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I Like You A Latte (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Summary: You work at a coffee shop, and Connor visits every day during your shift.

Words: 1564

Warnings: none

(A/N: Thank you for all the positive feedback on Pastels, my first oneshot! Here’s another for you guys!)



The little bell attached to the door rang so many times that Saturday morning, it was enough to make you sick. You took a deep breath, plastering on a fake smile for the abundance of cranky and rude customers waiting for their various coffee orders. You didn’t hate working there. You just hated all the people that worked there, and all the people you served, and…yeah, you hated working there.

Even so, sometimes the world would surprise you a little bit at work. It would bring in a cute customer, or a big tip, or a light day. Today was one of those days.


Sighing, you straightened your posture and smiled. “Hi! Welcome to Affogato, what can I-” you looked up at the customer stopping in your tracks. He was a gorgeous boy, with an aura that screamed mystery. Looking a little closer as he approached the counter, you recognized him as a boy from your homeroom.

Shit, did you just think Connor Murphy was cute?!? Well, I mean, he is, but god, chill!

“Connor Murphy?” You raised an eyebrow, smiling a genuine smile as you eyed him up and down. His long, chestnut brown hair was covered by a beanie, and his button nose was pink from the cold. You could tell he wasn’t in the mood for society today, but from what you’d heard about Connor, that was a constant thing for him. People talked about what a monster Connor Murphy was every single day at school. Of course they did, and it spread like wildfire because it was high school. You heard the stories, but you never really listened. You wanted to discover this kid on your own terms, unbiased. Connor tapped his chipped black painted nails on the counter with a curt nod.

“[Name]?” He made a noise somewhere in between a chuckle and a scoff. “Didn’t expect to see a face like you here.” He shrugged, not thinking anything else of it. “Black, two sugars,” Connor paused for a moment. “…please.” He muttered. Had you been a stranger, he probably wouldn’t have had the courtesy, or maybe he was just in a decent mood, but the gesture was an appreciated one no matter the reason.

You picked up a cup, getting to work. He made small talk as you poured.

“Whatcha up to this weekend?” Connor asked nonchalantly with a sigh. “Partying? Maybe running away to join the circus?” He asked sarcastically as you handed him his coffee. You rolled your eyes with a smile.

“As if I’m capable of doing extraordinary.” You joked. “Nope, just work. Saving up for something cool, like a camera or lava lamp or whatever people spend money on these days.” You straightened your apron. “You?” Connor bounced from one foot to another, finally deciding to take a seat on one of the counter stools.

“Oh, you know, the usual. It’s a toss up between doing nothing and being called a nuisance or doing something and being called a nuisance anyway” He looked into his abyss of a coffee cup. His lips curved into a sad smile. “Sorry, that was….satire.” Connor took out his wallet, fishing out two crisp dollar bills. “Keep the change” He instructed as he stood. Sipping his coffee, he left, and you stood there, lost in thought. No one, in your months of working there, had stopped to have a conversation with the exception of your best friends. You really didn’t know what to think. Who would?



“No, Jared, it was so weird! But like, in a good way…” You trailed off, putting your phone on speaker and placing it on your desk. You were
pacing around your room, talking to your problematic fave- the “insanely cool Jared Kleinman”, as he referred to himself.

“What, [name], it’s weird that he came into the coffee shop and ordered a coffee?” Jared pointed out, and you groaned.

“No, it’s weird that he was…I dunno! Everything about him just seems….like…I don’t even know what to think, dude.” You ran a hand through your hair. “It was like, he’s bitter, but chill, but kind and empathetic, but also sarcastic, but also genuine as hell?!?!? I’m sooo confused” You buried your face in your hands. Jared laughed.

“Has the stone cold heart found wuvvvvvv?” He teased. “I gotta say, dude, I didn’t think you were the angsty murderer type!” His laughter grew into hysterics, and you were quick to defend him. You weren’t sure why, though.

“Would you stop, Kleinman? He isn’t gonna shoot up the school or whatever. I bet you Connor’s really sweet.” You challenged. This got his attention.

“What have you even got to bet? Nothing I’d want” Jared sneered

“Lush visit with my credit card..” You smirked, and he audibly gasped into the phone.

“Holy shit, for serious? Don’t play with me like that, man” He said in disbelief.

“I’m 100 percent for serious.” You countered.

“Deal. And…if you win?” He asked, almost frightened. The stakes seemed high.

When I win,” you think for a minute, “you have to become an apprentice park ranger with Evan for the summer.” You grinned.

“No fair, [name]!” he sighs. “You know what? Fine. But only because of the bathbombs. And you’re gonna lose.” Jared says as-a-matter-of-factly.


Connor came in for the next week, ordering the same thing every single day. Even when you weren’t working mornings, Connor managed to come in during your shift. It was as if he knew your schedule, and he always came in later in your shift, when you were thoroughly tired and annoyed. It kind of cheered you up.

Sometimes, he stayed for a while and talk. He’d sit on his same stool, drinking his same coffee, with his name written on his cup in the same handwriting.    

“Hey, doll,” He’d smile his toothy smile. You found his dorky platonic pet names funny. “I brought you a muffin. Maybe…spend your break with me?” Connor would suggest.

Other times, he’d sit in the corner at a table, long legs crossed as he read for hours. You’d keep the coffee coming, and you’d watch him read, and it was, in a way, blissful.

“You know, the man bun really completes the whole ‘hipster teen reading in a coffee shop aesthetic’. It looks good on you, Murphy.” You’d nudge his shoulder, and he’d be too focused to even bat an eye.

Sunday, Sunday was different though. You kept busy during your shift, serving customers with your usual fake smile. The authentic one was reserved for Connor Murphy.

