a nightmare in elm street

No offence but… we need more horror roleplays, please. And ones that AREN’T based on Scream or the horror-movie-of-the-month, y’know? There are so many prime plots you can do. Ghost stories, creepy pastas, videogames, ghost & horror youtube vids, horror films since the freakin’ 1970s, FOREIGN FILMS, conspiracy theories & urban legends…. JUST AHHHH….. MORE HORROR ROLEPLAYS. Bloody freakin’ Mary??? Banshees????? Slenderman?????? Search & Rescue Mysteries??? SAW???? HOSTEL??? FATAL FRAME??!?!???!?? Literally anything from TOP5s channel??? SUSPIRIA????? NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET???????? THE GRUDGE THE RING WHISPERING CORRIDORS????????? IT FOLLOWS?????????? The Mandela Effect???? JOSEF MENGLE STYLE SERIAL KILLER???? God…. I could just go on forever. Just more horror plots. More UNIQUE horror roleplays. 

If you think the Killing Stalking fandom should kill themselves or support rape and abusive relationships just because they read a manga about. Then, by following that “logic”, The Hannibal fandom supports cannibalism. The walking dead fandom wants to see the world burn. Fans of Nightmare on elms street support serial killers. Supernatural fans are full of blasphemy or are super religous.

What happens in fiction does not represent the fans morals and thoughts.