a normal tuesday and all

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what about some flashvibe forced proximity trope stuff. because of science and like... particles...

“Oh, hey, Cisco,” Joe says when he opens the door, and sees him standing next to Barry, “didn’t know you were coming.”

“Wasn’t exactly planned,” Cisco mutters, rubbing his temple.

Barry frowns, guilt rising up in his stomach, “yeah, it’s all my fault,” Barry says as they step inside, “I kinda ghosted again but then I didn’t go back in time, so now everything’s in flux and the temporal–”

Cisco holds up a hand to silence him, “our powers kind of crossed the streams and because of that, if Barry and I get more than, eh, six feet apart, I start to Marty McFly out of existence again. but the timeline should stabilized by tomorrow, at least we think so.”

“Are you okay?” Joe asks looking between them.

Cisco nods, “just your average Tuesday.”

Unfortunately, this is just the new normal for all of them, Barry just wishes Cisco didn’t have to suffer got it. He really does feel terrible, even if it was an accident, hurting Cisco is the last thing he ever wants to do.

Joe looks skeptical but nods, “okay, well, Wally’s here so ix-nay on the time travel stuff.”

Cisco mimes zipping his lips and pulls Barry inside.

“The food’s ready so you can just sit down,” Joe says.

They head to the table and Barry sits next to Iris on reflex until Cisco clears his throat behind him. He quickly jumps up and moves to the other side of the table with Cisco so they can sit next to each other.

Iris gives them a very long and very weird look, but Wally walks in from the kitchen with plates so all Barry can do is make a dumb sheepish face at her.

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Jenee & Kevin often perform with the voice band during live shows, that's why they're in la now (voice rehearsals). Blake will sound check on Tuesday, like normal. Also with all these goodies, people are complaining that the nd wives are saying they like the sia xmas album? Your vibe attracts your tribe. You'll be happier if you just embrace the positive & stop searching for slights. Cmon now ole red has a sweet escape drink, shefani life is good.

Ask 2: Don’t forget that Jennee and Kevin sometimes play in the Voice band which would make sense if they were there with Kara today when she was rehearsing for lives.

You’re both correct and also doesn’t Blake perform INTD on Tuesday?


Oh by the way, Nice one too

Summary: Lydia is conflicted with her feelings for Stiles (Awkward!Lydia) and finally feels it’s necessary to confess her feelings for him. She ends up just blurting out “Just Kiss Me.” and it goes further than expected. but, ends sweetly. 

Author: dracomalfour


Rating: T (due to my slips of language oopsy daisy lol) 

It was a normal Tuesday at Beacon Hills Highschool (surprisingly) and everything was eerily still. No supernatural dillemmas were occurring and all that Stiles had on his mind was not sleeping through his alarm again. He woke up with a groan in response to the repetitive piano alarm tone and stretched an arm out to hit the alarm clock’s snooze button. But, being as clumsy as he was, he failed to reach it and literally fell out of bed. There was a knock on the door and Sheriff Stilinski yelled,

Stiles groaned and replied with a muffled,


and slowly got up and shuffled over to his closet. Today felt like today was the day for plaid (well didn’t it everyday?)
Stiles slung on his backpack and ran down the stairs and said a quick

“Seeya, Dad.”

While he ran down the driveway into his jeep and prayed it’d start.

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* last day of the year, huh?

* nice.

* m’sure a lot of you are gonna be partying tonight.

* try not to overdo it.

* pretty sure you don’t wanna be starting the new year in jail.

* if you’re drinking, don’t be a numbskull. watch your intake and make sure you eat beforehand.

* also, if you’re out at a bar or somethin’, keep an eye on your glass and don’t accept drinks from anyone you don’t know.

* be safe, okay?