Hours passed, and your giddiness faded into fatigue.Glancing up at the clock, time seemed to pause. You evaluated your surroundings.The smell of coffee grinds, the bustling people, the soft jazz melodically jingling in the background. It seemed hazy and surreal, and you wanted to stop thinking.

You wanted to start being. Being with him. Connor Murphy liked spending time with you. He made you feel special. He made this melancholy, dreadful job something you looked forward to dragging yourself to.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

The clock loomed over you, the noises echoing through your skull. You just wanted it all to be over,

And suddenly, it was. A hand on your shoulder was your signal to leave.

“[Name]? Your shift is over. You’re free to go!” She was excited on your behalf, but your heart sank at the news.

Connor hadn’t come today.

The question was, why? Was he, like, busy? You couldn’t imagine having Connor Murphy having actual plans. All he did was get high and drink coffee. Maybe he didn’t want coffee today. You were upset, and wished it wasn’t such a big deal to you, but you felt as if it was.

You sat at a table, lacking the energy to walk home. Inhaling slowly, more memories of Connor flooded into your mind.

“Hey, how was the circus?” Connor asked, yawning. He usually made comments like this with a straight face. It was as if his smile was implied.

“Not as glamorous as I thought, so I came back.” You shrug with a small smile.

“Who comes back after running away from home?” Connor met your eyes with his own blue and brown ones, and you practically melted.

“I dunno, Murphy. People who are homesick, I guess.” You sigh, sliding him his usual.

You focused on reality again, looking out the window. You were so amused by the normality of the scene, you almost didn’t notice the coffee place in front of you.

“Excuse me?” You looked at the paper cup curiously. It was black with two sugars, making you all the more distressed. “What kind of weird ass joke-” You looked up to find Connor in an Affogato uniform with a goofy grin.

“Hi there, [name]. You want anything?” He smirked. You stood up, wrapping your arms around his neck and getting on your tippy toes.

“Just this” You pressed your lips to his, and Connor reciprocated without hesitation. He pulled you closer by your waist, and after a few seconds, he pulled away breathlessly.

“Check the cup again” Connor whispered in your ear. Curious, you picked it up and turned it over. He had scribbled something on the cup in his mediocre handwriting:

I like you a latte. My number is ***-***-****. Use it ;)

Jared was gonna look great in his apprentice park ranger uniform.

Professor -  one.
  • Baekhyun x Reader
  • Angst - AU
  • Word Count: 1,127

Description: Due to a string of events you find yourself on the subway with a sly guy aka creep named Baekhyun. Only to find out he’s your professor.

A/N: I wrote this pretty quickly with no thought process whatsoever. I just felt the need to write something and I guess this is it?

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The night was chilly and crisp, the right amount of wind that kept you cool without harshly scratching your face. These were your type of nights, the ones you loved to fully absorb.

Unfortunately, tonight was not a night you could enjoy such luxury. You had a very wasted best friend barely clinging to your shoulder and had the look that her drinks were about to come up any second now.

“He'sh shush a dirty… losher…” your friend half shouted, slurred, into your ear. You couldn’t help but laugh a little and nod in agreement. She suddenly stood straight up and clasped your face with both of her hands, squishing your cheeks together. “Don’t efur… leaf mee…” she slurred quietly this time, you nodded again giving her the largest cheesiest smile you could manage.

She smiled and her eyes shut as she started to fall. Your reflexes were always lacking and waited for the crash you expected from your friend, but never came. You looked next to her to see a man with slightly curly chestnut colored hair holding her up.

You quickly grabbed her arm and flung it over your shoulders, pulling her away from the man. “Thank you, but I’ll take care of her.” you nodded your thanks to the man without looking at him and proceeded to guide your wasted friend into a cab.

You saw a body move to the other side of your friend grabbing her other arm trying to help guide her and you instinctively pulled her away. “I can help you if you just let me. You’re pretty small, let me he-” he started before being cut off.

“I said I can do it.” you huffed in annoyance that this guy couldn’t take a hint. “You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t immediately trust a stranger at a club with the most precious person in my life.” you said coldly, placing her smoothly in the back of a taxi. You strapped the seat belt around her and rested her head against the window. You turned back towards the man catching his dark eyes, they looked sad as if someone just told him he can’t have ice cream for dinner.

“Thank you.” you smiled lightly and closed your door. He returned the smile with one that was 20 times brighter and you chuckled to yourself as the cab driver started to drive towards your friend’s apartment.

You carefully brought your completely passed out friend into her apartment and tucked her into bed. You collapsed on the couch taking a deep breath. “Wow that girl is a lot heavier than she seems.” you breathed out, closing your eyes and slowly falling asleep.


You woke up in a panic remembering you didn’t set an alarm clock for your first day of school. You hurriedly threw on some of your friends clothes and left her apartment to the subway station.

The subway ride seemed to last for what felt like forever. You were standing cramped between tons of people dozing in and out of sleep while hanging onto the bar for support. You dozed off a bit too much that your head clashed with another, hearing a faint yelp.

You turned towards the victim of your headbutt and started spouting apologies. “I’m so sorry, I accidentally fell asleep. Are you okay?” you said in a panic, hoping they wouldn’t report you on some bullshit incident.

“I’m fine. You sure do have a hard head, but I could tell that from talking to you last night.” he gave a light laugh and you instantly recognized him as the man that you almost deemed as a creep last night for trying to help you with a passed out girl. You quickly looked away and pretended he didn’t exist, cursing your bad luck.

“How can you treat someone so coldly after headbutting them?” you can hear the pout in his voice and turned towards him again only to confirm that he was indeed full blown pouting like a kid.

