a noble was born in chaos

Second Iconic Death knight, The Shadow of the Abyss


Name: Bael Heinrich Ashthorn

Apparent Age: Late 20’s

Apparent Race: Human

Alignment: LE

Titles: Abyss Walker, Skeozales Arm, The Abyss’ Shadow, Lord of the layer of dust

Alias: None

Status: Alive

Features: Light brown hair, Light blue eyes, a single scar running diagonally from the top right to the bottom left of his face, a demonic arm replaces his right.

Place of birth: The nation Esweau in Desta, The Fallow City

History: Where Bael comes from isn’t well heard of around the world. A place where death is celebrated nearly year round. As well as the existence of the abyss. People do not fear the demons and the infinite layers of the plane, nor do they fear the demons that possess their people on a nearly daily basis. The place itself was corrupt, unjust, in near constant chaos. The ruler and once noble family known as the Ashthorns were one of the few to speak out against their home’s ways.

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anonymous asked:

When I look at the frescos I always view the wolves as a copyright watermark


I go back and forth when it comes to the panel that represents the founding of the Inquisition. Part of me goes “oh, isn’t that sort of sweet? Of course he’d represent them as a pack of wolves. They are unified toward a common goal, fighting to bring order to chaos, guided (in secret) by the Dread Wolf. Symbolism!!”

Then there’s another part of me that can’t help but picture him grinning to himself while he paints it because he’s so damn amused that no one would ever get the hint. He wears a wolf jawbone around his neck. He compliments how wolves are noble creatures that are often misunderstood. He is painting a giant mural with wolves on the wall of his very own study and yet no one would have a damn clue about who and what he really is.

As much as his deception is borne out of necessity, I can’t help but see him as finding some minor amusement in how simple it is to achieve. 

He is a trickster, after all.