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JB Marriage Profile

Day 1 JB
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A/NSuperman Factor is when the father looks after his kids (based of the korean show Superman returns :P)
~ahgase Omma

A classic, but personal outing/surprise proposal, it would see very ordinary, he might seem a little off in behaviour, but otherwise its all normal, until he brings you to that special place (not necessarily the place you first met, but the place you wish you could go to but couldn’t)  then he would turn around to face you and suddenly drop… he would think its so cheesy but its actually very tasteful and classy.

Small, not made public, close family and friends, maybe even the got7 families too, but nothing too big, if he can help it he’ll make sure the company doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

Wedding photo theme

a fairly relaxed time, with a few couple activities, and the odd high level activity like skiing, ocean diving, something that can only be done there. otherwise its calm, with a different restaurant everyday.

Honeymoon Period
Would last for about 3 years.

Married Life
A pretty big Seoul apartment thats modern looking, with lots of grey (of course), a place where everything has its place and everything stays nice and tidy.

the bedroom would be slightly warmer, but still based on grey, with a big window for those day dreaming- song writing moments.

and of course his extensive camera collection taking pride of place in the house.

He would be very dutiful around the house, even after the honeymoon period. he would carry on to tidy up, cook when he can, and be the one to suggest taking turns to do the equally hated jobs.

They would mostly be about ‘timing’ whether it be related to work, and him not getting free time, or the time to have kids. JB is run by the right time to do things, and even though he wants to do things for you he would have other responsibilities too, which would be the line you hate the most.

When something has gone terribly wrong, and also when things are going very right and he wants to show his thanks. he would be open to the small things, like the secret kiss in the morning, the little surprise in the fridge, but the bigger the gesture the less frequent it would be. mostly because he doesn’t want to be the cheesy husband but you’ll still get your favourite meal when you least expect it, and massage-4-massage, 

How many
2, maybe 3 kids, and of course a nora

Cat first but then within 1-3 years will be your first child, then a classic 2 years gap.

He would want a boy first, but would be happy with either, but he can’t deny a protective oppa for his inevitable baby girl. his son being a noona killer and his daughter being a shy daddys girl.

Superman factor 
He would whenever he can… which isn’t often at home, but when they get past 4 years old, he would bring them to work to play as he partly worked. he would be the one that wakes them in the morning, and make sure they are in bed at the end of the day.

Family outings would mostly revolve around food, picnics out in the park, and of course hot and hearty korean meal on those cold winter days.

that ‘so done with your shit’ face will be plaster on 24/7. he wouldn’t taken any nonsense from his teenager, but he wouldn’t just ground them he would try and embarrass them too. ‘your grounded and I’m supervising friend outings’, ‘you and your ‘friend’ will stay downstairs in the kitchen with me’ and all that purposefully terrible dad dancing.

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