“I’m sorry. Do you need to see a Doctor? I feel like you need a ct scan to be quite honest.” you mused. You could hear a chuckle come from him and his expression slowly changed into a devious one. His head tilted, eyebrows were furrowed and he had a smirk that was sharp enough to kill.

“Ahhh, what to do.” he sighed, looking away briefly before meeting your gaze again. “I’ve met someone that isn’t swayed by my charming self.” he bit his lip and leaned down to your ear, “It’s quite bothersome.” he whispered. You jumped back at the sudden closeness, accidentally bumping into someone to which you quickly apologized before turning back to him to which he was smirking in satisfaction.

“I think you’ll survive just fine.” you rolled your eyes, turning away from him. Your stop was the next one and it felt like it was in another country at this rate. The subway started to slow down and you gripped your bag ready to haul ass away from this guy.

You felt cold slender fingers touch your forehead and slowly move down, moving strands of hair behind your ear. You felt hot breath on your ear, his fingers coiled on the back of your neck holding you in place, sending shivers straight down your spine. “The name’s Baekhyun.” he whispered, as you felt him slightly bite your earlobe.

You flinched away quickly cupping your ear with your hand, you could hear a chuckle from his direction. You didn’t bother looking back at him when the doors suddenly opened and you rushed out with the horde of people.

You stepped out from the subway station and took a deep breath as if you’ve been suffocating for hours. Your chest was heavy and you cursed under your breath at the nuisance that called himself ‘Baekhyun’.

You checked the time on your phone and suddenly forgot about the whole experience. You were running late and knew tardiness was unacceptable at your school. You managed to get to your first class with five minutes to spare.

You sighed in relief and decided to take advantage of those beautiful five minutes by laying your head down and closing your eyes.

Your mini nap party was disturbed right on time. You heard the classroom door shut and the professor clear his throat. You raised your head to give your full attention and your eyes shot wide.

“Hello everyone. Welcome to another semester of college. My name is Professor Byun.” he smiled at the class, his eyes catching yours. His smile fell and eyes went just as wide as yours, but slowly shifted into an even larger smile. “I can tell this is going to be an exciting semester.”

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Emma has a horrific day and comes home from work early and sits on the couch in a daze until her and Regina's toddler crawls into her lap, says "I love you mama" and falls asleep

Thanks for the prompt :)

TW for child neglect/abuse. 

Emma kicks off her boots as she trudges through the door. She should still be at work but she’s headed home early. Luckily, her father agreed to come start his shift early for her, and whatever question he had about it disappeared as soon as he saw the expression on Emma’s face. 

Now she’s home, she sighs before wandering over to the couch and dropping down. Normally she doesn’t let it get to her but today was a non-stop mess. Today of all days she didn’t need it. 

It’s the day she was sent away from her first long-term family starting off a string of group homes, families, pain and misery until she ended up running away. 

This is the day the Swans decided they couldn’t handle her and a baby. One moment she was loved and safe. The next she was bundled into a strange car being told the people she called ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ would no longer be there. 

A tear rolls down her cheek. All she wanted was a nice easy day just so she could get through today and head home to her family. Instead it was one callout after another, most of them nuisance calls and pursuits of vandals, drunks and dogs. 

She’s pulled from her daze by someone crawling into her lap. She jumps before seeing Lucy curl up on her. The tot looks up at her, “I love you Mama,” she whispers before simply resting her head on Emma’s arm and falling asleep. 

“Lucy? Luce? You’re supposed to be nappi-” Regina trails off seeing their daughter in Emma’s arms, “She must have heard you come home…what are you doing here so early?” 

Emma sighs, “A bad day…it’s…the day I was sent away for the first time.” 

“Oh,” Regina says quietly before moving to down beside Emma. She slips her arm around Emma holding her close as she promises, “This is forever, you’ll never be sent away again.” 


Regina nods turning to kiss her softly as she repeats “Promise” before holding Emma for as long as she needs. 

snow || kim namjoon


after years of ignoring you, kim namjoon is finally coming home. 

genre: fluff/romance/slight angst

uni student!namjoon , best friend!reader

author’s note: this is centered around the christmas holiday as most of south korea is christian/catholic and christmas is the main holiday! so, if christmas/santa things make you uncomfortable, please skip ahead!


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So this is really important. 

If you see something, say something. Abandoned bags are primarily a big deal. Abandoned in the street, in a subway, metro, city, restaurant, bus, anywhere.

You’re not being a nuisance. It’s called being aware and raising awareness. You might not know what’s in the bag, but it could be something that might raise panic and be the reason for people losing lives.

Just remember, wherever you are: if you see something that looks remotely suspicious, please say something. 

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The best thing about being lgbt is that its a sexuality and your being and amazement. Like legit, hi im gay. Look at my gay shirt, my gay shorts, my gay shoes, my gay hair, my gay girlfriend/boyfriend. Anything straight is boring and oppressive (tm)

The best part is calling small nuisances homophobic. My late bus is homophobic. Bad internet connection is homophobic.

Trapped In This Machine

Rating - T

Summary - Sonic has seemingly fallen madly in love with Amy, but is this sudden romance truly sincere, or is it only skin deep, hiding something sinister underneath?

I was looking for some inspiration to write a story, and I came across this drawing by @e-vay…and well, the rest is history. So if nothing else, I hope she enjoys this story, since it was her drawing that inspired it, and I hope the rest of you enjoy it too. I own nothing except the story.

No read more line, I want folks on the mobile app to actually be able to read it, it still glitches out on my phone, so apologies for the long post.

I should’ve realized from the beginning that something was wrong. How could I have been so blind as to not realize that something was suspiciously out of the ordinary with him? 

