a nighttime daydream

Morgan Rielly - Part Ten

Shorter post but exciting things coming…. 

When I close my front door behind me I can’t help but lean back against it. My head hits the wooden frame with a soft thud and I close my eyes.

               It was nearly two in the morning already and I had walked over to Morgan’s at six.

               And I hadn’t even wanted to leave.

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One Direction Preference : Staying With Him On Tour A Little Longer

Harry: “I go home tomorrow!” you whined as you threw yourself into the pillow on the hotel bed just as Harry walked into the hotel room, a bagel in his mouth. “What?” He garbled through his full mouth and you lifted your head slightly to glare at him.I go home tomorrow Harry, my ticket to go back home is tomorrow. I leave you tomorrow and have to wait til you come back home to see you again, i don’t wanna leave yet!“ "So don’t.” He said it so simply and shrugged his shoulders when you cocked your head at him. “Don’t look at me like that, we’ll just change your ticket and have you go back home at a later date. Stay a little while longer.” “Seriously?” He grinned. “Yeah.” He then looked at the food in his hand and held it towards you. “Bagel?”

Louis: All of the other girlfriends had just gotten on tour and were going to be staying a while longer as you had been there a few weeks and were ready to go back home, in fact you were at the airport. Louis came with you but shook his head as you went to security, he held your hand and pulled you back, away from the crowd waiting. “What, Louis? I need to go, we’re already running late as it it, i don’t want to miss my flight.” “Forget about your flight.” He muttered and began walking back out of the airport. “Louis, what are you doing? I don’t understand!” you nearly growled at him as he tried to hale down a cab. “You’re not leaving, (YN), i want you to stay here with me a little while longer. Tour’s much more fun when you’re around.” “You’re making me stay?” You ask with a crazy smile on your face and Louis nods proudly. “Yeah, you leave when i want you to leave, and just so you know, i never want you to leave.”

Zayn: He invaded your dreams like crazy when you were away from him, when you were near him and ready to say bye to him, it was worse. He invaded your nighttime dreams and your daydreams and any other dreams you could imagine having. The thought of leaving him and having him only be seen in your dreams for a few weeks had you going crazy. “All packed and ready to go.” You announce sadly and Zayn unzips your suitcase and throws your clothes around the room, laughing as he did so. You followed him with your eyes wide in shock. “Zayn! What are you doing? I don’t have time to repack all of that!” He stopped throwing your clothes around and stopped, letting the ones he just threw fall down around him. “Don’t go, stop packing. Help me unpack your stuff so you can stay a while longer, don’t go back home yet, stay with me on tour a few more days at the very least.”

Liam: You had been holed up in your room all day long and despite the many attempts by Liam and the other boys, you refused to come out, so Liam came in. “What’s going on with you?” He sat down next to you on the bed and put his arm around you. “You’ve been in here all day and haven’t talked to anyone. You’ve got me quite worried to be honest, (YN). Please talk to me.” You rested your head in the crook of his neck. “I don’t want to go home yet Liam. I like being here on tour with you, going back home and not having you there is going to be terrible. I miss you and cry everyday, i don’t want to feel like that again. I hate it.” Liam leaned in and kissed your temple. “Then you won’t feel like that again.” “What do you mean?” you whimpered and Liam turned you around to kiss you. “I mean, you’re not going back home. You’re going to be staying on tour with me.”

Niall: Niall had run up to you before you had even woke up, you had only just opened the bathroom door still half asleep when he bounded in. “Quick, (YN), when is your flight supposed to leave?” Shaking your head and rubbing the sleep out of your eye you walked past him. “Later today is all i know, Niall why?” He was all smiles now. “Cause you’re not leaving.” This was a little surprise for you and your eyes widened slightly. “And why is that?” He sat on the bed next to you with a jump causing the both of you to bounce a few times before you regained your balance. “Why is that?” you repeat your question to Niall and he smirks. “I changed your plane ticket back home.” “Huh?” you’d been on tour with the guys for a little over two months now, you thought you’d be going home now. Niall only grinned wider. “I don’t want to be alone again, (YN), you’re staying with me! You don’t mind do you?” you laugh. “No, and good thing you’re keeping me here cause i haven’t even had the mind to pack yet.”


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Adventures In Babysitting

Anonymous said: “you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married” Baker St being remodeled (experiment gone wrong), Molly is taking care of J&M’s baby for a week. Rated K

It wasn’t his fault the ingredients were a bit older than advertised, but the noxious fumes that had driven both him and his landlady out of Baker Street for a week had left him stranded. John and Mary were off on a bit of a baby-break – a second sex holiday, Sherlock privately termed it – and Mycroft wasn’t an option, so Molly’s flat it was.

Only he’d forgotten one crucial fact: Molly was watching three-month-old Lizzie Watson, and had therefore taken up temporary residence at the Watson’s. Once he retrieved that information from his mind palace, he had promptly headed over, ostensibly to offer his assistance (since he doubted Toby, Molly’s mangy, bad-tempered, one-eyed marmalade cat would be of any use).

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