny, a pervert, a sick fuck. Right in front of her own children I might add. Setting a great example.

Her children won’t get a vote at least, but she will.

Guy in my class has been unsubtly signalling his interest in me for a while. Presses the point until I just tell him I’m gay to get him off my back. He tells me lesbians don’t really exist, they just haven’t been fucked properly.

He gets a vote.

On the plus side, the guy who told me I should have been shot dead in that faggot club when I was reaching out to people upset by the Orlando Shooting probably won’t get a vote. I don’t believe they were Australian.

But that guy asking me what marriage equality is will get a vote.

On twitter I’m subscribed to dozens of news feeds, political groups, political figures, queer community leaders, and friends invested in the debate. At any given time of the day I can find a tweet about the plebiscite, click it, and find all manner of vile hatred being thrown back in response. I just did it right now.

“#plebiscite? What a joke! This #faggot shit is #CulturalAppropriation of the #Jew! Wake the fuck up!”

I have no idea how many people like Mr Schutz3 here will get to vote in the plebiscite, but you can assume it’s some of them.

My elected representatives are planning to give 7.5 million dollars to a whole bunch of people seeking to compel a frustrated and apathetic populace to vote against my rights. Worse than that Lyle Shelton (who gets a vote) has already outlined plans to use that money to go after safe schools and scaremongering about rainbow families. For the next five months, I can only guess what I might come across, in the street, on TV, in newspapers, let alone online. I can’t imagine it’ll be escapable.

Every single person attached to that campaign will get to vote, as well as every person influenced by it.

But don’t worry about it Cody.

—  Cody from Facebook, leaving off their last name because even on Tumblr they could get hate for a post like this, and that pisses me the fuck off.

if Michelle’s art style hadn’t of improved into something more semi realistic, no one would have enlarged their eyeballs in shock at this update. no one had an issue with Ava getting impaled and bleeding out, and no one had an issue with Wrathia being butt fuck naked in her ghostly form, but Jesus wept, now the art style has upgraded from the soft cartoonish style that it started off as, if you see one hint of a nipple the fans will scream bloody paedo.

The Teen Feeder - Cole's Feeding

This is the story of Cole Simeon and how he became a fat Boy with a large belly from a sporty teenager in only one night thanks to the ‘Teen Feeder’…

Cole was a very athletic seventeen year old. At school he was the captain of the soccer team and the gymnastics team. He was very popular with the girls and was going out with Chloe on the girls soccer team. Cole likes to mess around at school and is quite frequently in trouble.

“Hey Chloe. Sorry I can’t make it round tonight, I have to stay at my uncles house to make sure the burglars don’t return.” Said Cole on the phone to his girlfriend.
“Promise you will come see me tomorrow? I have a little surprise!” Giggled Chloe.
“Sure thing! See you soon. Love yah!” Cole put his phone in his pocket and walked into the hall to find his uncle putting on his coat.
“Now Cole, if you see these thieves, then make sure you phone the police. Don’t let them take anything” Said his Uncle as he fastened his coat.
“Yes Uncle Gil. You’ve already told me this five times!” Laughed Cole.
“I’m just making sure you will remember” Gil picked up his car keys and pointed them at Cole “if I come home to find the house clean I will pay yah £250.”
“Really? Thanks Gil!”
“Anyway, gotta go. This business trip is pretty important! I’ll be back tomorrow night!” Said Gil as he walked out the door. As the door shut, Cole jumped into the kitchen and started cleaning up.


Cole walked into the living room and sat down. He picked up his phone and tried to phone Chloe. After four attempts of Chloe not picking up, Cole left a message.
“Hey Chloe, it’s me. I just wanted to let you know that if we have time tomorrow, do you want to go swimming? Phone me back soon. Love yah” Cole put his phone down and stood up to go to the toilet. Suddenly a rustle came from outside. ‘The thieves’ thought Cole as he grabbed his phone. Cole dimmed the lights and unlocked his phone. The phone displayed a empty battery.
“For fuck sake” whispered Cole as he thew his out of charge phone onto the sofa. Cole tiptoed his way to the front door and owned it quietly. He poked his head out and looked in the direction of the noise. Nothing. Cole took a step outside and looked around. He walked into the bushes and searched. Cole noticed a black notebook. He picked it up and flicked through. Suddenly, Cole fell to the floor. He was knocked out.