Maybe it was the extra attention he was giving me, the sudden…willingness to give affection that caused me to maybe…I dunno, not care that he was acting out of the ordinary.

He’d become everything that I wanted him to be, he was caring, affectionate, even - dare I say - loving, and all out of nowhere too. I really should’ve questioned it more, I should’ve listened to the warnings all my friends kept giving me…if I had…then maybe we wouldn’t all be fighting for our very lives right now.


“So, Amy, how’s about a trip to Twinkle Park? I think they renewed that cute couples get in free promotion,” Sonic leaned down a bit to grin at the pink hedgehog walking next to him. “And I can’t think of any couple that would qualify more than you and me, whaddya say?”

Amy Rose blushed and giggled bashfully, playfully nudging the blue hedgehog with her shoulder before smiling up at him. To say her dream had come true would’ve been an understatement. 

Just a few days ago, she’d been wishing that Sonic would just stop beating around the bush and admit he loved her the same way she loved him…and almost as if he’d read her mind, seconds later he was at her door, offering to get some lunch with her, just the two of them.

Since then, they’d barely spent any time apart, except for sleep and necessary hygiene practices. Amy was on cloud nine, the one thing she’d always wanted had finally been given to her. 

Sonic the Hedgehog was hers at last, and he’d been giving her all the love she could ever ask for. “Well if you insist,” she giggled again. “We might as well see what’s new.”

“Hey, I have an idea,” he smirked. “Let’s invite the gang to join us, we’ll make it a group date.”

At this, Amy’s eyes widened and she looked up at him in shock. “Sonic, are you sure? I mean, you told me to keep it quiet for a while, I don’t want-”

“Chill Ames, no big deal.” Sonic shrugged. “I had a little time to think about it, and I figure that if I’m gonna be with you, I might as well let everyone know. What better way than for us to make it official at Twinkle Park?”

“Oh Sonic!” Amy lunged forward and embraced the speedy hedgehog, and held in a squeal when Sonic reciprocated the gesture. “Thank you, thank you so much!” she pulled back and ran off, waving goodbye as she looked over her shoulder. “I’m gonna go tell everyone to meet us at Twinkle Park, I’ll see you later Sonikku!”

“Seeya Ames! I can’t wait for tonight!”


“Have you got anything Tails?”

“I dunno,” Tails pushed his computer chair back and sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. “I mean, other than his sudden affection for Amy, he’s still been totally Sonic.” the fox looked up at his guest. “Have you noticed anything else weird?”

“Can’t say that I have,” Knuckles the Echidna, Guardian of the Master Emerald and friendly rival to Sonic the Hedgehog, stood in Tails’ workshop trying to unravel the mystery of Sonic’s sudden emotional turnaround. “Maybe we’re just paranoid?”

“It’s possible…” Tails sighed and stood up from his chair. “I mean, I always knew that Sonic thought Amy was special in his own way, but for him to go from awkward to a regular Romeo-type all in the span of three days just sends up some red flags in my mind.”

Knuckles shrugged. “Maybe he just finally manned up and admitted how he feels, like you need to do with Cream.”

“Don’t change the subject.” Tails glared at the guardian, although his blush took away some of his intensity. “I dunno, I guess we should just keep watching, maybe Sonic really has changed.” Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and Tails went over and opened it, revealing an absolutely giddy pink hedgehog. “Oh, hi Amy.”

“Are you ready for what I have to tell you?” Then her peripheral vision registered a splotch of red, and she turned to get a better view. “Knuckles is here too! Perfect! That means one less trip I have to take!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about the group trip we’re taking to Twinkle Park tonight!”

Tails raised an eyebrow. “We are?”

“That’s right!” Amy moved past Tails and did a little pirouette in the middle of the workshop. “I talked with Sonic and we agreed that we should get the whole gang together to have some fun, y'know, as friends!”

“This seems pretty sudden Amy, why now and not before?” Tails said as he scratched his chin in suspicion.

“Well duh,” Amy replied with her hands on her hips. “Sonic wanted to wait for the cute couples get in free promotion to get started again! After all, why pay for tickets when we can just walk in hand-in-hand and have a fantastic time for free?! That’s called sound economics.”

“It sounds like bull-”

“Knuckles!” Tails quickly cut off the guardian before he could finish his thought, then he directed his attention back to Amy, who seemed none too impressed with their reactions if her expression was anything to go by. “Amy, don’t you think that something’s a little…off…with Sonic?”

“No, why would I?”

“Because he’s suddenly all over you and can’t stop staring at you when before he actively ran away from you.” Knuckles blunt statement was responded to with an angry glare from the pink hedgehog. “You can glare all you want, you can’t tell me you aren’t even curious as to why Sonic’s pretty much started letting his hormones do all of his thinking for him.”

“Did it ever occur to you that maybe Sonic’s finally just realized that he cares for me?” Amy stomped forward with her hammer suddenly in hand, causing the echidna to back away a few steps. “Or am I so ugly that Sonic would have to completely lose his mind to think that I’m anything more than a nuisance?”

“N-No one’s calling you ugly or a nuisance Amy!” Tails gulped when she suddenly rounded on him. “All we’re saying is that…it does seem a little bit sudden, you can at least admit that much can’t you?”

Amy sighed and took a moment to regain her composure. “Ok, I know you wouldn’t ask unless you were legitimately worried, I appreciate that Tails,” her hammer disappeared. “But there’s really nothing wrong with Sonic! I mean, come on, no one knows him better than I do, I’d be able to tell.” she gently placed her hand on the fox boy’s shoulder. “Now come on, we’re all going to Twinkle Park tonight! If you want, I’ll even call Vanilla for you so Cream can come with us.”

