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hey i was wondering, is there an official SHINee green that you know of? like what is is called? is there a number hex code for it?

oh i remembered google exists, and found out it’s called pearl aqua, and the code colour is #88d8c0, ~the more you know~ (but thank you for all your work you are a gift to all shawols!)

Wait! Don’t get confused. The official colour is pearl aqua green! The exact code is #79e5cb.

Just A Shout Out

Do the people at the controls of Arrow, WM, MG…  and the list goes on, think that they can write their stories solely based on ratings.  (WM on Olicity—”we’ll play it by ear on where that will go.”) Paraphrasing of course, but you get the gist. Do they not have the same numbers we have, like the percentage of Olicity fans vs the percentage of comic fans, or just the general public numbers?

if they do, maybe they should look more closely at those Olicity numbers again. Do they not hear the screams of the faithful? Have they forgotten the chemistry that ignited the show? Did they forget they’re the force that created Olicity in the first place? Does lightning in a bottle mean nothing to them?

Am I ranting? The numbers say yes.

Are we as fans only numbers now to them? if so, remember that there is strength in numbers. 

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DM: Actually, he kind of looks like Stan Shunpike.

Andy (playing Grunt): I don’t know who that is.

Ciaran (playing Domri): Harry Potter character.

Andy: I’ve only seen the movies.

DM: He’s in the movies, but only briefly.

Andy: Well, I don’t remember number six very well.

Ciaran: He mainly appears in number three.

Andy: Ugh… who are we talking about?

👋Hey guys😘HAPPY FRIDAY 🎉

Hey everybody just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend 😁 I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while I know I’ve been slacking lol I’ll definitely be posting some new stuff soon so keep your eyes open 👀 and YES I’m available tonight and I will be all weekend so if you’d like to hang out just shoot me a text📱💬 and remember guys I have a new number now it’s ❤️615-497-3912❤️ my old number is still working for the time being so you can still reach me on it I’m just trying to get my new number out there before my contact is up I really don’t want to sign on for another year 🗓 lol

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Name: Johanna

Nicknames: Jo, Copper

Zodiac sign: Libra/almost Scorpio

Height: 5'2″

Orientation: Pan

Nationality: Canadian

Favorite fruit: Watermelon

Favorite season: late Spring/early Fall

Favorite book: Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson

Favorite flower: daffodils

Favorite scent: rain

Favorite color: blue, teal, silver, copper

Favorite animal: omg, so many. Cats, foxes, pangolins, platypi

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea

Average sleep hours: uhhhh

Cat or dog person: Both! though kitties are more practical right now

Favorite fictional character: So many, though possibly Beka Cooper from the series by @tamorapierce

Number of blankets you sleep with: One sheet, one duvet

Dream trip: I’d love to travel to most of the world, as long as I can avoid the spiders

Blog created: can’t remember

Number of followers: 249

i envy people who have dreams with clear rational plots like “i was on my favourite tv show for a day” my dreams are like i’m in a diner and i’m pregnant. i leave the diner and i’m in a forest watching the pregnant woman who is no longer me. she turns around and now we’re in a jeep and she’s my dad. we’re listening to music which is somehow numbers. he asks if i remember the time we went to pakistan and i say yeah because i do. i wake up and remember i’ve never been to pakistan in my life.

14 Million Subscribers

First off, thank you all so very much for getting the channel to 14 Million Subscribers. That’s beyond anything I ever would have imagined when I started out. It’s crazy and it’s very humbling to think people enjoy what you do enough to do that. So thank you!

I think this year is going to be great! It’s already off to a great star and I’m more motivated and eager to make great things than I have been in a while. I don’t want to just say that and then give up on it a few weeks into the year, I truly mean it when I say that I want to do better and be happier this year. Time to stop letting things get to me so much and just have fun with what I do and make you guys my priority! That’s why I started all of this and it’s what I want to keep remembering as time goes on, the numbers may get bigger all the time but the morals and goals of the channel stay the same. To make you guys laugh and smile and hopefully spread some joy into the world :) 

I love you all and I can’t ever repay you for what you’ve done for me but by golly I can sure try! Thank you for not only being here day after day but for also keeping me humble and grounded. This community is one of the best on youtube and I don’t say that lightly to pander or inflate egos, I really mean it! Time and again you all prove how loving and welcoming you are and that truly means a lot to me! 

Keep being awesome!

I remember this shorty gave me her number one day & I ended up texting her later that night.. I asked her what she was up too & she gon reply back “nun much, just chewing gum”… I didn’t know how to reply back to that message so I just never did…

  • Yuri: remember when Yakov ranked all of us male skaters and would only call us by that number for like, months.
  • Mila: yes, and you hated Victor for it because he was always number one, no matter what you did.
  • Yuri: yeah, well I just realized that bastard wasn't ranking us, he was going by alphabetization. I still hated Victor though, he was a prick.
  • Mila: was?
  • Yuri: I stabbed him with my ice skate.
  • Mila: oh.
  • Yuri: just kidding. He and Yuuri are on their honeymoon.
Let him go, get him out of your head; Remember you’re not in his. Forget his birthday, his phone number, and the sweet things he said; Remember those were lies. Delete his texts, take his contact out of your phone; Remember he’s talking to all those other girls instead. Quit wishing he’ll come back, stop putting yourself down. Remember it’s not your fault; he had no good reason to leave. Just stop it, stop it all, and erase him from your past. Block out his name, ignore his texts, plug your ears when someone mentions him because trust me, you’re doing perfectly fine without him. Take every object and memory you have of him and throw it in the trash, and then maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll escape him.
—  Unknown