Cole gasped awake. He couldn’t see a thing. He was laying down. He tried to stand, but felt that he was tied to a bed by his hands and feet. Cole was tied up on the bed in just his underwear. Coles slim figure was on show, along with his muscley arms.
“Calm down” came a voice next to Cole.
“What do you want! Wait a minute, you are the little shit that has been stealing from my uncle, aren’t you!” Screeched Cole, trying to get out of his restraints.
“Stealing? No, that’s not me. I just want you Cole” replied the man.
“What me? Why me? This is a trick isn’t it? It’s you Billy isn’t it!” Laughed Cole.
“I only want to do something to you” said the man.
“What?! Please! Am I naked? Shit. Please don’t say you’re a paedo!” Paniced Cole.
“No I’m not a paedo and youve got underwear on. This is what I’m going to do.” Suddenly the man pushed a large muffin into Coles mouth. Cole shrieked as he tried hrs not to swallow, but the man was holding his nose which made Cole eat it.
“Stop! Why are you feeding me!” Screamed Cole.
“Oh don’t worry about that. Just relax” said the man as he placed another muffin in Coles mouth. Cole moaned as he tried desperately to free himself.


“Stop. Feeding. Me.” Moaned Cole as the man shoved a large slice of chocolate cake into his mouth.
“As I said before, it’s to late now.” Said the man. Cole swallowed the cake and moaned.
“So. Stuffed.” Moaned Cole.
“I’m not surprised fatty” said the man. Cole had gotten fat. Where Coles once skinny stomach was was now a large soft belly. Moobs were resting against each other which resembled a pair of female breasts. His thighs were now meaty and huge. Coles underwear was tight and has nearly completely ripped. Coles butt poked out as Cole was lying on his side. Large love handles appeared from nowhere.
“You fat pig” laughed the man as he rubbed Coles soft belly. He squeezed the belly and Cole moaned.
“Please. Don’t. Too stuffed.” Moaned Cole.
“Don’t worry. I’m done now.” The man smacked Coles large butt, which made the underwear rip, releasing Coles fat butt and his privates.
“Oops. I’ll leave you for your uncle to find” smiled the man as he pushed a drugged cloth onto Coles face. Cole fell asleep.


“Hi Cole I’m home.” Smiled Gil as he unlocked the door. He threw his keys into the bowl and walked into the living room.
“Cole? Are you upstairs?” Shouted Gil.
“Uncle Gil! Help me! I’m upstairs! You’re bed! Help!” Screeched Cole. Gil ran up the stairs and went into his bedroom. There he found a fat naked Cole tied up.
“Cole! What the fuck is going on!” Screamed Gil as he tried to untie Cole from the bed.
“This man tied me up and kept feeding me! Am I fat?!”
“See for yourself” said Gil as he pulled off the blindfold from Cole. Cole looked down at himself. He found a large belly, a pair of soft moobs and large thighs.
“Why would that man do this!” Screamed Cole as he cried into his Uncles shoulder.
“Whoever did this to you Cole is going to pay…”

New Rule

If you don’t care about the erasure of Asian/Asian American history, the erasure of Asians in even Western remakes of originally Asian media, the fetishisation of female/queer Asians (any really, but especially these groups), the whitesplaining that goes into gaslighting us into believing we have never had a voice and have no right to one now, which serves to empower the complete fabrication of the obidient and silent model minority that is intended to separate us from other people of colour since we were once very solid.

If you don’t fight/propogate damaging and dehumanising myths about Asia that often serve to perpetuate white supremacy (13 as consent in Japan so white paedos get a pass to fetishise and molest Asian children, Japan has never seen a fork because western cutlery is superior and is the mark of not being a heathen [hint: we have fucking Denny’s] and of note, I couldn’t even fight these with sarcasm since you refuse to let them go. Confirmation biased away my sarcasm)

If you defend that imperialism is ok if white ruled nations do it and mentioning Japan’s relatively flash in the pan imperial phase to say Japan was worse [hint: the brutality, death, rape actions were all the same. The atrocities committed were the same. The evil is the same. Difference is only in time and England and France alone had many centuries) just to shut down callouts of white imperialism.