“And what about me?”

Amy turned her head to look at Knuckles, who was crossing his arms with a scowl. “Well, if you wanna find Rouge and ask her to come, all you gotta do is leave the Master Emerald alone for a little longer.” she smirked at the low growl the echidna gave. “You know it would work.”

“That’s what bothers me.” Knuckles uncrossed his arms and walked past both Tails and Amy as he headed to the door. “What time are we meeting up?”

The pink hedgehog tapped her chin for a moment in thought. “I think five ‘o'clock should give us enough time to go around the park, sound good to you?”

“Wouldn’t matter what time you chose, I would’ve come anyway.” Knuckles walked out and grabbed hold of the door before he stopped. “After hearing all this from you, I’m starting to think maybe I was wrong and there really is something wrong with Sonic.” With that, the echidna slammed the door shut.

“Do me a favor and don’t come!” Amy growled before she looked over at Tails. “And you? Are you still convinced that Sonic is suddenly a huge jerk and this is all some elaborate prank or something?”

Tails slowly shook his head. “I don’t know what to think Amy…” he looked up at her. “Honestly, I’d like to believe this is all real and Sonic’s finally starting to come around to how he really feels about you, I want you to be happy!”

“Then trust me on this!” she put both hands on his shoulders and looked the fox boy in the eyes. “I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life, and it’s all because of Sonic! I’ve learned to tell when he’s just putting on a show, and this is all real! He really loves me!”

The young genius relinquished a smile. “Ok Amy, if you say so.”

“Good.” Amy nodded and smiled as well. “So, how’s about I make that phone call? There’s a cute little rabbit girl who I have a sneaking suspicion is starting to crush on you, and I bet she’d love to hang out with us tonight.”


As soon as the clock struck five, the entire gang got together and met at the entrance of Twinkle Park in Station Square. Amy had indeed convinced Vanilla to allow Cream to join them, and Knuckles had decided to come alone, although he seemed incredibly guarded. “Lighten up Knucklehead, we’re here to have fun, and no one likes a grouch when there’s a party goin’ on.”

Knuckles shrugged off the blue hedgehog’s hand and growled lowly. “Let’s just get in there.”

Sonic just shrugged and went over to put his arm around Amy. “Suit yourself pal, hope you brought some money with ya, since ya don’t get to take advantage of the cute couples get in free perk.” He led the pink hedgehog over to the entrance and stood on the platform, and then he turned his attention to his friends. “Cute couple number two, come on down!”

Both Tails and Cream’s cheeks turned pink, but they did walk in together as the platform went up, leaving Knuckles alone by himself until the platform returned. “I’m not a grouch.” he grumbled.

Knuckles did have to pay to get in, but eventually they did meet back up and they soon started going around the park and partaking in all that it had to offer. Rollercoasters, thrill rides, a ride (or three) through the Tunnel of Love, and of course the never-ending variety of greasy fair food. 

Sonic had tried to get Knuckles to take a bite of the funnel cake he’d gotten for himself and Amy, but the echidna just glared at him in response. “Boy Knux, you’re really makin’ a case for jerk of the year, why’d ya even come if ya didn’t wanna be here?”

“I have my reasons.”

“Don’t even pay any attention to him Sonikku,” Amy said all too sweetly. “He’s just jealous that he’s all alone while we’re all here on a double date.”

“But Mr. Knuckles,” Cream spoke up. “You could have gotten Miss Rouge to come with us right? Then you wouldn’t have been so lonely!”

“That’s got nothing to do with it!” Knuckles rounded on his younger companions and scowled viciously, his fists clenched in barely contained rage. “The only reason I’m here is to protect you three from getting hurt!”

Sonic scoffed. “Get hurt? From what? Eating too much junk food?”

“How 'bout from you wise guy?” Knuckles got up in the hedgehog’s face, and Sonic’s cocky grin immediately vanished. “I’ve been watching you all night, and at first I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now I know for a fact that you’re not yourself, if you’re even Sonic at all.”

“Oh yeah? And what makes you think I’m not the genuine article?”

“Because there’s no way the real Sonic would ever be so openly affectionate, he doesn’t have the guts!”

“Knuckles, go home!” Amy leaped up from her seat and gave the guardian a murderous glare. “I’d say I can’t believe you would stoop so low, but then I remember it’s you! Go back and protect your stupid rock, we do not require your services!” The pink hedgehog tugged on Sonic’s arm and started leading him away. “Come on Sonic, let’s go on the ferris wheel together, I’ve lost my appetite.”

“Me too Ames.”

The couple left in a huff, and Knuckles narrowed his eyes as he stared at the backs of the two retreating figures, and his eyes widened when he saw Sonic smirk at him over his shoulder. “Tails, we need to follow them.”

“Knuckles, I-”

“Just do it!”


Inside one of the ferris wheel gondolas, a blue and pink hedgehog were sitting alone, leaning against each other. The old machine had been empty until their arrival, but the old dog who ran it was more than happy to give the couple some free rides to collect their thoughts. “'Tis a great place to have a heart to heart.” he’d said.

And that was what Amy was doing, as she poured out her heart to her new boyfriend. “I can’t believe Knuckles would accuse you of faking all this…I mean, is it really so unbelievable? Am I really that terrible of a person that it’s impossible to buy that you care for me?”

“Nah Ames, Knux is just paranoid, maybe he’s just tryin’ to overcompensate for all the times Dr. Robotnik tricked him.”

The pink hedgehog raised an eyebrow at that and smirked. “Dr. Robotnik? No crazy quips or references to his looking like a giant walking egg?”

