a normal day in amy's life

Pink Like Cherry Blossoms RP


The world was strange, especially being around humans. Her father told her that humans weren’t all bad, but they wouldn’t be so accepting at first. Her mother said that demons wouldn’t be accepting either. So where did she belong? A human father, and a demon wolf mother and she was half of each. Something that wasn’t accepted. Otherwise, life was seemingly normal out in the woods not too far from the remnants of Mount Hakurei. Humans found their home, and killed her parents, leaving her an orphan. Wandering for many days, an old lady found her. At first, the half-breed was scared, thinking she would be next. But she took her to her village and took care of her. Kaede…a human…an older woman was kind towards her. The girl was in her care for a month and she became strong once again.

“Amy..there will be friends coming sometime today. Would ye like to stick around to meet them?” She asked, preparing stew. The girl’s fluffy brown wolf ears twitched as she adjusted her new kimono behind the curtain.

“…Friends..of yours..?” She asked. Her voice was soft and kind. The girl was not much taller than Kaede, noticing that the kimono was a little long. She tied it up, it ending right at her knees. It was light pink with pretty cherry blossoms on it. Her long brown hair reached the middle of her back, a pink flower adorning her hair. Her eyes were golden yellow, with bangs hiding her right eye. Amy came out from behind the curtain, looking at the woman.

“Yes child. Good friends. Friends that will understand ye.” She smiled warmly at the kimono. Amy’s wolf tail started to wag, almost like a dog. The girl was oddly excited. More humans to accept her? That’s something she could only dream of.

“I-I’m gonna go for a walk around the village.. I’ll be back!” She waved then headed out the door. Amy walked around, saying hello to neighbors and other villagers.

Everyone has days where nothing fits right. You can’t focus, you can’t say anything right, you can’t find anything you want. These days are normal. These weeks even. You are fine, you will be fine. Just breathe for a minute and remind yourself you are ok, life is ok. We all have bad days. Bad days make the good days sweeter.

This didn’t feel right by Amy Kennedy



It’s Premiere Day Eve, and here’s Lois and Clark, then and now: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Man of Steel (2013). Henry Cavill and Amy Adams.

A few memorable quotes:

Amy (2016): “The relationship on screen between Lois and Superman is established now. It’s super strong. I loved to see that it’s almost two years later, kind of sharing a life together, and making it a real relationship. I loved to see that.”

Henry (2016): “Lois is an essential balancing point for Superman. Her strength is she treats him as normal. She’s not afraid to say no to him. She’s not going to let his superpowers get in the way.”