If you refuse to acknowledge the horrific spike in sinophobic violence since SCROTUS aimed at anyone “looking Chinese” and that the West is programmed to think all E/SE Asia the same,

If you whitesplain away erasure with “some random guy who’s never left Nara in his life and speaks only Japanese said he had no problem with this massive epidemic he has no way of understanding and since all of you are a hive mind and not human, this means you have no right to feelings.”

If you participate in or engender any of these

You have no right to any Asian works of art (K-pop, anime).

You either care about us or you fuck off.

There’s me and many others you could follow and reblog our voices, our corrections on these. And stand with us if you have a fucking decent bone in your body.

If you can’t be bothered with standing with us against all of this dehumanisation, then you really have no right to derive entertainment from us. (And yes, I count as issei so I see myself as Japanese and Japanese American).

  • Jason: You forget what I said yesterday?
  • Aaron: Did I see you yesterday? (louder) Stop begging me to kiss you.
  • Jason: You won't be kissing anyone if I cut your lips off, will ya? How will you and your boyfriend get on then?
  • Aaron: Oh, I don't know, I suppose we'll just have to have sex.
  • Jason: What do you think of it in here, then?
  • Aaron: Reminds me of your mum's house, stinks and it's full of fellas.
  • Jason: (laughs) Well, it's funny you should say that, cos this was your dad's charming little residence. Oh, you got nothing clever to say to that? Mm? Yeah, your pansy old man died in here. How about we make it a family tradition, boys, eh? (grabs Aaron and pushes him on the bed) This was where he slept. This bed right here. This was where he laid at night thinking about you. Remembering all the things you and got up to, I bet. Did you cry for him to stop? Mm? Or did you secretly want him to carry on? And then he climbed up on his bed and, then, right here, he was. (Pulls him up, makes him look up) Exactly where you're kneeling now. Are you praying, Livesy?
  • Aaron: That's not my name.
  • Jason: Ah, you can change it to what you like. It'll never change who you are. (lets him go) I reckon the last thought that went through his head, your dad, was 'It was worth it', cos he ruined you. (grabs him, pushes him down) Paedo Gordon would have benn proud of you. Look at the state of him. He's pathetic. You lads wait outside. I'll be out in a minute. (pulls him up again) I'm not gonna kill you. You're already dead.
In defence of SonTails

I was going to try to post some other stuff on my new blog before I got into this, but recent asshattery towards SonTails shippers - people actively posting their hate to the tag and including SonTails artists/writers in their mentions, verbally attacking them and accusing them of being paedophiles - prompted me to make this post now.

So, here we go.

First up, it is absolutely not cool to accuse people of being paedophiles (and trying to get them reported/run them off Tumblr) simply because you don’t like a fictional pairing that they like. It’s a bottom-of-the-barrel low move, and it belittles the awfulness of actual child sex abuse. Go make an actual difference in the world instead of creating strawmen on Tumblr to stroke your morality boner.

With that out of the way, and even though no one should have to justify their love of a fictional/game character pairing to strangers who are seeking THEM out to harass them, I’m going to put forward some points about the characters in question and my stance on why there is nothing ‘morally’ wrong with shipping Sonic and Tails together.

- SEGA doesn’t consider Tails too young/immature to have romantic interests. In fact, he might even be the ‘main character’ with the most canonical romantic interests throughout the entire franchise. Without looking anything up, here are just a few characters that Tails has either crushed on or shown to have a potential love interest with: Fiona bot/Fiona Fox (Archie), Mina Mongoose (Archie), Cosmo the Seedrian (Sonic X), Zooey (Sonic Boom). In almost every spin-off canon, he’s depicted as being old enough/mature enough to have romantic interests. In most of those canons, none of his friends seem weird about it or give him shit about it, either.