Sonic shrugged. “Why state the obvious?”

“I dunno,” Amy also shrugged. “It’s just that it’s never stopped you before, kinda weird to actually hear his actual name again after all this time.”

“Yeah well, that’s not important anyway.” Sonic turned and took Amy’s hands in his. “What’s important is us, and I gotta say Ames, these past few days have been the greatest days of my life…it’s really too bad that it’s gonna be all over soon.”

“Well, what makes you say that?” Before Sonic could answer however, Tails appeared out of nowhere and slammed his feet into the back of Sonic’s head before scooping Amy into his arms. “Tails, put me down! Have you lost your mind?!”

“Now Knuckles!”

Knuckles got a running start and reeled his fist back, and as soon as he was in range, he unloaded a vicious punch that obliterated the old metal keeping the ferris wheel standing, and it all came crashing down as sparks flew from the malfunctioning machinery, with Sonic crashing down along with all the debris.

“Sonic!” Amy turned and pulled out her hammer, her teeth gritted and her eyes brimming with tears. “You’re both insane, do you have any idea what you just did?!” But suddenly from the smoldering flames that were now lighting up the night sky with yellows and oranges, a figure emerged from the wreckage, one whose silhouette was easily recognizable. “Sonikku! You’re alive!”

But then the dust settled, and Amy’s cries of joy turned into a fear-filled shriek as her eyes beheld a sight that she never would’ve dreamed of in her worst nightmares.

Instead of blood coming from the blue hedgehog’s wounds…there was nothing but metal and wire. “I was really hoping it wouldn’t have to be this way…” the creature’s head lifted, and while one side of its revealed the unmistakably emerald green eye of Mobius’ greatest hero, the other side showed nothing but darkness, and an angry red iris with a yellow pupil. “But thanks to Knuckles, now I have to do this the hard way.”

xxxxxxxxx(End Flashback)xxxxxxxxx

I was a fool, Knuckles was right all along. Sonic wasn’t acting like himself because he wasn’t himself. He’d been replaced by this…twisted perversion of him, made of nothing but iron and circuitry…but it was so real, a small part of me still couldn’t let the thought that this was Sonic go.

But as I watched this incredibly realistic version of Metal Sonic engage in a fight to the death with the weakening Knuckles, I knew I couldn’t let myself suspend my disbelief any longer. I had to help, somehow. 

Tails had already been knocked out, only seconds after he’d told Cream to fly away and get help. Given the circumstances though, I didn’t think help would arrive in time. It was time to step up.

I grabbed my hammer and rushed forward with it held over my head, and I slammed it down on Metal Sonic’s head, sending him to the ground for a moment so Knuckles could unleash an uppercut that sent him flying into the distance. “Knuckles, I am so sorry.”

He gave me a grim smile in return, he was rubbing his fist and I could see the blood starting to leak through the fabric of his glove, as well as the blood coming from his chest and the side of his mouth from wounds shaped like claw marks. “I’ve dealt with worse.” The next thing I knew I was on the ground as Knuckles shoved me out of the way, and then I heard a sickening thump, followed by a dull thud. When I turned around, I saw Knuckles on the ground, unconscious, with Metal Sonic standing over him with a frown.

“You stay away from me!” I raised my hammer in defense.

“I wish I could Ames.”

My eyes widened and I felt my heart start to beat faster than it ever had before as a lump formed in my throat. Although the voice was synthetic, the way he’d spoken wasn’t at all like something Metal Sonic would say…it was something that…Sonic would say. “Who are you? Are you Metal Sonic?”

The blue robot - or hedgehog, I was so confused I didn’t know what to call it - took another step towards me, and I took a step back to keep the distance. “You’d think so wouldn’t you?” he replied as he continued to approach. “But the truth is, I’m way better than any of those pathetic rip-offs, even before I became like this.”

I felt my heart shatter, and I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. “Sonic…” I choked.

“In the flesh, so to speak.” Sonic stopped to gesture at himself. “Pretty impressive huh? Dr. Robotnik managed to perfect his roboticization technique, he found me a few days ago and used it on me first. Now I’ve got a new goal, and that’s to take you guys out…first I had to get closer to you to gain your trust…although I gotta say, I’m not really likin’ this next part.”

“Then don’t do it! Sonic, you don’t have to listen to Eggman! If he managed to turn you into a robot and make you so convincing that even I couldn’t tell the difference, then that means despite all that programming he gave you, the real you is still in there! Trapped in that machine!”

For a moment, Sonic seemed to slouch a bit. “I don’t wanna kill you guys,” But then he looked back up and glared at me. “But I have no choice, my mission is to destroy you guys, and I’m gonna do it!” He charged towards me at full speed, and I barely reacted fast enough to get my hammer up and stop him from running me through with his exposed razor-sharp claw. “Hold still Amy, just make it quick!”

“No!” I swung my hammer and knocked him back a few feet, and then I jumped back and put more distance between us. “I know you’re in there Sonic, fight it! If a robot like Gamma could reject his programming, then I have no doubt you can! You’re too strong to just let Eggman control you!”

“Shut up!” Sonic charged again, but this time he was much slower and his movements were sloppier, and I was able to sidestep his attack and let him run past me and into the tilt-a-whirl. “Why can’t you make this easy?”

I found it in me to smile despite the circumstances. “You’re fighting it, I can tell. Don’t give up Sonic, I know you can beat him!” But then his robot eye seemed to glow brighter, and he sent a vicious glare that caused my blood to run cold. “Uh oh.” Only a second later, I found myself being raised in the air by the throat, as a robotic claw squeezed my throat.

“Just…just stop fighting me, ok Ames? Don’t make this harder than it has to be!”

