a once more with feelings mixtape!

But can we talk about how

  • Jungkook and Yoongi are both quiet initially but once you get to know them and they open up, they’re both HUGE dorks and two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet
  • They both feel very strongly but don’t let it show
    • Yoongi literally went back to the dorms from Daegu because he didn’t want Hoseok to be alone on New Year’s Eve
    • Jungkook cries when the other Bangtan members cry (i.e. The video of Hobi talking to his father, crying after listening to Yoongi’s mixtape, and more recently with Tae during the Muster)
    • There are too many examples for me to list all of them
  • Jin said that he goes to Jungkook when he wants to relax and destress but he also calls Yoongi when he’s frustrated and upset (the thing about his script for House of Army)
  • Jungkook and Yoongi go well together, in both a platonic sense and a shipping one 
  • me listening to agust d: this is 👌👏 so LIT 🔥🔥 i am TURNED UP 😜🙌 SLAY ME 😩👊 boy goes HARD 💪👊 agust d is my daddy 👀😏
  • me listening to the rest of the mixtape: I am feeling so many emotions right now. Proud of him for coming this far. Hurt for the hardships he's had to face. I connect to the lyrics more than some may even realise. I am so upset listening to the music and yet I love it so much. I am crying but I'm proud. Min Yoongi has created a work of art that has let us peek inside his mind and heart and I for one need to take a minute to let everything sink in and get myself together. I am hurting but I am okay with that. I hope he finds his peace. Things get better, it just takes time.