- Tails is not literally an analogue for an equivalent 8-year-old human child. For fuck’s sake. Have you met an actual 8-year-old? No one bats an eyelid about him flying a plane, building complex/dangerous technology, messing with Chaos energy, living by himself in his own house, or risking his life on a daily basis. But depict him holding hands/kissing someone and everyone loses their fucking minds. HAVING SAID THAT, it’s obviously not okay to keep him at 8 years old in a physical relationship, which is why pretty much all (certainly every one I’ve known) SonTails shippers choose to age him up. Nothing much changes with his personality in doing that, because he was never anything like an 8-year-old anyway, but the idea that people like this ship because they see him as a literal 8-year-old and want him to be like a child is such a strawman.

- Speaking of which, aging up in order to pair characters off romantically has happened in at least one canon! In Mobius: 25 Years Later, Tails had married Mina and had two kids, implying they must have… gasp… had sex. But the Archie writers are totally paedos for imagining that someone who was once a kid might one day have a romantic partner… right??

- The outrage is so disproportional to the content on the tags. Most SonTails fanworks are just pure fluff. Honestly, a lot of the stuff tagged as SonTails is literally stuff that happens in the games/shows/comics anyway. Hand-holding, hugs, watching the sunset together, smiling at each other, head fur ruffles, sleeping side-by-side… all of those things have happened in one official canon or another. If you’re offended by pictures/stories where Sonic and Tails are being ridiculous and fluffy with each other, then you probably should avoid all media with them in, too. Fluff stuff gets as much hate as hardcore stuff just because of the implication of it being romantic, which is really sad. Shippers and non-shippers alike should be able to enjoy pictures of Sonic and Tails being cute together, but instead it divides them, and that’s too bad.

- The idea of two people who are such close friends and eventually fall in love is really sweet and relatable. It’s not creepy, and it can be really comforting. I have always been a sucker for best-friends-become-lovers romantic arcs. That is what drew me to the ship. And in most Sonic canons, Sonic and Tails are undeniably the best of friends. They are extremely close. Does that mean they have to be a romantic item? Of course not. No one is forcing anyone to take it to that end. It’s not canon. But for young people still figuring themselves out, it’s just such a warm fuzzy fluffy ship to identify with. Having someone like that in your life - a best friend, someone you feel safe with, who you can tease and rile up but also trust with your life, who knows you better than anyone else, and you just have so much fun hanging out with them - relationship GOALS, man.

- Nonsensical/unrealistic canon ages aside, age gaps really aren’t a big deal as you get older. Seriously. 7 years between two people is not a generational chasm, especially once you’re an adult. (Worth also noting that Tails has been 11, 12 and even 40-something, canonically! I’m sure that people who see it as a paedophilic ship would still see it that way, even with Tails the same canon age as Amy - which is interesting). The younger person in a couple doesn’t remain a perpetual child just because they are younger. That’s some patronizing shit right there.

- Finally, and most importantly, shipping Sonic and Tails together doesn’t hurt anyone. No one has to justify loving two characters and thinking that they work well together romantically and have the potential to fall in love as they grow older. If your mind goes to paedophilia when you see SonTails fanworks, even when the artist/writer has made it clear that there are no minors involved, that’s all you, friend. You’re the one thinking of it that way, not the artist/writer.

Btw, you are not hurting paedophiles when you attack artists/writers. I hate to pull out this card, but two can play the victimized game… You’re hurting young LGBT people who relate to/with the characters, depressed/anxious people who draw comfort from the thought of a best friends ship, people struggling to make a living on their art, and just Sonic fans in general - we are a divided enough community already without this hateful slanderous behaviour.

If you’re thinking of potentially trying to ruin someone’s life by labelling them a paedophile for liking SonTails, you need to take a good long look at your life choices. Think about what’s actually important in the fight against child abuse/exploitation. Volunteer at a crisis helpline, donate to a shelter, demand laws that prevent child trafficking and abusive ‘troubled teen’ therapies. Your energies are far more productive elsewhere.

And to everyone posting awesome SonTails art, fic and headcanons/rambles… please don’t stop. The SonTails tag needs more love. I love it all so much, and I’ve got your back :) Sorry for TL;DRing in this tag.

Gurgles, you can’t say you’re not a paedo when you openly admitted to being one on Blaire’s stream. You said you’re attracted to underdeveloped people as long as they’re mature and that the only reason you don’t date kids is because kids are dumb. You are a paedophile. Stop deflecting so your fans won’t run in fear because they’ll soon grow up and see what you are.