His voice was desperate, and even with his robot hand around my throat, I could feel that his grip was wavering. I could still breathe. “No Sonic, I won’t give up and I won’t let you give up…I love you too much to do that.”

“Amy…I…I…” I saw his eyes soften, even his robotic eye looked pitiful now, and he dropped me to the ground and grabbed his head, screaming at the top of his lungs. “This is so wrong! I’m not a killing machine! I’m not some messed up terminator! I am Sonic the Hedgehog!”

“That’s right, you are.” I raised my hammer over my head. “And now I’m gonna set you free.” I jumped up and shouted a battle cry even with tears pouring out of my eyes, and my hammer came crashing down on Sonic’s head, crushing his metal skull. After landing, I made my hammer disappear and watched as Sonic’s robot eye faded away, signaling that he had been…killed? Destroyed? What even was he anymore? “I’m so sorry Sonic,” I whispered to the unmoving form. “We’ll get you fixed up and back to normal, I promise.”

When I looked back up after wiping my eyes with my arm, I saw Knuckles and Tails limping over to me, their bodies bruised and bleeding from the intensity of the battle. “Are you ok Amy?” Tails asked me even as he held his arm.

“It was him…it was Sonic…Eggman turned him into this…thing.”

Tails knelt down and examined Sonic’s robot body, and he looked up at me with a small smile. “I can probably fix him, the roboticization process still shows signs of using the same basic principles, just much more refined…” Then he frowned. “But…”

“But what?” Knuckles asked.

“I can fix Sonic and even de-roboticize him after…but…I hate to think how he’s going to be after it’s all over…”

I frowned and looked down at the broken body of what used to be my one true love. Knuckles seemed confused as to what Tails meant, but I knew. Would Sonic ever be the same again? 

Even after Tails put him back together and turned him back into flesh and blood…Sonic was one with the wind, a free spirit who could never be caged in…now not only had he been caged in, but he’d been turned against the ones he loved, and he’d witnessed firsthand the damage he caused.

As strong as Sonic was, I knew he wasn’t invincible. Even he had his breaking points, and I sincerely feared that this experience would be what drove Sonic past his. But I knew that if it did, I would make sure to be there for him every step of the way on his road to recovery. 

There was one thing I could tell about Sonic during the past three days, and that was he truly enjoyed being with me, even while he was roboticized. Maybe that was what kept him from giving in to the programming for so long.

It wouldn’t be easy, that much I knew for sure. For Sonic, being controlled like this was probably the most traumatic event he could ever experience, and it would be a while before he turned back into his true self. 

But he would, I also knew that. His strength and determination would make sure he eventually comes to terms with it, and I would be there every step of the way. I vowed then and there to myself, that I would personally make sure he would never know what it was like to be trapped in this machine again.


Shiranui and Amagiri walk in on Kazama and Chizuru getting “comfortable” on the couch.

Kazama: “You idiots, sense the mood! Why did you come back now!? Hurry and get out!  Don’t interrupt me and my bride!”

Shiranui and Amagiri get disgruntled over being called nuisances and pull Kazama away from Chizuru.

Amagiri: “Please pardon us, Kazama-sama. But no matter what is said you are piling shame on top of shame.”

Shiranui: “The situation is perfectly clear!”

Kazama: “Nuisances! It’s not against her will!  It’s mutual!”

I’m not even a little shocked that no one checked a racist white woman in Chicago except the Black people she was attacking. Hipster racism is real and ever present. So many transplants from the suburbs or whatever small towns get here and are shocked that they have to share space with Black people. In a city that’s majority POC they bought into the media imagery that makes it seem like Chicago is full of young, white rich people or that segregation means that Black people won’t be at the parks, museums, etc. 

They’ll even move into mixed race majority POC neighborhoods and then try to force out the neighbors of color. Nuisance calls to police so they’ll harass residents of color, challenging existing festivals, lobbying to push out long time educators..you name it and young white hipsters feel entitled to do it. Because they want all the perks of city life without any Black or Latinx people in it.

sweetrosegirl76  asked:

So when Sirius & Remus were @ Hogwarts, homosexuality was generally frowned upon during tht time period. Course their friends support them but what about the rest of the school? Some of the teachers? Reg prob wasn't. Write about that: their struggle?

This ended up being longer and more sad than I thought it would be, so precede with caution. There is hate violence, slurs, and PTSD-related symptoms. If you’re sensitive to that at all, please do not read this.

They don’t do anything more than what any other couple does: hold hands, put arms around each other, small kisses and cute comments, and maybe some snogging when the hallways are empty. Most of the students hardly notice - some girls merely sigh in disappointment because they didn’t even get a chance. Despite the majority approval, there is a sizable minority that do not take to their relationship. At first, they take this bigotry as a challenge. They move closer when they see people roll their eyes. They kiss each other pointedly when they hear whispers behind their back. A couple of times a student would walk up to them and make a nasty comment; Sirius sneers and tells them exactly where they can shove their opinion.

In class, they rarely hold hands - as many teachers don’t approve of any couples doing so. Most of the teachers are indifferent. Prof Kettleburn seems talk more carefully and avoid eye contact, but the only real problem has been Prof Miltoning. The man has hardly been there for three months and has written Sirius and Remus off as reckless, lazy nuisances. He calls them out in class for not paying attention or talking too loudly, meanwhile other students pass notes and giggle, whispering through the whole lesson. He makes cutting remarks about each of them whenever he can fit them in. He gives Remus barely passing grades on all of his papers and Sirius gets even less than that. When James and Peter call him out on his bigoted bias. He gives them both a weeks worth of detention.

