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What was your inspiration behind the creation of legmon?

My incessant need to talk about how Namjoon is 90% leg, 0% butt, and 100% walking disaster


On the High Wire by @bathtimefunduck | Chapter 3: The Contortionist

Lucy is tired of things blowing up around her. She also territorial of her friends and takes great pleasure in being a little shit.



there are a lot of tv shows about young people in new york city with crappy jobs but nice apartments and clothes and stuff and i don’t think that actually happens in real life?? how would they afford it?? selling their soul 2 the devil??

NOTE 2 SELF: tv show idea…..sitcom about quirky young woman in new york city who sold her soul 2 the devil in order 2 get an affordable apartment and gets into hilariously awkward situations with her new roommate satan


this is a new selfie trend i’m trying 2 start called “i don’t quite know how to stick my tongue out help” and its amazing. lmk if u wanna join the club we’d be pleased to have u