In the photo world, Instagram now beats Tumblr by miles and miles.

I have already written about this in the Facebook version of YWAmag, but I have to come back on just one or two aspects of the topic. Instagram is way ahead of Tumblr for photographers. I don’t think it’s good, for several reasons, one : democracy (not having IPhone prevents people from posting…, two : archive (don’t exist…if you want to see “old” posts, you have to scroll like a beast, with big loading problems…).
Someone who posts on Instagram now automatically has between 10 and 1 000 times more success than here.
Porn makes art photographers go away from Tumblr, last example, Kiyoshi Yamagushi.
The situation of Tumblr in the art photo world is not good, at all. What is the position of the Tumblr authorities ? Do they want to be a multi platform with whatever bullshit as long as they know that plenty of people are here, included gore sharers, paedos, and other criminals ? There surely is something totally wrong here, and we are a lot to know this. Now, who is ready to petition ?

Basile Pesso, YWAMag director,
Barcelona, 17 April 2 017

I love when like some sort of scandal pops up in a country and other people not from that country start acting all shocked like “oh WOW i’d planned to go there this summer but! Looks like I won’t go anymore! Pity!”

Like you better be from the greatest Utopia of all times if you talk like that Susan. I saw a bunch of Americans say this about Iceland post-paedo scandal like the American government isn’t involved in paedophilia at all. at least it gets exposed in Iceland lol.

My dear, dear people.

We have been warning you over n’ over of a heavy and recurrent case of paedoporn broadcast in the photo “community”…the paedo has been rotting our life for months and months by many means.

The wonderful bravery of Anders Millqvist today
should gather as much agreement as many other posts, especially some slanders on us that were heavily supported for whatever fucking sheepy reason. Do you have a slight slice of humanity and love of children ?
Do you FUCKING get what paedoporn is, and the extreme seriousness of the stuff, as well as the consequences on young people for example when they have to see these images ?? This is FUCKING HIGHLY CRIMINAL, my people. I know, I know it so well, that many of you are totally dominated by fear. But the lack of responses to Anders’ post is totally ABNORMAL, compared to the usual success he has.

Once and for all…yes, we have the dossiers, yes, police and justice too, yes, they are fucking heavy, yes, you know the paedo, yes, some of you defend him in spite of the fact that many have seen the material. Now assume this support. For the others, it’s still time to add likes and reblogs to Anders’ bravery, and to kick the most paedos you can find out of the web.


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Just FYI, 'MAP Positivity' is not about condoning child abuse, it's about paedo/hebephiles who do NOT act on their attraction Just thought I'd let you know in light of your recent reblog, you may have aspect MAPs following you and I don't think you'd want to alienate them

If you are distressed by your thoughts about children then you have some kind of mental disorder or illness and are not a MAP or pedophile. There’s no such thing as “non-offending” pedophile/MAP, pedos are a danger to children just by existing and need to be locked up. If there are any pedos following us then I sure as hell hope they feel alienated and unsafe here.

If you’re MAP or MAP supporter kindly fuck off and unfollow us, especially that some of the mods are fucking children. ~Cinder

Hello to all,

It’s been months that a guy from Belgium has been defending the paedo whom you are many to know here. He’s not the only one, but the most virulent in the systematic defence of this garbage each time he feels that his criminal idol is threatened. For the ones who haven’t got the right links, you can’t get the last threat of the guy. But many others have already done it, and have already spotted for a long time who this dude is. Dude, I’ll keep on exposing you. And this defence of yours is constituting collaboration with paedoporn broadcast. Be EXTREMELY careful.

Basile Pesso - YWAMag director.

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tbh, i kind of understand why people are shitting on JJ more than they're shitting on Harry. Harry is clearly taking this as a massive joke, even if he is exposing JJ for shit where as JJ is thinks he's 'the big man' and acts like he's hot shit all the time. Yeah, his tracks sound cool but that doesn't mean he isn't a massive cunt

Jj’s embarrassing, as Joe Weller said, JJ’s a musician and the best diss’ he can come up with are “you’re fat, i make more money than you, you’re dad’s a paedo” and this is a guy who blags part of his name means knowledge. He’s actually embarrassing