“This is it,” Remus says, slamming the bedroom door. “This is fucking ridiculous. I’m going to Dumbledore.”

“We’ll go with you!” Peter insists. James nodding beside him.

“You lot have detention. And you’ve done more than enough. I’m stopping this now.”

“At least bring Sirius.” James says.

“He’s already in with McGonnagal, talking about his damn brother’s slimy friends following us around.” He shakes his head “I’m fucking tired.” It’s barely a whisper.

James and Peter exchange glances. James patted Remus’ back. “It’ll be okay, mate. We’re only with these shitheads for another year and a half.”

Remus nods his head and stands up. “Tell Miltoning I say hi,” Remus jokes before leaving the room.

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Kinda Like Fate

I’ve posted this on AFF and AO3 ages ago but I always forgot to finally post it on tumblr >.< // Enjoy anyway~ 

Pairing : JiKook // Park Jimin x Jeon Jungkook

Words : 5.7k

Description : Jungkook had a hard time accepting the fact that he won’t see the beautiful boy again. But fate had a weird way of working and it seemed like Jungkook and the boy are connected by something other than just the desire to see each other again ; their friends.

Jungkook fell in love. Yes, the kind of love that makes your heart beat faster and makes you all jittery. Exactly the kind of love he despised. Well that’s what he used to tell everyone when they asked about his relationships or if he had someone he liked. But the sad truth is, Jungkook was very jealous. Jealous of Taehyungs and Hoseoks relationship, jealous of his parents love for each other and jealous of all the people who found their significant other. And yes Jungkook was just 18, but the desire to finally feel how it is to be loved and loving someone in return - family or friends don’t count- was just too big. So he told everyone he didn’t want love, didn’t need love. Trying to fool himself into believing that this really was the truth. Because then the disappointment, of still being alone and seeing everyone else falling in love, wouldn’t hurt him as much (it’s a lie-it still hurts so fucking much).

But everything changed when he saw him.

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Flooding of Coast, Caused by Global Warming, Has Already Begun

Highway 80, the only road to Tybee Island, Ga., in June. High tides are forcing the road to close several times a year. Credit Stephen B. Morton for The New York Times


For decades, as the global warming created by human emissions caused land ice to melt and ocean water to expand, scientists warned that the accelerating rise of the sea would eventually imperil the United States’ coastline.

Now, those warnings are no longer theoretical: The inundation of the coast has begun. The sea has crept up to the point that a high tide and a brisk wind are all it takes to send water pouring into streets and homes.

Federal scientists have documented a sharp jump in this nuisance flooding — often called “sunny-day flooding” — along both the East Coast and the Gulf Coast in recent years. The sea is now so near the brim in many places that they believe the problem is likely to worsen quickly. Shifts in the Pacific Ocean mean that the West Coast, partly spared over the past two decades, may be hit hard, too.

These tidal floods are often just a foot or two deep, but they can stop traffic, swamp basements, damage cars, kill lawns and forests, and poison wells with salt. Moreover, the high seas interfere with the drainage of storm water.

Local governments, under pressure from annoyed citizens, are beginning to act. Elections are being won on promises to invest money to protect against flooding. Miami Beach is leading the way, increasing local fees to finance a $400 million plan that includes raising streets, installing pumps and elevating sea walls.

But the local leaders say they cannot tackle this problem alone. They are pleading with state and federal governments for guidance and help, including billions to pay for flood walls, pumps and road improvements that would buy them time.

Yet Congress has largely ignored these pleas, and has even tried to block plans by the military to head off future problems at the numerous bases imperiled by a rising sea. A Republican congressman from Colorado, Ken Buck, recently called one military proposal part of a “radical climate change agenda.”

The gridlock in Washington means the United States lacks not only a broad national policy on sea-level rise, it has something close to the opposite: The federal government spends billions of taxpayer dollars in ways that add to the risks, by subsidizing local governments and homeowners who build in imperiled locations along the coast.

As the problem worsens, experts are warning that national security is on the line. Naval bases, in particular, are threatened; they can hardly be moved away from the ocean, yet much of their land is at risk of disappearing within this century.

Water from a tidal stretch of the Potomac River flooded Old Town Alexandria in Virginia during high tides in early June. Credit Gabriella Demczuk for The New York Times

At the City Market in Charleston, S.C., one of the most popular spots in town, shoppers dodged seawater that bubbled up from storm drains during high tide in June. Credit Hunter McRae for The New York Times

Minutes of the April 7, 2147 Shareholders Meeting of the Kasnia Conglomerate

Minutes of the April 7, 2147 Shareholders Meeting of the Kasnia Conglomerate (1536 words)

Fandom: DC Legends of Tomorrow, post 1.10


Summary: In which the right person is selected for the right job.

A/N: This fic may bore the living daylights out of everybody who reads it. I…apologize? It amused me, anyway, but I’m aware that the things that make corporate lawyers laugh aren’t necessarily the sort of things normal people find funny.

My attempt to remind the writers that Ray Palmer wasn’t JUST an inventor, he was also a corporate CEO, which is a very, very different skillset.

(additional note: please do not use this as a guide to corporate shareholder meetings. All the law is basically accurate, if taken from a wide variety of different jurisdictions and abused in the name of artistic license, but actual shareholder meetings are not nearly this interesting.)

“I’m not sure I’m the right person for this,” Ray said, concerned. “Shouldn’t I be going to see about the robots?”

“The risk of you being recognized by one of the employees is too great,” Rip replied. “You do recall the tour we all took? The bust? No, it makes far more sense for you to attend this meeting. We need to disrupt it so that no one will notice when we take the boy.”

Ray sighed, but he put in the contacts and went.

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