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“There is no such thing as ‘sin’ in the world.  Only those who live in unawareness - ignorant (unconscious) thoughts & actions performed by someone who had forgotten their divine nature.”  ~Anon I mus

Children are not property.

Children are not an extension of their parents.

Children are not an accessory.

Children do not OWE parents for their existence or for the extreme basics (like food, clothes, shelter, etc) of that existence.

Children are their own individual persons and should have complete choice over their gender, sexuality, personality, religious/non-religious and political beliefs even if it’s not the same as their parents.

Children should have 100% non-biased access to healthcare (mental and physical) and should have an informed say on their treatment. 

If you do/can/will not understand this you do not deserve to have children.  


SKAM S4: abrupt plot lines, cryptic carrots and the ultimate finale

The third season of Norwegian series SKAM ended with a bang: Isak‘s true to life story combined with an inventive approach to storytelling completely captivated the youth all around the world. The ecstatic, thought-provoking trailer for the upcoming Sana season lived up to viewers‘ expectations, but is season 4 a worthy ending to such influential series?

From season 1 to season 3, both main plots and sub-plots are coherent and well-structured. In contrast, season four seems to be a hamfisted attempt to tie all loose ends, while introducing new, but unnecessary drama solely for subpar shock value. To begin with, the love story between a religious person an a non-believer was never properly addressed or explored in the series and ended up with Yousef in Turkey, which qualifies as lazy writing. Sana‘s and Yousef‘s story had the potential to become another grand love story, but ended up being thrown in a nonsensical void. Additionally, season 4 contains a plethora of other flimsy plot lines, that make no sense on the large scale: the anticlimactic Balloon Squad versus Boys Squad drama that ultimately had no significant effect on the story; pre-hiatus Russ Bus conundrum; not to mention Los Losers scene that was both marvelous and illogical. What is more, Julie Andem continuously shows excessive love for Baz Luhrmann throughout the seasons: Noora‘s trailer was clearly inspired by „The Great Gatsby“; season 3 contains an abundance of visual parallels with „Romeo + Juliet“; in season 4, William‘s quasi-magical appearance is accompanied with „Who gon stop me“  from the above-mentioned „The Great Gatsby“. A borderline offensive „This is something like the Holocaust“ line paired with arguably the most notorious character coming back to the screen is a dystopia rolling before the viewers eyes. Another example of distasteful music choice in season 4 is „That bitch is crazy“, while the camera is focused on Even, without any further explanation.

Symbolism was at its peak in season 3, creating extensive dialogues between various medias such as classical literature, state-of-the-art music and contemporary cinema. Furthermore, prominent biblical allusions tied together a realistic tale and an ethereal love story, providing the viewers with a groundbreaking view on a same-sex relationship. The romance line of season 4 appeared to be quite promising at first, but fell flat after the first episode. For the majority of the season, the viewers are forced to engage in a dragged-out love triangle, filled with a sideline story of out-of-the-blue soulmates and perpetual appearances of a moody eye candy that is Noora alongside obscure carrots. Obviously, bright orange carrots are supposed to have a symbolic value, although the true meaning is open to interpretation. At first, a lot of questions arise: do carrots signify a faulty approach to relationships, are they a purely phallic object or a symbol for seduction and uncontrollable desire, but the puzzle gets mundane way too quickly. Moreover, recurring appearance of carrots comes off as overdone and forced, without sparking any interest amongst the spectators, who might experience plain confusion and even unfounded anger.

Finally, after a fair share of clips featuring various characters as main focuses, the last part of episode 10 was revealed, marking the end of SKAM with an inspiring speech by Jonas, meaning that the series came full circle, and an unexpected spectators point of view. What is more, complete obliteration of the fourth wall gives a sense of ultimate reality, although blurring the lines between fictional and real worlds was one of the principal ideas of SKAM throughout the whole series. The tastefully executed final speech, targeted towards a wider audience than only Sana, does not come off as useless preaching, but more as a tap on the shoulder and a friendly: „hey, would you mind listening to my thoughts?“. In conclusion, SKAM gave each and every individual the ability to pick and choose: live now or think of the future; spread fear or love and so on.

All in all, despite obvious imperfections, SKAM dignifiedly represented the reality, which is also heavily flawed and oftentimes unbearably chaotic. To my mind, it is only the beginning: the beginning of the viewers’ own SKAM.

How are people hating on Sana??? The most precious and strong woman EVER. Religion is important to her, just like it is to many people and many different religions. She has the right to be sad, upset or whatever she is feeling. LET HER FEEL. 

after reading the translations, i love this clip even more. because sana’s mother told her that marrying a non-religious person would be lonely, because he wouldn’t understand or help her or wtv when she doubted God, but that’s exactly what yousef did, he told her the arguments she had given him for believing in Allah when she said she wasn’t sure and he assured her. this clip was honestly perfect, why wasn’t the rest of the season like this?

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hey hey hey!!! :D anyways so i'm muslim and today is the first day of eid al-fitr so can u have any headcanons about damian with any islamic background since he is half arabic? i understand if u don't want to as that's kinda associating religion with an abusive childhood but i still feel like he'd grow up and keep islamic traditions and whatnot :)

happy eid al-fitr!!! I hope you and all your loved ones have a wonderful time and stay safe!!

And I admittedly don’t know much about the Islam faith, beyond a few probably-biased and over-simplified documentaries, and talking a little with one of my pals. And honestly, I would headcanon that if he was religious in any sort of way, even minor, he didn’t pick it up because of Talia, but rather because of Ravi, and the kindness his pseudo-grandpa showed him during those abusive years. 

but I think Damian would kind of find his own, like, holy places? Like maybe a certain high niche in the cave, or his bedroom, or, when Dick is ‘dead’ his bedroom, so treats it like a holy area, and takes his shoes off always before entering said places. (he probably tries to get the others to do it in certain spaces too, but it probably doesn’t always work.)

I also think he’d use ‘peace be upon you/him’ a lot? At least to himself? Like after he saves someone, and they’re so grateful and hugging him or crying, or he’s trying to calm the person down, he might just say it in his head real quick as a silent prayer-type thing to keep them safe in the future? Or maybe even depending on the situation, say it out loud to the person as he’s saying goodbye.

autistic age regressors 💕
autistic artists 💕
autistic poc 💕
autistic girls 💕
autistic boys 💕
autistic nb people 💕
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any autistic person ever 💕💕💕💕
i love all and every single autistic person 💕💕
we are all amazing and unique and awesome 💕
all of us deserve love and support 💕💕
all of us matter 💕💕

Right in Front of You

Pairing: Sana x Yousef 

Kinda angsty. 

Summary: After Sana cancels her date with Yousef, she discovers cute cafe dude knows her dad. What follows is an extremely awkward dinner with the Balloon Squad, Sana, Yousef, her parents and the cafe guy. 

Follow ups: part 2 & part 3 

This was exactly what she had needed, Sana had thought as she opened the door to her home. She had spent most of the night riding around in Los Losers with the girls. Despite the current heat hitting Oslo and her fasting, it had still been a magical evening. The past few weeks there had been an impenetrable wall between Sana and her friends. Partly, it was self-inflicted but the pain Sana felt had been so excruciating, isolation felt like the only solace. When she opens the door, she heard faint chatter from the kitchen. Sana looked at her phone, her fast was just about to end.

“Hey you!”, she hears a familiar voice calling. It startled her and she jumped up slightly frazzled. She scanned the kitchen to see where it was coming from. Her eyes fell on a tall, bearded man sitting beside her father at the kitchen table. The man seemed familiar, but Sana couldn’t place him. “Remember me?” he said excitedly. It took a moment before it dawned on her.

“Oh, yeah from the café,” she thought back to the failed, let’s make Noora and me get over William and Yousef trip. It seemed so long ago. Like the whole thing had happened to a different Sana. So much had changed the following weeks. And yet so much had stayed the same. She was still hopelessly trying to get over Yousef. 

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My mom is Christian but I'm not, because of that I don't know much about her Faith, the Bible or any of its stances on being trans. I'd like to come out to her, but I'm scared that she'll bring religion into the discussion. I honestly don't think she will, but on the off chance that she does, do you or any of your followers have any trans positive Bible verses I can send to her? Or any trans positive religious resources? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I want to be prepared for this

Ryn says:

So I’m not religious, but I was brought up Catholic and Episcopalian, so I have a couple verses that might be useful. There’s some stuff that could be considered anti-trans in Deuteronomy, but those verses can be countered. 

Isaiah 56:4-5 (King James Bible)– For thus saith the LORD unto the eunuchs that keep my sabbaths, and choose the things that please me, and take hold of my covenant; Even unto them will I give in mine house and within my walls a place an a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting, that shall not be cut off.”

This verse is sort of a counter to a Deuteronomy verse that says anyone who doesn’t fit into the category of men or women (and traditionally shunned in Israel) cannot enter heaven. This verse states that God holds a place in heaven for everyone so long as they are good. 

Galatians 3:28 (English Standard Version)—

There is neither Jew nor Green, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” 

This one is fairly self explanatory. Jesus doesn’t care about gender or origin or whatever. 

Matthew 7:1 (English Standard Version)–

“Judge not, that you be not judged.”

Also here is a nice article from someone who uses some of the verses above and a few others to support religious trans folks. And for my part, one of the biggest teachings I took away from my time in the church was that God tells us to love, and to not judge, and to accept one another. The religious right for too long has co-opted the hateful parts of religion and used that to define their so-called “moral agenda.” Now, as a non-religious person, I have chosen to take away a message of peace and of love from Christianity and from other major religious teachings. I see this as the most important part- 

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another (King James Bible, John 13:35).” 

If followers have anything else to add, that’d be awesome. 

I hope this helps!

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What do you mean by culturally Christian atheist or Jewish atheist?

So, there’s three things here.  Jewish Atheist can mean two things:

  1. A Jew who has rejected religion.  This is any atheistic non-religious person who departed from religious Judaism.
  2. A Jew who doesn’t believe in G-d.  This is not mutually exclusive with being religiously Jewish, a fact that Christians and culturally Christian atheists have trouble comprehending.  This is because Judaism is about behavior rather than belief as the primary thing that determines if you’re doing it right.

As for a culturally Christian atheist…if you’re an atheist but your family is historically Christian, then that’s you.  They tend to look at the world from a Christian viewpoint while rejecting the religion, and often don’t even realize it.  If you believe that you need to “save” religious people and make them into atheists? That’s a BIG marker of a culturally Christian atheist.  If you think that it’s possible, at all, to celebrate a truly secular “Christmas” then DAMN are you a culturally Christian atheist.  This is the VAST majority of atheists in the United States and Europe…if no other reason than because Christianity is part of the dominant culture in these areas.


Both scenes, not shown in the anime. Thanks Sunrise, ya douchecanoe.

Someone left a comment on my post, basically asking why everyone treats Kikyo and Kagome like separate people, arguing that Kikyo as Kagome helped Inuyasha change, and because Kikyo is Kagome she lived happily ever after.

Originally posted by relatable-anime-moments

Oh yes, let us ignore Kaede and Inuyasha. Let us even ignore what Kagome said about not being Kikyo in several episodes. Let us trivialize Kagome’s accomplishments and overall individuality.

If you say Inuyasha fell in love with the same soul all over again, yeah, that’s fine. Even saying that aspects of Kikyo were passed down to Kagome is dandy. But saying Kikyo and Kagome are the same person, and the entirety of Kagome’s deeds are also Kikyo’s…???

I know undead-Kikyo tried to drag Inuyasha down to hell, but I can’t imagine Kikyo doing this while she was alive and miffed…

…or this.

Another user, replying to the person I paraphrased, left a comment pointing out reincarnation doesn’t mean you remain the same person, so I thought I’d go into that a bit.

What I’m about to say is relevant to several manga/anime, but not all. Reincarnation is a familiar subject used in a lot of sources in Japan, and it gets used in several different ways. Even Takahashi-sensei’s current work, Rinne, lampoons the hell out of it. This is not the case in her previous work, Inuyasha.

Originally posted by level-upper

Sooo much lampooning in Rinne.

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At this point in season 3, I felt like we really knew Isak. We were intimate with him. We felt his struggles. We saw how he really was when he didn’t have to put on a face for his friends….

I still don’t feel like we know Sana the same way. I still really don’t know what her deal is. What her struggles are. Her deeper reason for cutting off Yousef. I know it’s because of her religion, but I can’t feel it. I can’t feel her thoughts behind it. As a non-religious person, I really want to understand this. What was going on in her mind. I still don’t know Sana. And I want to know her! I want to understand her… 

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Why do you think JK never made Snape care about Harry? I always expected thats where the story would go at one point but then it didnt at all... like at least a moment of effection or something

Several reasons, I think.

First, as I said in the other post, it was too late for Snape. He is the antihero, much more than Voldemort ever was, and he was set up to fail from the start. He would die with his unresolved issues deep in his soul - the guilt, the rage, the inability to trust and love another person (perhaps for fear of what that love would do to them, because look at what it had done to Lily). By the time Harry crashes into his life, Snape has find a modus vivendi - it’s dark and unpleasant and it keeps him in a lot of pain, but it’s all he knows, and we’re all afraid to let go of things that have kept us safe for years - even if those things are chains and cages. So, even at this moment when Snape would have the chance to start over and teach Lily’s child in the way he wishes he himself had been taught (the fact he was disagreeing with old textbooks at the age of sixteen shows quite clearly what he thought of the whole system) - well, that’s not something he considers. Consciously or subconsciously, he must have worried about what would happen if Harry refused him and mocked him, like James had done. What is colleagues would say if he suddenly changed his demeanour. What Harry himself would know about him - Snape doesn’t know how Harry grew up - what if Petunia had told him everything about ‘the Snape boy’, the weirdo who stalked her younger sister, the kid with the drunk father who was never quite clean and never quite tidy? I sort of believe that’s why Snape was so harsh on Harry during that first lesson - not only he saw James on his face and that hurt him deeply, but he was probably terrified Harry would know things about him - things only Lily could know, and what if she’d told Petunia, or if Harry had found her letters? So no, Snape never tried a different way, because the one he was walking - that was painful, but he already knew that pain he could bear. What if a new path brought him a pain he couldn’t bear?

(Which would have been the case, because if Snape had allowed himself to care about Harry, to love Harry, even, in this clumsy, childish, unfinished way that seems the only way he knows how to love people, how could he have let Harry die? He would have turned against Dumbledore, would have done anything to keep Harry safe like he’d done for Lily, and Dumbledore’s plans would have failed, and Voldemort would have won.)

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ikke muslime

ha! Hat off, Julie! Even I, as an agnostic from a country that is perceived as “religious”, even I didn’t foresee what was coming. Of course! Why has Yousef to be muslim? Why has Yousef to be religious at all? Just because of his name? Or because he is nice and gentle in flirting with Sana?

Well, now we know: it was very superficial to assume Yousef was muslim. It was shortsighted, and a bit racist, or at least narrow minded, and we have been all put in our place.

And we weren’t only racist towards muslims: we, like Sana, thought that a Norwegian guy couldn’t have flirted with Sana respectfully, in fact we assumed that Yousef was respectful because of his faith, and not simply because he respected her. Or, in my case, I assumed he was hiding something. No! He’s just a nice guy (and nice here is a very high compliment, not a generic one). He’s kind, gentle and caring, very much like Even.

What’s more, I interpreted Sana’s brother attitude towards Yousef + Sana as a warning: but it was simply an indication that Yousef might not be an easy choice for Sana… because he isn’t muslim! This is Yousef’s “dark side” (as we all knew everything was too perfect).

But can’t it be perfect anyway? As a non religious person (but also, as somebody who has nothing against religion), I don’t know. Religion and faith are very important aspects of life. I guess we’ll have too see.

Hat off, Julie Andem. Now I love you even if you created Willhelm ;)

anonymous asked:

Hello, I stumbled across your blog and felt you might be a good person to ask. I've grown up in a non-religious family, with no religious friends. However, for years I have felt in some way a desire to have faith. I've never had motivation to act upon it until now. However, I feel a bit overwhelmed & don't know where to begin or how to start. I'm worried that I might 'do it wrong'. Could you recommend some resources / a starting place to become Catholic? Thank you. Apologies if this sends twice

That’s so great that you’re starting to have a desire for faith. I’m actually a cradle Catholic, I grew up around religious people and went to Church almost every Sunday and all Holy Day of Obligations so I can’t totally relate to your journey but some advice: 

There’s no need to worry too much. There are a lot of people like you who are in the same situation as you. Just try to find a Catholic Church in your area and attend Mass. Don’t worry about doing anything wrong during the service no one will call you out. Just follow along with the  people when to sit and to kneel. When the time comes for people to line up and receive the Eucharist, just stay in your seat since you’re not qualified yet to receive it. 

In your own time, study Catholicism. Some sites that has been helpful for me to better understand the Faith: 

+Twenty Arguments for the Existence of God

+Catholic Answers

+YouTube videos by Bishop Robert Barron

 +Strange Notions


+This is the Faith by Francis Ripley 

+Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

+Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton 

And there’s a Catholic community here on Tumblr who I’m sure more knowledgeable about the process of conversion than I am so make sure to follow them. And if there’s a Catholic teaching that you’re struggling to understand or accept, I’d be happy to answer your questions about and know that I’m praying for you. 

God bless!

god,,,,I love nightcrawler,,,, he’s shaped my personality so much??? everybody loves the fuzzy dude,,

he’s literally the best??? who doesn’t like him?? he’s so friendly and sweet and his powers are so cool, and he’s got two swords and a tail, he’s so cute and his character is so complex, he was an acrobat, an x-man, a solo hero, a priest, a pirate(I think??) – I wanna make a shitload of headcanons for him

I…just….love….kurt wagner

watch X2 you will think he’s a badass, a cutie pie, and a sad boy ;;v;; he’s the best

As a non-religious person, I still believe that the ethical and moral values put forward by Judaism and Christianity are a better guiding force for society than secularism.

People have always argued that you don’t need to be religious to have morals and ethics, and that’s true.

But in general I find that those without religion are more likely to fall into or encourage destructive behaviors that not only harm themselves but, on the grander scale, harm society as a whole. And much of what has happened over the last half century or so kind of proves it.

The rise in the rate of single motherhood in the US is almost entirely the fault of Secularists incentivizing it through government welfare. Christians and Jews would never have encouraged such a thing.

Single motherhood, we now know, is one of the most negative things that a child can have in their life. It makes them more likely to commit crime, have a mental illness, end up in poverty, and drop out of school, which all contribute to the perpetuation of that cycle.

Secularism and moral relativism has almost single-handedly led to the degredation of society through that one policy of not shaming or discouraging single motherhood.